Amazon Price Match & Price Adjustment 2023

How do I Request Amazon Price Match After a Purchase in 2023

Amazon Price Match: If you’re an online shopper, then Amazon is high on your list of choices. With its easy-to-use platform with an almost endless selection of products and fast delivery, What’s that you don’t like?


But, there’s one thing you could like to see Amazon have: a price-match guarantee.
Read on to find out more about Amazon’s policy on price-matching and ways to get a discount on Amazon’s low prices.

Amazon Price Match


Does Amazon Price Match?

There is no Amazon discontinued the price Match and Price Adjustment policy in the year 2018. Therefore, as of right now, they aren’t offering Price Match or Price Protection services for their customers.

However, don’t fret. Many other ways can help you save money when shopping on Amazon.

But, you can be sure that the giant e-commerce site also offers a good deal. If you get the item, you’re looking for at a lower cost elsewhere.


There may be an option to ensure that the price is matched on Amazon.

Amazon doesn’t offer price matches for products sold on its platform. One of the reasons Amazon became a household name and is still there to this day is the fact that it is adamant about its pricing.

Amazon Pricing Strategy

To stay in the game, Amazon seeks to match or beat the lowest price for its products before they’re even listed. The company solicits its third-party sellers to follow suit.


But, there could be cases where Amazon could not have spotted an offer with a lower price on the market before launching the product, or the cost of a product has been reduced in other places and is not on Amazon.

In such cases, there may be a way you can attempt to get Amazon to meet the price of the lower one.

If you are looking through the product on Amazon, You may see the “product information” section. In this area of the page, there is a hidden treasure that may result in the possibility of a price match.

After clicking on “product information, ” keep an eye out for the link embedded in the query “Would you inform us about a price reduction?” This link will allow you to fill in an application for a price match.

Of course, you’ll be required to prove your lower cost. However, there is no assurance that Amazon will beat the lower price you saw elsewhere.

However, it’s worth trying! If your search proves successful, you’ll be able to see the cost of the product decrease in the coming days.

Does Amazon offer price adjustment in 2022?

Unfortunately, in 2016 Amazon removed its price adjustment policy after purchase that allowed you to get a refund of the amount difference in the price of the product if the price went down for that identical product from Amazon and if you discovered lower prices elsewhere except televisions.

If you buy a TV through Amazon, You have seven days from the time of your purchase to apply for an adjustment after purchase.

Go to the “Order Information” page in your Amazon account, and then click the link that says, “Found a lower price?” to submit the price adjustment form. It is also possible to be accomplished for TVs.

Remember, Amazon will refund you for returns. If you discover a lower cost for the same item and you’re in the return period, you can have Amazon refund you and purchase the item.

It is also possible to use Price Protection, a Price Protection facility provided by certain Credit Card companies.

If the Credit Card provides the facility of Price Protection, then you could get a reimbursement if the cost of the product you bought decreases after a specific period.

The time limit duration is determined by the organization of your use of the credit card.

Does Amazon have a price guarantee policy?

Amazon does not provide the lowest price guarantee, but Amazon is constantly searching for the lowest price for the products it sells.

In reality, Amazon changes prices on its website nearly 2.5 million times daily to maintain prices that are affordable for customers.

So if you can check the pricing of a product a few times per day, you’ll likely find the price dropping in a matter of minutes.

Does Amazon offer a price-drop refund in 2023?

Amazon does not offer refunds for price differences after purchasing, except for TVs. There are many ways to ensure you get the best deal possible before purchasing.

These are just a few ways to ensure that you get the best deal before buying.

  • Add coupon extensions to your internet browser. Many coupon extensions can be downloaded for free and will search for coupons when you shop online.
  • Join Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members get early access and free shipping.
  • Don’t forget the daily deals. Check the “Today’s Deals” box in Amazon’s search menu to find a specific product. Or peruse the Today’s Deal page on the platform.

Does Amazon price match Target?

Amazon doesn’t have an official price match policy, but it may match Target’s price on its own or if Target is notified via the “product details” section of the item’s webpage.

Target has a price-matching policy, but it does not apply to Amazon if the item is sold directly by Amazon and not through a third-party seller.

Does Amazon price match eBay?

Amazon does not match the price of any other retailer, just like Target. If you notify eBay’s customer service team of any price differences before you purchase an item on Amazon, they will price match it.

Rules and Exclusions

Amazon constantly searches for the lowest prices for products on its platform. The company doesn’t price-match, price guarantee, or refund after a price decrease.

If the lower price was discovered after the TV was purchased and the price-return request is made within seven days, Amazon will refund the difference in price for any TV purchased through its platform.

Amazon Pre-order Price Guarantee

Amazon doesn’t offer Price Match, but they have a new policy where you can get Amazon Price Guarantee on all pre-orders.

Physical Items

Pre-order your products through Amazon and get the Guarantee. This Guarantee is only available for products with the “Pre-order price Guarantee” listed in the product description.

This offer will require you to pay the lowest price for that product. This means the product will be sold at the lowest price from its order date until its release.

For example, an iPhone you ordered from Amazon will be cheaper when it launches. You don’t need to pay the same price as when you ordered.

The launch price will be lower. You don’t have to pay more if the product’s price increases after its release. The lowest price at which you ordered the Item will be yours.

Digital Content and Media

Pre-order Digital Media and content from Amazon to get the Price Guarantee.

Digital Content includes software downloads, Amazon Music, and Kindle books.

Pre-order Digital Content from, and you will be charged the lowest price. Amazon Price Guarantee applies to all Digital content that has been pre-ordered. The lowest price will be considered from when you place your order until the content is released.

Does Amazon do price match within 30 days?

Amazon initially offered a 30-day price promise on all products it sold or shipped. After some time, the guarantee period was reduced from 30 to 7 days and revoked. This means that you won’t be able to receive a price adjustment or refund.

Does Amazon do price match adjustments?

Amazon doesn’t offer price adjustments. However, prices at the company are often much lower than those found in other retail outlets. Amazon offers a generous return policy, which allows customers to return most products within 30 days to receive a full refund.

When did Amazon stop price matching?

Amazon doesn’t price match, unlike other brick-and-mortar stores. Amazon used to offer price protection guarantees. It would refund the difference between the original price and the new lower rate if it dropped in price. However, this service was discontinued in 2016.

What happens if Amazon price drops after purchase?

Suppose you’re eligible for a Price Promise on the Product that you purchased during the Purchase Period and the price of the Product drops during the Price Guarantee Period. In that case, you will receive a credit from Amazon Pay Balance to your Amazon. in registered account.

How do I request a price adjustment on Amazon?

Contact Amazon customer service at 1 (888-280-4331) to adjust your price or open a chat session.

Does Amazon have price protection?

Amazon does not offer price protection. However, your credit card may — and Sift can let you know if you are eligible for a refund. Amazon used to provide price protection.

If the price of a product drops after you purchase it, you could receive a refund. Unfortunately, this policy has been discontinued.

Does Amazon price match on Prime Day?

Amazon does not offer price matching. However, most products can be returned within 30 days.

If the Prime Day price of something you purchased in the past month is significantly lower than the current one, it may be worth repurchasing it and returning the first one.


Amazon does not offer a price-match guarantee or price adjustment guarantee. However, you can be sure that the prices you see on its platform will remain competitive.

Amazon’s data-driven algorithms, which analyze billions upon billions of gigabytes every ten minutes, ensure that Amazon’s prices remain the lowest in the marketplace.

If you find a lower price elsewhere, there are still options to get the best Amazon price. Have fun shopping!


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