Emerald Card ATM Withdrawal Limit, 2022, Emerald Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Limit

H&R Block Prepaid Emerald Mastercard Reviews (2022)

Emerald Card ATM Withdrawal Limit; In our guide to banking today, we’ll provide you with how to use the ATM Emerald Card Limit for withdrawal for the US.

The Emerald Card is a Mastercard brand that can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash.Getting this card only through H&R Block offices or its tax software is possible.

There aren’t any monthly charges with this card. This is a significant benefit.

If you’re wondering which banks I can use to withdraw money using the Emerald Card, this article is ideal for you. 

Everyone knows the importance of financial inclusion, and it is growing globally. 

According to data from the World Bank, 1.2 billion people have had a bank account since 2011. This represents a rise from the 62 percent mark to 69 percent. 

Emerald Card ATM Withdrawal Limit

The benefits of having a bank account are numerous for businesses and individuals.

In recent decades, finance has adapted to numerous challenges, especially technological advances. The pandemic of 2020 proved the necessity of modernizing the banking channels and the way the financial system’s ecosystem functions.

The advent of digital banking makes everyone’s life much easier. In all likelihood, it allows access to the system and permits more people to participate. 

Digital banking is among the numerous benefits of participating in the system.

All About the Emerald Card

As we’ve mentioned before that it is true that the Emerald Card is supposed to provide you with the highest degree of flexibility in how you use your money. 

H&R Block and others like they often offer the chance to receive your tax refund with the funds associated with the card telling you to utilize it the same way you would use a credit or debit credit card. This may sound appealing; however, sometimes, it’s simpler to deposit the funds into your account at a bank. 

Similar cards usually advertised as a product could be used to purchase online while also presenting them at your preferred restaurants or stores. 

All About the Emerald Card

The issue is that not everyone will use the risk of using them. Because they’re issued by MasterCard does not necessarily mean they’re available to shop anyplace you’d like, however, since there are often specific restrictions on the credit cards. 

In the end, you’ll often find yourself with cards with cash linked to them that might not meet your needs. 

The question is, how do you transfer the money off of the card and deposit it back into the account of your choice?

How do I apply for the Emerald card?

You can apply on the internet for prequalification. You will need to have your

  • Social Security Number,
  • Contact information for personal use and
  • Tax refund for last year’s amount

Personal information can include an email address for you, a phone number, and your physical address.

The card lets you receive the Emerald Advance for between $350-$1000, dependent on your credit score available. To be eligible for this card, you have to be at least 18 and over.

When you have applied to receive the card, you’ll have to wait for the delivery through an address that is physically located. The card will be activated after you have received this card. 

You can do so by calling the Emerald Card helpline at 1-866-353-1266. Creating an online account to handle your money through the MyBlock mobile application is also necessary.

Emerald Prepaid Mastercard Overview

If you’re considering putting the proceeds of your tax refund into the basis of a prepaid credit card, H&R Block wants to help by offering the Emerald Prepaid Mastercard. 

The Emerald card functions like the majority of prepaid credit cards. 

Its Mastercard is the brand name and can be used as a credit card to make purchases. It can be loaded by cash or checks or transferred funds to your account with an appraisal.

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One of the main differences is that one can purchase an Emerald card only in H&R Block offices or through its software for tax preparation. 

It’s not accessible on the internet or in stores. 

Other tools for tax filing and businesses have followed the same route. Turbotax provides its Turbo Prepaid Visa(r) Card exclusively through its tax software. 

In the last few months, TaxSlayer launched its prepaid card.

The thing to remember about prepaid cards that tax preparers offer is that they do not provide particular benefits over other prepaid cards seeking to collect your tax refund from the credit card. 

Emerald Prepaid Mastercard Overview

Paid cards can be utilized just like banks to receive an income tax refund through direct deposits.

This isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its advantages. H&R Block Emerald card doesn’t offer other benefits. The most significant advantage is that it does not charge a monthly fee. 

Although prepaid cards don’t have monthly payments, they usually require you to reach a monthly value. You can use your pick: the Walmart MoneyCard(r) Visa(r). 

There is no monthly charge, however, only if you pay at least $1,000 every month onto the card. The Emerald card does not have a monthly payment for anyone with a card.

The Emerald card has additional charges, however. For example, ATM charges and the cost for using its bill pay service. These fees are more expensive than those of other cards.

Its features are nil. However it is this Emerald Card is the only method to receive the H&R Block advance on tax refunds or personal credit lines, something it H&R Block calls an Emerald Advance.

Here are the specifics.


You can withdraw cash from any ATM with Mastercard, Maestro, or Cirrus brand names.

The card works with Axos bank to make ATM withdraws.

The Emerald MasterCard ATM Network within the US.


There aren’t any fees for within-network ATM cash withdrawals.

You will be charged $3.00 for outside-of-network ATM cash withdrawals.

You will be charged $1.50 for the account inquiry in ATMs. ATM.

The ATM owner also charges operating fees.

There is no charge for monthly charges with this card.

These are the fees of Emerald card ATM withdrawals from the US.


Emerald’s Emerald daily limit for ATM withdrawals is $3000. This is quite a bit higher when compared with other limits for prepaid cards.

The daily limit for cash load is $1,000, and the daily spending limit is $3500.

You are restricted to 7 ATM transactions per day.

The amount you withdraw during the seven transactions shouldn’t surpass the daily maximum. Otherwise, the withdrawal is not allowed.

An ATM owner or operator may lower the amount of cash that you can withdraw at an ATM.

The monthly limit on cash load is $9,500.

If you are wondering what amount I can withdraw from an Emerald Card at the cashier, this is the easy answer.


First, you must insert your credit card into the ATM and choose Credit Card.

If you choose an account for savings or checking, this card won’t be able to function.

Enter the card’s PIN and the amount you wish to withdraw and follow the steps to finish your transaction.

After you have paid your bill, then take the card and store it in a safe place.

For any inquiries regarding the withdrawal limit, please call H&R Block at 1-866-353-1266.

This is the method you use to withdraw money from an ATM using the Emerald credit card.

Emerald Card Features

As with most prepaid cards that are available, the Emerald card allows direct deposit. The card offers bill pay. However, it is charged a fee to use them, as stated in the previous paragraph. 

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H&R Block also offers a mobile application named MyBlock, available for Apple and Android devices, which can be used to view account balances and deposit checks.

The card isn’t equipped with extra features, such as the ability to save money budgeting feature.

What is the H&R Block Emerald Card?

H&R Block is an American firm that has grown to grown into one of the leaders in the world when it comes to tax prep services. 

It is present in Canada as well as it is in the United States, Puerto Rico as well as other U.S. territories, and Australia. 

The company was founded in 1955 by brothers Henry Bloch and Richard Bloch to guide and offer the public high-quality tax-related services.

As the world has changed, so did H&R Block. H&R Block has adapted to numerous positive developments, combining technological innovations and knowledge with digital and online services. 

It is among the most famous creations of the Emerald Card

It is the Emerald Card is an H&R Block Prepaid MasterCard. Terms of it is a prepaid MasterCard that can be used for tax refunds. 

Emerald Card is a reloadable debit card that is prepaid for direct transfer of your tax refund, which can be used all year round and provides easy access to your money.

In addition, H&R Block Emerald Card is more active than a standard credit card, which loads and then unloads in a matter of minutes, which makes the card among the top credit cards. 

As per Kansas Business Journal, “H&R Block has approximately 2.5 million customers who utilize its Emerald Card, loading more than $8.7 billion, making it among the country’s three largest portfolios of prepaid credit cards.”

How Does the Emerald Card Work?

The Emerald Card is a prepaid debit card that functions similarly to a debit card. Similar to any other prepaid credit card, The H&R Block Card allows you to pay bills, purchase items as well as receive cash-back rewards. 

The most significant benefit is that the card is free of charges: there is no monthly fee and no signature transaction fee, and there’s no transaction fee charged for PIN transactions.

It comes with the option of a mobile application to monitor your account, including accessing your money, completing transactions in just a couple of taps, and reviewing your balance on your card and your transaction history. 

How Does the Emerald Card Work?

It also lets you pay for bills with no overdraft charges and continue using the card after you’ve used up the refund. It also allows you to transfer funds to people around the world and transfer funds to an account at a bank.

Additionally, The Emerald Card allows you to make money available to your account through an immediate transfer (payroll or unemployment government benefits) and by loading a check via the MyBlock mobile application.

How to Transfer Money from Emerald Card to my bank account

Transfer money through your Emerald card to your bank account linked to it. Be sure to connect your card to the bank account you want to apply. It is typically an account for checking that you use for day-to-day transactions.

Linking a bank account with your Emerald MasterCard Mastercard is as simple as accessing the add bank section and then entering the bank’s details, including the account number or routing numbers. 

After successfully linking the bank account to your credit card, you will be able to transfer funds to the account whenever you need to. 

Then, you can transfer funds to a bank account belonging to another person via your bank account or carry out different transactions.

Is my money safe in the Emerald card?

Your money is safe with the Emerald card because it’s FDIC insured. So, you’ll be able to get your money back if the company goes under. 

FDIC guarantees an account with a maximum of $250,000 in the statement. If the business goes under, it is possible to get your funds. 

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MetaBank stores your funds on your credit card. Since the bank is covered by FDIC insurance, the money on your card is protected from risk.

Additionally, nobody can get your card stolen through an ATM withdrawal since the card comes with an individual PIN. 

Once you have the card, examine the PIN that came along with your card. You may also switch it to a different card at an ATM. 

But, it is not recommended to divulge the card information to anyone since certain people may use the card details to purchase goods or services on the internet.

If the card issuer suspects an unauthorized transaction on your account, they could restrict your account so that no one can withdraw funds from it. You’ll see the message ” Account restricted” when you attempt to withdraw cash at an ATM. 

However, it is usually an issue for a short period designed to safeguard you from the possibility of losing your money. 

It’s not just Emerald that has this issue; however, other financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and mobile wallets typically have the same restrictions.

Emerald card customer service

Anyone with an Emerald Prepaid Card can contact Emerald Card Customer Service in the following ways.

  • Contacting 1-866-353-1266
  • By mail at Cardholder Customer Service, PO Box 10170, Kansas City, MO, 64171,
  • You can visit their website at www.hrblock.com/emeraldcard.

Emerald Card phone number

Contact the Emerald Prepaid Card Call Center at 1-866-353-1266. H&R block’s emerald telephone # is 1-866-353-1266. You can also visit Emerald Online to find out more.


How much money can I withdraw from my emerald card per day?


The maximum amount of money withdrawn from an ATM daily can be $3,000.00 per card, subject to any lower limits set by the ATM owner. iv.

How much can I withdraw from my emerald card at Walmart?

The Emerald card comes with a large daily ATM limit of $3000. The majority of cards restrict ATM withdrawals to $1,000 or less daily. 

However, Emerald’s limit for cash load at $1,000 is less than the average. The average is about $2,500.

Where can I withdraw all my money from my emerald card?

Because the Emerald Card is a prepaid Mastercard that allows you to visit every ATM and receive funds using the card. 

Remember that you’ll get charged a fee to use all ATMs unless it’s one affiliated with the bank which has issued your card. In some instances, you may be fortunate enough to locate a free ATM.

Can I use my H & R Block Emerald card at an ATM?

Earn cashback on purchases at retailers as well as ATMs. See the disclaimer for more details 117 anywhere throughout the U.S. that Debit Mastercard is accepted.

How much can I withdraw at ATM?

The ATM maximum withdrawal limit varies depending on the bank you bank with the institution, whether a credit union or bank has guidelines. However, ATM cash withdrawal limits generally vary between 300 to $1000 daily.

How much does the Emerald card charge for a cash advance?

ATM withdraw $3.00. This is our charge. There is a possibility of being assessed an additional cost from the ATM operator even if you do not complete the transaction.

Do you have a spending limit on your Emerald card?

Its Emerald daily ATM limit for withdrawal is $3000, which is a lot compared to other prepaid card limits. The daily limit for cash load is $1,000, and the daily limit for spending is $3500. 

The limit is seven ATM transactions per day.

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