Adidas Mission Statement & Vision Statement Analysis 2024

Adidas Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

Adidas Mission Statement: Adidas’ mission statement reads, “The Adidas Group strives to

become the leading company in the sporting goods field by establishing brands based on a love of the sport and a healthy lifestyle.

We’re committed to expanding our product and brand constantly to increase our competitiveness.”

The mission statement is based on the inexhaustible ability of the company to offer the most effective products for athletes to improve their performance.

Adidas Mission Statement

The report also outlines its unwavering determination to keep abreast of market trends for advancing these items as a marketing strategy. The main elements in Adidas’ mission statement are:

Analysis and Vision

  •  Improving sports. In its mission declaration, Adidas insists on its duty to constantly lead in offering its customers top products. In the spirit of sports, Adidas has a sports-specific culture style embedded into everything about the business. For instance, Adidas is particular in the details of what they showcase for each sport, including shoes for women and men and the sports they play. In addition to the sale of sporting apparel, Adidas is a great sponsor of sports with targeted initiatives as well as sponsors programs to encourage young talent.
  • Exceeding expectations. Adidas has a name as it has been gaining popularity because of its uncompromising focus on quality. Adidas is a brand that requires little marketing effort because of the level of satisfaction it offers its clients wherever they are. There is more to Adidas. The company is committed to its sustainable plan of action, which includes helping its employees and the natural environment. This way, it involves other aspects of life that are not related to sports, which makes it among the responsible companies in the present.
  • Innovations. Adidas proves that its innovative mindset is at the core of its business, as evidenced by the continuous launch of excellent sports footwear and other related products. The designs used in the work of Adidas are exact and tailored to the particular requirements of athletes and show how the company is a cult in the world of sports.


Adidas’ goals and vision statements have been steadily changing with the constantly evolving sporting apparel, sports shoes, and other items.

This is a key factor in establishing the top position that the company has been able to claim in the present market.

In reality, Adidas’s managerial approaches are highly valued for their capacity to ensure that the

business is operating at its highest level at all times, regardless of what market conditions, something Adidas acknowledges its vision and mission statements with.

The ideal vision statement for a business describes the main goals the company aims to implement to boost its growth.

The vision statement also describes the company’s future. This Adidas study shows the company’s ambition to generate market-leading products.

The idea is to be unique and special so buyers can do more with the products.

Adidas emphasizes leadership through becoming the industry leader in its vision statements.

To help employees achieve the company’s mission and vision goals, management embraces the important values.

The company promotes honesty, passion, and diversity in other ideas to succeed. Adidas’s success depends on its proper implementation and coordination.

FORMERLYDassler Brothers Shoe Factory (Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik) (1924–1949)
INDUSTRYApparel, accessories
FOUNDEDJuly 1924; 95 years ago
(as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik)
18 August 1949; 70 years ago (as Adidas)
FOUNDERAdolf Dassler
HEADQUARTERSHerzogenaurach, Germany
KEY PEOPLEIgor Landau, Chairman
Kasper Rørsted, CEO
PRODUCTSFootwear, sportswear, sports equipment, toiletries
REVENUE€21.915 billion (2018)

Adidas’s Mission Statement

Adidas’ mission statement states, “to become the leading brand in the field of sporting goods with brands that are based around a love for the sport and a lifestyle characterized by marks.

We’re committed to continually expanding our product and brand to enhance our competitiveness. “

The phrase is simple and easy to understand; however, let’s go more deeply into the meaning the

company intends to convey in this statement. A few critical elements in this statement should be made clear.

Promoting an Active Lifestyle

Adidas is a firm believer in living an active lifestyle. It encourages its customers to take up the sport by offering a wide range of top-quality items that fit an extremely diverse market.

Improving Sports

There is a solid sports-oriented mentality within the Adidas Group. Although Adidas can meet the fitness requirements of all its customers, the bulk of its efforts are focused on the market that is geared toward athletics, especially the young.

Adidas participates in a variety of programs that are designed to enhance the abilities of athletes who are young and provide them with the best equipment and opportunities to enhance their abilities.

Exceeding Expectations

The team of researchers and developers of Adidas is constantly striving to improve their products, resulting in unique features that are not seen on the market.

One of Adidas’s objectives is to exceed the expectations of customers and their competitors continually.

Creating Innovative Products

Creativity and innovation are among the most critical aspects of the Adidas team. They are famous for introducing the most cutting-edge technology to make unique products.

Take, for instance, the Boost technology that has become the most distinctive characteristic of Adidas sneakers for runners.

It significantly increased the energy return per stride, which makes it an essential instrument to enhance the competitiveness of runners all over the world.

Adidas’s Vision Statement

Adidas’ vision is “to be the leading brand in design with a focus on bringing the most value from athletes by providing performance-based products for the market of sports all over the world. “

Product performance excellence is an essential aspect of the long-term strategy of the Adidas Group because Adidas wants to help athletes be at their best.

Yet, at the same, Adidas is just as keen to design the best products with style.

Creating the Best Designs

Adidas’s vision statement starts by stating its intention to be the leading designer in the world of sports goods.

Over the decades, Adidas has maintained an untarnished reputation of providing only the finest products, which is the way Adidas hopes to maintain in the coming years.

Maximizing Athlete Performance

Despite being a leading manufacturer of sporting products in the world, Adidas never stops trying to improve its products.

The objective is to constantly motivate athletes who push their capabilities and maximize the potential of whatever sport or activity they are involved in.

Manufacturing Top Quality Products

Adidas products are widely regarded as expensive. The reason is that they are of the highest quality.

Each pair of shorts, shoes, or t-shirt from the Adidas facilities is suitable to be worn to the most demanding international sports contests.

When you purchase Adidas products, you’ll know that you’re receiving top-quality items.

Reaching the Global Market

Adidas is a household brand everywhere you go around the globe. The company continues increasing its global reach by using strategic marketing strategies and working with international stars in entertainment and sports.

Adidas’s Core Values

One of the primary reasons Adidas has made it this far is that the business was founded on the most exemplary values.

Over the years, Adidas has always adhered to these values throughout the industry. All company decisions were taken after considering these values.


To ensure that Adidas creates the highest-performing clothing and sports equipment on the marketplace, Adidas employs engineers, scientists, and experts in the field of clothing technology to ensure that only the finest inputs are put into the product, starting from the initial design to manufacturing.


The company can retain a deep enthusiasm for sports because Adidas only recruits athletes. Adidas isn’t only a business but an entire group of people who share the same passion.


In addition to selling goods, Adidas is deeply committed to making a difference in people’s lives through sports. In addition, Adidas is also widely involved in athletic scholarship programs and other charitable activities that give back to the community.


Adidas accepts diversity in all its forms. It offers a broad range of goods and has something at its stores for anyone regardless of age, size, gender, or athletic talent.

Adidas Attitude

“Impossible is nothing. We are rebellious optimists driven by action to shape a future together and we see the world with possibilities where others only see the impossible.”

Adidas is adamant that “nothing can be impossible.” Its stance to influence the future is based on the following components:

  • Passion for Making the Impossible Possible

To inspire customers to be passionate, The company has to feel the same passion as its customers. This is what Adidas is a symbol of when it regards sports.

The company that makes sportswear has the ambition to make the impossible happen with its passion, determination, and determination to overcome every obstacle and challenge it encounters.

This is why Adidas is a company that only employs innovative and strong-willed people inclined to sports activities.

This allows the company to become an extremely close-knit organization with employees with similar opinions about active lifestyles and sports.

This mental synergy among Adidas employees makes it the perfect location for people seeking a career with anything to do with sports.

  • Shaping the Future with Brilliant Performance

Only a business that understands how to increase and sustain its position on the market and in the minds of its customers can remain at the top of the sports business.

The most effective method for Adidas to prove its worth is to create high-performance sporting gear and apparel time and time.

To keep its core values and help make the world better through its products, Adidas is focused on the unwavering force of unification and working in tandem.

It is always in partnership with the most renowned experts, chemists, and engineers in footwear and clothing technology.

This guarantees that the brand offers only the finest products on the shelves across the globe.

Popular Adidas Products

The first item from the Adidas apparel collection was a tracksuit which was launched in the year 1967.

Since then, Adidas AG has become Europe’s most significant sports bras producer. Other well-known products that are part of the wide range of clothing are T-shirts, pants, jackets, leggings, and jackets.


Adidas produces unique sportswear that is appropriate for all well-known sports. This includes basketball, soccer, cricket, golf, gymnastics, ice hockey, and tennis.

Adidas sporting wear allows the body to move freely while permitting breathing space for the human body.

Running Shoes

The Adidas range of products includes numerous kinds of running footwear. They are designed to be used in all activities. Every running shoe has specific features to improve performance.

Adidas’ dedication to the latest technology is evident in the Adidas Futurecraft Bio Fabric shoes for runners.

They were released in the year 2016 and were made out of ocean plastic. It is not just much lighter than silk fibers; it’s also biodegradable.


The assortment of accessories included in the Adidas collection is nearly inexhaustible. As with the company’s sportswear and running shoes, these accessories feature distinctive designs and features.

This includes brand-name perfumes, deodorant wristbands, bags, baseball caps, eyewear, and mobile accessories.


Adidas slogan is: Impossible is Nothing


Adidas main headquarters is in Herzogenaurach, Germany

History of Adidas Mission Statement 

Adidas’ mission statement remains unchanged through 2020 and 2021

Key Takeaways

  • A well-crafted mission statement should describe the goals of the company how they plan to accomplish them, and what differentiates them from the competition.
  • Adidas does this by using their 3 Ps: Position (objective), Products (how they’ll get there), and passion (what distinguishes them from other brands)
  • Mission statements can be remarkably efficient when the language reflects the business and target market.
  • Adidas uses vocabulary that reflects the competition, the desire to be the best, etc.


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Adidas is one of the businesses whose core values and mission are incorporated into the final product.

Their dedication to innovation, as well as their dedication to hard work and commitment, has resulted in tremendous growth and global expansion over time.

The company was born from a love for sportswear and has become a massive player in the field.

Adidas is still adhering to its mission, vision, and values from year to year, and it can never stop working towards new goals and ambitions.

This is why they’re so efficient and constantly draw new customers who return.


Q.1 What is Adidas vision and mission?

ANS. Adidas’ People will guide us in our efforts to fulfill our goal of being the most successful sports brand in the world. We achieve our goal – through sport, we can transform lives. Also, you will see our belief that ‘Impossible is nothing’ in the Adidas People Promise.

Q.2 What is Adidas’ main focus?

ANS. Our focus is improving brand recognition enhancing the experience for our customers, and pushing the limits of sustainability.

Q.3 Who is Adidas main target market?

ANS. athletes

Targeting of Adidas

They’re targeted toward young athletes interested in sports 20 and 30 years of age. Adidas is focusing its efforts on 13-18-year-old athletes as they believe they represent the next generation of athletes that will help build the brand, and they are the most significant market segment.

Q.4 What is Adidas brand personality?

ANS. The top five positive qualities associated with Adidas are Adidas label is iconic, stylish, trendy, stylish, authentic, and minimal. A well-crafted brand’s communication usually focuses on what people already love about a brand to generate positive feelings.

Q.5 What is Adidas marketing strategy?

ANS. Since 2015, Adidas’s advertising strategy has used the tagline ” creating the new.” This is because they want to be the top brand in the world of sportswear. So, they utilize various methods, like digitization, to achieve this goal.

Q.6 What are Adidas strengths?

ANS. One of Adidas’ strengths is, without a doubt, its signature brand. Alongside Nike and other brands, Adidas is one of the top sportswear brands recognized worldwide. The brand doesn’t just have widespread recognition and recognition but also an excellent brand image.

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