Grocery Stores Senior Discounts 2024

Grocery Stores that Offer Senior Discounts

Grocery Stores Senior Discounts: Are you wondering which supermarket stores have discounts for seniors in your region? Are you aware of which dates and ages are eligible for senior discounts?

The cost of grocery shopping is one expense that’s hard to reduce. There are many strategies to lower you grocery bill.

You could significantly reduce this line item on your budget by utilising sale items at the store, coupon codes, and coupons. These savings on grocery shopping tips are even more effective if you mix them with the seniors discount.

Grocery Stores With Senior Discounts

Why do you offer Senior Discounts on groceries: Like many other retailers and supermarkets, many offer discounts for seniors to help those with fixed incomes. This also assists in gaining new customers who are loyal to the store.

These Senior Discount days are restricted to one day per week or a day each month—the discount ranges from five and 10 per cent off the price of your bill. Visit your shop for details.

Short List of Large Grocers with Senior Discounts

The larger supermarket chains are famous for their discount for seniors: Albertsons, Bi-Lo, Fred Meyer, HyVee as well as Piggly Wiggly. There are other chains in the following list.

If the idea of a senior discount sounds exciting and appealing, read more about the options available to you.

A. Stores that offer a Senior Discount

Many grocery stores offer senior discounts for customers over the age of. Finding 5-10 per cent off your total cost can help save dollars! These savings could be a lot!
Although discounts like these aren’t usually publicized, they’re available for those who inquire. We’ve worked to find the shops that offer discounts that seniors can avail of.

Check out the below list and discover which shops in your local area provide the lowest price.


  • Coupon: 10% off your purchase in total.
  • The Minimum Age for a Senior Discount is 55 or older.
  • Days to Benefit from Senior Discounts: First Wednesday of every month.
  • Available states Arizona, Arkansas Colorado Idaho Louisiana Montana, Nevada New Mexico North Dakota, Oregon, Texas, Utah Washington Wyoming.
  • We were contacted via Albertsons Headquarters, which told us, “Albertsons only offers senior discounts in select areas and regions.” Therefore, visit your local Albertsons to confirm.
  • The number of locations: 2,200

2024 update: California Albertsons does not offer a Senior Discount. In May 2024, we got the email:

I just came across the article, “Grocery Stores that offer senior discounts.” I am a staff member at Albertsons Southern California division. Albertsons Southern California division, headquarters. I can confirm that the California Albertsons locations are not participating in the Senior Discount Program. We will review the program shortly.”

Albertsons provides discounts for seniors of 10% at participating stores nationwide. Since not all stores participate in this program, call ahead to confirm that the store offers the discount.

Albertsons, Idaho – In March 2022, we were notified by the free email Newsletter subscribers Donna Runion. Donna advised us that, in Idaho Albertsons, the senior day discount is on the 1st Thursday of each month.

American Discount Foods

  • Coupon: 10% off your entire purchase when you show a valid ID.
  • The minimum age for Senior Discounts the age of 62 or older.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: Every Monday.
  • States available: Arizona
  • The number of locations: 2

American Discount Foods offers 10 per cent off your purchase for people 62 and older. However, the store will not accept coupons from manufacturers.

Bashas (Food City and AJ’s)

  • Discount: 10% off.
  • Minimum Age for Senior Discount: 55 and older.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: The First Wednesday of Each Month.
  • Available states are Arizona as well as New Mexico
  • Numerous locations:130

Bashas’ Senior Discount Day! On the day that falls on the Wednesday of each month, customers over 55 can get an additional 10 per cent off their purchase in one purchase. Customers must show proof of age verification and use their Thank You Card to receive the Senior Discount.


  • Discount: 5% off.
  • Minimum age for senior discount: 60 and older.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: Every Wednesday.
  • States available: North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
  • Locations:164

BI-LO provides senior discounts of 5% on Wednesdays. To take advantage of this discount, you’ll have to apply for an application for the Senior Benefit Card. This discount is available after the bank accepts you.

Concord Food Co-Op

  • Discount: 15% off.
  • Minimum age for senior discount:62 and older.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: Every Tuesday and Sunday.
  • States available: New Hampshire.
  • Locations: 2

Concord Food Co-Op provides senior discounts for its customers on Sundays and Tuesdays. To avail of the deal, you’ll need to have an active owner card and fill out an application proving that you’re eligible to receive this discount for senior citizens.

DeCicco Family Markets

  • DiscountDiscount for regular price items on a specified day of the week.
  • Minimum Age for Senior Discount:62 and older.
  • Days to Benefit from Senior Discounts: Varies by store.
  • States available: New York.
  • The number of locations: 5

DeCicco Family Markets offers discounts to seniors. Values vary by location. Contact the staff at the store you are in to learn more.

Discount Drug Mart

  • Discount: 10% off groceries and 20% off all Discount Drug Mart Brand Health & Beauty items.
  • Minimum Age for Senior Discount: 60 and older.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: 1st Wednesday of the Month
  • States available: Ohio.
  • Numerous locations:130

Discount Drug Mart has 70 stores in Ohio. My area is NE Ohio. They have seniors a Senior Discount of 10 per cent off on the first Wednesday each month for groceries, along with 20% discounts on all Discount Drug Mart Brand Health & Beauty products.

Fred Meyer

  • Promo: 10% off certain purchases.
  • Minimum Age for Senior Discount: 55 and older.
  • Days to Take Advantage of to avail of the senior discount: Every Tuesday, on the 1st Tuesday of each month, seniors over 55 years old are entitled to 10% off selected products.
  • Available states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska.
  • Locations:130

Fred Meyer offers discounts of 10% to seniors on the first Tuesday of every month. Not all store items are discounted.
Some of the excluded items mentioned on their site include electronic items, cosmetics and sweets.

Fry’s Food (Arizona)

  • Coupon: 10% off the total amount you spend.
  • The Minimum Age for Senior Discount: 60 or over.
  • Days to avail of the senior discount: First Wednesday of every month.
  • States available: Arizona
  • Locations: 120+

In February 2020, Cathy Chlarson from Fry’s Corp Affairs office confirmed that they were still offering seniors 10% off each Wednesday on the 1st of every month. Fry’s part of the Kroger group of companies; however, it sets its discount policy.

Watch the video at the bottom.
You’ll see everything about the items we purchased during Senior Discount Day.

Harris Teeter

  • Discount5 Discount of 5 per cent on all products.
  • Minimum Age for Senior Discount: 60 and older.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: Every Thursday.
  • District of Columbia, Virginia North Carolina. South Carolina. Maryland. Georgia. Florida and Delaware are the states that are accessible.
  • The number of locations: 260

Harris Teeter gives seniors a discount on Thursdays, which applies to most products. The exclusions that are listed include fuel, gift cards, as well as the pharmacy.

Hy Vee

  • Coupon: 5% off the entire purchase.
  • Minimum Age for Senior Discount: 55 and older.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: Every Wednesday.
  • There are the following states available: South Dakota, and Missouri. Kansas. Minnesota. Nebraska. Wisconsin. Iowa and Illinois.
  • Locations: 250

Hy-vee is a Midwestern chain that provides a 5% discount for seniors on Wednesdays. Their website indicates constraints but they don’t specify them. Ask your store’s employees.


  • Coupon: 5% off the entire purchase.
  • The minimum age for Senior Discounts is at least 62 years old.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: Every Tuesday.
  • States available: Maine. Contact Your Local Store
  • Locations: 10

There are ten Hannaford supermarkets within the State of Maine. Some stores do not offer a Senior discount. Visit the nearest store to find out if they are a participant.

New Seasons Market

  • Sale:10% off most products.
  • Minimum age for senior discount:65 plus.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: Every Wednesday.
  • Available states: Washington, Oregon, California.
  • The number of locations:18

New Seasons Market is a chain on the West Coast that offers a 10% discount on most products to seniors on Wednesdays. Contact the staff in your store to learn more regarding the restrictions.

Piggly Wiggly

  • Coupon: 5% off all products.
  • Minimum age for senior discount:60 plus.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: Every Wednesday.
  • The number of locations:530

It is possible to find Piggly Wiggly stores all over the United States. However, none of them provides senior discounts. Contact the locations in your local area to learn more information about these senior discounts.

Safeway, Albertsons & Vons (Southwest Region)

  • Sale: 10% off all products.
  • Minimum age for senior discount: 55 and older.
  • Days to Benefit from Senior Discounts: 1st Wednesday of each month.
  • States: Arizona, Las Vegas, El Paso, TX, and Las Cruces, NM – inquire about other locations in different states
  • Locations: 150+

Steve & Annette from have been shopping at the neighborhood Safeway shop and were given discounts for seniors. The manager for customer service told them that all Arizona Safeway stores offer a 10% discount to seniors 55 and over each Wednesday, on the first day of every month.

We contacted them via their Southwest Regional Public Affairs manager Nancy Keen to confirm this information. We were informed they Safeway, Albertsons, and Von’s stores in Arizona, Las Vegas, El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM have Senior Discount days at least once a month.

The senior discount isn’t valid on lottery tickets or alcohol tickets.


  • Coupon: 5% off all products.
  • Minimum Age for Senior Discount: 55 and older.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: Every Tuesday
  • States available: Connecticut, New Jersey, New York
  • Locations: 296

ShopRite in the Northeast (CT, NJ, NY ) provides seniors 5% off on Tuesdays for your entire purchase. You have to ask for senior discounts when you go to register. The Senior Discount is available to those who are 55 or older only.

Submitted by John C. March 18, 2020

Smart & Final

  • Discount: 10% off
  • The minimum age for senior discount: is at least 55 years old
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: 1st Wednesday of Each Month
  • States available: Arizona, California, Nevada
  • The number of locations: 257 (April 2019)

Smart & Final Smart & Final was established around 1871 in Los Angeles, California. It’s a smaller warehouse club-style store designed to cater to restaurants of smaller sizes and caterers. It’s open to the public, and has found the prices on a wide range of items to be competitive. Their sale prices and mark-downs are unparalleled.

They also offer seniors a discount of 10 percent on the Wednesday of each month. Alcohol is not included.

Weis Markets

  • Sale: 10% off the participating Weis Brand Products.
  • Minimum Age for Senior Discount: 60 and older.
  • Days to Use the Senior Discount: Every Tuesday
  • The number of locations: 206+

Weis Markets, Inc. is a Mid-Atlantic supermarket with over 206 sites in New York, Virginia Pennsylvania, New Jersey Maryland Delaware & West Virginia. You must be 60+ and have ID. See a store associate for more details.

Brookshire’s and Super 1

MoneySmartFamily’s free email Newsletter subscriber, Hazel Coton from Texas, sent us the following message:

If you’re looking for stores with senior discounts, There’s a chain in Tyler, TX, Brookshire’s, and its sister stores, Super 1, which offer an age-related discount of 5 percent for those over 55 on Thursdays and Tuesdays. You must request it and ensure that the cashier is honest and offers a discount to you. If they do not, visit the call center to request a refund, but it isn’t easy.

B. Stores That Don’t Offer Senior Discounts

Many stores across the nation offer discounts for seniors; however, not every store offers this benefit. We’ve found that the following chains of grocery stores don’t offer senior discounts.


While Kroger has previously provided discounts to seniors, this program appears to have ended.

However, according to Steve Economides from, Kroger’s Fry Food Stores in Arizona still offer a senior discount (see above).

Kroger brand names are Dillons, Food 4 Less, Fred Meyer, Frys, Harris Teeter, Home Chef, King Soopers, Marianos, Ralphs, Roundy’s, Smiths and Vitacost. You should contact your local store to inquire if they offer seniors discounts.


Publix has recently provided senior discounts in a limited number of stores. However, the supermarket chain has stopped offering senior discounts.

From the Publix Facebook page: We decided to end the Senior Discount Program in certain areas following many studies that proved we could provide more savings to all our customers with other programs such as BOGOs, coupons, advantage purchases, and many more. We’re confident you will have a better overall shopping experience and great bargains at local Publix. Lacey – August 6, 2019

Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh to You does provide discounts for seniors.


Unfortunately, there isn’t any Safeway policy that indicates the senior discount.

However, some stores may offer senior discounts. Some other stores components of the Safeway company include Vons, Jewel-Osco, Acme, Tom Thumb, United Supermarkets, Star Market, and Carrs. 

Stores at Safeway in Arizona provide senior discounts – refer to the information above.

Stop & Shop

Although Stop and Shop aren’t offering discounts until March 18, 2020, they provide special shopping hours for seniors.

According to an earlier Stop & Shop press release:

“Stop & Shop stores will open early to service our most vulnerable customers from 6:00 am – 7:30 am daily. During those hours, we look forward to welcoming customers who are age 60 and over as well as customers who may have weakened immune systems and are more susceptible to COVID-19.”


ALDI does NOT offer senior discounts. ALDI’s low prices make it a great grocery store. Senior citizens will not be eligible for any discounts. A quarter is a good idea if you plan to go to ALDI’s.

Food Lion

Food Lion, a popular Southern chain, does not offer senior discounts. There is, however, a loyalty program that offers attractive savings.

We reached out to their corporate consumer affairs department. They told us that there were several brands under the Food Lion umbrella. These brands include:

  • Giant Foods: No Senior Discount
  • Hanniford – Some stores offer a senior discount – contact the store
  • Martin Food Market – Senior Discount
  • Pea Pod – No Senior Discount
  • Stop & Shop – No Senior Discount

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market isn’t known for its bargain grocery shopping. It is one of the most expensive grocery stores. While shopping there is enjoyable, it isn’t easy on your wallet. The grocery store doesn’t offer senior discounts and generally has higher prices.


Wegmans is another grocery chain that doesn’t offer senior discounts to its customers.


Walmart offers products at low prices often. Walmart does not offer senior discounts. The store offers excellent prices on many items for shoppers of all ages.
Walmart Neighborhood Markets does not offer senior discounts.

Trader Joe’s

You will find a variety of products in this whimsical shop. However, senior discounts are not offered.

Winn Dixie

There are many Winn Dixie stores in the Southeast. Winn Dixie offers a discount for seniors, but the prices are usually affordable.


H E B doesn’t offer senior discounts. They do, however, offer a coupon that could save you money on groceries.


Sprouts is a small grocery store chain focusing on fresh and healthy food. Although they run worthwhile promotions, like their Vitamin & Body Care Extravaganzaregularly, they do not offer a senior discount.

Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers is another grocery store focusing on wellness and health through carefully curated groceries. Although the store accepts many coupons, it does not offer senior discounts.


Super Target and Target stores have extensive selections of groceries. You cannot get a senior discount, but the Target app can help you find other savings.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club offers substantial savings for households who shop in bulk. To shop at BJ’s, you must become a member. The senior discount is not available, but the savings at this store can be substantial.

C. Most Popular Grocery Stor in the US

You might be curious about which grocery store is most prevalent after reading the list of grocery stores offering senior discounts.
According to YouGov Trader, Joe’s is America’s most-loved grocery store. 7-Eleven is second in popularity. Kroger came in third place, following ALDI’s (whole foods) and Whole Foods.
Five top-rated stores are only the beginning. Favorite grocery store?

D. What to do if your grocer doesn’t offer a senior discount

Do not be discouraged if your local store does not offer senior discounts. There are still deals available at many stores on groceries. You can still get a senior discount if you shop at another store.
Call the headquarters to request a senior discount in your store. They may be able to accommodate your request sometimes to keep you as their customer.

If your senior pals want a store discount, have them contact you. Call or contact the store. Be polite when you approach these stores. It’s right and increases your discount chances.

You can always take advantage of other money-saving opportunities if the store cannot offer a senior discount. Loyalty programs are an excellent way for you to save money on groceries.

E. Wrap-Up on Senior Discounts on Groceries

It can be challenging to shop for groceries when you have a limited budget. Seniors on fixed incomes may find it harder. There are discounts for seniors at certain grocery stores. You should try to locate these offers often.

Coupons and loyalty programs are excellent for seniors to save on groceries.

Grocery Haul Video: Senior Savings

Does Walmart give a senior citizen discount?

Does Walmart Offer a Senior Discount? Walmart doesn’t offer senior citizens a discount. Target, one of Walmart’s largest competitors, does not provide value for older adults.

Does Kroger offer senior discounts?

With your subscription, you can access the digital copy of USA TODAY and more than 200 other local newspapers. The senior discount will increase to 5 percent every Wednesday. Eads stated that old customers now have the option to save once per week instead of once monthly.

What day is Publix Senior discount Day?

Every Wednesday, Publix Senior Discount Day is held.

Does Publix give senior discounts?

The weekly senior discount at Publix grocery stores has been discontinued. According to Brenda Reid, spokesperson for Publix, Publix will stop offering the 5 percent Senior Discount to Customers effective Dec. 27.

Does Chick fil a give senior citizen discounts?

Chick-fil-A | +

Discount Amount: Free refillable drink. Requirements for Seniors: Seniors get a complimentary refillable beverage (not including coffee) at all participating locations. All drinks, except coffee, are excluded.

Does Home Depot give a senior discount?

Home Depot is the most considerable U.S. home improvement retailer. However, doesn’t currently offer senior-specific discounts.

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