The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning in Love, Health, Money?

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning: The deck card seems to be a negative card at first glance. Many people associate the term “hanged” with death. This is not true with the tarot, as Death is its card.


The Hanged Man is still alive and well but has been temporarily incapacitated or unwilling to take further action.

Hanged Man Tarot Card Although it is not something that anyone likes, this Major Arcana card offers some powerful advice for those who are trying to figure out their next move.


The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning in Love, Health, Money

Hanged Man Keywords

Upright: sacrifice, waiting, uncertainty, lack of direction, perspective, contemplation


Reversed: stalling, disinterest, stagnation, avoiding sacrifice, standstill, apathy

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Description

This card depicts a man suspended upside down, hanging from his foot from a living world tree. This tree is deep below the earth and is believed to support the heavens. 

The belief is that the hanging man was placed there of his free will. This is evident in his serene expression. 


The Hanged Man Tarot Card Description

His right foot is tied to the branches while his left is free. He is also holding his hands behind him in an inverted triangle. 

Red pants represent the human body and passion. The blue shirt represents calm emotions. This combination is often seen in saints. His yellow hair, halo, and shoes symbolize his intellect.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning (Upright)

The Hanged Man reminds us sometimes to put everything on hold to move forward. Or else the Universe will take action for us. 

You may have heard the old saying, “What got you here won’t get you there,” and this card certainly proves it. 

To see your environment differently and to take advantage of opportunities that may not have been available to you otherwise, The Hanged Man will ask you to let go of old mental models and behavioral patterns that are no longer serving you.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning (Upright)

This is the problem. These “pauses” may be unintentional or intentional. You will recognize when it is time to stop and apply the brakes if you are in tune with your intuition. 

If you are out of sync and not listening to your intuition, the Universe will most likely place things on hold in the form of ongoing problems, sickness, or breakdowns. The universe will make it impossible to ignore the ‘pause” as it approaches.

Your projects and activities could stop abruptly if The Hanged Man appears during a Tarot reading. Do not keep pushing forward, hoping for more power to propel you in the right direction. 

It would be best if you could stop and reassess your progress. If you don’t give it the space and time it needs, you won’t see what it’s creating.

Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Love & Relationships (Upright)

In the love Tarot situation, if you’re in a relationship, the Hanged Man suggests that you might be discontent with how your relationship is progressing. 

It may also indicate that the person you are with might need to step back from your relationship to consider the options available or how you would like the relationship to go.

The Hanged Man advises you to put off making any significant decisions and allow yourself to think things over. 

Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Love & Relationships

You might need to reconsider the way you think about how your relationship should look to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship in the present instead of dwelling on the things that aren’t. 

If you’re miserable, the Hanged Man showing up on your Tarot reading will tell you that you’re the only person keeping you in this position. You are free to leave when you wish to. 

If you’re single, The Hanged Man could mean that you must remove your thoughts, situations, or people who do not bring you happiness.

This could mean letting go of old patterns of relationships that are negative. 

If you’ve held in your emotions for your ex, the Hanged Man says that it’s time to let go of these feelings.

It could also mean that you must let go of preconceived notions about your ideal relationship partner to keep yourself open to the possibilities around you.

Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Money & Career (Upright)

In the context of a career, The Hanged Man indicates that you’re unsure regarding your career choices or that you feel your career is stagnant.

It could be that you’re not sure the steps you should take to help move your career ahead. 

If you’re having trouble deciding, note that you don’t need to make a choice right now. Relax and let the process unfold. Things will get more apparent over time. 

If you’re struggling with financial issues and are struggling to make ends meet, the Hanged Man indicates that you require a new view. 

Perhaps your stress over finances makes them appear more complicated than they really could, or there could be positive events happening to you in other areas you’re not noticing because you’re focused too much on the money.

Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Health Spirituality (Upright)

If you’ve been suffering from health problems, The Hanged Man suggests you consider all treatment options. It doesn’t mean that you have to reject the treatment that you’ve received. 

However, it suggests you reconsider your health concerns and tackle them from various perspectives. 

It could also mean that whatever issue you’re experiencing, you might able to give yourself time to heal instead of being frustrated because your health isn’t getting better at the speed you would like it to.

In a spiritual sense in a spiritual sense, the Hanged Man advises you to be aware of how you relate to yourself.

If you’ve been engaging in negative thoughts, it is essential to get rid of them as they could affect your life as well as the way you perceive your life.

Don’t let yourself get lost in spiritual matters. If you can let go of old beliefs or thoughts that aren’t working for your current situation, you’ll find that new spiritual realms will become available and open you to connect with your higher self.

Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Finances (Upright)

The Hanged Man may indicate that a change of perception is required. If you’ve experienced anxiety over money issues, You may notice that a pause could give you a fresh approach to things. 

Are you able to turn a difficult circumstance into an opportunity? Do you think that things are worse than they are?

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed)

This is the right time to take action. It is time to take action. Hanged Man tarot love meaning indicates that the time of waiting has come to an end. 

You may have experienced an increase in the pace of your relationship recently, which has forced you to think about different ideas about love and romance.

The ideal scenario is that you’ve come back with a better perception of what you want from your relationships. 

It could be a moment where old, cherished assumptions are being discarded. With this fresh perspective, you’re now prepared to act or alter your relationship with renewed enthusiasm. 

This card may also advise against making unnecessary sacrifices for the sake of love. You must ensure that your needs, as well as your partner’s needs, are equal.

Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Love & Relationships (Reversed)

If you’re not married and you have a Hanged Man in reverse may indicate that you’ve repeated the same pattern of negative relationships repeatedly without making any mistakes. 

You may rush from one bad relationship to the next one but never accept responsibility for the role you have in choosing these relationships.

Please slow down and determine why this cycle occurs and then resolve within yourself to alter it. 

If you’re in a relationship, the Hanged Man could suggest that your relationship might not work, but you or your partner could hold on to it due to the fear of becoming alone or restarting. 

It could also mean that your relationship might be salvageable, but you’re not yet ready to face the issues you’re experiencing.

Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Money & Career (Reversed)

In the work context, The Hanged Man reversed Tarot card signifies that things might not work out well, but you’ve neither the desire nor the determination to tackle the issues. 

You may blame others or believe that you’re not able to alter your situation. This is the right moment to take control of your professional career. Determine what you’d like to achieve and take action. 

Don’t let yourself be a victim in your life, particularly if it isn’t taking you where you’d like to take you. Financially it is possible that the Major Arcana card can indicate that you’re stymied by anxiety about financial difficulties. 

If you’re having financial difficulties, take a look at seeking financial advice from an expert. A fresh approach could just what you need to start moving things in the proper direction.

Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Health & Spirituality (Reversed)

If you’ve had problems with your health, The Hanged Man, in a reversed posture, says that you must think outside of the box to solve these issues. 

There is a chance that other aspects of your life could cause or worsen the health problems you are experiencing.

For instance, anxiety, grief, stress, and anxiety may manifest in a range of symptoms, including insomnia, migraines, poor concentration as well as chronic fatigue skin issues, and so on. 

Alternative and holistic therapies can complement your medical treatment, speed up your healing, and aid in resolving any problems that are making your health worse.

In a spiritual sense In a spiritual context, the Hanged Man Tarot card reversed could mean that you’ve lost your spiritual direction. 

It could be that you are seeking satisfaction through superficial means rather than reaching out to your spiritual self. The man who has a hangman is a better indication that your old beliefs aren’t functioning for you. 

It is the perfect moment to look into new spiritual avenues. Exploring a new path can help you break from a spiritual depression and provide you with a renewed connection to your spirituality.

Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Finances  (Reversed)

If you’ve considered an investment or purchase that is a significant portion of your money recently, the hesitation and indecisiveness could mean that you don’t move on to your next move. 

Sometimes, this could signify that your investments aren’t producing any income.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be at traditional banks. Maybe you’ve lent money to fund an education for a family member and then had them drop out. 

Maybe you’ve put some of your funds into a side business only to fail. There’s a feeling of loss of sacrifice in this case and let this be an example of how to handle these situations the next time.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning in Love, Health, Money FAQ

Q 1. What does the hanged man in tarot cards mean?

THE HANGMAN. –Wisdom, circumspection, discernment, trials, sacrifice, intuition, divination, prophecy. 

The reverse of self-indulgence as well as the body political. A halo is burning brightly on the man’s head, indicating pursuing higher education or illumination.

Q 2. What does the Hanged Man tarot card mean in love?

For those who are single and singles, the straight Hang Man tarot love meaning signifies that it is impossible to rush things.

No matter how much you engage in romance or send your lover all the right things, it might not be your choice to decide if your partner isn’t in the mood.

Q 3. Who is the hanged man in Norse mythology?

Odin’s Myth: The Myth of Odin’s Hanging
Incredibly, Odin, known as the hunter of the dead, has been dead on more than one occasion. In various poems, Odin is call ‘the god hang or other names that suggest this tale was widely reported.

Q 4. What is the oldest tarot card?

The oldest of the surviving tarot cards include those from the fifteen or more Visconti-Sforza decks made in the mid-15th century to use by The rulers of Milan, the Duchy of Milan.

Q 5. Why did Odin hang upside down?

The eye was sacrificed at Mimir’s well and then fell on his spear Gungnir in ritual suicide. Then he hangs himself on Yggdrasil, which is the life tree, over nine consecutive nights in an attempt to learn about other realms and to comprehend the meaning of runes.


The Hang Man advises you to keep your life simple until you can appreciate what you take for to take for.

educate and develop into a fascinating person from the inside instead of faking it by focusing on material things.

Discover what is important to you, and stay away from comparing yourself with other people. 

Once you’ve identified what you’re after you’re able to get the item, however, only when you don’t want it too excessively.

The Hang Man will teach that you invest in yourself before you begin investing in relationships. 

When you create your life using the Hang Man’s energy, you manifest by expressing gratitude. grateful for what you have. Then you can begin receiving more of what you would like to have.


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