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Who is Bryce James? Bryce James Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height

How Tall Is Bryce James: Bryce James, the son of Los Angeles Lakers champion LeBron James, has shown that he is a skilled player and can carry his family’s name to the next generation.


He’s not LeBron James’s youngest but he’s the tallest & most fierce.

Although James’ youngest son James may have been living in the shadow of his older brother for many years, his recent growth spurts and public games have made basketball fans wonder if the younger brother will continue the family tradition.


How Tall Is Bryce James

Bryce James Wiki/Bio

Bryce was born in California on June 14, 2007. He is currently 14 years old. His full name is Bryce Maximus James. Bryce is an American citizen, and his birth sign is Gemini.

  • Full Name: Bryce Maximus James 
  • Nickname: Bryce 
  • Date of birth: June 14, 2007, (06.14.2007). 
  • Day of birth: Thursday 
  • Age: 14 (as of 2022). 
  • Birthplace: California, United States 
  • American Nationality 
  • Profession: Hockey player 
  • Net Worth: $700k (Estimated). 
  • Gemini is the birth sign.

Bryce James Family Background

He is the son of LeBron James (Father) and Savannah James (Mother). He has Zhuri, his younger sister, and Bronny, his older Brother. 


James’ family is not open to sharing much information about their personal and family lives, and we are trying to get more information. 

Bryce’s mother is a softball star entrepreneur, & businesswoman.

  • Father’s name: LeBron James 
  • Savannah James is the Mother’s Name 
  • Bronny James is my Brother’s name 
  • Sister’s name: Zhuri James

 How Tall Is Bryce James?  

 How Tall Is Bryce James


Bryce James was 6’4″ in December 2021. However, he is only 14 years old and growing.

This young athlete is a star in the teen athletic world. He was born June 14, 2007, and is currently attending Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth.

James graduated from Old Trail School, Bath Township, Ohio, before attending Sierra Canyon School.

On May 29, 2019, he was transferred to Sierra Canyon School.

The high school rookie basketball star has not yet chosen a college.

He has time to decide and enhance his high school basketball game.

Bryce James played many sports throughout his life, but he is most fondly remembered for playing soccer and basketball.

LeBron James wouldn’t allow his sons to play football or ice hockey because he was concerned about serious injuries.

James played basketball from a young age for the Amateur Athletic Union.

His sibling Bryce James has followed him for years.

Bronny James was shocked to discover that his younger brother had grown in height. He broke the news on Instagram.

Although Byrce James is at least the same height as his brother, some might argue that Byrce James may be even taller than his older brother.

The boys’ father is 6’9″, and they are still young, giving them plenty of time and the genetics to reach the heights of the National Basketball Association.

Young James is only in his first year of high school basketball and has already proven his talent.

Both LeBron James fans and college teams are following Bryce James’s career closely with hope.

How Tall Is Bronny James?  

How Tall Is Bronny James

Bronny James currently stands at 6’3″ and is 180lbs.

He plays for Sierra Canyon School’s senior basketball team, just like his older brother.

LeBron James Jr., also known as Bronny James, was born on October 6, 2004. Savannah James was 18, and LeBron James was 19.

His parents were very active in his life, and he even witnessed them marry in 2013.

Bronny James tried every sport his father allowed him to, but he spent his entire life playing basketball and soccer.

James was nine years old when he played for the Miami City Ballers. He was subsequently observed by John Calipari, Kentucky Wildcats’ head coach.

In 2014, James’s basketball career was highlighted in a highlight reel.

A year later, the young basketball star led Gulf Coast Blue Chips into a fourth-grade championship at League Dallas during the Hype Sports Summer Jam.

James led the Old Trail School middle school basketball team to victory in the Independent School League tournament in February 2018.

James was also a member of several Amateur Athletic Union teams.

Bronny James has received college offers since he was a child.

His father commented that he had received so many scholarship offers that he had been unable to resist. It is wrong to recruit 10-year-olds.” children>

Bronny James wants to attend Kentucky Duke Kansas or North Carolina.

His only grant was from Kentucky University.

 Bryce Maximus James’ Net Worth, Income & Lifestyle 

 Bryce Maximus James Net worth, Income & Lifestyle

He lives with his family in a lovely home. His father and brothers share a bedroom.
He also owns branded vehicles and gadgets. 

He is still struggling and trying to keep his position as a respected expert in his field. He could inherit a large portion of his parents’ wealth. 

According to this, Bryce Maximus James’ net worth is approximately USD 1 million (approx. ).

How Zhuri James Became An Online Superstar  

How Zhuri James Became An Online Superstar

Zhuri James, unlike her older brothers who may be in tears at the court, has made her an internet star thanks to her YouTube channel, All Things Zhuri.

The youngest child of the legendary basketball player seems to have her entire family wrapped around her finger.

Zhuri James started YouTube with her parents, but her love for dancing led her to TikTok.

She can often be seen dancing with her family or her instructor.

Zhuri James is not only a social media superstar, but she’s also a model.

She has been a model for the children’s clothing brands Janie and Jack.

Their collaboration with Disney to make formal gowns for young girls was hugely successful.

Zhuri and Savannah James were LeBron James’s dates when he walked down the red carpet to premiere Space Jam: A New Legacy.

Zhuri James hosted Harlem’s Fashion Row X Janie and Jack shows.

Zhuri James might not be on the basketball court, but that doesn’t make her lazy.

LeBron James enjoys turning his workout time into opportunities to bond and have fun with his daughter.

Zhuri is not allowed to be lazy, but her father is famous for giving Zhuri the best.

LeBron James took his daughter to dinner one night after scoring 56 points against the Warriors simply because she wanted it.

James wanted to share photos of his dinner date. She requested that they go out for dinner shortly after her father left.

His playing was great, but his energy and willingness to get out are even more impressive.

 Kobe Bryant’s Thoughts On The James Brothers  

Kobe Bryant’s Thoughts On The James Brothers

Both Bronny and Bryce James have displayed their athletic prowess. The world of professional sports offers a great way to witness a professional athlete dynasty begin with LeBron James’s family.

Although most viewers praise the teenage players’ dedication and skill, some have voiced concerns about the James boys’ play.

LeBron James played an essential role in the basketball careers of his sons, helping them reach greater heights at an earlier age.

Kobe Bryant, however, had his own opinions about the young players.

Kobe Bryant once said to Gloria James that he needed to go to her grandsons so they could get rid of their passiveness.

Bryant said the boys were too lazy and blamed James for setting up assists for his teammates rather than trying to score.

Bryant may have criticized Bronny and Bryce for being too similar to their fathers, but Kobe Bryant was a great friend, and LeBron James was a great partner.

Bryant and James became close friends while on the “Redeem Team”.

Bryant and James shared a lot of respect, and Bryant was happy to pass the title of elder statesman on to James in his last season of playing.

Although their grandmother never sent the boys to Kobe Bryant’s house to train, they have improved their basketball skills.

While Bryce James may be a copycat of his father, Bronny James is much more aggressive on the court.

The older brother, determined to follow the advice of the late basketball legend, has begun his high school basketball career with much less passiveness than his elder brother.

These boys had many great coaches to look over their basketball careers.

The Sibling Rivalry

The Sibling Rivalry

Bryce James and Bronny James have a healthy sibling rivalry which allows them to learn from one another’s mistakes and determine who they are as basketball players and not just the sons of a legend.

LeBron James is always proud to brag about his older son’s potential as a professional player.

He believes in Bronny’s ability as a player so much that LeBron James plans to continue playing professionally for long enough to play with his son.

LeBron claims that his last season will be the one where he plays with Bryce James. This, many fans believe, secures Bronny James a spot at the National Basketball Association.

LeBron James is a better basketball player than Bronny James, who has lived in his father’s shade.

Bronny James is a defensive-first guard who has no trouble blocking the opposing team’s point guard.

Bronny James prefers to make offensive plays with his younger brother and father, but he will spread the floor and make quick decisions when passing to his team.

Bronny James is an exceptional shooter, but his father insists that Bryce James is the best shooter in his family.

Bryce James can not only shoot the best of his athletic family but can also achieve incredible vertical distance.

The younger brother of James plays precisely like his father and tends to show many of the same traits as his father.

Bryce James is growing up to be one the most talented new players the National Basketball Association has ever seen since his father.

The professional league doesn’t have to pick between the brothers; it has enough space for the entire All-Star family.

LeBron James Playing Alongside His Son  

LeBron James Playing Alongside His Son

Basketball fans believe that the James brothers are capable of becoming All-Stars in the National Basketball Association. Their father the legendary basketball player may not live long enough to play with his kids.

When he was 19 years old, LeBron James gave Bronny James to him.

NBA superstar LeBron James.To see Bronny James play with him, LeBron James must have been playing professionally for almost 20 years. This has led some to liken James’s career to Peyton Manning’s.

LeBron James is proud to brag about his son’s achievements and believes that he has what e to succeed in professional basketball.

National Basketball Association insider Brian Windhorst thought about young James’s future.

Windhorst had witnessed him play and quickly pointed out how incredible LeBron James Jr. had trained.

Even though he hadn’t grown weight until 16, James’ father made him work out at 10.

Windhorst was kind enough to praise James’s physical condition, but he wasn’t sure Bronny James could make it to professional baseball.

Windhorst was not sure James would play college basketball but knew that James would get an excellent offer if he chose to play at the college level.

There are few four-star talents in the NBA, including Bronny James.

Who Is Bryce James’s Godfather?  

Who Is Bryce James’s Godfather

Chris Paulis Bryce James’ godfather. He has been in close friendship for many decades with LeBron James.

James and Paul were pals in junior high & sophomore high school.

They met at the Orlando Amateur Athletic Union tournament.

They did become friends until high school even though they met in 8th grade.

Chris Paul gave up what he was doing to help Savannah James and LeBron James when Bryce was born. The night before the NBA finals against the Spurs.

James jokes that he blames his poor sleep the night before for the inability to perform during the game.

LeBron James felt like a winner despite losing the championship. This was due to his son’s healthy birth.

He knew that Chris Paul was there for him, which was a huge blessing to him and the reason Paul became Bryce James’s godfather.

Chris Paul known as the Point God played for the New Orleans Pelicans from 2005 to 2011.

Paul joined the Rockets in 2017 after six years with the Clippers.

Paul started playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2019. He is currently a guard for Phoenix Suns and represents the #3.

Paul has won two Olympic gold medals and was named All-Star Most Valuable Player (National Basketball Association) and Rookie of the Year.

Bryce James not only has their father’s influence but also has the basketball influence from his godfather.

How LeBron James’s Children Changed His Life  

How LeBron James’s Children Changed His Life

LeBron James is proud to have built a career and earned a reputation as an athlete and celebrity. But, his greatest accomplishment is his title of father.

He is extremely attached to his wife and children.

LeBron James, unlike his siblings, grew up without a father and had no choice but to rely on his single mother.

He was furious at his father for the pain he had caused his mother and him for years.

Instead of letting his anger fester, he channeled that energy into being the best father he could be for his children.

James grew older and began questioning his father’s control over the situation. He also wondered what it was like to be a father with so little or no money at such a young age.

LeBron James does everything possible to support and praise each child’s dreams.

He wants them to have a life that is theirs and to live their dreams.

James admits that he would not be the father James is today if he had the father he longed for as a child.

The basketball legend has overcome his childhood trauma and become a father, which has helped him be more compassionate towards people in similar situations.

He also realized the importance of a robust and healthy bond between parent and child. This is something he loves to share on social media.

James hopes to encourage more fathers to take a more significant role in the lives of their children.

Bryce James May Be The Future Of Basketball 

Bryce James May Be The Future Of Basketball  

Both Bronny James and Bryce should be ready to pass the All-Star torch to their father as their father gets older.

Basketball fans would love for a father-son or sibling tag team to succeed.

Bryce and Bronny have strong self-discipline that they both possess. This will enable them to excel as athletes, as they remain loyal to their father’s teachings.

Fans across the country support the James family.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Bryce Maximus James?

Bryce is an American basketball player and media face.

How old was Bryce James?

14 years (till 2002).

Who is Bryce Maximus James?

Savannah James and LeBron James.

How tall is Bryce James?

6 feet 3 inches

What height is Bryce James at the moment?

Bryce James was listed as 6’4″ in December 2021. However, he is only 14 years old and growing every day. 

This teenage athlete star was born June 14, 2007, and currently attends Sierra Canyon School, Chatsworth, California.

Is Bryce bigger than Bronny?

Savannah is married to LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers. Bronny James who is 17 years old, and Bryce James are her two boys. 15 years old.

Zhuri James is seven years old. Savannah’s image caused a lot of controversies because Bryce, his older brother Bronny (standing six ′ 2), was so tall.


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