Safeway Senior Discount Discount Day In Guide 2024

Safeway Senior Discount Policy: How to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Safeway Senior Discount: For those who are Safeway customers, you can avail of the Safeway Senior discount program! On certain dates, Safeway offers discounts to older customers.

This post will explain all you should know about Safeway’s discounts for seniors. We’ll explain how much you could save, when discounts are offered and how you can redeem the discounts. If you’re a Safeway regular or seeking methods to cut costs on your groceries, look at the information!

Safeway Senior Discount

Safeway Senior Discount

Safeway offers Senior discounts, 10 percent off the total food purchases for customers aged 55 or over. Discounts are available on certain days and are redeemable with a valid ID at the point of the purchase.

The Safeway discount day for seniors in America usually falls on the third Wednesday of each month and the first Tuesday of every month in Canada. This discount, however, is only valid for in-store purchases and cannot be used on the internet.

Safeway Senior Discount

Safeway offers a broad assortment of weekly sales and coupons that you can use to cut costs on food items. You can find these offers and coupons within the Safeway weekly circular, which can be found online and in-store.

How Much Is a Safeway Senior Discount?

It is a Safeway senior discount that offers customers aged 55 or older or older by 10 percent off their entire purchase of groceries. The discount is only available on certain days of the month.

It is redeemable with proof of identity at the moment of shopping. Remember that this discount does not apply all year round.

Can I access Safeway senior discounts online?

Unfortunately, Safeway senior discounts can’t be utilized online. If you want to purchase groceries from your couch, it’s simply not feasible. You’ll have to visit the stores physically.

One reason could be that the age for accessing Safeway discounts for seniors is 55 (which could vary between the locations). The store could require an ID to confirm your age and see you in person.

The most efficient way to circumvent this limitation is to watch for weekly coupons for discounts to show on the app or the website. They can be used to shop online.

What age is the Safeway senior discount?

To qualify for discounts, one will typically be 55 years old.

Be sure to bring valid proof of identification if you’re required to show it at checkout to get the discount.

Does Every Safeway Outlet Offer a Senior Discount?

There is no guarantee that every Safeway store offers seniors a discount. It is a limited-time offer. Safeway discounts for seniors are only available in participating Safeway stores.

To determine the nearest Safeway has a special offer, visit the Safeway website or contact their Customer Service.

When Is a Senior Discount Day at Safeway?

Senior discount day at Safeway typically falls on the first Wednesday of every month across America. If you’re in Canada, the senior discount day typically falls on the first Tuesday of every month.

In addition, the discount is subject to change from time to time, and it is recommended to visit Safeway’s website or the weekly circular for the most current details.

To get the discount, show a valid ID at the moment of the purchase.

What Weekday is Senior Discount Day at Safeway?

Safeway stores will offer only a few days during which they give discounts to seniors. They may also offer discounts on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The store is usually open on Wednesdays.

This example could make it easier to comprehend.

In addition, be aware that Safeway doesn’t specify how much the discount is worth since the value of discounts can change frequently. Customers must be aware that the price can alter without notice.

What discounts do you get at Safeway?

The Safeway discount for Seniors Day gives 10% off on most items. In addition, senior citizens can enroll in their own Just to U Program. The program lets you earn points whenever you buy products at the store.

In the future, you can use points to take just a few cents or dollars off your grocery items and even obtain prescription and gas savings. Sometimes, the store provides discounts for regular customers, which means that seniors can benefit from it too.

You can also make use of coupons to get a discount at Safeway. They can be accessed through the store’s mobile app or website and can be used to shop on the internet. They are available as weekly flyers and are also available to print online and then use in the physical store.

Safeway’s Senior Discount Policy

Although not all Safeway stores have it, many supermarket chains offer discounts to seniors shopping during the Wednesday that is on the 1st of each month. The discount for seniors could be different, and the day of the month could change depending on the local store.

Make sure your store is part of this program, and to find out what the age limit could be, you should contact the nearest Safeway location to check. The other stores concentrate on their other great offers. They also promote convenient delivery of expensive groceries but can simplify shopping.

Safeway Senior Shopping Hours

Every Tuesday morning, Wednesday, and Thursday early morning between 7 am and 9 am, Safeway welcomes senior citizens and vulnerable shoppers such as pregnant women and those with weak immune systems to shop for groceries.

All citizens are urged to avoid the stores during this time because of respect for our most vulnerable community members during the COVID-19 Coronavirus season. We can help our neighbors during this moment of need.

How Else Can You Save Money at Safeway?

Alongside other discounts, such as the Safeway Senior discount couple of other ways to save your money at Safeway. Safeway has a range of weekly deals, such as:

  • Just For U Rewards account. Safeway’s Just For U Rewards account is a loyalty program that gives members special deals and coupons. You can also save money on food items, other pharmacy products, gas, and more. You can enroll for a Safeway Just For U account on the internet or in-store.
  • Coupons. Safeway provides printable and digital coupons which can be used to cut costs on food items. You can look for Safeway coupons online and within the Safeway weekly circular.
  • Try delivery using their coupon on your first delivery. Safeway also offers delivery of groceries and pickup service. You can avail of Safeway’s delivery services when you place an order online or using Safeway’s app. Safeway app. New customers can save up to 20% off their first purchase of $100 or greater with the Safeway delivery coupon.

What Other Similar Stores Offer Senior Discounts?

Safeway is one of many grocery stores with discounts for seniors. Several grocery stores provide discounts similar to Safeway’s. These include:

Company DiscountEligibility
Publix5%; Wednesdays (select locations)60+
Kroger10% off55+
Harris Teeter5% off; every Thursday60+
Fred Meyer5% off; first Tuesday of month55+
Michaels10% off55+
Tractor Supply10% off55+

To determine whether your local supermarket offers senior discounts, visit the store’s website or call customer service. Also, browse our collection of senior discounts in grocery stores to find out more.


Safeway does not provide regular discounts to seniors. Certain stores provide Senior Discount Day on the first Wednesday or Tuesday of every month.

There’s no set number because the deals vary with each discount day.

Alongside the regular senior discount, seniors can save cash at Safeway by establishing the Just For U rewards account and taking advantage of coupons for the weekly flyer.


Q.1 What Is The Age For Senior Hours?

ANS. The minimum age to enter the senior shopping hours for Safeway is 65 years old or over. You must meet the requirements if you wish to shop during seniority hours. If you’re pregnant, you may be permitted to go shopping during this time.

Q.2 When Is Safeway Open?

ANS. Safeway has different times at their stores. Check out the closed Safeway stores to find the most accurate time, and if you’d like to know the hours for seniors, the stores are open every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00 am.

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