Home Depot Senior Discount, Deals, Offers for Senior Citizens

Home Depot Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Home Depot Senior Discount: Senior citizens may want to find ways to save money on their retirement. You may be wondering if Home Depot offers senior discounts. This article will give you all the details about Home Depot’s Senior Discounts.

Home Depot no longer offers a senior discount. However, if you are a US military veteran, you can get a special Home Depot discount. You can also get additional Home Depot discounts by becoming a Pro or Pro Xtra Member.

Home Depot Senior Discount

Home Depot offers a 10% discount to US military veterans every day. Both active and retired military veterans can receive a 10% discount each year. Home Depot does offer a senior discount, but there is no age limit. All Home Depot stores offer a 10% discount for veterans over 50.

Does Home Depot Have A Senior Discount

Except for retired veterans, there isn’t a senior discount at Home Depot in 2022. This does not mean that this well-known store doesn’t offer perks to its customers.

Senior citizens have many discounts and membership options at Home Depot. Home Depot has other options, such as Walgreens and Kohl’s, if you’re looking for senior discounts. Goodwill and Michael’s are also available.

Does Home Depot Have A Senior Discount

We couldn’t resist sharing the many discounts and options seniors can get at Home Depot. There are many ways to save: from the price match guarantee for Home Depot Garden Club to coupons to clearance sections; there are also other options.

Are you eager to learn more about these deals? Continue reading!

Benefits of Home Depot Discounts and Promo Codes

Home Depot has a wide selection of tools and furnishings that you will find great deals on. They offer many discounts and coupons and a large selection of products.

Coupons can be used to save up to 20% on your order. Home Depot offers a rebate program to give you hundreds of dollars back on certain tools and appliances. You can also get a low-price guarantee from Home Depot for the best price. You can request a price match online or by text message.

Home Depot has holiday furniture and decorations on sale. These specials are only available for a short time. For deep discounts, you can also visit the store’s clearance section. For exclusive offers and other events, sign up for the newsletter.

Home Depot offers the Pro Xtra Loyalty Program to professionals. The program offers purchasing tracking for up to two years, volume pricing, dedicated checkout, and purchase tracking. You will also receive a $5 coupon on your first order.

Military Discount

Home Depot offers a 10% military discount on eligible purchases for everyday products. After verifying their identities, spouses and veterans of the military can also get the same discount.

The spouse must also give the name, birth date, and email address of the military member to whom the account is linked. The military discount will be valid online and in person if you present your virtual ID via the Home Depot app.

Other Ways For Seniors to Save At Home Depot

Home Depot does not offer senior discounts, but you can still save money in this store. This home improvement store offers many other options for seniors to save money.

Continue reading to see a complete list of discount offers and promotions seniors can take advantage of at Home Depot.

1. Home Depot Loyalty Scheme

Home Depot Loyalty Program is the best way to save money for seniors. This scheme is for seniors, contractors, and regular shoppers.

You can choose from two types of memberships to cut down on your chopping costs with this option: Pro Xtra Membership or Home Depot Pro Online Experience Membership. The best part? These memberships are completely free!

You sign up for the Pro Online Experience membership. Home Depot will give you special online and personal deals, paint rewards, volume pricing, access to paint programs, and the ability to make categorized shopping lists.
You can also enjoy special discounts, make your quotations, and paint rewards as part of the Pro Xtra membership.

2. Price Match Guarantee

Home Depot offers a Price Match Guarantee Policy, which is available for online and in-store shopping. This offer was created by Home Depot to ensure that their products’ prices are reasonable in comparison with other retailers.

Let’s say you find an item at another retail store that is cheaper than the one you found at Home Depot. If that happens, you’ll immediately receive a 10% discount and an additional amount.

You must present valid proof (Printout or Advertisement) at the cash desk or customer service desk to request a price match. Online, you can avail of the price match offer by sending a screenshot or other valid price proof.

3. Bulk Discounts

Many items are eligible for bulk discounts from Home Depot. This means you can get huge discounts if you buy large quantities of these items. These items include insulation, pipes, and roofing, as well as fittings.

4. Home Depot Garden Club

Senior customers should sign up for the Home Depot Garden Club to save money on shopping. Home Depot Garden Club members receive a 5% discount when they make their first purchase.

You will also receive emails and messages about promotional offers and discounts from time to time. You will need to provide your name, contact information, email address, zip code, and other details to sign up for the club.

5. Clearance Sections

Home Depot offers clearance sections, which allow customers to purchase products at extremely low prices. These products can be found in stores and on the Home Depot website. Clearance sections often have slightly damaged items, returned or out of season. Or the store wants to replace the stock. These products are still quite affordable.

6. Home Depot Credit Card

Home Depot offers a Consumer Credit Card to its customers that offers many savings, offers, and deals. Let’s be clear: getting the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card can be very tedious, exhausting, and stressful. After a lot of hard work, the card will give you $100 off your first $1000 purchase and $25 off any $50-$299 purchase.

7. Coupons

Home Depot coupons, including price discount codes and multiple-buy deals, are great ways to save money at the store. Look for coupons in the Home Depot stores, check local ad guides, and sign up for the email service.

Home Depot’s Senior Discount Policy

Home Depot doesn’t offer a senior discount because they don’t offer it. For active and retired military personnel and their spouses, a 10% discount applies up to $400 per annum.

The discount is not available to dependents or dishonorably discharged vets. You will need to create an account to receive the discount. The discount cannot be combined with any other promotions or purchases.

Senior discounts vary depending on where they are located and the retailer. Some retailers offer discounts for customers over 65 years old. Senior discounts are available in most states starting at 50-65.

What Stores Offer Senior Discounts at Age 55?

You may be eligible for savings on groceries, oil modifications, clothes, crafts, and pharmacy goods if you’re 55 or older. Some grocery stores offer discounts for seniors on certain days of the month or weeks. Ask your local grocery store for details and to see if there is a senior discount.

Senior discounts are offered by retailers for people 55 years and older.

Banana Republic
Bealls Department Store
Christopher Banks
Joann Fabrics
Ross Dress for Less
Salvation Army Thrift Stores
TJ Maxx

Can You Save With The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card? 

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card provides great savings to customers, but they must go through an application process that is similar to applying for a regular credit card.

After you register, however, you’ll be able to enjoy the following benefits:

The Consumer Credit Card offers a longer return period for Home Depot merchandise. This means you are less likely to lose your money on unneeded items.

The card can only be used at Home Depot stores.

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts?

Home Depot senior discounts will not be available in 2022. However, the company has many other ways for seniors to save money, as explained above. It is beneficial to shop at stores offering senior discounts. You might be interested in Home Depot competitors who offer senior discounts.

  • Kohl’s: Kohl’s offers a 20% discount for senior citizens aged 60 or above every Wednesday.
  • Goodwill: Goodwill offers a 10% discount for senior customers aged 60 or above every Tuesday.
  • Walgreens: Walgreens gives a 10% discount for senior citizens aged 55 or above every Tuesday.


Home Depot does offer a senior discount, but it is not available. The retailer does offer a 10% discount for veterans and active military personnel.

Senior citizens can save money by joining Home Depot’s price match guarantee, coupon and promo codes, and taking advantage of clearance sales and other benefits such as membership schemes. Walgreens, Michael’s, and Lowes also offer senior discounts.


Q.1 Does Home Depot give a discount to seniors?

ANS. Home Depot no longer offers a senior discount. If you are a US military veteran, you can still get a Home Depot discount. You can also get additional Home Depot discounts by becoming a Pro or Pro Xtra Member. Home Depot gives 10% off to military veterans every day.

Q.2 Does Home Depot give AARP discounts?

ANS. Senior citizens are not eligible for AARP discounts at Home Depot. They can save money by using other Home Depot offers.

Q.3 Does Home Depot give 10% off?

ANS. The Home Depot is a military-friendly organization that offers many benefits, discounts and donations throughout the year.

Our discounted purchase program is one way to give our veterans more power. Qualifying Members receive 10% off eligible purchases up to a $400 maximum annual reduction every day throughout the year.

Q.4 How can I get a 20-off coupon for Home Depot?

ANS. Use the Home Depot promo code to get a $20 discount Pro Xtra to sign up

You can enjoy perks, rewards, and volume pricing as well as up to 20% discount on paints. Sign up for the Home Depot promo code to receive $20 off your $200 first purchase.

Q.5 Is there a Home Depot discount card?

ANS. Cardholders who are new enjoy a small discount.

For new accounts, The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card offers 25 percent off purchases between $25 and $299, $50 off purchases between $300 and $999, and $100 off purchases over $1,000.

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