Amazon Wedding Registry Review: Perks, Features & Top Tips

Find A Wedding Registry: Search Amazon, Target & More

Amazon Wedding Registry: If you’re often invited to weddings, you’ll know how difficult it is to find an ideal gift for the couple getting married.


It is possible to visit an actual store to choose a suitable item, especially if you have time.

If you’d prefer to take your time and buy the couple who are getting married an item they’ll be sure to appreciate, why not pick something from the wedding registry they have on Amazon?


Since Amazon is the largest and most sought-after market on the internet, there’s not surprising that couples opt to design Amazon wedding registry pages.

Wedding registry services on Amazon let couples choose items from a variety of the top Amazon items to celebrate their wedding and add them to an inventory.

wedding registry on amazon


Brides could also set up an Amazon registry for the bridal shower, separate from the wedding registry.

This makes buying wedding and shower gifts easy for friends and relatives. You can also enjoy free shipping when you’re a Prime member.

It’s good to know that searching wedding registry on Amazon is easy. Like the user-friendly site, Amazon makes wedding registries simple to locate and navigate.


This article will demonstrate how to locate the marriage registry through Amazon quickly.

How to Find an Amazon Wedding Registry

You can look for an Amazon wedding registry within 15 minutes after they’ve been designed.

However, how do you get to the couple’s Amazon registry to buy gifts?

Here are the steps you need to follow to discover the Amazon registry.

When engaged, most couples design a wedding website that contains important information for guests. The information usually comprises a Save the Date announcement that includes the wedding date, venue, and time.

The website may provide specific directions and guidelines for their family and friends. It’s also where you’ll get a link to your Amazon wedding registry.

If there’s no URL on the website, You can gather all the information you require to locate your Amazon wedding registry.

Information such as the couple’s names and the wedding month is usually enough for the wedding registry.

Go to Amazon Weddings and Search By Name

Once you’ve got the couple’s information and have the couple’s information, you can go to Amazon. Log in to your Amazon account via the Amazon website and click on accounts and lists. Click Select an Account or Register in the dropdown menu.

Go to Amazon Weddings and Search By Name

When you go to the Find an online registry or gift lists page, type in the person’s name, and select the Wedding Registry among the choices from the types of the registry. Choose the Search option.

If the bride and groom have a distinctive or unusual name, you’ll be able to locate the couple’s Amazon wedding registry.

Search By Name, Location, and Date

If you’re searching for the wedding registry of a couple and they share a last name such as Smith or Martinez, you’ll need to give more information on Amazon’s “Find an Event Register” page.

Below the area, you can enter the couple’s names. Amazon lets you search for a state or general date of the event. It doesn’t require specific details to make this effective! If you know that the wedding date is sometime in October, on a California beach, You can utilize Amazon’s drop-down menus to locate the exact date.

Add More Information to Narrow Down the List

If the couple’s name is popular, the Amazon page will likely show an overwhelming number of listings. In this instance, you’ll need to narrow the list with more details on the Find the Wedding Registry page.

To narrow your search, add information about your save-the-date notice, such as the venue or the wedding date. There’s an area under the couple’s names where you can type in the details.

Add More Information to Narrow Down the List

The registry can be simple. If you know the state of the wedding and the month that the wedding is scheduled to occur, you’ll be capable of finding wedding registry items on the table.

Ask the Couple to Share the Registry With You

If you still need help finding the wedding registry by using the search feature, then you’ll need to solicit your friends and family to share the registry directly with you. This can be done by clicking the list of your lists in your account at Amazon.

Ask the Couple to Share the Registry With You

Click on your friend list, and tap Send an email. A pre-written message soliciting the registry’s creators to give you their list will be displayed on the screen. You can copy and send this email to them.

Couple to Share the Registry

How to Purchase From a Wedding Registry

Once you’ve access to the registry for your wedding, You’re now able to shop and choose from the options that are listed. Since the soon-to-be newlyweds put the list together, you can be certain that they’ll be delighted with your present.

Here are some tips to make your purchase as quick as possible.

Filter Your Search

To make shopping easier, you can sort your search by the registry. Three ways to narrow your search: through priority, Price or purchase status. These filters are accessible by using the Sort By drop-down menu.

Priorityfilter Priorityfilter will display the items the couple has labeled according to their preferences. For example, kitchenware can be listed as a “Most Desired” present and will be well received.

A price filter is more suitable if you prefer shopping within your budget.

In addition, it is possible to use using the purchase status filter is helpful for couples who want to purchase more than one specific item, such as bedding sheets or hand towels. It will show how many items have already been bought and how many they need.

Filter Your Search

You can change the status of purchases by logging into their Amazon registry if you purchase a wedding present from a different store. So they will only end up with one thing.

Complete Your Purchase

After you’ve picked the wedding present and you’re ready to checkout. Select the item you want to purchase, then click “Add to Cart”. After that, click Continue to checkout. The website will then provide you with the payment procedure.

When you use wedding registry services, be aware that the address for shipping when you check out is not visible.

It’s not a problem to worry about. It simply implies that Amazon will deliver to an address that is different from the address for shipping that the couple supplied.

Another benefit of using wedding registry books.

Complete Your Purchase

If you’d prefer to present them the present yourself, ensure that you change the delivery address to ensure that the gift is delivered.

However, it could cause an inconvenience to those who tie the knot, since they’ll have to transport your present back home.

Is Amazon A Good Place To Register?

Amazon is an excellent option to sign up for wedding presents. It’s, after all, one of the most popular online retailers, and most users already own an Amazon account.

It’s easy to find a variety of things that you could add to your registry, and you can easily alter the privacy settings if you’re concerned. Another helpful feature can be found in an option to add a gift card fund that allows guests to contribute to your fund on your wedding registry, and you’ll be able to keep the funds to make use of for purchases.

Benefits of the Amazon Wedding Registry

  • They offer The World’s Largest Selection Register of every item you desire from Amazon’s massive selection.
  • It’s universal.
  • Keep track of everything you’d like to purchase from any location. Include items from other websites in the wedding Registry by using your familiar button.
  • Get perks.
  • You can get a wedding gift from Amazon following your big day. You can save 10% on most Amazon items for as much as $100.
  • FREE shipping for orders that exceed $49
  • If their gift is large or small, simple and affordable for your guests too!
  • It’s Convenient.
  • You can leave home to complete your registry. And your guests can shop at home as well!
  • It’s a trusted and well-known format.
  • Your guests are likely to have been shopping on Amazon numerous times. There’s nothing new or complicated about it.
  • Recently redesigned.
  • The Amazon Wedding Registry recently had an overhaul and now comes with exquisitely curated sections that will help you discover the most appropriate items.

Check Out These Amazon Wedding Registry Perks

What are the reasons to create your own Amazon Wedding Registry? It has many benefits! The benefits of having an Amazon Registry will save you time, money, and stress! Let’s look at the different ways!

1. There are Endless Products to Choose from 

 This internet giant houses the most extensive range of products on one website. They also allow adding items from ANYWHERE online using a universal register button. This means you’ll keep everything you need in one registry, which is easier for both you and your guests.

2. They Have All the Best Brands  

 Pick from the many top brands with a lot of lust on registry lists, such as KitchenAid, LeCreuset, Kate Spade, Cuisinart, Keurig Wilton Armetale, and many more!

They even have curated collections of their best-selling products across a variety of categories to aid you in finding the top items to add to your registry and the rest of yours.

3. Compare Reviews to Make the Best Choices

I enjoy shopping through Amazon since I can read numerous reviews from real customers. This aids in making the right choice regarding the product you’re searching for.

I particularly like when I see a product listed as the top bestseller in its field for an extra boost of confidence in my choice.

4. Manage Your Amazon Registry on the Go. 

Nowadays, couples are busier than ever before. Our attention is being diverted in a variety of different directions. It’s no wonder that you can build or manage your registry while on the go by using Amazon’s mobile application!

Can you find something you like on the go and you want to register it? Open the mobile app and add it to your registry in an instant!

5. You Can Personalize Your Amazon Registry

Create your wedding registry with the names of your spouse and you as well as a unique photo featuring you with your fiancé and the date of your wedding to be the first to greet all your guests.

Upload the images of your choice using their uploader for a simple and easy way to create a warm and unique design on your wedding registry. You can also specify if you and your partner would like to refer to yourself as bride or groom for a more inclusive gift! Be sure to tailor your registry’s URL.

6. Free Shipping on Amazon Prime items!

Who would like to pay for shipping? Nobody! You and your guests can save large sums of money on shipping by availing of their free shipping deal.

Whether you’re a Prime member or not, everyone is eligible for free shipping on purchases of more than $25! They also have a generous return policy. You have a full 180 days to return items that you don’t want to return.

7. Amazon Wedding Registry Completion Discount and Earn Bonus Gifts!

In addition, Amazon offers a massive discount for completion and free shipping, but you also have the opportunity to get bonus gift cards! When you sign up for specific items or brands and have your guests buy these items, you’ll receive bonuses! Prime members can enjoy 20% off certain remaining products (shipped and sold by the seller in their registry.

Non-prime members save 10 percent! Who doesn’t like saving money? Consider those high-end items such as Dyson vacuums or a brand new Mattress, and you can get them for 20% off following the big event!

8. Hassle-free returns for 180 days!!

Free return shipping is available on any item not used in the first 180 days. This means you don’t need to worry about it.

Relax and soak in your newlywed bliss without having to run between numerous stores to make exchanges or refunds. Return shipping is free and straightforward with print-at-home return labels. There is no hassle or hassles!

9. Privacy & Security

Although the items on your Amazon Wedding Registry gift list could be available to the public, your shipping address won’t be public, thanks to the privacy setting.

Therefore, don’t worry about uninvited wedding guests sneakingly stealing information you’d never like to share. You can also opt out of sharing your email address with stores from third-party vendors through the platform so that you can only receive products directly from Amazon.

You may also opt-in to provide your registration information to your website using

Potential Cons of an Amazon Wedding Registry

If you’re in a highly remote location, you may not enjoy the advantage of two days of Prime Shipping, so becoming an Amazon Prime member might not be a good idea for you. Even if you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, there are many benefits and advantages like the ones mentioned above.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that works for every person, and you may have reasons you don’t want to use the Amazon Wedding Registry. This review will provide positive reasons why it’s a smart option!

Bottom Line

Amazon wedding registry websites give wedding guests a simple method of shopping for gifts. They eliminate the hassle of shopping in a physical shop.

If you’ve learned the best way to locate an Amazon wedding registry for your wedding, you can find the ideal wedding present from a registry in only a few clicks.

This post has provided you with the best marriage registry suitable for you, your loved ones, and your friends.

We also offer suggestions on what to do if the purchase you made still needs to arrive. These tips can help you shop on Amazon more conveniently.

Please read our blog for additional information about Amazon tricks and tips. Enjoy shopping!


Q.1 How do you find someone’s registry on Amazon?

ANS. Search for a Baby Registry

  1. Visit Baby Registry Search.
  2. Input the name of the registry’s owner, city, state, or town within the Find a Baby Registry search box. You can also choose months and years of the expected birth date.
  3. Search for.
  4. Choose the name of the registry owner.

Q.2 How do I go to my Wedding Registry on Amazon?

ANS. After creating your registry for weddings, you can go to your list by choosing Amazon Wedding Registry or selecting the Wedding Registry option on the Account & Lists drop-down menu.

You can edit your personal information anytime by clicking settings from the drop-down menu on the right of the registry.

Q.3 How do I find my Amazon registry link?

ANS. Go to your baby’s Registry. Select Share from the navigation menu at the top. The hyperlink to the registration will become accessible, as well as buttons to share the Registry on different social networks.

Q.4 How do I find someone’s public wishlist on Amazon?

ANS. The recipient of your gift will need to be able to access an open Wish List on Amazon, which is the default option when you create an account.

Just go through the Amazon Find a Wish List page to search. Inquiring via the email address or name, city, or state is possible.

Q.5 Can you see who bought Amazon Wedding Registry?

ANS. You can look up Group Gift contributions by selecting the items from your wedding Registry or through the Thank You List.

You’ll find your names as well as the addresses of the people who contributed or purchased things from the registry when your guests have decided to opt to share their personal information.

Q.6 What is Amazon Wedding Registry?

ANS. A wedding registry is an online service that permits guests at the wedding to purchase items that are on the wedding couple’s wish list.


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