TJ Maxx Senior Discount Requirements And Details 2023

TJ Maxx Senior Discount Age Day Locations

TJ Maxx Senior Discount: Everything becomes more costly as we age, including prescriptions and medical bills. What amount can you spend on clothes if you don’t have a job or a mortgage? How can you reduce your monthly expenses?

Some stores offer discounts for seniors; it turns out. The deals depend on where you live and what day it is – TJ Maxx is one such store!

TJ Maxx is one the most well-known discount stores in America. You can find brand-name clothes, accessories, and home goods for a fraction of what you would pay at other retailers. TJ Maxx offers its Florida stores a 10% senior discount every Monday.

TJ Maxx Senior Discount

Does TJ Maxx Have a Senior Citizen Discount?

Yes, TJ Maxx offers a Senior Citizen Discount every Monday in its Florida Stores. Senior citizens 55 and older are eligible for the discount. The TJ Maxx senior discount cannot be used nationwide. Before you shop, make sure to check with your local TJ Maxx store.

Where Does TJ Maxx Give Senior Discounts?

TJ Maxx offers senior discounts in their Florida stores, but this is an experiment. Senior discounts are 10% off total purchases. To qualify for the senior discount, you must be at least 55 and have valid identification.

Even if you aren’t a senior, there are still ways to save at TJ Maxx. You can shop for clearance items, use coupons, and sign up for their email list. Even if you aren’t eligible for the senior discount, it allows you to save money.

What’s the TJ Maxx Age For a Senior Discount?

TJ Maxx senior discounts are available for those over 55. For a 10% discount, show your valid photo ID at checkout.

What Day Does TJ Maxx Give Senior Discounts?

TJ Maxx offers senior discounts on Mondays in Florida. Old shoppers who are eligible can shop on Mondays to receive 10% off their total order.

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Other Ways You Can Save With TJ Maxx

TJX Rewards credit card

Learning more about the TJX Rewards credit cards is a good idea. Credit cardholders will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Sign up to receive a 5% discount on your purchases of the TJ Maxx brand family.
  • Get an invitation to the best shopping events.

Clearance deals

We can say that a clearance is when a company is trying to sell products quickly at reduced prices. This is done to eliminate old products and make room for newer items. This is the best way to save money with this company.


TJ Maxx does not usually offer coupons, but third-party websites may provide customer coupon codes. These coupons are generally only available for a short time, so you should grab them as soon as possible.

However, you might need to give your email address to gain access. Another way to get coupons is to complete the TJMaxx Customer Satisfaction survey. This will allow you to save money and receive bonuses.

Free shipping promo code

You must use the promo code SHIP89 when checking out to take advantage of this free shipping offer. This code is only valid if your order total exceeds $89.

Free shipping will prove very lucrative since this company’s shipping costs start at $8.99. It is important to note that this offer does not apply to Express shipping. Instead, standard shipping will be used.

T.J. Maxx Senior Discount Policy

Senior Discounts at T.J. Maxx are available to all 55-year-olds and are valid Monday through Friday in Florida stores.

All items are eligible for a 10% discount. You will need to present your I.D. or any other proof of age to get the discount.

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This experimental program is not offered at all T.J. Maxx stores.

T.J. Maxx doesn’t specify any restrictions regarding the discount other than its limited geographical availability.

What Retail Stores Offer a Senior Discount?

Many retail stores offer seniors additional discounts on selected days of the month or week.

Many of the listed discounts are available every Monday or Tuesday or the first week of every month.

Here’s a list of some retail stores that offer savings for seniors:

  • Ace Hardware – 10% discount for AARP members (most AARP members are 50+)
  • Banana Republic – 10% discount for seniors 50 and older
  • Bealls – 10% discount on Tuesdays for senior citizens 50 and older
  • Belk – 15-20% discount on Tuesday for seniors 50 and older
  • Bon-Ton Department Stores – 15% discount on senior discount days
  • Goodwill – 10% discount on Tuesday for seniors 60 and older
  • Joann – 20% discount monthly for seniors 60 and older
  • Kohl’s – 15% discount on Wednesday for senior citizens 60 and older
  • LensCrafters – 10-50% most locations for members
  • Michael’s – 10% all-days for seniors 55 and older
  • PepBoys – 10% all-days for seniors 55 and older
  • PetSmart – 10% discount on Tuesdays for grooming services at most locations
  • RiteAid – 20% off on a Wednesday monthly for seniors 65 and older
  • Ross Stores – 10% off on Tuesdays for seniors 55 and older
  • The Salvation Army – Up to 50% discount for seniors 55 and older on varying days
  • The UPS Store – 5-15% discount on all days for members
  • Walgreens – 20-30% discount monthly for seniors 55 and older


As you can see, TJ Maxx is known for offering senior citizens great discounts at specific locations. These discounts are being used by many seniors in the US to save money in the long term.

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It is a good idea to check if any stores offer seniors discounts. TJ Maxx is a famous brand, but it must compete with other retailers. Some TJ Maxx rivals include Ross Capital, Home Goods, Macy’s Marshalls, and Saks Fifth Avenue.


Q.1 Does TJ Maxx give senior discounts?

ANS. TJ Maxx stores may not offer a senior discount. However, it can be as high as 10% if they do. If your nearest TJ Maxx store does not offer a senior discount, you can still check for other deals.

Q.2 What is the senior discount age at TJ Maxx?

ANS. To be eligible for the TJ Maxx Senior Discount (if applicable), you must be over 55 years old. Ensure that you have valid ID proof when shopping. This may be necessary when you check out.

Q.3 How much is the TJ Maxx senior discount amount?

ANS. TJ Maxx stores may not offer a senior discount. However, it can be as high as 10% if they do. If your nearest TJ Maxx store does not offer a senior discount, you can still check for other deals.

Q.4 When is the senior discount day at TJ Maxx?

ANS. You can take advantage of senior discounts on Mondays when you shop at specific locations.

Q.5 What are some other ways to save cash at TJ Maxx?

ANS. TJ Maxx offers senior discounts as well as other savings.

  • Sign up with your email address to receive exclusive offers and coupons
  • Sign up for the TJX Rewards Credit Card to receive a 10% discount
  • Take advantage of seasonal sales and promotions

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