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Tesla Mission Statement: Tesla’s mission is ” to accelerate the worldwide shift towards renewable energies.” Its mission issued by Tesla illustrates the transition towards strategies for business that are more contemporary.


The emphasis on sustainability is the conformity of the company to the global business world that match the need for sustainable energy.

Tesla adopted this mission statement following the demise of the previous one, which was on the world’s transition towards sustainable transportation.

Tesla Mission Statement and Vision Statement Analysis

In this instance, Tesla shows its energy focus as the primary element of its business. The mission statement contains the following features:

Accelerating global transition.

The whole business model employed by Tesla is built around its commitment to lead the world away from traditional energy sources towards more sustainable and green energy sources, especially within the automobile sector. Tesla states that it’s time for the world to recognize the significance of protecting the planet’s integrity. This begins by examining the sources of energy used in all industries. To accomplish this goal, Tesla concentrates all its resources on identifying the most effective techniques to bring this to fruition within the auto manufacturing sector. The vast array of car models currently reflects this focus and the achievements the company has made thus far in accelerating this transformation.

Improving communities.

The second element of the statement on the mission of Tesla is in close contact with the first. Through its focus on renewable and clean energy sources, Tesla directly contributes to the overall well-being of communities, including improving their health and reducing pollution, unlike classic cars powered by fossil fuel. Additionally, Tesla gifts people with superior vehicles that are remarkably economical, which means that they save money, which is then channelled towards other processes of development in society. The reality that the company makes more with producing solar panels to be green energy sources for factories and homes will make this company the new future of humanity as far as renewable energy is concerned.


Exceeding expectations.

Tesla is mindful of customer preferences and preferences customers when it comes to the design of its vehicles as well as other products. However, the company’s custom-made order goes above and beyond the norm since customers can alter the look and design aspects of the vehicle or the item they purchase. This kind of service is not available in other manufacturers within manufacturing which is the reason that makes Tesla unique across the world. Furthermore, Tesla is actively involved in developing technology, where sustainability is the main factor to consider across various sectors.


Tesla Inc. is a company that has taken the latest innovations in the field of motor vehicles to a new level. The company’s mission statement and vision highlight its primary focus to usher in a modern era of electric cars that it claims are more durable, reliable and efficient.

Tesla’s vision and mission statements have changed to reflect this new company strategy that is moving into producing cars that run on electricity rather than conventional models.


The business approach outlined in the vision and mission statement has increased the growth rate of the business since its inception on the 3rd of March 2003. The company has grown into one of the largest automobile manufacturing companies worldwide. 

Tesla rivals 

and start-ups are just starting to take inspiration from the company’s achievements. In reality, the company was named the best supplier of plug-in passenger vehicles in 2018, demonstrating how innovative its vision and mission statement has been for the company.

A vision statement for the company defines the future direction of the business as well as a mission statement describes the actions planned to help the company realize its goals.

Tesla’s vision statement reveals that it intends to lead other car manufacturers to the future of electric vehicles. Its mission statement describes how management will improve the company’s efficiency and branding.

Tesla’s dominance in its manufacturing of cars is backed by its fundamental values. Tesla is governed by principles which guide its operations which has led to its overall effectiveness. In essence, the existence of these actual values aids in fulfilling Tesla’s vision and mission declarations.

FORMERLYTesla Motors, Inc. (2003–2017)
Energy storage
Energy production
FOUNDEDJuly 1, 2003
FOUNDERSMartin Eberhard
Marc Tarpenning
Elon Musk
J. B. Straubel
Ian Wright
HEADQUARTERSPalo Alto, California, U.S.
KEY PEOPLERobyn Denholm (Chairwoman)
Elon Musk (CEO)
Drew Baglino (CTO)
Zach Kirkhorn (CFO)
PRODUCTSElectric vehicles
Tesla Energy
REVENUE$24.578 billion (2019)
 OWNERElon Musk (21.7%)

Mission Statement

“To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport,” Tesla’s mission statement stated. However, under Musk’s direction, Tesla’s goal was changed to “accelerate the growth of renewable and sustainable energy” by mid-2016.

This statement is an essential change in the business plan of the company to take advantage of the market opportunities for renewable energy.

Tesla Mission Statement

In a way, the new corporate vision recognizes that the battery company and other energy storage technologies have value in industries beyond the electric vehicle sector. These are the key elements that makeup Tesla Inc.’s purpose statement

  • To accelerate the process of transformation in the world
  • To the future of sustainable energy sources

Tesla’s leadership in driving the market forward with new technologies that promote sustainable business and products that rely upon renewable power is reflected in the “to advance” part of its mission statement.

The business mission statement of Tesla also refers to “the global transformation”, meaning that it hopes to be the dominant player in the world market of electric cars and other related products. This aligns with the focus on the global market within the business vision statement.

Additionally, the change from “sustainable transport” to “sustainable energy” illustrates how Tesla, Inc.’s company’s mission statement has been modified to reflect the current strategic objectives.

Vision Statement

Tesla’s vision statement reads, ” to create the most exciting car company in the 21st century by making the world’s transition towards electronic vehicles.” This visionary statement recognizes that the world has moved to a time when renewable energy is the most important factor.

Tesla is focused on using electricity to power motor vehicles of all kinds. The vision statements include the following elements:

  • Most compelling car company. In this part, Tesla reveals its leadership in the automotive manufacturing industry. The approach to business taken by Tesla is centered around guiding other manufacturers to grasp the concept behind electric vehicles and recognizing the advantages of green energy to offer in the 21st century. Century. Ultimately, Tesla puts all its resources and imagination into creating this reality.
  • Transition to electric vehicles. Tesla is a company with a worldwide strategy of encouraging the entire world to accept electric cars. Indeed, the company’s expansion patterns show how dedicated it is to achieving this idea of making electric vehicles more accessible to everyone. For example, Tesla has opened various production facilities in different global regions. This way, Tesla encourages other players to understand the significance of green and renewable energy in the current era.

Core Values

Tesla’s fundamental values include ” doing the best by taking risks, valuing respect, continuous learning, and a conscious environmental approach.” Tesla applies these values as the guiding principles that determine the behaviors and habits of all its stakeholders and employees.

The importance of performance is an aspect that has helped Tesla improve its technological capabilities, and Tesla also encourages its employees to be risk-averse while making progress. Additionally, the successes attained by Tesla thus far are mainly because it’s a partnership with the organization’s promotion of respect for all the actors who work with the business.

A conducive environment boosts the general learning experience of all employees, which results in outcomes that align with the principles of environmental protection at Tesla.

Tesla’s Operational Goal

The Tesla operational mission outlines its vision for the company and its strategy. It focuses the company’s efforts on renewable energy and could assist in fulfilling its mission.

Here is Tesla’s goal statement:

“Create one of the strongest auto companies of the 21st century whilst leading the world’s transition to electrical cars.”

What does it mean

As stated in the statement of goals, Tesla’s corporate vision demonstrates its determination to provide quality EVs.

It will utilize 21st-century technologies to create the safest and most reliable automobile company and help facilitate the development of sustainable and renewable energy throughout the world. To accomplish this, Tesla has a comprehensive operational plan that is based on three core principles:

1. Do the Basics Right:

Tesla’s mission is to become the most successful car company in the world. It is dedicated to developing and building the top products for its clients across the globe. This dedication applies to employees at Tesla. The company had had to deal with Quality issues before and was second in 2020’s J.D. Power Initial Quality Study.

The study, which was not officially conducted, surveyed 87,282 buyers of new models of cars within 90 days of purchase and scored them according to their responses. To create the most reliable automobile company, Tesla implemented robust quality control measures to resolve product issues.

Implementing standard reporting and trending for all factories, manufacturing lines, factories, and other facilities worldwide has led to a greater understanding and corrective measures. Tesla’s rating was improved following the Power APEAL Study, which examines subjective and objective metrics.

2. Engage Stakeholders

To create the best automobile company, Tesla engages its employees and other stakeholders in implementing crucial procedures. The early symptom intervention program allows employees at Fremont Factory and other plants to identify issues and suggest improvements. However, ensuring perfection under tight deadlines takes work.

For instance, Tesla’s workers worked harder during the last 5 days in 2020 to hit the 500,000-unit milestone. The company merged data-driven on-the-air PDI improvements with customer opinions of their cars out in the world to tackle quality issues and boost the performance of their vehicles.

3.Reduce Risk

Tesla is committed to its manufacturing processes’ security based on the lessons it has learned from the previous models. Tesla is adamant about using new techniques to develop life-saving risk-control methods, such as the recent “Find It-Fix It” campaign.

It utilizes 21 21st-century technology to lower the chance of injury in its factories and on the road. On February 20, 2021, Tesla introduced a new, optimized flow of repair services that include axle damage, suspension, and more. Access these repair options swiftly through the Tesla app for their phones.

Tesla’s Culture

Tesla’s company culture is fast-paced, lively, innovative, inclusive, and diverse. The company is based on these four fundamentals to tackle complex issues and make a difference in the world.

1. Fast-Paced

Speed boosts Tesla’s competitive edge. This culture of organization ensures that Tesla is quick to react to the latest trends and developments in the marketplace. In CES 2021, Shawn Watanabe, head of technology for energy at Panasonic, gave an insight into the fast-paced advancement of lithium-ion batteries at Tesla’s Gigafactory located in Nevada.

Panasonic needs help keeping up with Tesla’s fast-paced production. “We must ship millions of cells to the Model S and X to Tesla, and we have reached the 3 billionth cell for Model 3. Model 3,” explained Watanabe. Panasonic is required to work with many chemical manufacturers to meet Tesla’s speed and demands.

2. Energetic

Tesla fosters this spirit within the company by hiring highly skilled people committed to making a difference in the world. This strategy is implemented across all areas of its business. For instance, Tesla built its Austin gigafactory in record-breaking time.

The factory opened in time and will assist Tesla in bringing additional cyber tracks, Model Y, and Model 3, to market.


Innovation is embedded in Tesla’s DNA. Tesla examines challenges from the fundamental principles and utilizes disruptive technologies to address the world’s pressing issues.

” I think it’s crucial to think from fundamental principles, not by analogy,” Musk said.

For instance, Tesla seeks to cut battery costs by transforming its design, chemistry, and production processes.

Tesla is working on low-cost batteries designed to last for at least a mile. To lower costs, Tesla seeks to secure direct nickel supplies and develop cell chemistry to remove costly cobalt from the equation.

This game-changing strategy will allow Tesla to offer EVs at lower prices than combustion engine vehicles.


Tesla is creating an environment and building a secure and fair atmosphere that welcomes everyone regardless of race, gender, or religion. In 2020 Tesla released its first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Impact report.

In the study, the US top management is 83 percent male and 59 percent white. The workforce has 21% women and just 10 percent Black.

” We recognize we still have a lot to do in this regard,” the report says. ” Increasing minorities and women of all ages, particularly in leadership, is the top priority for 2021..”

Key Takeaways

Explaining the goals of the company, Tesla Inc.’s goal statement is sufficient. It adequately covers the various kinds of products that the company provides, the scope of its market, and the position of the company in the market.

It needs to provide complete details about the overall growth of Tesla’s organization. Therefore, the company’s mission should be enhanced by adding more information about Tesla’s efforts to fulfill its corporate goals.

Tesla’s visionary statement Tesla Inc. accurately expresses the goals of the company. It doesn’t include any ongoing business ventures. Although the company’s mission statement was recently updated to incorporate “renewable energy,” the company’s vision remains focused on “electric cars.”

In this respect, Tesla Inc.’s vision statement should be modified to reflect the growing desire to purchase goods other than electric vehicles.

This Tesla Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map offers us a more effective method to understand the company’s mission statement, its vision, and the fundamental values of the business in the most effective way. Creating an outline of your mind for studying needs can work similarly.


Tesla’s motto is accelerating the advancement of sustainable transportation and electric technologies.


Tesla’s main headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, United States

Tesla Mission Statement History

Tesla’s mission statement remains unchanged through 2020 and 2021


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Q.1 What are Tesla’s core values and mission?

ANS. Tesla’s fundamental values include ” doing the best, taking risks, respect, constant learning, and environmental consciousness.” Tesla employs these values as the guiding principles that guide the general behavior and actions of all employees and their employees.

Q.2 Why did Tesla change its mission statement?

ANS. Tesla’s mission as a company has been “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” It’s important to note that Tesla’s primary corporate purpose consisted of “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport.” Under Elon Musk’s direction Tesla, the company altered the mission of its statement to be more strategic.

Q.3 What is Tesla’s motto?

ANS. Oddly, Tesla does not have a brand name or slogan. Another big automobile company to opt for without a brand name is Volkswagen, which canceled “Das Auto” in 2016. Tesla’s mission is to “Accelerate the advent of sustainable transport and electric technology.”

Q.4 What is Tesla’s brand promise?

ANS. Tesla promises to customers ” to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible.” They understand that anyone looking to purchase a Tesla product will require a car to drive in, but they also want to be a part of new technology trends and create a positive impact …

Q.5 Why do you want to work at Tesla?

ANS. Example Answer:

I’m interested in working for Tesla because it’s an innovative company that is always changing and growing. I want to ensure that I can reach my maximum potential in my work, and also, with my long-term goals for my career, I am confident that Tesla is the right company to support me in my pursuit of creativity.


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