Cookie Clicker Cheats List – All Hacks & Codes

Cookie Clicker Cheats, Codes, & Hacks List

Cookie Clicker Cheats List: One of The most popular games among gamers Is Cookie Clicker. Furthermore, if you play continually for A few days or hours, you can quickly generate A lot of cookies even with a lot of patience and careful grinding.


However, many gamers prefer immediate entertainment And exploring The boundaries of The game rather than grinding.

So if you fall into such a category, our list of Cookie Clicker cheats, hacks, And cheat codes will be useful to you. So let’s get started straight away.


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Cookie Clicker Cheats List

Best Cookie Clicker Cheats List (April 2024)

The whole list of Cookie Clicker cheats is provided below:

  • Game.Earn(number)
  • Game.cookies=Infinity;
  • Game.cookies=number
  • Game.cookiesPs=number
  • Game.lumps=number
  • Game.RuinTheFun();

All Cookie Clicker Cheat Hacks & Cheat Codes

All of the Cookie Clicker hacks and cheats are listed below:

DescriptionCokkie Clicker Cheat Codes
Add Cookies to Your Current Cookie SupplyGame.cookies= Game.cookies + <cookie amount>;
Build Ascend TreeGame.BuildAscendTree();
Calculate GainsGame.CalculateGains();
Change Ascend TimerGame.AscendTimer=<time>;
Change Mouse PointerGame.mousePointer=0;
Change Your MilkGame.Milk = <amount>;
Change Your Milk ProgressGame.milkProgress = <milk amount>;
Change Your Mouse Cookies Per SecondGame.computedMouseCps=<mouse cookies per second amount>;
Change Your X# Buy AmountGame.buyBulk=<1/10/100>;
Check if the User Has an AchievementGame.Has(‘<achievement name>’);
Compute your Mouse CpsGame.computedMouseCps;
Debug PrestigeGame.DebuggingPrestige=false;
Debug Upgrades CpsGame.DebugUpgradeCpS();
Get +10 LumpsGame.gainLumps(<amount of lumps>);
Get 1k CookiesGame.cookies/=1000;Game.cookiesEarned/=1000;
Get All DebugsGame.GetAllDebugs();
Get All UpgradesGame.SetAllUpgrade(1);
Hard Reset GameGame.HardReset(2);
Load Local SaveGame.LoadSave(local);
Load SaveGame.LoadSave();
Max SpecialsGame.MaxSpecials();
Refresh Bakery NameGame.bakeryNameRefresh();
Remove All ShimmersGame.killShimmers();
Remove Game Popup NotificationsGame.popups=0;
Reset GameGame.SesameReset();
Reset X# Buy AmountGame.buyBulk=Game.buyBulkOld;
Ruin the Fun (Unlock Everything)Game.RuinTheFun(1);
Save SaveGame.localStorageGet(Game.SaveTo);
Sesame on/offGame.sesame=0;
Set Dragon LevelGame.dragonLevel=<level>;
Set Santa LevelGame.santaLevel=<level>;
Set Your Bakery NameGame.bakeryName=”<bakery name>”;
Set Your Cookie CountGame.Earn(<cookie amount>);
Set Your Cookies Per SecondGame.cookiesPs=<cookies per second amount>;
Track Milk TimerTimer.track(‘milk’);
Turn on Debug Timers/offGame.debugTimersOn=0;
Unlock AchievementsGame.Achievements[‘<achievement name>’].won=1;
Unlock All AchievementsGame.SetAllAchievs(1);
Unlock an AchievementGame.Win(‘<achievement name>’);
Update ParticlesCompute your Mouse CPS

How to Use Cookie Clicker Hacks and Cheats for Codes?

Here is how to utilize Cookie Clicker’s hacks and cheats:

  • First, click on the link to open the Cookie Clicker game interface.
  • According to your browser, use the below shortcuts for the source inspector:
    • Google Chrome – Press Ctrl+⇧ Shift+J (Windows) & ⌘+⌥ Option+J (Mac Os).
    • Edge – Press F12
    • Firefox – Press Ctrl+⇧ Shift+K (Windows) & Ctrl+⌥ Option+K (Mac Os).
    • Internet Explorer – Press F12
    • Apple Safari – Press ⌘+⌥ Option+C.
  • Open the Console tab from the top of this window.
  • Press the Enter button once you copy and paste the CC cheat codes from our list.
  • Save your game if required.

For the benefit of the community, the wonderful folks at wikiHow & cookie clicker fandom have assembled all these hacks, tricks, and codes.

You must be well knowledgeable about using Cookie Clicker hacks, cheats, and codes. Check out more of our Cookie Clicker guides while you’re here, like those on how to acquire milk and learn about hailers.


How To Cheat in Cookie Clicker Using Cheat Codes in Edge Browser?

Pressing F12 will reveal the Developer tools when using the Edge browser. As an alternative, you can open the cheat panel while playing Cookie Clicker by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I.

Cookie Clicker Using Cheat Codes

When you see It, you should copy And paste The code you want to use, making sure your selected number Is In The appropriate location. Press Enter when the code is ready, And you should see the impact take effect.

How to Enter Cookie Clicker Hack in Firefox Browser?

To access developer tools when using Firefox on a computer running Windows 10 or 11, click Ctrl + Shift + I.

Cookie Clicker Hack in Firefox Browser

Press Control + K To launch The dev tool in Firefox for Mac and access the Cookie Clicker cheat console.

In either case, after the panel has opened, all you have To do is input the code into the little text box, along with any additional numbers that are required.

How to Enter Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes in Google Chrome Browser?

You may enter Cookie Clicker cheat when playing Cookie Clicker on Google Chrome on a Windows PC by hitting Ctrl + Shift + I or F12. Copy and paste the cheat hack into the console.

Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes in Google Chrome

To access the Cookie Clicker hacking area in Chrome on Mac, press Command, Option, and J.

In all circumstances, you must pick the console tab and then hit Enter to enter the cheat codes.

How to enter Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes in Safari MAC Browser?

In Safari, you can cheat In Cookie Clicker by pressing Command, Option, And C at the same time. This will open The cheating box, where you can enter A code And then hit enter.


You’ll be able to improve your game and attain your goals faster than ever before with the greatest Cookie Clicker hacks list.

Whether you want to obtain achievements, earn extra cookies, or simply have fun, these cheats will help you succeed. So, take your mouse and start clicking – success is only a few cheats away!


Q.1 What is the secret hack name in Cookie Clicker?

ANS. The Cookie Clicker control interface is called Open Sesame. You can open it using a console command or by renaming your bakery.

Even if the panel’s features are never really utilized, opening it will covertly grant the player the “Cheated cookies taste awful” Shadow Achievement for cheating in cookies.

Q.2 How to get unlimited cookies in Cookie Clicker?

Q.3 How to hack the Cookie Clicker command?

ANS. Enter game. Enter Earn(number) into the console, making sure that number is changed to the number of cookies you wish to produce.

For instance, you could type Game to create practically endless amounts of cookies. Earn here (999999999999999999999999999).

Q.4 How do you get rich fast in Cookie Clicker?

ANS. The most common technique is to cease purchasing upgrades after One Mind and Exotic Nuts.

This allows the player to obtain all ten Wrinklers as well as 66% Golden Cookies, allowing for Frenzy + Lucky combos as well as the added benefit of having Frenzies with Wrinklers.

Q.5 What costs 170 trillion in Cookie Clicker?

ANS. The Antimatter Condenser is a structure that was added in the Anticookies upgrade. It is the thirteenth structure, costing 170 trillion cookies, and generates 430 million CpS by condensing the universe’s antimatter into cookies.


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