Top 200 Funny Dirty Names That Are Immature & Hilarious 2023

Funny Dirty Names 200 People Who Are Immature But Also Really, Really Funny

Funny Dirty Names:  If, like Bart Simpson, you loved calling pranks at places of business and requesting to speak with people like “I.P. For free,” then you are aware of the fun derived from the prank-calling of an incredibly humorous dirty name.

There are plenty of people searching for ideas in this direction.

Actually, according to the most recent search statistics that we have access to, ” funny dirty names” are frequented by thousands of people every month!

Some names are dirty that are dirty are horrible, and full of racism, sexism, and sexist overtones. This is something we’ve avoided in our list below.

funny dirty names

This list can amuse your friends, as a source of ideas for games that involve the truth or dare, or help you decide the best names not to choose for your next child’s name.

This list should be your reference to the funniest, most funny characters that are available. Therefore, without further delay, this list of funny and filthy names is guaranteed to leave you laughing as a child.

And, oh! If you’re looking to indulge that 5th grader, why not look through our collection of all things filthy? We’ve included the shadiest truth-or-dare, dirty knock-knock jokes, dirty riddles, offensive pick-up lines, and more.

Lean into your naiveté for a while. The world is filled with the serious side of life… It’s okay to indulge in unabashedly sexually inappropriate behavior occasionally.

Funny Dirty Names

Ader Titsoff

Adolf Oliver Nipple

A. Nellsechs

A. Nelprober

A.S. Muncher

Amanda D. P. Throat


Amanda Hugginkiss

Amanda Hump

Amanda Lick

Amanda Mount

Amanda Poker

Andy Cornholder

Andy Feltherbush

Andy Felthersnatch

Anita B. Jainow

Anita Bath

Anita Dick

Anita Dickenme

Anita Dump

Anita Fartinghouse

Anita Hanjaab

Anita Hardcok

Anita Head

Anita Hoare

Anita Naylor

Annie Position

Anya Neeze

Annie Position

Banana Hammock

Bartolos Colonoscopy

Bea O’Problem

Ben Derhover

Ben Gurgen Hoffe

Ben N. Syder

Ben O. Verbich

Ben R. Over

Benoit Bawles

Berry McCaulkiner

Betty Drilzzer

Betty Humper

Betty Humpter

Betty Phuckzer

Bruce D. Cocque

Bo N. Herr

Brooke N. Rubbers

Bruce D. Cocque

Bruce D. Lipps

Buck Nekkid

Buster Cherry

Buster Himen

Clee Torres

C. Mike Rack

Cole Ostamie

Colin Forsecs

Connie Lingus

Craven Moorehead

Curley Pubes

Dang Lin-Wang

Daryl B. Payne

Dick Long

Dick Myaz

Dick Nose

Dick Pound

Dick Ramdass

Dick Raasch

Dill Doe

Dixie Normous

Dixie Rect

Dixon B. Tweenerlegs

Dixon Butts

Dixon Kuntz

Drew Peanoze

E. Norma Scock

E. Norma Stits

E. Normous Peter

E. Rex Sean

Eaton Beaver

Eileen Ulick

Eaton Beaver

Eileen Ulick

Fluffy Cookie

Gazzy Colon

Harry Azcrac

Harry Cox

Harry Johnson

Hairy Poppins

Heywood Japulmah Finga

I. C. Yadick

I. P. Freely

Ivana Tinkle

Jenny Tayla

Kenny Dewitt

Olive Cox

Oliver Clozoff

Ophelia Rass

Laffmy Titsoff

Kareem O’Weet

Lance Lyde

Lee Keyrear

Lee Nover

Leo Tarred

Lipin Jection

Lou Briccant

Lon Moore

Lou Sirr

Luke Atmyass

Madka Owdiseez

Martha Fokker

Marion Money

Mark Z. Spot

Mary Juana

Master Bates

May I. Tutchem

Maya Buttreeks

Max E. Mumm

Max E. Pad

Mel Keetehts

Michael Toris

Mike Rotchburns

Miya Buttreaks

Nadia Seymour

Nick O’ Teen

Oliver Closeoff

Ollie Tabooger

Pat Myaz

Patty Meltt

Phil Down

Peter Pantz

Pena Trayshin

Pierre Pants

Phil Accio

Parker Vage

Phillis Wood

Phil McGroin

Puma Dickens

Poppa Woody

Rhoda Hotte

Robin D. Craydle

Roch Myaz

Ron Chee

Rueben G. Spaut

Richard Trickle

Richard Cummings

Richard Tips

Richard Swett

Richard Paradise

Richard Shaver

Richard Head

Richard Felt

Richard Long

Rusty Kuntz

Sal Ami

Semour Asscrack

Seymour Buttz

Sheeza Freak

Stella Virgin

Seymour Bush

Seymour Butts

Steve Sharts

Tara Dikoff

Tess Tickles

Ura Snotball

Vye Agra

Vye Brator

Wayne Kerr

Willie B. Hardigan

Willie Eetmioutt

Willie Layer

Wilma Dickfit

Wilma Fingerdoo

Wang Liquin

Willie Fauker

Willa Benedict

Willie Stroker

Willis D. Holder

Woody Harden

Yuri Nator

York Hunt

Yuri Nate

Yusha Sukdeep


Funny Names of Sexual Positions:

Funny Names of Sexual Positions

Far King Hell


Butter Churner


Tiger Style


The Left-Handed Stranger


The Abe Lincoln


Say Hi To The Brown Eye


The Couch Potato


Upstanding Citizen


Scoop Me Up


Captain Morgan


The Pretzel


Funny Names From Pop Culture

Funny Names From Pop Culture

Honey Rider, Dr. No


Steve Stifler, American Pie


Allota Fagina, Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery


Breathless Mahoney, Dick Tracy


Dirk Diggler, Boogie Nights


Holly Golightly, Breakfast At Tiffany’s


Hot Lips O’Houlihan, M*A*S*H*


Sugar Kane Kowalczyk, Some Like It Hot


Unique Funny Dirty Names

Unique Funny Dirty Names

Every name is unique, and some are funny. One of the reasons this list of names is hilarious is that they belong to real people.

The names listed below are so original and bizarre you may think that we invented them. But in reality, they are real people, making them all the funnier.


Shelby Warde and Joe Looney

Kelly Ann Long and Eric Paul Wiwi

Dick Passwater

Fabulous Flournoy

Hans Ohff

Zig Steenine

Watson Herbusch

Tal E. Whacker

Stacy Rect

Marijuana Pepsi Jackson


Edward Cocaine

Even More LOL’inducing Dirty Names

Erin Gobraless

Fonda Cox

Harry Balsack

Bouncy Nuggets

Barry Mapole

Tokyo Sexwale

Batman Bin Superman

Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop

Emerson Bigguns

Willie Stroker

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