Target Senior Discount, Deals & Offers for Senior Citizens 2023

Target Senior Discount Requirement And Details

Target Senior Discount: is ” To make Target the preferred shopping destination for our guests by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, and exceptional guest experience by consistently fulfilling our Expect More.”


One of the largest brands in the retail sector In America, the store began as a general store. However, later it was opened as a discount store known as Target on May 1st, 1969. It operated exactly as the first Dayton store, but the main difference was its offering of discounts.

Target Senior Discount


It joined with Hudson’s to create Dayton-Hudson in 1975. By then, their Target store was an instant hit, with sales reaching $1 billion in revenues. Since then, they’ve expanded to become the most renowned retailer in America.

Why Should You Ask For a Senior Discount?

The cost of living is costly. However, it can be extremely difficult when your budget and resources are low. As you age and the cost of living gets more difficult.

Even though your funds are diminishing, your requirements will still be able to continue for a while. Therefore, it is important to find the best bargains and discounts to get more savings, especially in retail stores where you will find the daily necessities.


The answer is easy in the case of a senior citizen. All you have to do is be aware of the senior discounts each company offers. While Target does not offer discounts for seniors, they have several coupons and credit cards to save money. Find out more about ways to save money at Target stores.

How To Get Target Senior Discount?

It’s extremely disappointing that there aren’t any discounts for seniors at Target for customers over the age of. However, they offer numerous other ways to save money while shopping at Target.

Target offers coupons from manufacturers, as well as discounts when you sign up for Target Circle Rewards, Target RedCard, and even their Target Weekly ads. In addition, they also have printed coupons and discounts as well as locate these cards on the internet. These are a few strategies to help you to save money at Target even when your budget is small.


You must be thinking, what are manufacturer coupons? You must understand how much the discount offered by manufacturers means since Target will accept this discount from seniors purchasing from their everyday needs stores.

But, you must comply with all their rules and restrictions. For a list of their conditions and restrictions, it is necessary to read their policies, which you can read on their website.:

If you’re already an active member of Target and you are a member, you can get your Target Circle Rewards. In this case, you’re qualified for cashback for purchases. You can also get discounts on certain items in the shop. You can also get one percent cashback for every purchase in their retail store.

To get the cashback, go to and look over the specifics. Although this benefit is offered to everyone, it’s seen in the best interest of those who are elderly in particular. This benefit can only be claimed in their store location or on

A 5% discount is the benefit you receive and two days of free shipping. If you opt-in to receive their newsletters in return, you’ll receive 10% off each year. Cardholders also enjoy the benefits of a 30-day return policy. It is also possible to view Target Weekly Ads online by visiting

Does Target Have AARP Discounts?

As is the case for senior discounts, Target does not offer discounts for AARP (formerly called the American Association for Retired Persons) discounts in stores, online, or through its Target app.

In contrast, the reward plans Target offers are suitable for everyone, which means that there are options for all to make savings at Target.

Does Target Offer a Military Discount?

Target is not offering an all-year-round military discount. However, Target does offer a 10% discount in November in celebration of Veterans Day and Independence Day. In addition, Target offers this year all year-round benefits:

  • Add veteran/dependent status as part of their permanent guest profile all year long (visit to get verified)
  • Be eligible to receive future offers for military members who have been verified.
  • Vote to the Target community, giving funds to 29 local military groups and Marine Toys for Tots through 2020.

Seniors Can Use Manufacturer Coupons At Target

Target will accept coupons from manufacturers that can be printed and downloaded from the internet or in Target Circle if the restrictions and limitations printed on coupons are fulfilled.

You can read its coupon policy of Target to know the rules and the requirements you need to satisfy to get Target to accept coupons.

Target Circle Rewards Are Also Another Grear Way To Save

Target Circle Rewards offers a no-cost reward and loyalty program (combined) for customers of Target.

It allows loyal Target customers to cashback eligible Target purchases. It also lets you get bargains on Target products.

In addition, you earn 1% each when you make a qualifying purchase that is not made using the RedCard payment option when you shop at Target in-store or on the internet.

To redeem your offer, Go to your Circle part within your account, and enter the codes provided at checkout to get a discount on purchases.

Although this offer is available to all Target customers, it’s nevertheless a good tip for seniors to save cash!

Target Weekly Ads Provide Great Savings For All Customers, Including Seniors

Target Weekly Ad contains exclusive discounts on certain items and is found in most newspapers on weekends or through the Target app under the row “Weekly Ad along with Catalogs’ (in the Discover tab) or on the internet on

Pricing and selection in The Weekly Ad vary by location and can be different from promotions and deals available on

Target RedCard Also Provide Additional Savings

A Target Red Card is a credit card that can only be used with Target or on

You can apply for the Target RedCard online through or by calling 1. (800) 659-2296. You can apply by mail or go to an in-person Target store.

After you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive a Target RedCard when your application is accepted.

Target RedCard members are entitled to a 5% discount on eligible purchases at the store and online at and also receive free two-day delivery for eligible purchases.

Additionally, they can get coupons for 10% off an annual purchase if they sign up for Target emails.

Additionally, cardholders get another 30 days to return any item purchased at a store or online, regardless of whether the items are returned at different times.

Other Ways You Can Save With Target

  • Target Survey of Customer Satisfaction Survey: The target Customer Satisfaction Survey is an excellent method to save money on your next purchase. It is necessary to go to their website to get the specifics of their customer satisfaction survey. You can give them your impression of their services and receive a discount coupon as a reward. It’s a win-win!
  • Circle Rewards: You can earn a 1% reward during shopping and special offers.
  • RedCard: When you use a Target credit debit or credit card, i.e., RedCard, You will receive 5 percent off purchases at Target stores, both online and in-store. You also get free two-day delivery and other special deals and gifts.
  • Weekly Ads: You can find special coupons and deals for a limited time through the ad displayed for the Target store closest to you.

Similar Companies That Do Offer Senior Discounts

Discounts for seniors at stores include large brands such as Amazon, Bealls Outlet, Belk, Burkes Outlet, Goodwill, Joann, Kohl’s, LensCrafters, Michaels, Pep Boys, RiteAid, Ross, TJ Maxx, The UPS Store, Walgreens to name some. There are numerous retailers across the nation which offer discounts for seniors.


The competitors of Target may offer lots of discounts for seniors, which Target does not offer; however, Target treats its senior citizens differently.

They offer a variety of advantages to customers who are seniors, and you could take advantage of them if you know where and how you can get them. Target also provides senior hours that allow for convenience and security for senior citizens and vulnerable shoppers.


Q.1 Does Target have senior hours?

ANS. The truth is that Target does have an hour-long senior time for the most vulnerable customers, i.e., 8 am to 9 am on Tuesdays, to complete their shopping.

Q.2 What is Target senior discount age?

ANS. Because Target isn’t offering discounts for seniors, there is no discount for the age of.

Q.3 Is there a senior discount day at Target?

ANS. Unfortunately, because Target doesn’t offer any particular discounts for its seniors, there is no set a date for discounts for them.

Q.4 Does Target accept AARP?

ANS. Target is not a member of AARP.


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