Petsmart Return Policy 2023

PetSmart Return Policy 2023 (Pets, No Receipt, Chewy + More)

Petsmart Return Policy: Petsmart allows pet owners to shop for necessities and accessories and purchase new pets. You can find a wide range of products in their store or online.

Many people are curious about the return procedure for products that do not meet customer expectations. 

This article will provide a detailed look at the Petsmart return policy and answer many common questions about returning products to Petsmart.

Petsmart Return Policy

What Is Petsmart Return Policy?

Petsmart offers a comprehensive return policy. Customers can return their items for a full refund within 60-days of purchase, provided they have the receipt.

What Is Petsmart Return Policy

Return Period 60 Days
Return Method In Store or online
Exchange Period 60 Days
Exchange Method In Store or online
Refund Period Within 30 Days From Return
Refund Method Method of Payment

Here’s an overview of their policy:

Returns with a Receipt

Returns are possible within 60 days of purchase. Please keep your receipt.

  • Cash payments will be refunded
  • After a 10-day waiting period, all purchases made with a check will be refunded.
  • Purchases made with credit cards are refunded to the original or gift card.
  • Cash is refunded for debit card purchases
  • A gift card purchased will be refunded
  • You will get the positive balance of the original payment form if you exchange a product.

Returns Without A Receipt OR With A Receipt Older Than 60 Days

To return a product with a receipt older than 60 days or without, you will need to bring a valid identification to Petsmart to get a gift certificate for the latest sale amount.

Return exceptions

You must provide a valid receipt for the following items* within 60 days of purchase.

  • Electronic products such as shock collars, electric fences, or training products
  • Grooming products
  • Pumps or filters
  • Vitamins and medication for pets that a veterinarian does not prescribe

*If the item costs more than $10

Can you return an item to Petsmart without a receipt?

You can return any item without a receipt, provided you have valid identification. However, in this instance, you will only be issued a gift certificate for the amount, and it is not redeemable for cash.

How to Return Petsmart Products

Petsmart allows you to return items bought in-store or online at Petsmart with the receipt/invoice and original packaging.

You can also return online orders for a full refund, less shipping and handling charges, and gift wrap fees. You can go online and initiate the process to receive a shipping label.

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How Strict Is The Petsmart Return Policy?

Petsmart’s return policy is quite generous, and Petsmart seems to be the only store that allows you to return products without a receipt.

You can get a complete refund of the amount you have paid if you return the item within 60 days and provide a valid receipt.

You will not receive a refund if you do not have a receipt or try to return the item after the deadline.

Petsmart Exchange Policy

Petsmart Exchange Policy

Petsmart permits exchanges for most products, but not a prescription medication. You can exchange any item at any Petsmart store, and they will credit any positive balance to the original payment method or gift card.

You will need to pay any difference in price if the item you wish to exchange is more expensive than the original one you bought.

Petsmart Refund Policy

You can request a refund by providing a valid receipt that identifies the original payment method. All refunds will not be made if you return gift cards that reflect the sale amount at the time.

Petsmart Return Policy Food

Petsmart Return Policy Food

Surprisingly, PetSmart customers reported being able to return open-bag food, and this is because you may not like the dog food. 

PetSmart’s Return Policy for Dog Food states that you can return your dog food within 14-days of purchase, provided it is still in its original packaging.

What Are The PetSmart Return Exceptions?

Petsmart cannot accept returns of certain items, even if they have a valid receipt. These items include electronic merchandise such as shock collars and fences, tools for grooming such as brushes and flea combs, vitamins, and non-prescription medication.

Prescription medication cannot be returned.

How Do I Return PetSmart Purchases To A Store?

You can return an item purchased online or in-store from Petsmart. To receive a full refund, you must have proof of purchase. 

If you bought the article online, this could be in the form of a receipt or order confirmation.

Can I Return Online Purchases In-Store?


This BEST method to return a pet product is available if you live close enough to a PetSmart. Otherwise, you will be responsible for return shipping costs.

Does Petsmart Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Petsmart will refund you if your item is returned within 60 days of purchase. You can return the item to Petsmart for a full refund after 60 days. 

However, the amount you get will reflect the item’s current price at the time you return it.

Does Petsmart Have Free Returns?

Petsmart offers free returns online if you return an item in-store. You can initiate the return online and print the shipping label, and you can use the title to stick on your item and return it to the local shipping company.

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Who pays for returns on Petsmart?

Petsmart will provide a shipping label for free if you complete the return process via their website. 

You will be responsible for shipping the item back if you do not use this shipping label.

Can I Return Opened Items To PetSmart?

PetSmart will accept opened items as long as they’re in their original packaging.

PetSmart allows you to exchange dog food that you have opened for a different brand if you purchase it.

You only have 14 days to return any opened pet products to PetSmart, which is in contrast to the 60 days you would have for items not yet opened.

How Long Do Petsmart Refunds Take?

Their site states that it may take up to 30 business days for them to process your return and issue a refund. Once the return is processed, they will send you an email notification.

Can I Return Petsmart Products After Use?

Petsmart will accept any item that is not in its original condition.

 Can Small Animals Be Returned To PetSmart?  

You can return small animals like hamsters and gerbils to PetSmart locations within two weeks of your initial purchase.

A healthy animal would not be allowed to be returned. However, they may make exceptions and treat each case individually.

Return an animal you have adopted to your home if it is not healthy enough to be cared for.

They can help you make sure that your animal is taken care of with an effective solution or find resources in your local area to provide a home for it.

What Is PetSmart’s Return Policy For Live Animals?

You can return live animals purchased from PetSmart, such as snakes, Iguanas, and hamsters, within 14 days of purchase.

PetSmart will allow you to return the animal if you have your receipt or other relevant paperwork.

You can return your pet with proof if it dies after purchasing it from PetSmart.

You will also need a photo ID from your state to submit your PetSmart return.

What Is PetSmart’s Return Policy For Fish?

PetSmart offers a similar service to live animals: You have 14 days to return the fish to your store and a receipt.

Remember to return a dead fish to the shop you bought it from. You will also need to bring a water sample to PetSmart for testing.

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Can I Return An Item Without The Box At PetSmart?

PetSmart stated that items must still be in their original packaging to be eligible for a refund.

It is possible to be refused a return if you don’t have the PetSmart box.

If you feel you are eligible or have good reasons to return the item, the PetSmart manager will accept your return without the box.

Does Petsmart Accept Items From Chewy?

Petsmart owns and operates, an online pet store. People often wonder if Petsmart will allow them to return items purchased from and not Petsmart.

Petsmart cannot accept returns on Chewy items at this time (2022). Because each business operates independently, they cannot cross-reference purchases made at Petsmart from Chewy. 

This may change in the future, but for now, each business’ returns must be handled individually.


 Can I Return Damaged Items To PetSmart?  

You can return any damaged or broken items to Petsmart as long as they are in their original packaging. Some exceptions may apply, but all details can be found in this article.

 Can PetSmart Look Up My Receipt?  

Yes. As long as you have an account with Petsmart and used it when making your purchase, you can access your order history (including receipts) through this account. 

The company won’t be able to look at your receipt without a Petsmart Account unless they have an order number that you placed on their website.

 Can I Return Opened Items To PetSmart?  

Yes, you can return opened items to Petsmart if they are in the original packaging.

In conclusion

Petsmart makes it easy to shop online or in-store for pet products. The company offers an excellent return policy, which is one of the best things about shopping at Petsmart. 

You know that pets are picky, and you don’t need to worry about spending too much on your pet. We hope this article was helpful and enjoyable. Happy shopping!

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