Why Did Tom Brady Leave The Patriots? (5 Reasons)

Tom Brady reveals biggest reason for leaving Patriots to join

Why Did Tom Brady Leave The Patriots; Tom Brady is a celebrated athlete with a string of Super Bowl wins under his record.


Most of those wins occurred during his time with The New England Patriots.

Since Brady had spent most of his career with the Patriots, many fans didn’t believe it when they heard that he’d chosen to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers instead. Tampa Bay Buccaneers instead.


While it appears that the choice may be in his favor, given that the team won a Super Bowl with his new team, some still question why he left his hometown team at all in the beginning.

Here’s what you should be aware of the reasons Tom Brady left the Patriots.

Why Did Tom Brady Leave The Patriots

 Why Did Tom Brady Leave The New England Patriots?  

Tom Brady left the Patriots because the two sides disagreed with Brady’s contract.


Various other factors may have contributed to Brady’s decision to walk away.

Here are a few reasons Tom Brady left the Patriots.

Why Did Tom Brady Leave The New England Patriots

1. Coach Belichick

The time Brady initially joined the Patriots. When he first joined the Patriots, he was playing in the coaching of the guidance of Coach Bill Belichick.


Belichick had just been replaced by Pete Carroll, who had only played for three years as a coach.

The team wanted ways to improve their team performance to put together a team to be successful in the playoffs.

Brady wasn’t the first selection to be the New England Patriots.

His scouting experience after college was not great.

As a result, he was number 199 during the 6th round in the NFL Draft in 2000.

The Patriots had also picked seven other quarterbacks in the same period.

Then, Brady proved himself and quickly became the quarterback of the team.

He’s said to have started 362 games, which is the record for the most games he has started by an NFL quarterback.

He played in 20 seasons for the Patriots and was a winner of six Super Bowls during the time the Patriots were his team.

Despite his success in getting his team into the postseason, there was some tension between him and coach Belichick.

Belichick has earned a reputation for treating his players in the same way.

Ultimately, Brady found himself unable to persuade Belichick that he should extend his deal.

In the end, Belichick was keen to remain open.

He would instead replace players who are less effective on the field rather than sign a long-term contract that leaves them with a player who isn’t able to perform equally.

He’s more focused on winning than playing favorites.

Brady, who is accountable for helping the team win the same number of Superbowl victories as it’s had, may have believed that Belichick was a liar for not standing up for him in discussions.

There’s also some friction between them due to how they treat each other.

While they could be seen eye-to-eye during the play, the bond was not as good off the field.

Tom Brady’s strained relationship with coach Belichick is among the main reasons he decided to quit the Patriots.

2. Unheard Opinions

With many years under his belt and numerous victories, there’s no doubt that Brady has a few suggestions for how to create an effective team.

The problem is that nobody in the Patriots’ leadership was willing to listen to the man.

Coach Belichick mainly was not interested in Brady’s views on the changes the team had to make.

Notably, Brady voiced several changes he’d like to implement during his training.

The management ignored these opinions and continued to train in the same way they had always followed.

Naturally, someone with extensive time playing the game may be irritated when their thoughts aren’t given a lot of importance.

Not being able to voice his views in a meaningful manner is another reason Tom Brady left the Patriots.

3. Business Venture

One of the factors that could have caused tensions within the Patriots team’s leadership was Brady’s decision to advertise his privately-owned business.

After the 5th Super Bowl win, Brady began promoting his company called TB12 Sports.

He also published an e-book that was titled The Method of TB12.

The author has been working with fitness trainer Alex Guerrero.

The book presented the latest training techniques teams could employ to help them prepare for the season ahead. 

Belichick has caused issues with Guerrero by not allowing him to coach the team as often as the other players.

The management of the Patriots did not like Brady marketing his business rather than just focusing on the team.

Being unable to market his own company despite making the team among the top-adored teams in the NFL most likely left a bad taste in his mouth of Brady.

It’s possible that it was one of the reasons that drove the Patriots to reject Brady’s latest contract requirements.

Business Venture

The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance

4. Scandals

The Patriots have been through many scandals throughout Brady’s time, too.

The most well-known is “Deflategate,” in which the Patriots played with a slightly deflated ball, making it easier to kick and catch.

Many fans were upset and believed the Patriots had purposely deflated their ball to give the team an advantage.

In the end, the team decided to let Brady be the one to take the fall.

There was no evidence that Belichick or anyone from the franchise backed him or attempted to disprove the allegations.

While Brady might have forgiven his team members for their mistakes, a different scandal led to the same incident.

This scandal, known as “Spygate,” involved the finding of the Patriots filming on the New York Jets.

Mainly they were tagging the movements of the defensive coach’s hands to signify the instructions.

Although the NFL allows taping under certain circumstances, this case violated the rules.
Coach Belichick received a fine of $500,000 for his part in the.

This was the most expensive fine the league was legally able to offer and is the highest amount any head coach has paid in the league’s history.

Belichick acknowledged that this was a method that the Patriots had used previously. However, he denied some specific instances.

This second incident also put Brady in a negative picture, and he was forced to find himself in the position of supporting Belichick despite this scandal.

When Belichick could not stand with Brady in return, the situation only made apparent which side Brady was on about Belichick’s opinions regarding his players.

One of the main reasons Brady quit the Patriots was because the Patriots didn’t feel they were supporting him, although he had strong support for the team during their scandals.

5. Retirement

Another reason Brady was able to leave the Patriots was that the team did not want to sign him for the length of time that he desired to play.

Brady was planning his retirement to join the Patriots.

He wanted his agreement to be extended beyond an agreed amount of time.

The player was scheduled to quit the NFL when the time was up.

The Patriots did not want to sign such a long-term extension.

There was a worry that when Brady became older, he might not be able to perform at the same level.

This means they’d end up playing against an older player who could not compete.

The team would lose, and this could lead to losing support among their fans, and not just their investors.

If they could not agree on the length of time specified in the contract, The Patriots let go of Brady.

He ended up signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay Buccaneers were more inclined to offer him the type of contract he was looking for.

The result was a Super Bowl win with Brady in charge.

Brady was released by the Patriots because the team refused to sign him up for a deal that would have allowed him to retire from the team.

 When Did Tom Brady Join The Buccaneers?  

When Did Tom Brady Join The Buccaneers

Tom Brady joined the Buccaneers on the 20th of March, 2020.

He was 42 then and had played in 20 games for the Patriots.

He announced his decision to join the Buccaneers in an Instagram post.

In the blog post, he described himself as a person who is excited to join the team but still humble.

He was also determined to demonstrate himself to his new team, as no one was interested in what occurred in the preceding year on the football field.

Brady announced his decision three days after he had announced that he wouldn’t be returning to the Patriots.

The contract he signed for The Buccaneers lasted for two seasons.

They have agreed to give him $30 million each season.

 How Many Super Bowls Did Tom Brady Win With The Patriots?  

 How Many Super Bowls Did Tom Brady Win With The Patriots

Tom Brady won six Super Bowl championships while playing for the Patriots.

The first was in 2001.

The win started a long string of victories for the New England Patriots.

The pair would follow up their win in 2001 by winning other times in 2003 and 2004.

It would be in 2014 that they would win the next Super Bowl.

However, in the previous seasons, they also participated in their own Super Bowl, but they could not win.

The two Super Bowls that Brady would be victorious with the Patriots occurred in 2016 and the year 2018.

The 2016 victory came during an intense overtime match. 

The year 2019 could be rough for Brady.

It’s not just one of the worst seasons of his career, and the Patriots didn’t even get through to the Super Bowl to play and defend their title.

How Many Super Bowls Has Brady Won With The Buccaneers? 

How Many Super Bowls Has Brady Won With The Buccaneers

The Buccaneers signed Brady in the year 2020.

Despite his short span of timespan, he’s already won a Super Bowl championship with the team.

This win was won during the time the team was formed.

In 2020, the Super Bowl saw a Tampa Bay victory.

They were able to take the title home with an overall result of 31-9.

Because he’s signed two-year contracts with the Buccaneers, the question is still in the air whether he’ll be able to win the next Super Bowl in the 2021-2022 season.

(Editor’s note (Editor’s note): (Editor’s note: Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost their playoff hopes for 2022 the playoffs to the Los Angeles Rams on January 23, 2022. They scored 27 points, and LA scored an extra field goal in the last seconds of the game to prevail with a total score of 30.)

Is Tom Brady Retiring?

Is Tom Brady Retiring

One of the most critical concerns for fans is whether or not Brady plans to retire.

Brady has often stated that he’d like to retire at 45.

At 44, he’s a bit old and now 44; many people wonder if the 2021-2022 period will be the final season of his playing career.

It also signifies the end of his deal for the Buccaneers.

If Brady decides to keep playing play, then he’ll have to talk to the team’s leadership to decide how long his contract is expected to continue to run.

Given that Brady was the one to win the team the Super Bowl shortly after joining this franchise, it’s highly likely that the team is eager to keep their partnership with Brady.

But, ultimately, it will be up to Brady himself on whether he chooses to keep his word of retiring at age 45 or not.

As per the report, there have been many discussions in the locker rooms regarding whether Brady will quit or stay on.

Some indications point toward the final phase of his professional career.

Others don’t seem too sure.

Many believe that Brady isn’t quite sure about himself.

If Brady keeps to his word that he will retire at 45, fans of the Buccaneers will probably be forced to say goodbye to Brady once the 2021-2022 campaign is done.

(Note: Brady has stated that his family’s needs will hold much weight when choosing retirement.) 

What Is Tom Brady’s Net Worth?

What Is Tom Brady's Net Worth

Brady is among the most well-known NFL players of all time.

Apart from receiving more Super Bowl rings than any other player in NFL history, in addition, he has a substantial net worth.

The net worth of Brady is $250 million.

While it’s an incredible amount of money for some people, it’s not as significant as what his wife made.

Brady’s wife, model Gisele Bundchen has an estimated $400 million.

Brady was awarded a small sum of cash when he first began as a player with the Patriots.

In the final year of his career, which lasted for 20 years working for them, he made around $235 million.

This is approximately $11.75 million per season.

This number has grown after joining the Buccaneers.

One of the conditions for signing up for the squad was his salary was $50 million per season.

In addition, he would receive incentives worth $9 million.

The team endorsed this amount, and he was paid the amount he was due.

But, following the team’s Super Bowl win, the franchise and Brady reached a new agreement.

The franchise could not raise enough money to sustain teams that had been able to win together.

To keep the team together, Brady ended up decreasing his salary by $19 million.

This money enabled the club to compensate other players and extend their contracts, allowing everyone to stay together in the hope of winning another time.

The franchise plans to reimburse the player for his income lost when the season ends; however, if Brady plans to continue playing, they could discuss his contract a second time.

Brady’s primary income comes from being a player in the NFL However, he also has diverse business ventures in addition to sponsorships.

 What Were Tom Brady’s Stats With The New England Patriots?  

 What Were Tom Brady's Stats With The New England Patriots

During his time with The Patriots, Brady won six Super Bowl championships and the Super Bowl MVP title four times.

In the 20 seasons in which he was a part of the Patriots and helped them into the postseason 17 times.

Brady was able to achieve a 64 percent completion rate when playing the Patriots.

At that pace, he scored 58 drives that won games.

He also played the game a surprising many times.

He’s among the top active quarterbacks in NFL time.

While in his team, the Patriots, Brady started as the quarterback for 283 games.

This number has been reduced due to the number of times he was forced to leave because of knee injuries.

In addition, during his time as a Patriot, Brady successfully passed 6,377 throws.

However, he completed 9,988 passes throughout his entire time playing for the Patriots.

In addition to throwing the ball well, Brady also managed to take advantage of a large amount of yardage by throwing passes.

The yards gained by passing together for the Patriots totaled 74,571 yards.

One of the things Brady has earned a name for is his passing throws that result in touchdowns.

While playing for The Patriots, Brady completed 541 passes that led to a touchdown.

One of the most significant flaws of a career as a quarterback is the number of interceptions they’ll be able to throw.

During Brady’s time as a player for his team, the New England Patriots, that number was just 179.

Another statistic worth considering in the Brady era in the Patriots is the number of times the opponent team punched Brady.

The record for him is 500 bags.

Brady: undervalued and unrewarded

Brady: undervalued and unrewarded

The time for his contract to expire was close to his 2019 campaign; Brady went to training camp hoping to make an excellent deal that would ensure he stayed with the Patriots for the remaining time.

At the time, the 42-year-old was sick of making a lot of deals with minimal input and was in the market for an equitable contract that offered him the money he believed was due and the promise that he would remain in this team till 2024 when he turns 45.

The otherwise pleasant discussions turned uneasy, and with the deadline approaching for his signature, I pressed to get an answer. 

They eventually agreed to a new agreement presented as a one-year extension. This extended time gives players and clubs the chance to consider their future.


Tom Brady helped catapult the New England Patriots into the favorite team it is today.

He dedicated all of 20 years of his career to the business.

After a few issues working out his contract, which allowed him to retire from the Patriots, the team eventually decided to let him be an unrestricted free agent.

In 2024 Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and led the team to the Super Bowl win in the same year.


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