Kohl’s Senior Discount, Requirements And Details

Kohl’s Senior Discount Guide

Kohl’s Senior Discount: Kohl’s is among America’s most popular and largest department stores.

They frequently offer discounts and specials for their customers. But the question is, does the shop offer discounts for seniors?

Many retail and restaurant chains offer senior discounts to their customers to help pay for their monthly costs.

Kohl’s Senior Discount

Continue reading for all information about Kohl’s Seniors Day, the specifics, and requirements on additional ways of saving money!

About Kohl’s

Kohl’s has been around since 1962. Kohl’s went public in 1992. It now operates over 1100 stores across 49 states. Kohls.com offers free shipping on orders over $35 if there isn’t a Kohl’s nearby.

Does Kohl’s Have A Senior Discount

Kohl’s provides a 15 discount of 15 percent for customers over 60 each Wednesday of the week. Senior citizens who are 60 years old or older are eligible to receive this discount upon presenting an ID with valid validity and proof of age.

The discount for seniors only applies to specific items such as jewelry, shoes, and clothes. The discount is offered at every Kohl’s store across the US.

Do you want to know more about the senior discount offered by Kohl’s and the best way to take advantage of it? We’ve done the work for you! Find the answers to every question in your head!

Does Kohl’s Have A Senior Discount

How To Avail The Discount Available On Senior Days at Kohl’s

There are simple guidelines and rules to avail discounts for seniors at Kohl’s. If you comply with Kohl’s age requirements for a senior discount, follow these easy steps to enjoy your discount

  1. Visit the nearest outlet on Kohl’s senior discount day, which is Wednesday.
  2. Inquire about the products on which senior discount is applicable.
  3. Finish your shopping and go to the cash counter.
  4. Show a valid identification and age proof that you are 60 or above.
  5. Get a 15% discount and go home!

Limitations Of Kohl’s Senior Discount

As with other brands and businesses, Kohl’s also has some restrictions and exclusions for its senior discount. Certain brands and products are not part of the discount for seniors.

Here is a list of items and brands that are not qualified for senior discounts:


  1. Gift Cards
  2. Toys
  3. Sporting Goods
  4. Premium Electronics
  5. Beauty and Fragrance products
  6. Some Athletic Equipment
  7. Various Online Exclusive Deals
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Novelty Gifts
  10. Premium footwear


  1. Dyson
  2. Land’s End
  3. TOMS
  4. Lovepop
  5. Columbia
  6. Levi’s
  7. KitchenAid
  8. Timberland
  9. S’well
  10. Calvin Klein

Additionally, Kohl’s senior discount is only offered on Wednesdays and is not transferable. Therefore, it is impossible to provide a discount for anyone who is not your friend.

Kohl’s Rewards Loyalty Program

Join for free on Kohl’s Rewards! Sign up for free at Kohl’s Rewards Programme! If you’re unaware, it was known as Yes2You Rewards before, but it was later transformed into Kohl’s Rewards.

The 30 million participants of their old rewards program have been automatically converted to Kohl’s Rewards, and their current Yes2You Rewards rewards will now be converted to the Kohl’s Rewards program.

Under Kohl’s Rewards program, you can earn a $5 reward for each purchase. Other perks include the gift of a birthday celebration and other personalized perks.

Earn 1 point for each dollar you spend, regardless of your payment method. Be sure to mark your birthday to receive a special discount.

Can You Use Kohl’s Senior Discount Online?

Unfortunately, you cannot take advantage of the senior discount at Kohl’s on the internet. You’ll need to go to Kohl’s in person and present your ID and proof of age to claim the discount.

How to Apply Promo Codes at Kohl’s

Kohls.com offers a coupon code that you can use at checkout to save money on your online shopping.

You will always find a Kohl’s promo code or two or more available. For even more significant savings, you can combine sitewide and category promo codes for additional savings.

When you reach the checkout screen, you’ll find a list with all the coupons applicable to your order, along with expiration dates. To see your total price drop, click on the coupon you wish to apply and click “Apply”.

Kohl’s Cash coupons or coupon codes that need to be listed? Enter the code below Kohl’s list and click “Apply” for the promo code.

You will need to log in to your Kohls’s account to see any Kohl’s Cash or just-for-you coupons available.

You can find a Kohl’s coupon printable by going to the Kohl’s Coupons page. Click the “details and exclusions” link for each offer. You’ll then see a Print Pass page that you can print out and use at the register.

Genius Kohl’s Shopping Hacks

Do you love to shop at Kohl’s? You’ve observed that Kohl’s offers the lowest prices during their ongoing promotions. It is unnecessary to spend the total amount If you’re patient and utilize Kohl’s coupons.

Here are some tips from Kohl’s shopping tips, strategies, and policies that will help you save the most money online or in the store.

Is Kohl’s Senior Discount Stackable?

Do you know the most appealing aspect of Kohl’s senior discount? The discount can be stacked, and you can mix it with other discounts, coupon codes, discounts, and other offers that the store offers.

If you pair your Senior discount and other discounts, you will get more savings than 15% off the discount you already have.

These are coupons that you could combine the senior discount you receive with:

  1. Promotional Gifts
  2. Kohl’s Cash
  3. Dollar-off Discounts
  4. Kohl’s Rewards

Remember, however, that you must keep your senior discount and coupon codes that offer percentage discounts.

Return Amazon Orders to Kohl’s for a 25% Off storewide coupon

It’s easy to return an undesirable Amazon purchase to Kohls. Log into your account on your Amazon account to check whether your purchase is eligible for return to Kohls.

If so, you don’t need to wrap it in a box. Show the Kohl’s associate with the return code Amazon will forward via email. In my local Kohl’s, they have a separate space dedicated to Amazon returns. Your receipt can also be used to earn coupons for 25% off. Make sure you note your expiration date.

Kohl’s Email and Mobile App Discounts

The next tip for shopping at Kohl’s is to earn an offer only for joining their newsletter by email. When you sign up for Kohl’s newsletters, you’ll save 15% off your purchase.

You’ll get updates to your email address with information about the most significant sale and clearance events, a notice of exclusive free shipping deals, and promo codes that can be used online to get savings!

Get a 15% discount coupon when you sign up for Kohl’s sales alerts on mobile. You’ll receive an SMS code that can be used the next time you shop. Text HELP for assistance, and STOP to end the transaction. This is a one-time-only use.

Download the FREE Kohl’s App

It is possible to save Kohl’s cash and your Rewards on the app for additional savings. You can save coupons as well and also can use a barcode scanner that you can use at the store. Connect to Kohl’s guest WiFi when you’re at the store, and you can get different deals.

Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?

Kohl’s accepts Amazon Returns at all Kohl’s Store locations except Anchorage, Alaska. They’ll even pack and ship it for you!

To start your Amazon Return online, log in to your Amazon account. Select Kohl’s Dropoff option. Amazon will send you a QR code you can use at Kohl’s.

All you have to do now is bring your return and code to Kohl’s. While some Kohl’s stores will accept your return at their customer service desk, others will take it to Amazon. Kohl’s will package, label, and ship your return free of charge.

Kohl’s Price Protection Policy

The next trick to use at Kohl’s is to return to the store when your item is on sale. Kohl’s offers an insurance policy that covers price protection for 14 days.

It applies to purchases made of an item at a sale price or regular cost and in the two weeks (14 days) of the date you purchased it and the price that the merchandise was lower than the price you paid. It is possible to get an adjustment and buy the item for less cost.

The customer is entitled to one price adjustment per item; therefore, if the price decreases further following your price change, you will not receive a new one.

You need to have a receipt for the purchase. Be sure to have the original, current sales receipt. Products purchased at clearance markdowns Kohl’s Cares, Kohl’s markdowns, and BOGO (buy one, get one for free) do not qualify for price adjustments.

Other Ways To Save Money at Kohl’s

Kohl’s Promo Codes

Coupons, Promo codes, and coupons are among the best ways to save money. Apart from confirming your status as an older person, you can also make use of Kohl’s Promo Codes to save money shopping to save money while shopping at Kohl’s.

Gift Cards

Use Kohl’s Gift Cards To earn points and receive the items you want at a discounted price. You can also purchase an online gift card to make purchases.

Kohl’s Rewards

The rewards you earn can lead to more significant savings. If you still need to join, you’re missing out. Kohl’s Reward Program Make sure to do it now and earn rewards to save for the future.

Sign Up for Newsletter

Sign up for Kohl’s Newsletter. Get updates about special offers, products, and more in your email.

Why I Use Kohl’s

Use all these tricks to shop at Kohl’s and save on every purchase. I’m a big fan of Kohl’s Cash. It’s enjoyable to keep them in a safe place and then see the total decrease when I can spend them on the things I need.

The Kohl’s store has helped make it much easier for me to get a discount on things I require, particularly clothing, thanks to their unique promotions and free shipping coupon codes.

I also appreciate that they offer a special Senior Day Discount that can help most senior citizens and baby boomers receive discounts on items they need or want.

So what are you wasting time doing? Join thousands of Kohl’s shoppers like me and shop at Kohl’s, buying what we need at lower prices.

Which Similar Companies Offer Senior Discounts?

Are you curious about whether Kohl’s competitors also offer discounts for seniors? Here’s a list that includes other companies similar to Kohl’s that offer senior discounts and other perks to their customers:

  • Harris Teeter: Harris Teeter offers a 5% discount for senior citizens aged 60 or above. This discount is available every Thursday.
  • Joann: Joann offers a 20% discount for senior citizens. The minimum age limit is 55, and the discount days vary from location to location.
  • Walgreens: Walgreens also offers a 20% discount for senior customers aged 55 or above. The deal is available both in-store and online, and the day changes as per the location.


Kohl’s provides 15% off for seniors on in-store purchases. The customer must be 60 years old to take advantage of this discount.

Seniors can redeem this discount during their senior days at Kohls on Wednesdays. In addition to the discount for seniors, senior citizens can take advantage of Kohl’s Military Discount,

Teachers Discounts, Kohl’s Cash, and Kohl’s Members ‘ Card to save money! You’d like to avail discounts for seniors at Kohl’s rival stores, like Harris Teeter, Joann, and Walgreens.


Q.1 Does Kohls do senior discounts?

ANS. Customers 60+ receive a 15% discount in our stores every Wednesday. Additional Information: One per customer.

Q.2 Can you stack senior discounts at Kohl’s?

ANS. First, Kohl’s Senior Discount is only available for brick-and-mortar customers. Online purchases are not eligible for the discount. Customers over 60 cannot add 15% to their 15% discount to another percentage-off coupon. You cannot combine discounts to get a more significant discount.

Q.3 How often do you get 30% off at Kohl?

ANS. Kohl’s cardholders get a 30% discount code at least once per month. Kohl’s card members receive special promotions on an ongoing basis. One of these is the highly sought-after 30% discount. You’ll get a 30% discount coupon 12 times per year if you apply for a Kohl’s card.

Q.4 Can I use expired Kohl’s cash?

ANS. Kohl’s will accept expired Kohl’s Cash in-store up to 10 days after it expires. Online orders won’t accept expired Kohl’s Cash. However, customer service may be able to add the discount or extend Kohl’s cash manually.

Q.5 How do I get Kohl’s mystery coupons?

ANS. Mystery coupons are emailed to subscribers. Then, you will need to click the link in your email to reveal the mystery discount amount. After clicking the link, you’ll be taken to Kohl’s website. You’ll find a mystery coupon that you can redeem for 20%, 30%, or 40% off.

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