Amtrak Senior Discount | Deals & Offers for Senior Citizens 2023

Amtrak Senior Discount Requirements, Details, and Other Ways to Save!

Amtrak Senior Discount: The train journey is an incredible experience. No matter what age, the amazing benefits of touring America United States of America by train shouldn’t be ignored without price.


But it’s the price that can impede the enjoyment of traveling, particularly when it comes to older adults.

If you’re searching for an Amtrak discount coupon, senior discount, senior discount, or affordable coach tickets, there is a wealth of details within this post.


Amtrak Senior Discount

What is the Amtrak senior discount?

The Amtrak discounted rate for seniors is the best way to get an enormous discount for a train ticket. The benefits of these discounts will help you save money and allow you to travel in style and enjoy a myriad of advantages.

If you’re 65 or over, you’ll get a 10% off 10% discount on nearly all Amtrak rail rates. The discount is only applicable only to the lowest train rates.


The services offered across borders are provided through Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada. In this case, Amtrak Senior Discount is available for those 60 years old, and the discounts are 10 percent.

What is the Amtrak senior discount

In addition to discounts for seniors, Amtrak also offers Multi-Ride Pass for commuters who frequent the train, USA Rail Pass for touring the country via train, and California Rail Pass to travel within the city.


Why Amtrak discount for senior citizens?

  • Airports are becoming crowded, and travelers seek an easy way to travel. Additionally, a flight ticket’s price can cause numerous travelers anxiety. In considering all of this, train travel has been deemed the best option by a large number. With the help of Amtrak discount, traveling by train is a good idea to increase in popularity like prior.
  • The main benefit of the Amtrak discount rates for seniors is that they will save 10% on train tickets. Go to this Amtrak website to find out about discount restrictions and exclusions.
  • Amtrak’s website needs to include information about Amtrak Senior discount discounts. Amtrak’s website suggests that the senior discount could be availed for all weekdays.
  • You’ll be able to take a trip around the country while taking in the scenic view. It is possible to travel with the discount coupon. Amtrak voucher discount will allow you an access point to dining cars, the snack bar, and the observation car.
  • With the Under California Everyday Discounts, seniors get a 15% discount on adult fare. They can sit comfortably and delicious drinks and food in Cafe Car. Cafe Car while enjoying scenic views.
  • Military personnel can also avail of discounts of 10% and can move ahead in the train ticket line.

How to Apply for Amtrak Discount Coupon?

Are you looking to learn how to avail of Amtrak senior discounts? Here’s the answer! Before you do that, ensure that you can prove your age at the time you purchase your ticket and while you’re onboard.

Signing up to receive an Amtrak discount coupon code is possible through two methods:

It’s your choice! Download your Amtrak application ( IOSAndroid) on your phone and follow the procedure according to the instructions. If you log in to, Follow these steps:

  • Join if you do not have an Amtrak account or log into your Amtrak account even if it already exists.
  • Include destinations for From and To as well as the number of passengers.
  • Choose your train.
  • Choose Senior Discount in the dropdown menu.
  • Make payments.

To modify your trip

  • Click on “My Account” and “My Trips.”
  • Select”Show” under the “Show” option under the “Current Reservations” tab.
  • Modify the reservation following your needs.
  • When you click”Use Upgrade” or the “Use Upgrade” option, you’ll be able to browse many coupons that you can choose from.
  • After you have finished choosing the best coupon After that, select “Complete Upgrade.”
  • A new ticket with an upgraded reservation will be delivered to your email address.

The same process must be followed with this Amtrak app. In this situation, it is crucial to update the app regularly to allow users to use this unique feature. New tickets will be included in the app immediately.

When you book an excursion, it’s easy to use discount coupons or discount coupons. All you need to do is navigate to the “Discounts” field and choose the discount coupon you wish to use.

Once you’ve chosen the discount coupon, it will be applied automatically, and you will be taken to the booking screen on the next screen.

What Are The Benefits of Amtrak Senior Citizens Discount?

Here’s a list of the main reasons seniors should benefit from discounts for senior citizens. Amtrak seniors discounts:

1.Relaxing Travel Experience At Affordable Rates

The cost of airline tickets and crowded airports is highly stressful, particularly for older adults. Train travel is a fantastic alternative that offers the same level of comfort and peace at a very reasonable price. Combined with an Amtrak more senior pass, this stunning and relaxing trip can be more enjoyable!

2. 10% Easy Saving

Contrary to most other retailers, other businesses and restaurants, obtaining the senior discount of 10% at Amtrak is a breeze. There are no strict and unambiguous rules. The restrictions on discounts and exclusions are clear and straightforward to understand.

3. No Specific Days

The majority of businesses offer senior discounts on specific dates of the week. For instance, on the first Tuesday of each month or once a week during the week of Wednesday.

The good thing is that there isn’t a limit in the context of the Amtrak discounts for seniors. Seniors can avail of the discount any day of the week and anytime.

4. 15% With California Everyday Discounts

It’s an excellent suggestion to pair your Amtrak seniors discount and California Everyday Discounts and receive an additional 15% off adult tickets. But senior citizens must be aged 65 or over in this case too.

Are There Any Limitations To The Amtrak Rail Pass Senior Discount?

Like all discount offers, like all discount offers, the Amtrak senior discount is not without restrictions and exclusions. Here’s the list of regulations:

  • The discount does not apply to First or Business Class.
  • This discount does not apply to accommodations that include sleeping.
  • Tickets are not valid for purchase using saver fares or other discount deals.
  • You can’t take the Auto Train with the senior discount.
  • With the Amtrak senior citizen discount, you can’t use Acela Express on Weekday trains using Acela Express.

Other Ways to Reduce Your Travel Cost With Amtrak

In addition to discounts for seniors, below are other discounts and options you can benefit from and save money on Amtrak:

1. Kids Ride Discounts

Children between the ages of 2 and 12 can enjoy 50% off when they ride with Amtrak on all daily rides. Additionally, children less than two years old can travel at no cost. Also, if you’re a parent and are travelling with children, you could cut down on the cost of your trip by using this option.

2. Military Discounts

Veterans, military personnel and their families can save 10% off their train tickets and tickets.

3. Student Discounts

Students between 17 and 24 are eligible for 15% off selected top destinations for travel in the US via Amtrak. But, they must present a valid ID to get the discount.

4. Group Travel Discounts

Amtrak can provide you with various discounts if you’re travelling with a group of 15 people or more. The discount is contingent on the destination you’d like to go to!

5. Passengers with Disabilities Discounts

People with disabilities can enjoy discounts of 50% on Amtrak rail rates. The greatest benefit? The discount is not subject to age restriction.

6. Multi-Ride Pass

If you are planning to travel to the exact location often, you should buy the Amtrak multi-ride ticket. It is a once-buy purchase, and it is sold at a substantial discount.


Amtrak provides various options and discounts for its passengers, with special discounts available for senior citizens. If you’re a card member, you will also receive numerous advantages.

Numerous discounts and offers benefit train travellers and allow them to visit diverse destinations throughout the US. Furthermore, making Amtrak online reservations is quite simple and is highly appreciated by those who travel.


Q.1 What age does Amtrak consider a senior?

ANS. Amtrak passengers aged 65 or older are entitled to discounts of 10% on the majority of rail fares on all Amtrak trains. When crossing-border services are jointly operated with Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada, a 10 Senior discount of 5% is available to passengers aged 60 and over.

Q.2 Does Amtrak give AARP discounts?

ANS. Standard Amtrak Discounts (Students, Seniors, etc.)

Seniors: Seniors 65 or older get a 10% discount (excludes Auto Train). No additional discount for AARP.

Q.3 Did Amtrak get rid of AAA discount?

ANS. Amtrak is no longer offering discounted fares to students and AAA membership–both of which offered discounts of 10% and they also raised the age of eligibility for senior discounts from 65 to 62.

Q.4 Are Amtrak sleeper cars worth it?

ANS. Are Amtrak Sleeper Cars Worth It? Amtrak sleeper vehicles are an excellent option to explore the country in comfortable lodging.

The cost of a sleeper vehicle is worth it since you’ll receive bags and meals for free. Considering the savings you can make from hotels and the other advantages and benefits, these Amtrak sleeper cars are a great price.

Q.5 Is it cheaper to book Amtrak in advance?

ANS. Buy Tickets at a Discount Amtrak tickets in Advance

However, Amtrak doesn’t display how many tickets are available at a particular cost, so it’s the only way to get the lowest price is to make reservations as early as you can.


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