Walmart Baby Formula Return Policy In Full Guide ❤️️ 2022

Walmart Baby Formula Return Policy In 2022

Walmart Baby Formula Return Policy: Parents from all over the world regularly go to Walmart to purchase things for their infants like diapers, baby formula, and even clothes.

If you’ve purchased the baby formula at Walmart that isn’t suitable for your child’s needs, you may be wondering what Walmart’s policy on returning baby formula is? Here’s what I’ve discovered!

Walmart Baby Formula Return Policy

Walmart accepts returns on infant formula that are not opened within 90 days after purchase or delivery, along with the original receipt until 2022.

The item can be returned in-store via Mobile Express Returns or FedEx/USPS free mailing service. Bring a photo ID issued by the government if you’ve lost the receipt.

If you’re interested in learning how to return baby formula legally to Walmart, the possibility of returning the baby’s formula to Walmart without receipt and more, continue going!

Can You Legally Return Baby Formula To Walmart

It is legal to give baby formula back to Walmart as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes baby formula as an item that is food-related and does not enforce regulations concerning its return.

This is why independent retailers have their return policies for infant formula.

Walmart labels these products as food items that are not perishable and thus allows their return. However, you will be informed on your receipt if an individual brand has altered or different return policy.

When Can You Return Baby Formula To Walmart

You can return baby formula (including brands like Similac, Enfamil, Parent’s Choice, Gerber Baby, Earth’s Best, Happy Baby, etc.) to Walmart with an invoice online or a receipt within 90 days from purchase or delivery anytime during the store’s hours.

The majority of Walmart Supercenters and Neighborhood Markets start opening at 7-8 am and close between 10-11 pm.

While customers aren’t permitted to return infant food items after 90 days, the choice is at the discretion of store managers, who can accept your return within 90 days, provided you’ve got your original receipt.

How Can You Return Baby Formula To Walmart In-Store

It is easy to bring the baby formula to Walmart by going to an adjacent store and going to the desk of customer services or the checkout lanes, which are typically responsible for returns.

Be sure to are carrying the proper documentation of purchase, like receipts or an online invoice, along with a valid government-issued photo ID for verification purposes.

Cash refunds and exchanges are distributed instantly, while reimbursements for credit or debit cards may take up to 10 days for processing.

Alternately, you can utilize. Alternatively, you can use the Mobile Express lanes to return baby formula purchased at and Walmart stores.

You’ll require a smartphone to connect to the Walmart app to process the return.

Can You Return Baby Formula To Walmart Without A Receipt

Can You Return Baby Formula To Walmart Without A Receipt

Walmart will accept returns of baby formula with no original receipt provided you are within the 90-day deadline and meet the requirements for return without receipt.

To meet this requirement as part of this criteria, you’ll be required to show an official photo ID issued by the government (i.e., driver’s license, driver’s license passport, state ID, passport), which Walmart uses to monitor your return activities.

If the refund process checks the return, you can swap the baby formula in exchange for another product and pay the difference if the new product is worth more.

In addition, baby formulas valued lesser than $225 will be reimbursed in cash, whereas Walmart gift cards or shopping vouchers are issued to products valued at $25 or more.

It is important to note that unreturned returns could be refused or given store credit at the current sale price, even if it is lower than the price you paid.

How Can You Return Baby Formula To Walmart Through Mail

People who are in a hurry can return baby formula to Walmart through the post using these instructions:

  • Start returning from your order history page on or the Walmart app.
  • In the order’s list, you can nominate the formula baby to be replaced or refunded with why you are making this decision.
  • Choose “Return via mail” to receive a printable shipping label free of charge.
  • Add this tag to your baby formula package.
  • Drop off the package at an area USPS or FedEx place

Replacements and refunds are processed when the baby formula is delivered to Walmart. Because of this, you must give up to 10 days for refunds to be processed with your payment method.

Can You Return Opened Baby Formula To Walmart

Most stores would let you return unopened infant formula within 90 days of purchase if the product was purchased after the expiration date or was damaged.

Furthermore, baby formulas that arrive damaged during the delivery can be reimbursed or substituted.

Each store has its policies for its store. You should contact the store before your visit to confirm that the formula for your baby can be returned. Return.

What is Walmart’s Return Policy For WIC Baby Formula

WIC baby formula can be qualified for a refund in cash or store credit reimbursement when the purchaser can provide the receipt within 90 days of the purchase.

Additionally, damaged or expired WIC products are exchangeable only for a replacement version of the exact item.

If you have the proper Instant Formula Exchange form from an official WIC nutritionist, your exchange will be completed following the directions in the Formula Exchange Form.

Can you return baby formula to Walmart?

The formula for babies may be returned to Walmart after 90 days of the date of purchase or delivery.

Returns can be registered in-store, using Mobile Express, or by free postage, and you must show proof of purchase to receive an exchange or full refund.

WIC customers can get an exchange or credit to the store.

What items Cannot be returned to Walmart?

Walmart is not accepting return requests for gifts cards, mobile phones, prescriptions, ammunition, firearms, pepper spray, DVDs/CDs/videos, alcohol, tobacco perishable products, hygiene products, gasoline-powered vehicles like go-karts and dirt bikes.

What is Walmart’s return policy?

Walmart’s return policy

The simple returns we offer allow you to easily return your purchase for free through mail or by arranging a pickup from your residence or in-store.

Most items purchased from our stores or online at can be exchanged or returned in the ninety (90) calendar days from purchase, with or without a receipt.

Can Walmart deny your return?

Be aware that Walmart is entitled to reject any return. Walmart generally allows returns; however, there is a chance that a return may be rejected.



The formula for babies can be returned to Walmart after 90 days of the date of purchase or delivery. You can make returns registration in-store, using Mobile Express, or by free postage, and you need to provide proof of purchase to receive a full refund or exchange.

WIC customers can get the option of store credit or exchange. You may return baby formula without receipt by presenting an official ID proof at Walmart.

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