Where Can I Get Balloons Filled With Helium? (10 Places) 2023

Helium Balloon and Helium Tank FAQs

Where Can I Get Balloons Filled With Helium; Balloons are a hallmark of any great party.


It’s clear that balloons filled with Helium, rather than air, last longer.Helium is lighter than air.The Helium will rise as long as your balloon is light.

Helium’s average weight is 0.1785g per liter.This is in contrast to nitrogen, which weighs 1.2506g per liter.When you inhale into a balloon, you get nitrogen.


Because it is heavier than Helium, balloons filled with oxygen from your lungs will not rise as high.

You want the best balloons, so make sure you fill them with Helium.You may not know where to find it.These are some of the places you can fill balloons with Helium.

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Where Can I Get Balloons Filled With Helium

 What is Helium  

Before looking for places to fill balloons with free Helium, let’s first understand what Helium is.

Helium is an inert, non-toxic, colorless, and odorless monatomic gas. It is the second-lightest and most abundant element in the universe.


Helium-4, which was created during the Big Bang, makes up the majority of the cosmos’ Helium.

In 1868, Helium was first discovered in sunlight as an unidentified yellow spectral signature during a partial solar eclipse.

The formal discovery of the element was made by Sir William Ramsay, Per Teodor Cleve, and Nils Abraham Langlet in 1895 by chemists Nils Abraham Langlet and Sir William Ramsay.

What is Helium

Information about Helium

The most widespread commercial use of liquid Helium is in superconducting and cryogenic magnets. MRI scanners are the most commonly used.

Inhaling a small amount of Helium can temporarily alter the tone and timbre of the human voice. Helium can also serve as a lifting gas in balloons or airships.

Because Helium quickly disappears into space after being released into the atmosphere, it is not a renewable resource and is expected to become increasingly rare.

Some studies have shown that Helium can be concentrated in natural gas reservoirs by radioactive decay deep beneath the ground.

Fun Facts About Helium    

In the next section, I will share some fascinating facts about Helium.

1. Helium, which accounts for almost a quarter of the universe’s total mass, is the second most abundant element. 

2. It comes from the Greek word Helios which means sun.

3. Helium atoms can even defy gravity!

4. This gas is produced by the radioactive decay of thorium or uranium. It is sold in cylinders, similar to the ones you use to fill party balloons!

5. Only 0.000524 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere is made up of Helium. The element gradually escapes into space because the Earth’s gravity cannot hold it.

6. Qatar currently contributes approximately 30% to the world’s Helium. Canada may also have Helium, and the current processing plant is in Saskatchewan.

7. Helium can be used for many purposes beyond filling party balloons. Helium has many other uses, including MRI machines, deep-dive tanks, and NASA space launches.

8. Helium was the first element discovered beyond Earth’s atmosphere. It was found on the sun in 1868 using a spectroscope. It was only discovered on Earth in 1895.

9. Helium also has the lowest boiling point of any element at 4.2 degrees Kelvin (-268.8 degrees Celsius), which is just 4 degrees above absolute zero.

Helium can be frozen at normal atmospheric pressure.

 Where Can I Get Balloons Filled With Helium? (Top 9 Places)  

Party city

 Party City

Your city has a Party City; you can expect helium services.

Party City is a great place to fill your balloons in helium. They sell almost everything you need for your party, and this includes many types of balloons.

There are many ways you can get helium through Party City.

The most popular option is to buy already filled balloons with helium.

Party City fills a few balloons every day with helium.

These balloons can be used immediately and do not require any purchase.

You can choose the balloons that best suit your theme and then continue your journey.

Uninflated balloons are another way to fill your balloons with Party City.

You can get a free helium refill with some of their balloons.

However, not all do, so it is worth checking the balloon.

Once ready to fill your balloons, you can purchase them and then let the cashier blow them up.

Party City makes buying and inflating balloons simple.

Delivery services are also available.

Online ordering of balloons is possible and can be filled in the store for you.

You can either pick them up at the store or deliver them to your home.

You can also buy balloons from other places and bring them to Party City.

Party City will still fill the balloons, but you will have to pay a small charge.

Cost Of Helium Services

A few factors affect the cost of filling up Party City balloons.

The helium service is free if you purchase a foil balloon from Party City.

A note will be placed on the balloon indicating whether or not the helium service costs are included.

You will have to pay a small amount for helium if you purchase a latex balloon.

This fee can range from 99c to $1.29

How many balloons you have and how big they are can affect the price.

You will pay slightly more for helium services if you buy balloons from another country.

If you buy a foil balloon from another shop, you will pay anywhere from $1.99 to $5.99.

You can expect to pay anywhere from 99c to $1.29 for a latex balloon purchased from another shop.

It all depends on the size and number of balloons.

You will need your receipt to ensure you receive your helium service for qualified balls.

You can also purchase a helium tank.

Party City offers several tanks in different sizes.

They have the right size for you, whether you need one for multiple parties or one that covers a handful of parties.

It is more expensive to purchase a tank than to have the service done for you.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is another place where you can fill helium balls.

There are numerous uses for Dollar Tree, just like there are with Party City.

First, buy filled balloons from them.

Dollar Tree has its party section, even though they don’t offer as many as Party City.

Several balloons are included in this party section.

They fill up some of these balloons now and again.

They can be purchased as-is, without the need for a helium service.

You can also buy a balloon, then have them fill it for you.

This service is only available for foil balloons.

They won’t fill up latex balloons at their shops with helium.

You can also fill up balloons you bought from another store.

If you buy a foil balloon at Party City, you can’t fill it with helium from Dollar Tree.

Online, you can buy foil balloons from Dollar Tree and have them filled up with helium at the Dollar Tree.

You will need your receipt to prove you purchased the balloon online.

You don’t have to pay extra for this service.

They don’t sell helium tanks.

Cost Of Helium Services

Dollar Tree makes it very affordable to fill your balloon with Helium.

It usually doesn’t cost anything, as the cost of the balloon includes all the services.

In some cases, however, you might need to pay a fee.

The good news? It costs only $1

Their service is excellent for large or small balloons.

Giant balloons can be purchased at other stores like Party City.

Fill your balloons with Helium at Dollar Tree for only one Dollar.



Although it can not provide helium-filling services, Target can supply the equipment you need to fill your balloons.

Target offers a good party section in its stores.

Foil and latex balloons come in many shapes and colors to suit different themes.

Each holiday season, the store changes its balloons.

There are spookier balloons to celebrate Halloween and bright balloons to celebrate Christmas.

These balloons are flat, so you will need Helium to inflate them.

Target also sells helium tanks.

Target sells large helium tanks, a departure from other party shops.

This ensures that the tank is stocked with a lot of Helium and can last long.

The heavy-duty tank holds approximately $50 of Helium.

It contains 14.9 cubic feet of Helium.

The 8.9-cubic foot version is the cheapest.

This one is about $25.

Target doesn’t offer helium party services that can fill your balloons.

Either buy the tank at Target and fill it yourself, or you can take your balloons to another shop for filling.

Dollar General

Dollar General

You may be able to find a Dollar General if there isn’t a Dollar Tree near you.

The same company owns Dollar General and Dollar Tree, so that you can expect similar services.

Dollar General also offers helium-filled balloons.

They can be purchased directly at the store.

You can also get helium-filling services, but this is only for customers who purchase their balloons through Dollar General.

They can’t fill a balloon you bought at a different shop.

An 8.9-foot helium tank is also available for purchase at $35.

You have the option to purchase this tank and fill your balloons at home.

Dollar General only fills foil balloons and does not fill latex balloons. If you are planning on purchasing latex balloons, you might need the tank.

Their online shop also sells balloons, and they will fill your balloon for you at no cost.

To receive the free service, you will need to bring your receipt.

Dollar Tree is an excellent example of a company that charges $1 for helium services.

This could save you a lot of money, depending on what other options.



Some Walmart stores do not offer helium services.

These Supercenters are the most popular.

There’s a good chance that you can get helium services if you live near a Walmart Supercenter.

Walmart also offers a variety of balloons.

You will find many balloons with various themes in their party section.

Some stores even pre-inflate a few balloons.

This allows you to purchase the balloon immediately without waiting for helium service.

Walmart will fill any balloon, foil, or latex.

They will fill a balloon even if it is from another store.

To receive a helium refill, you must bring your receipt to the customer service desk.

You might find helium services at another store.

Walmart also offers a variety of helium tanks.

This will allow you to fill up the balloons at home and save money over the years.

Their helium service costs are relatively low.

The average cost per balloon is 25c.

However, the price of these balloons can increase depending on their size and number.

Depending on the balloon type, they might charge more.

Latex balloons, for example, can be more expensive than foil balloons.

While Walmart stores won’t fill balloons purchased from other locations, they will fill them if the balloon was purchased from another Walmart store.

To prove that you purchased it, all you need is the receipt.

You can also purchase balloons online at Walmart and have them filled.

You should also have your receipt.

Because helium services are only available in a few Walmart stores, it is worth calling your local Walmart to verify if they offer the service.



CVS offers first aid and groceries and is a great place to buy medications. They also have a section for parties.

You will find a few balloons in the party section.

CVS sells balloons and also offers helium services.

CVS expanded beyond its pharmacy role to include party supplies to expand.

They aim to be a one-stop-shop that can meet all your needs.

However, not all CVS shops have made the same progress as other CVS retailers.

For example, smaller CVS stores may only sell a limited number of products.

This is likely because these stores don’t have a party area, so they don’t offer helium services.

Helium services are more common in larger stores with many departments and a party section.

CVS doesn’t charge an extra fee for helium services.

CVS will charge you for the cost of the balloon, as they expect you to fill it within their store.

They won’t fill balloons bought from other stores. However, it is worth visiting your local CVS.

If you fill your balloon at another store, you will be charged a small fee.

They don’t sell helium tanks, so you can only fill your balloons using their helium service.

You can expect your CVS store to have a party section and a helium service.



Many areas have a Kroger grocery shop, even if they don’t carry the Kroger brand.

Kroger is renowned for its premium goods in addition to its other offerings.

Additionally, Kroger provides helium balloon filling services.

One of the numerous advantages of filling your balloon at Kroger is that they accept balloons from all around the world.

Even if you bought your balloon at Walmart, Kroger will still inflate it.

A service for helium is provided by Kroger.

You will need to pay an additional fee to fill the balloon, regardless of whether you bought it at Kroger or another retailer.

Kroger stocks many types of balloons.

Foil and latex are the main options.

You can also find balloons in a variety of sizes.

Prices for helium services will depend on the size, type, and a number of your requirements.

Kroger’s helium service costs an average of $3 to $8.

A standard latex balloon can cost as low as $1

Oversized balloons lengths of 12 to 15 inches can be as expensive as $7 to $15.

Kroger is also able to help you if you need pre-filled helium balls. 

Many helium balloons are already in motion and available for purchase in the floral section.

These balloons are priced according to the amount of helium used to inflate them.

There are many cheaper ways to inflate your balloon. However, you can always take the item to Kroger if you need it.



Although Meijer is a local store, many people in the Midwest regard it as their go-to place to buy groceries.

Meijer also has a large party department, stocked with everything you need to throw a party.

You might wonder if Meijer also sells helium.

Meijer offers many services other grocery shops don’t, including filling balloons.

Meijer lets you call in large orders of balloons.

In that sense, they are similar to a party shop.

Meijer can fill 20 balloons for your request.

Meijer will then provide an estimate of when the order should be completed.

Because the Meijer employees will also have other duties, it will likely take longer than at a party shop.

However, your order will be ready in 2 to 3 hours for larger orders.

It will take less time if you have only a few balloons.

Meijer also offers pre-filled helium balls that can be purchased at their store.

Because every store is unique, it’s worth calling your local Meijer to find out if they can fill balloons purchased from another store.

Meijer makes buying and filling your balloons easier and more efficient than other retailers.



Another significant supermarket company that fills balloons is Publix, a local supermarket business in the Southeast of the United States.

Publix charges a fee to fill balloons, just like other stores.

You will still have to pay a fee to fill the balloon even if it is purchased from Publix.

Publix does not limit the number of balloons that you can fill.

Publix can fill all 200 balloons you need for an event.

It’s not difficult to accept that it will be expensive.

Filling latex balloons costs $1 while filling Mylar balloons costs $1.50.

The size of the balloon also determines the price.



Next is Ralphs, which is a Kroger subsidiary. Southern California has 189 Ralphs shops.

Ralphs is another place that can fill helium balloons. This service is available at some stores. To find out if your store can fill balloons in that area, get in touch with them.

  • In-store purchase required? Variable from store to store.
  • Latex balloons cost $0.99. Mylar balloons are available in various sizes and cost as much as $3.99 each.


Where can I buy foil balloons filled with Helium?   

You can get Helium free at stores like Walmart, CVS, Walmart, and Party City. These balloons can be kept inflated for up to 2 weeks.

Where can I buy latex balloons filled with Helium?   

Latex balloons can be inflated with Helium at Walmart, CVS, and Party City. Latex balloons can stretch very well because they are elastic and will lose Helium gradually over time after being inflated.

How can you make a balloon float without Helium?

The water bottle should be filled about a third with white vinegar. Then, fill the balloon with baking soda halfway.

It would help if you had a funnel for this purpose, but I didn’t have one. I made my using rolled up construction paper and tape. It worked!

Is It Worth It to Purchase a Helium Tank?

The Final Word Although renting a tank is more expensive than buying a disposable tank, and it will provide you with more Helium at a lower price.

If you have more than 50 x 9″ or 27 x12” latex balloons, renting a tank might be the best choice and is also more environmentally friendly.

Do you want to rent a Helium Tank for your business?

You can rent helium tanks in a variety of sizes. A rental helium tank size is typically between 14 and 250 cubic feet. You will need to determine the size of the tank.

How long will Helium Balloons last?

Helium balloons filled with latex will float for between 8-12 hours, and helium balloons for about 2-5 days.

The Helium Hi-Float Treatment Kit allows latex balloons to float up to 25 percent longer.

How can I make Helium at home?

It would help if you used Helium to lift the balloon. Helium is formed by the prolonged, very long decay of radioactive elements such as uranium.

This natural process is currently the only way to make Helium worldwide. You can’t make your Helium yourself! 

Will balloons float with regular air?

Air is a gas that we also live in. Our environment is populated with air. A balloon filled with a gas of lower density than air will float if it is filled with it.

This means a balloon will float if it is filled with any of these gases.

How to Make Helium Gas?

This helium gas is naturally formed by radioactive decay and radioactive decomposition of some aspects like uranium or thorium. It is known as helium-4 underground.

This reaction creates alpha particles that contain two protons and two neutrons.

Why is Helium so Expensive?

Radioactive rocks are decomposed to form natural gas, and this gas is a byproduct of the gas industry.

It is expensive, time-consuming, and challenging to separate Helium and natural gas, as well as store it, so it is relatively rare.

Why are Helium Tanks so Expensive?

Although Helium can be found underground with other natural gases, Segre says it must be extracted from its pure form to be helpful.

This is a costly process, and it can also be challenging to store because of its lightweight. Segre reports that natural gas companies often don’t do this because of the high cost.

How long does a Helium tank last?

Non-returnable. Latex Balloons – The tank can hold either (30) 9-inch or (16) 11-inch balloons. The float time for each latex balloon is approximately 5-7 hours.

Mylar Balloons: The tank can fill 16 18-inch or 10 (20-inch) mylar balls.

Refill Party Time Helium Tanks?

Balloon Time(r) is a once-use tank that can’t be refilled. It is not possible to refill it with any other items. You can find more information in the tank warnings. It would help if you only disposed of the Balloon Time(r) tank after filling it.

How many balloons will an 8.9 Helium Tank fill?

A small helium tank with 8.9 cubic feet can hold up to 30 9-inch latex balloons and 16 18-inch foil balloons.

How can I dispose of a Helium Tank purchased from Walmart?

They can dispose of smaller helium tanks in the trash. Turn the top valve to your left before placing the Helium into the bin.


There are many places where you can fill balloons with Helium.

A party shop is the best place to buy balloons because they offer great prices and have a wide selection.

If you don’t have a party shop, you can find helium services at most pharmacies or grocery stores that have one.


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