Publix Mission Statement and Vision Statement Analysis 2023

Publix Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

Publix Mission Statement: Publix’s mission statement states ” to be the premier quality food retailer in the world.” The mission statement emphasizes the quality of service Publix will offer its customers and acts as a role model internationally. The mission statement includes the following parts:

  1. Improving health
  2. Distinguished Quality
  3. Global scale

In the first section, Publix shows that it takes care of the well-being of its customers with its business model. The company is known for its supply of food items and groceries that directly contribute to the development of immunity, which results in healthier lifestyles.

Publix Mission Statement

The company’s efforts are further enhanced in the sense that the products originate from farms and that they meet the standards set by Publix.


Quality is among the many reasons that have helped Publix grow into a leading market across the U.S. Furthermore, Publix continues to expand its business beyond U.S. boundaries, as evident by the mission statement’s final part.


Publix has a vision and mission statement that have allowed the company to stand any test thanks to its ability to adjust to the changing demands of the business. Since 1930, when it was founded in the hands of George W. Jenkins, Publix has focused on its goal of being a leading brand distinguished by its premium quality products and exceptional services thanks to its vision and mission declarations.

A corporate vision statement is a statement of the prospects of a company, and its mission statement outlines the actions or strategies to help the company reach these goals.

publix mission statement Introduction

Publix’s vision statement focuses on the leadership qualities it wants to display in the supermarket chain. Its goal is to offer its customers the highest quality of service while creating a positive working environment for employees.

Publix can achieve all of these objectives through its values at the core that go in tandem with its goals and vision statements, and they have made it one of the top businesses within the U.S.

Publix’s Mission Statement

“To be the premier quality food retailer in the world.”


This is our review of the mission statement of Publix Super Markets;

Publix’s Mission Statement consists of three parts:

  1. Maintain leadership: The utilization of the word ‘ the best” indicates that Publix is committed to maintaining its leadership position in the food and grocery industry. Over the years, customers have voted Publix to be America’s most popular supermarket. The statement shows the company’s dedication to keeping its position as the preferred choice of shoppers.
  2. High-Quality Food Products: One of the reasons Publix succeeds is its high-quality food products within its shops. From dairy products to the bakery, from the packed meals, The company doesn’t cut corners on its commitment to the top quality of the items it provides to its customers. Publix’s aim goes beyond providing high-quality food but also setting the bar in terms of the quality of food items within the market to keep its status as a consumer’s preferred grocery store.
  3. Expansion Global: Even though Publix is a solely operating company in the US, the company is looking to expand worldwide. It focuses on building a solid base within the US to achieve this goal. With a solid base and the strong support of its customers that the company has, it can expand its operations internationally faster.

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Vision Statement

Publix’s vision statement has yet to be released on its site. The company’s mission statement is ” dedicated to customer service, community involvement, and being a great place to work and shop.”

The statement says many aspects of Publix that it is more than just a grocery supermarket. The statement is a reference to these elements.

  1. Excellent customer services
  2. Great place to work

To meet the first requirement of this vision statement, Publix incorporates easy-to-make purchasing options on its website, such as the online ordering process.

Also, they have an efficient delivery system. Additionally, Publix’s approach to work has allowed it to become an environment where employees are happily providing their customers with excellent service, and this improves the quality of services.

Publix Core Values

The commitment to diversity and the community’s support is essential to Publix’s culture, which is based on helping others and creating an impact.

Many company employees are volunteers to take care of beaches, grow trees, and provide food to under-developed communities each year. Their actions reflect the essence of the core values that Publix stands for.

The vision and purpose of the company can also be attributed to values of dignity, employee security, stewardship, and customer value.


The company treats its employees as well as customers with dignity and respect. The founder of the company believed that If you intend to make people respectful of your business or you, you must first be respectful of the people you work with.’Consequently, Publix creates a space that allows everyone to voice their opinions and opinions.

Employee Protection

Cash bonuses for holidays, 401(k) retirement savings plans, and paid leave for parents are among the many advantages the company gives its employees.

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Publix believes in treating employees equally. This is the reason that a majority of their workforce remains in the company for longer than five years.


The responsible management of food and other resources is an integral element of Publix’s mission and vision. Social and environmental stewardship is the driving force behind Publix’s food donation, greenhouse gas reduction, and water-wastage management.

Customer Value

Fresh, organic, and healthy products, pastry, and ethically caught seafood are just some of the ways Publix adds the best value for its clients. Its mission is to treat every customer as a king and offer them a service they won’t find anywhere else.

Publix’s Philosophy

Even though the founding father George Jenkins passed on in 1997, Publix is driven by his profound philosophy and words.

Publix’s philosophy comprises seven ‘ Lessons from the founder.”

  1. Interdependence ” No man puts together an organization on his own.” Publix has always been employee-owned. Employees needed the two-week raise to buy equity shares during the Great Depression, and development and survival depended on their dedication. Since its founding, Publix has thrived due to this reliance.
  2. Start, the Rest is Simple: Beginning any activity or journey—business education, communication, or a relationship—is the hardest part. To grow Publix, staff use this strategy to solve daily problems. Open communication with an unhappy consumer can improve their experience.
  3. People-focused: ” We’re in the people business.” Publix prioritizes its workers. Top management prioritizes employee security, wellness, and finances. This enables them to give excellent customer service that exceeds expectations. Employees who carry bags feel honored to help customers.
  4. Strive to be Perfect: ” Strive daily to operate a little closer to perfect.” Although no one is an expert, striving for perfection improves customer service and corporate success. Employees’ inventive approaches to client service exhibit this attitude.
  5. people development: “The greatest thrill in business is watching people develop.” After 1000 hours and a year, Publix stocks replace 8–12% of salary. The fact that CEO Jones started as a bagger 38 years ago and rose to the top proves this principle.
  6. Community service” A man’s life is judged based on his contribution to the wellbeing of his fellow man.”Since 1967, Publix has established various charitable foundations and projects to boost neighborhood well-being.
  7. Philosophy over policy: Publix follows philosophical concepts rather than policy to avoid being swayed by earthly riches. Because it’s everyone’s philosophy, Publix’s won’t change.

Key Takeaways

  • Eliminating hunger is one of the core elements of Publix’s mission
  • The company will focus its efforts on finding more efficient ways of waste, energy, and water management
  • Publix is an employee-owned company that wants to help its employees get a better education and career opportunities
  • The company will continue its expansion through the southeast region of the United States, but reaching nationwide coverage within the next decade seems unlikely.

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Q.1 What is the Publix motto?

ANS. The slogan of Publix is “Where Shopping is a Pleasure.” It was adopted as the slogan of Publix in 1954 and was a statement to its customers about its excellent customer service.

Q.2 What is Publix known for?

ANS. Publix is known as the biggest grocery retailer in the US that employees own. Publix is also known for its sandwiches on the subway, as well as cookies and other highly-rate products.

Q.3 Why is Publix successful?

ANS. It is primarily due to its philosophy of appropriately treating individuals by serving them with respect and ensuring that employees are a part of the business’s success.

Q.4 What is Publix strategy?

ANS. People-focused: “We’re in the people business.” Publix is focused on employees from the top to the lowest. The management at the top is focused on employee security, wellbeing, and financial wellbeing. This allows them to focus on providing the best customer service, which goes above and above what customers expect.

Q.5 What does Publix culture mean?

ANS. Publix is taking care of one another and being a part of a family. Friends of Publix often form lasting friendships, and on some occasions, they get married (like my partner and me).


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