Lululemon Return Policy 2024

Lululemon Return Policy: Let’s Muddle Through the Confusion

Lululemon Return Policy: Have you bought something only to regret it for a while? The wrong size?

Return policies for stores may be a bit hazy and seem a little legalistic, but we’re here to break down the return policy of Lululemon to help those who are.

Lululemon Athletica is a multinational retailer of sportswear. Yoga pants, clothing for the lifestyle, yoga clothes, and other accessories in the Lululemon store. 

The company operates 491 stores worldwide and has an online store.

If you have any concerns regarding the return process, look at this Lululemon returns policy. 

This article provides some info regarding return-worn products, in-store Returns, and exchanges after 30 days of Tag off the Christmas season, which will aid with your return and refund process.

Lululemon Return Policy

What is Lululemon’s return policy?

Lululemon’s return policies are pretty simple. The company offers a 30-day return policy, with a few exceptions, such as that the garments must be unwashed and not worn.

All items must have tags attached and accompanying authentic evidence of the purchase.

What is Lululemon's return policy

The only items not returnable are these:

  • Face masks
  • gift cards, as well as
  • sale and “We Made Too Much” items.
Return Period30 Days
Return MethodIn-Store or online
Exchange Period30 Days
Exchange MethodIn-Store or online
Refund PeriodWithin 3-5 Business Days
Refund MethodMethod of Payment

How To Return a Lululemon Item?

There are several options to return the Lululemon product.


The first step is to go to your Lululemon returns page and then fill out an online return. This will give you the shipping label in a printable format. 

In most instances, you can download the barcode to the shipping label on your smartphone and then be able to FedEx or USPS location to scan the code and make the shipping labels.

If you own an at-home printer, it is possible to print without going to a place. If you do not have a printer in your home bringing it to an office might be efficient

You’ll receive your refund within 3 & 5 business days. You will be notified that the refund has taken place.


I you reside close to a Lululemon location, and you purchased it in person or purchased your Lululemon clothing collection, you can return it to the store.

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You don’t require an address label for shipping or follow the online return procedure. Bring your clothing and a receipt along, and they will process your return right on the spot.

Are there Lululemon items I can’t return in-store?

Purchases made at Outlet Stores and Like New items are an exception and cannot be returned to us in-store at the moment.

Can you return an online purchase to the store?

Yes, you can! The only exceptions to this are facial masks that cannot be returned or exchangeable, as well as similar to New purchases. 

If a store’s return process is more accessible to you than the online option, ensure that you provide a purchase receipt, and you’ll be good to go.

How strict is the Lululemon return policy?

It is noted that the Lululemon returns policy explains some exceptions to specific items. However, it appears insistent on bringing a document of purchase to show that you purchased the item in its original condition.

Former employees will tell you that Lululemon will extend beyond their usual 30-day refund policy to customers who can prove purchases or clothes are in good shape and for customers who buy frequently.

The company has this policy because they know that Lululemon clients are loyal, which is why their leggings have been made to last. If a return request is rejected, it results in more petite leggings being sold.

Lululemon Exchange Policy

Lululemon Exchange Policy

Lululemon offers the option of exchange. The company will allow you to exchange items of clothing that have tags on them along with proof of purchase within the store for up to 30 days. 

The associates at the company will help you make a return and finish the process by suggesting another item you’d like to purchase.

Lulelemon Return Policy For Worn Clothes

However, Lululemon doesn’t accept returns for washed and worn-out clothes, or even if you take tags off.

Once your product is at the facility of Lululemon, it will first undergo an inspection to determine if the item is in an excellent state to be returned to its inventory. 

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Refunds will be issued if the thing complies with the return criteria. If your product does not meet their quality standards please contact customer support at 877-263-9300.

Extended Holiday Return Policy

Like all other stores in the US, Lululemon also provides the option of extended returns in the holiday season. 

The extra holiday returns policy allows customers to make returns up to January 23 on any purchase made from October 21 through December 24.

Keep in mind that all the conditions and limitations of the Lululemon return policy also apply to holiday returns.

Can I Exchange At Lululemon?

Lululemon offers the option to exchange all gear purchased at an online or local store. You need to visit the local Lululemon store, and the store staff will help with the exchange procedure. 

Keep in mind that it is possible to only exchange in the local Lululemon store and not online.

Exchange Period30 days
Exchange MethodOnly at the store

What is Lululemon’s Refund Policy?

Refunds are usually processed by providing the client with the same method the purchase was made – cash is returned in cash, and credit or debit card purchases are returned to their credit card.

Although Lululemon’s website accepts PayPal, there’s an exception. If you buy an item online using Paypal & then return it to the Lululemon store the price will be reimbursed through an AMEX MasterCard Visa or gift card.

Stores are unable to send money via PayPal.

Many customers who end up having to return items they purchased online will prefer to receive a credit card refund regardless because PayPal takes time to process.

Does Lululemon make returns without a receipt?

In the majority of instances, returning products to Lululemon without a receipt can cause refunds to be in the shape of store credit or gift cards, provided that you’re within the period for returns.

Although the Lululemon website states that returns can’t be accepted without a receipt, however, they let their associates have discretion in accepting returns that otherwise would be rejected.

It happens – for example, losing papers or an email that was lost.

Although Lululemon stores strive to enforce their return policy, they encourage using receipts. They will also work with you to understand the importance of returning if you need a return with no proof of the purchase.

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Can I return a Lululemon product after use?

Lululemon generally does not prefer to return items after use, especially when they’ve been washed, mainly swimming wear. 

They are known for their clothing products that last a long time and do not want to place things that have been abused or touched in sensitive areas back on shelves.

How Is a PayPal Return Processed?

Lululemon had announced that it is currently unable to accept returns through PayPal when you initially made use of the payment option to purchase.

They can, however, apply a credit to the PayPal return through gift cards, Visa, American Express, or MasterCard.


 Does Lululemon give full refunds?  

Yes, Lululemon provides full refunds if you return the items within the return policy timeframe.

How long will Lululemon refunds last?

Refunds requested online could take three to five days to process. Refunds are done as quickly as your bank will permit in-store.

Does Lululmemon accept returns after 30 days?

The Lululemon policy has 30 days. However, stores can offer an exception to the clothes. Find out what you can do after 30 days by visiting a store or talking to a representative at Lululemon.

What are fast-track refunds at Lululemon?

Lululemon offers an upgrade in their return process for those who sign up to create a Lululemon account. 

If a customer returns, less than three items will get their refund quicker by using Lululemon’s Fast Track option on the Lululemon website.

This method is not available at the store but utilizes a very similar technique to their online return process. The main distinction is the client receives their refund within two hours of bringing the item in.


Understanding the return policy for Lululemon will help you buy with confidence. We hope that our advice can help you return the Lululemon product. 

You should also know that it’s crucial to keep the purchase receipt for at least 30 days.

If we didn’t cover a relevant subject or there are any questions regarding Lululemon’s Return Policy-related concerns, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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