Amazon Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement 2023

Analysis Of Amazon Mission Statement & Vision Statement

Amazon Mission Statement: Amazon’s mission statement states that Amazon The mission statement of Amazon is ” We strive to give our customers the most affordable price possible, the most choices, and most convenient shopping experience.”


This mission statement provides clear guidelines for customers’ expectations from Amazon with services beyond satisfying their requirements.

Amazon Mission Statement


It is aimed at providing customers with the most competitive prices on three aspects of shopping which include price as well as the variety of products, and customer satisfaction. In light of this, the statement is composed of the following parts:

  • Affordable prices. Amazon is an organization that values purchasing habits on behalf of its customers. This is achieved by offering its customers the best prices without sacrificing the quality of its products. In reality, the appeal which is apparent in Amazon around the world is from this aspect. There aren’t any major differences, even for orders made from overseas, as evidenced by the low cost of worldwide shipping costs shown on the website of Amazon. Amazon is also getting this right with its online marketing system that ensures that the cost of operations remains minimal, allowing the company to provide affordable prices and services.
  •  Varied selection. To meet this requirement in Amazon’s mission, statement management has expanded the assortment of services and goods customers can shop for. The availability of these items is among the main factors Amazon has become a household name as a platform where customers can discover almost everything easily. In essence, there is no limit, and the variety is endless.
  • Top convenience. Amazon is a major player in the comfort of shopping online. It recognizes that this is one of the most efficient ways for customers to shop for what they desire from the convenience of their homes. To further demonstrate how Amazon can meet this aspect, Amazon collaborates with reliable customers to send all orders made by its customers promptly, regardless of where they are.


The world of online retailing is one in which only the top companies have prospered for decades because of the constantly changing landscape.

Amazon has proved in this category as an enduring and resilient company continuously growing despite all obstacles.


From 1994 onwards, Amazon was at the forefront of its activities with a large client base throughout the world because of the strategic setting up of its vision and mission statements.

Amazon’s business strategy is clear company, with management focused on ensuring that everyone is within the guidelines of the vision and mission statements of the business.

A company’s vision statement determines the direction the business will follow and the direction it plans to be in within a specific time. Amazon’s vision statement focuses on establishing itself internationally while providing its customers with a satisfying shopping experience.


Amazon Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement

A mission statement is a theoretical document that outlines the steps the company believes are practical and feasible to attain this goal. In this case, Amazon is focused on the appeal of the entire service Amazon offers to its clients.

In particular, Amazon specifically focuses on low cost and other aspects that are customer-friendly that differentiate the company. The success of the business model used by the company is largely based on the vision and mission as well as the core values, which are crucial for the company’s successful operation.

Based on the vast array of products Amazon handles, the values are useful to ensure that the company stays within its mission and vision declarations.

NAME Amazon, Inc.
STATUS Public Independent Company of NYSE
INDUSTRY SECTOR eCommerce, Cloud Computing

Vision Statement

Amazon’s vision statement reads ” to be Earth’s most customer-centric organization that allows customers to find and find anything they wish to purchase on the internet.”

This visionary statement reiterates the image it hopes to build as an experience where every customer worldwide is happy and treated in every aspect. To this end, it is possible to connect the following elements to be connected to the vision statement:

  • Customer-centric company. Based on the culture of a business cultivated by Amazon customers, they are given the lead in the hierarchy of importance. For instance, to indicate how the company is looking to delight its clients, it occasionally includes amazing deals and offers for indirect rewards for customers’ loyalty. Amazon additionally considers its customer-friendly service and user-friendly websites as a sign of how it fulfills the requirements of this primary characteristic, as stated in the vision statements.
  • Global presence. As an online retailer, Amazon strives to have the greatest influence on the marketplace globally. The strategies of Amazon are directly linked to the ongoing expansion plans Amazon is regarded as a top priority. This explains the reason the company uses the phrase ‘be Earth’s to remind people of the amount to which it would like its influence to be felt.

Mission Statement

Amazon’s mission is “We endeavor to provide our customers with the best prices possible with the largest selection available as well as the best convenience.”

Mission Statement Analysis

The announcement is clear about what customers should expect from Amazon and its services that go beyond merely acquiring their requirements.

The goal is to provide the client with the best options for three factors in shopping which include estimation, variety, and personal fulfillment. The three segments are:

Affordable costing

Amazon considers the cost of its customers. It achieves this by offering its customers the lowest prices without considering the quality of its products. The appeal that Amazon across the globe projects is from this aspect.

There are all the same options in any way regarding overseas orders according to the reliability of the global shipping costs displayed on the company’s website.

Amazon also has this information directly via its online advertising model, which ensures that the cost of operations remains at the bottom, enabling the company to offer the most expensive costs and services.

Wide ranged selection

To meet this mark in the Amazon mission statement, Amazon’s administration distinguishes the range of its services and products that customers can purchase.

The availability of these products is among the main reasons Amazon has earned its fame as a site where customers can find almost everything quickly. In essence, there is no limitation; the possibilities are unending.

Top-notch convenience

Amazon offers online shopping experiences. It recognizes that this is the best method for consumers to access whatever they want while in comfort in their homes.

To ensure that Amazon can meet this need, Amazon teams up with trusted partners to ship all sets of its customers’ orders fast, regardless of location.

Core Values

Amazon key values include ” customer obsession, ownership, innovation, and simplicity and simplify a lot, recruit and train the best, hold to the highest standards, Think big with a tendency to take the right thing, be thrifty and self-critical vocally, gain trust from others, dive deep, show courage agree and be committed, and achieve outcomes.”

Amazon has a lengthy list of core values that guide the operation of its business. A few key values could be singled for the highest impact on the list:

  • Customer obsession
  • Invent and simplify
  • Hire and develop the best
  • Deliver results
  • Earn trust of others

These values represent the many values Amazon considers essential as a part of the company’s culture. Amazon insists on putting the client first, which fuels the desire to treat customers to the best service. It’s a principle that is connected to the drive of employees to innovate in their work and to show it to the customers.

This drives Amazon to focus on attracting top-performing individuals who are passionate about online shopping. The company believes that this has the potential for a person to be at the top in meeting the company’s requirements to provide outstanding outcomes.

Amazon recognizes that these things will only be realized with the help of a team backed by trust among its various participants, as demonstrated in the final value.

Breaking down Amazon’s leadership principles

Amazon’s basic concepts that drove and motivate Amazon are:

  • Customer Obsession
  • Ownership
  • Invent and Simplify
  • Are Right, A Lot
  • Learn and Be Curious
  • Hire and Develop the Best
  • Insist on the Highest Standards
  • Think Big
  • Bias for Action
  • Frugality
  • Earn Trust
  • Dive Deep
  • Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit
  • Deliver Results

Amazon’s Philosophy

Amazon has developed and maintained an extremely efficient ” Day 1” philosophy which has been the driving force behind Amazon’s rapid growth over the years. It could be divided into 10 components:

Beware of the ‘Not invented here’ mentality: 

Stakeholders can overcome the restriction that is imposed by the phrase “not invented here” and gain knowledge from both external and internal sources to come up with innovative and new concepts. While Jeff Bezos did not invent the idea of online shopping, Amazon is synonymous with online shopping.

People empowerment: 

From retailers and corporations to developers and content creators, Amazon’s mission is to provide individuals with lucrative opportunities to earn a living. Amazon is also able to empower customers by offering a variety of options for accessing cheaper products.

The Empty Chair: 

In the beginning times the empty Chair was incorporated into Boardroom discussions to portray the customers and make sure that their wants and wishes were considered. In time, paying attention to the customers is apparent from top to bottom.

Avoid bureaucracy.

Amazon doesn’t adhere to the idea of following the command chain. Businesses can opt for either Type 1 or 2. . Type 1 decisions are irreversible, and Type 2 ones are reversible. Amazon utilizes Type 2 to allow all participants to participate in decision-making without oversight.

Calculated risk-taking 

Amazon appreciates calculated risk-taking. The company’s founder believes in the idea that ” failure and invention are not inseparable,” which is why it has fostered an energizing experimental culture in the pursuit of developing innovative and original ideas.

Create the right culture:

Amazon has developed a highly efficient and cost-conscious environment that is perfectly suited to its highly-constrained timeframe. In time, all employees gradually became conscious of the importance of a timely and cost-effective operation.

Sharing Economy 

instead of creating your online store, you can utilize Amazon’s platform as a solution (PaaS). The Amazon share economy concept has allowed millions of people across the globe to create virtual stores.

Respect for all: 

From hiring for diversity to global reach, Amazon emphasizes the value of treating everyone with respect and giving everyone a chance to fulfill their goals and dreams.

Never settle: 

Even though the delivery of millions of packages across the globe is impressive, it is irrelevant if 1 percent of packages were delivered delayed or never returned. Amazon is not content with 99 percent and will not be satisfied until it reaches 100 100% satisfaction.

Own it.

Every stakeholder is the owner.

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Breaking down Amazon’s business model

Amazon Revenue Breakdown 2021
Online stores $222B
Physical stores $17B
Third-party seller services $103.3B
Subscription services $31.76B
AWS $62.2B
Advertising $31.16B
Other $2.17B

Let’s look at the various components of Amazon’s Business Model. Let’s look at all the components of the Amazon Business Model and how they fit together to create a total.


Amazon’s slogan is: Work hard. Have fun


Amazon’s main headquarters is in Seattle, Washington, United States

Amazon Mission Statement History


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Using a set of core principles and placing leadership accountability on all employees is an innovative way for a business to accomplish its mission and achieve its goals successfully.

Amazon’s leadership guidelines have led to its success and are likely to continue to keep them on an upwards trajectory.


Q.1 What is Amazon’s mission statement?

ANS. Amazon follows four pillars: customer obsession rather than focusing on competition, a passion for innovation, dedication to efficiency and quality, and long-term planning.

Amazon strives to be the most customer-centric business and the best workplace on Earth, and the most secure environment to work in.

Q.2 Does Amazon have a motto?

ANS. Amazon’s slogan has been changing over time. Its current slogan is: Work hard. Enjoy yourself. Create History, which is less well-known than Amazon’s slogan “From A-Z’.

Q.3 What are Amazon’s 3 big ideas?

ANS. According to Amazon’s CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, “The three big concepts at the heart of Amazon include contemplating the future, high-quality customer service, and a drive to innovate,” With this mindset and a desire to innovate, he created new industries and reformed the law of commerce.

Q.4 What is Amazon in simple words?

ANS. is an enormous online business that sells music, books, films, homewares, electronics, toys, and many other products in direct sales or through an intermediary between different retailers and’s million users.

Q.5 What is Amazon’s strategy?

ANS. The strategy for business Amazon is to focus on investing in technology and enhancing its logistics solutions, improving its web-based services via fulfillment capacity M&A plan and R&D in logistics, testing Fintech, and securing its ideas through patents.


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