Chime ATM Withdrawal Limit, Chime Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

Chime ATM Withdrawal Limit, 2024, Chime Daily, Weekly

Chime ATM Withdrawal Limit; Today’s article will concentrate on the Chime ATM withdrawal limit within America.

Customers of Chime, an online bank, have access to credit cards, Visa debit cards, and a savings account option.

The bank operates entirely online and does not have any physical presence.

However, the company that makes financial technology has developed a vast ATM network and other sources to offer free services.

Chime ATM Withdrawal Limit

What is Chime’s ATM Network?

Chime offers an extensive ATM that is a customer-centric ATM with no ATM fees in-network. 

Chime’s ATM network is compatible with MoneyPass and VisaPlus Alliance, which gives more than 60,000 cost-free ATMs for members.


One of the most well-known recognized financial products is Visa(r). Since Visa(r) issues debit cards Chime’s debit card can be used at any ATM that also accepts Visa(r) debit cards.


MoneyPass is not as well-known, yet its network includes more than 1,900 companies and 125 million people. It is easy to locate the MoneyPass and a VisaAlliance ATM to use the service without charge.

How To Find a Chime ATM

Chime offers ATMs as well as a Cash Back Finder on both its website as well as its mobile application. With the latest version, you’ll discover an ATM Map on the bottom right of its screen.

The map will display ATMs close to your current location and major retailers that offer cash back, for example, Target, Walmart, CVS and many more.

How To Find a Chime ATM

Out-of-Network ATM Fees

If you opt to use an ATM outside of Chime’s extensive network, you will be charged an additional $2.50. Be aware that this is the cost imposed by Chime and not from the ATM service provider.

A second fee is usually charged by the ATM operator and is separate from Chime’s fees.


The system does not have in-network ATM charges for this system.

The network operates together with MoneyPass and VisaPlus Alliance which provides more than 38,000 fee-free ATMs.

Chime’s debit cards have visa licenses. As a result, they are well-liked by many individuals.


MoneyPass is a member of a network with more than 1,700 businesses and 95 million users, making it easy to find to use for free.

You can find a fee-free ATM through the Chime app or at

It is an ATM network of Chime Bank in America.

Chime Withdrawal Limit

The Chime limit for withdrawals is dependent on the method used to withdraw. However, there is no limitation on the number of times you can withdraw with the Chime Bank Visa debit ATM card daily.

Like other financial institutions, Chime sets an ATM withdrawal limit for the amount you can withdraw daily. These are:

Chime Withdrawal Limit

*Point of Sales (POS) Cash Back has an ATM maximum of $500.00 daily.

*The Chime daily ATM limit for withdrawals (Counter) can be set at $500 daily.

*The Card Purchase Limit (Chime Credit card limit and debit) is $2500 daily.


The withdrawal limits are different based on the withdrawal method used.

It is not a daily limit on the number of times you can withdraw money using a Chime Visa debit card. Chime Visa debit card.

You can take out up to $500 in Chime in one day.

Personal ATMs can have limits lower than those set by Chime Bank.

In this instance, you must withdraw a different amount to obtain the required amount.

The Chime Bank ATM withdrawal limit in America.

Chime Credit Builder Card Limits

If your primary Chime account is limited to the limit above, there is also Chime Credit Builder. 

Chime credit Builder credit card. It functions as a credit card, but Chime does not place an amount limit on it. You can.

The limit of this card is determined by the amount you deposit into credit to your Credit Builder account. If you deposit $500 there, then the monthly limit is $500.

Chime Credit Builder Card Limits

The monthly cap is $1,000 after you add $1,000. Because the money is used to pay off the credit card at the end of each month you are limited to the amount you deposit to the account.

A chime will then report your expenditure to the major credit unions, improving your account’s credit rating.

This is how you can request loans directly to your Chime account.

When do my Chime Account Limits Reset?

The $500 limit could hinder your daily routine if you’re unaware of when the limit will be reset. Chime declares that all accounts’ reset date is midnight (00:00) Mountain Time.

If you want to know when the midnight hour in Mountain Time is in your time zone, you can use the Conversion of Time Zone Conversion to know precisely when your reset time for the day is.


There are more straightforward methods to earn cash if finding fee-free ATMs is an issue for you.

The most convenient way to do this is through cashback stores with an annual limit of $500.

You may withdraw over the counter, which has a limit of $500 per calendar day.

The charges associated with this withdrawal are significantly less than those for ATMs that are not network-connected.

These are the alternative options for using Chime ATM withdrawals within America.

Chime Bank Review

Chime Financial, Inc. is an American company in the field of financial technology that provides mobile banking service that is fee-free and are owned and operated by The Bancorp Bank or Central National Bank.

Account holders receive Visa debit ATM cards and can access an online banking service accessible via the Chime website or mobile applications.

Chime earns the majority of its income through the collection of interchange fees.

Chime Bank Review

Chime has no branches in physical locations and doesn’t charge fees for overdrafts or monthly charges. In February 2020, Chime was home to 8 million customers on its accounts.

Accounts offered by Chime’s partners are protected more than the standard deposit insurance limit of $250,000.

 What is the Chime Limit for Card Purchases?

Chime offers a limit on withdrawals of $2,500 daily for purchases made with credit cards. It’s a limit for both your ATM withdrawals as well as purchases.

For instance, you will have $2,000 available for the remainder of the day if you withdraw $500 from your Chime account using an ATM in a bank.

If you choose not to use the ATM withdrawal you will be required to spend $2,500. The limit applies to any purchases made with your card and ATM withdrawals.

How to Add Deposits to My Chime Account?

The simplicity with which you can update the information on your account is one of the important advantages of an online financial institution.

For instance, it’s straightforward to transfer funds to your Chime account through the app or website.

Direct Deposit

Chime simplifies the process of creating direct deposit accounts. Once you have opened an account, you’re given a Chime direct deposit form pre-filled, which you can hand an employer.

In other cases, you may use the routing number and account details to make deposits through your Social Security Administration, the IRS, and various financial institutions.

Mobile Check Deposit

The Chime app lets you make personal check deposits quickly and conveniently. You must open an account & receive $1.00 in direct deposits from your company or another acceptable source to be eligible.

After you have been approved, sign in to your banking app on mobile and select the option to deposit a mobile check.

Then, choose the account to deposit the check and enter the necessary information. To deposit, it is necessary to take a clear image from both sides of your check-in.

A chime will examine the name of the person who received the check to make sure it matches your account as well as your signature.

You must ensure your deposit is within limits set by Chime checking limit on mobile devices of $1000 per day or up to $10,000 per month.

Fund Transfer

If you’ve exceeded the limit of your Chime limits on mobile deposits, you can benefit from the option of transferring funds.

Transferring money from an external bank to a Chime account is simple. ACH transfers allow $10,000 per day and $25,000 per month.

Visit the app or website of your previous bank and choose Transfer options to transfer funds to the Chime account. In the beginning, you’ll need to enter your Chime routing number and account number.

The Chime routing and account numbers are on the Settings page in the application.

You can also connect an account from another bank with your Chime account via the Chime application. Launch your app, and navigate through the ” Moving money section. Choose ‘ Transfers’ and then enter the login details for the bank you are using.

It will connect the two banks, allowing you can transfer unlimited funds. The typical time for transfers is up to five working days to transfer funds to banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo, PNC, and Navy Federal Credit Union.

Cash Deposit

While you cannot make cash deposits in your Chime account via the ATM system, you can deposit money at numerous retail outlets.

To find a deposit bank close to you, open the Chime app and tap ‘ Move Money. There are a variety of places to deposit cash into your Chime account, such as:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Circle K
  • CVS
  • Dollar General
  • Family Dollar
  • Rite Aid
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

The cashier can help you deposit money in your Chime Spending Account.

Chime Savings Account. There are three deposit options every day with a limit of $1000. The maximum monthly cash deposit is $10,000.

Who is Chime Bank Best for?

For basic banking without annual maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements, Chime is a great option. Chime users:

  • Save money with no minimum balance requirements
  • Create a spending account using the help of a debit card
  • You can access a vast ATM network
  • Use their debit card internationally without paying foreign transaction fees
  • Checks can be electronically deposited using their mobile phones

 Chime Review: The Beneficial Side

  • Award-Winning Mobile App

Chime’s banking app lets customers control their money on the go. It has more than 135,000 5-star ratings on the app store as the app has everything you require.

A technology business designed it with amazing features for easy use. You may pay, transfer, and save money using it.

  • Simple Registration

Signing up for an account and joining the ranks of Chime is easy. You need to visit Chime’s website and click the Started option.

Fill in your basic details, download the app, and then patiently await confirmation. You have now been accepted into Chime. Chime family. In addition, Chime is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

  • Early Access to Paychecks

Like most traditional banks, Chime does not keep your funds for a long time. A chime will allow you to access your money two days earlier, meaning you can make use of your money when it becomes accessible.

You can enable this feature within the application. If the regular payday falls on the 5th of each month, Chime payday will also be available earlier.

  • Daily Balance Update

The app will automatically refresh your account with withdrawals and transactions and inform you daily. You can view the balance of your account & review all the transactions you’ve made during the days.

The app lets you check the number of funds available on each account, allowing you to track your balances and financials quickly.

  • No hidden or monthly fees.

This basic banking won’t charge you for membership, your monthly Savings account maintenance, foreign transactions, or making transfers from your current account to Chime’s Spending Account.

The ATMs at this bank are also accessible, and there’s no APR when you deposit funds into account Credit Builder account.

  • Saving Money Features

You can sign up for an account with a savings account and then configure automatic save features.

You can also store funds by cash back whenever you shop and then save some percentage of your salary once you are paid.

The app moves money from your checking account to your savings account when you choose one of these.

  • Security of the Banking System

Chime’s priority is security. All deposits are covered up to $250,000 through FDIC via Stride Bank or the Bancorp Bank.

Stride Bank or the Bancorp Bank. This gives you security if the bank shuts down. Your shared data is protected and encrypted with the highest SSL encryption technology.

Furthermore, you can also block accounts when you spot suspicious activity.

  • Insured Deposits

Chime ensures that your funds are FDIC-secured. You can shop confidently knowing that Chime’s Visa Zero Liability policy protects your card.

This will raise the security level and won’t charge you for unauthorized use. The app also needs two-factor authentication and fingerprint authentication to open the app and manage money.

  • No Overdraft Fees

SpotMe’s SpotMe features will inform you of overdraft charges and allow you to avoid the risk of overdrafts for as much as $200 without charge.

Chime does not charge any charges. Instead, it will refund the amount over-drafted in your next paycheck.

  • Connect On The Go

Chime isn’t an actual bank. Therefore it is possible to do everything through the application. This is convenient for people who aren’t fans of visiting banks and standing for hours in lines.

You can view your balance and transfer funds, control finances, pay bills, and shop with the app available on Android and iOS devices.

  • Mobile App Navigation and Accessibility

Using your mobile and Chime’s application, you can track your balance and make transactions while on the move.

Over 60,000 US ATMs allow free cash withdrawals. The app displays nearby ATMs and their locations.

Chime Customer Service

Chime has embraced mobile banking, as evident by its mobile phone application available for iOS and Android. With the application, customers can:

  • View your accounts
  • Electronically deposit checks
  • Transfer money to Chime customers who aren’t Chime customers
  • You can freeze your card if it gets stolen or lost.
  • Pay your bills
  • Transfer money between different accounts
  • Receive notifications about transactions

Chime provides a variety of ways to reach its customer support in case you require assistance.

Apart from logging in to Chime’s mobile app, users can also contact Chime via mail ([email protected]) and by calling the number +1-844-244-6363, all hours, seven every day, seven days a week. 1

Chime’s banking service is provided through a partnership that is a partnership with Bancorp Bank or Stride Bank, N.A.

Two banks are FDIC-insured. Your funds are covered with the government’s help for up to $250,000.


If you’re a person with a high credit score, who is used to paying their bills on time, A credit card with bonus points could provide more advantages.

If you’re looking to build credit, The Chime Credit Builder has far more benefits than cons, especially if you’re an existing Chime customer or are thinking about opening the possibility of opening a Chime account.


What is Chime’s monthly withdrawal limit?

What Are The Chime Withdrawal Limits

Cash back at the point of saleAmount
ATM withdrawal limit$500 per day
Cash back at point of saleVaries by merchant, up to $500 per day
Over-the-counter withdrawal$500 per day
Card purchases that require signature and pin$2,500 per day

Does Chime have a daily ATM withdrawal limit?

Limits for Cash Withdrawals

You can withdraw up to $500 daily by ATM at any ATM. However, there is an additional $2.50 charge each when you withdraw at an ATM outside the network.

The ATM provider may also charge extra for out-of-network ATMs.

How do I withdraw 1000 from Chime?

Credit Unions and Banks They can allow cash withdrawals through an institution like a credit union or bank and show the Chime Visa Debit Card to the banker.

This is known as an Over-The-Counter withdrawal. There is a $2.50 charge each when you withdraw cash in this manner with the limit being $750 per month.

How do I withdraw large amounts from Chime?

You can withdraw up to $500 in 24 hours at ATMs. You can also make withdrawals of up to $500 in cash back at the point of sale or $500 via over-the-counter withdrawals at bank locations that are participating.

Take out $1500 in 24 hours.

Can I withdraw $5000 from the ATM?

Your ATM maximum withdrawal limit is contingent on the bank you use. The financial institution or credit union sets its own rules.

ATM cash withdrawal restrictions are usually $300–$1,000 per day.

What bank can I withdraw money from my Chime card?

Chime has an extensive network of 60,000+ ATMs that are free and available to Chime members.

You can make transactions for free with every Moneypass ATM located in the 7-Eleven store and anywhere else at an Allpoint and Visa Plus Alliance ATM.

To find an ATM that is fee-free close to you, install the Chime mobile app. Chime the application for mobile devices and then tap on the ATM map. You can also browse our ATM network.

How much can I transfer from Chime to my bank account?

You can transfer up to $10,000 daily & $25,000 monthly for most members. You’ll get access to your funds in five business days.

How can I get money off my Chime card without the card?

You can utilize your digital wallet at any ATM that uses NFC technology to perform transactions that are not card-based.

To access your digital wallet, press your phone against the contactless symbol of the ATM, and your phone’s digital wallet will open. You can then select the card you want to use & enter your PIN after that.

How do I instantly transfer money from Chime?

So just how does it work?

  1. Go to the Pay Anybody tab.
  2. Locate your friends on Chime. Enter the email or phone number of someone who’s not on Chime.
  3. Enter a dollar value and note (like an emoticon)
  4. Select “Pay”
  5. Your friend has 14 days to fill in the necessary information and get the money!

Can I move money from Chime to Cash App?

For money to be transferred directly from Chime to the Cash App, you’ll have to connect your Chime account or credit card to the Cash App via your Cash App within the app.

It is essential only to do this when you have your Cash App account as, if not, your Cash App account owner would have access to your Chime login information, which isn’t a good idea.

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