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PaybyPlateMa – Online Pay By Plate MA Toll Bill Payment

Pay By Plate: It’s a brand new and unique method of paying bills online. Instead of mailing your bill via mail, you can use PaybyPlateMa to pay it directly. 

PaybyPlateMa account to pay it immediately by credit or debit card, or even the mobile device of your choice.

PaybyPlateMa solves problems that allow car owners to pay for all charges online without waiting. It is simple to utilize the Pay By Plate Ma to control the electronic programs to bypass toll booths using the speed limits specified by the highway.

Pay By Plate (MA)

EZDriveMA toll booths are road-mounted barriers equipped with technology that prepares E-ZPass transponders, cameras, and transponders to record license plates from cars. PaybyPlateMa, however, is best when it is connected to an online portal.

EZDrive MA is an electronic toll program specifically designed for people who want to use this device to pay for their tolls with E-ZPass. 

Pay by Plate is a toll-paying program where the registration number determines tolls.

How Do I Log In For the First Time to the PaybyPlateMa Electronic Toll Billing System?

First, you must sign up online via the PaybyPlateMa website to pay via a toll. By following the steps below, you join this service swiftly.

  • It is the first thing to do. go on the website for PaybyPlateMa. PaybyPlateMa.
  • Then click then the Attendbutton that will appear at the top of your screen.
  • This action will display the list of Terms and Conditions. Click “I agree” to continue. Infractions to the portal’s rules could result in you with hefty fines.

  • Then click on the tab that contains the words, Add Contact. This will open an application form you have to fill in.
  • Create a password by entering your username email & four digit pin code.
  • After you have filled in all the details, proceed by clicking next. next button.
  • A confirmation page will be displayed to confirm that you have registered successfully through PaybyPlateMa. Online

Paybyplatematechnology has made our lives more enjoyable day by day. Before, we had to visit toll booths and pay tolls, and this resulted in an increase in fuel consumption, lengthy traffic jams, and occasionally accidents. Online

With the launch of EZDrive, the experience has become more comfortable and improved.

EZDrive MA is Massachusett’s all-electronic tolling program. With this online service, users can pay their tolls either with the PayByPlateor the E-ZPass.

What is PaybyPlate MA?

PaybyPlate MA is a toll-paying system that charges tolls by identifying the license plate of the vehicle. 

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Paybyplate MA toll bills will  sent to the registered purchaser of the vehicle. The bills can paid through the internet or checked in any EZDrive MA customer service centre.

What is E-Zpass MA?

The Transponders for EZpass MA are free and offer discounted tolls throughout Massachusetts. 

Payment via E-ZPass MA includes the usage of Transponders that are attached to the windshield, behind the mirror in the rearview. A specific device will read the Transponder in the toll zones, so an E-Zpass MA account is charged accordingly.

 Pay by Plate MA Features 

  • You have access to this payment option via toll
  • Particularly designed for people who reside in Massachusetts
  • Videos or photographs of license plates or vehicles can used to post the toll transaction to a certified By Plate MA account or to post transactions to a valid Certified By Plate MA account

How to Login Into

Follow these simple steps to access your PaybyPlatema portal

How to Login Into

  • Now, click on the “Log In” for… button.

  • Click next to the Pay By Plate Ma Log in button.
  • This page contains three empty sections: Invoice Number received via email, the state, vehicle number, and.
  • Fill in all of these sections with the required information.
  • Then click the LOG button to log in to your account.

Pay By Plate MA Registered Account  

The Pay By Plate Massachusetts registered account permits you to pay for tolls with your vehicle’s license plate. The account with a Pay By Plate MA account is only valid to pay tolls on Massachusetts roads, and it does not offer discounts as E-ZPass MA.

Pay by Plate; MA registered provides two payment options. When creating an account, it can choose between a Pre-paid or Postpaid account.

Accounts with prepaid allow users to pay for tolls when assigning an account with a credit, bank, or debit card and make a small payment. Toll payments are made by debiting the balance of your account. When your balance gets too low, the account will replenished with your chosen payment option. Log into your account and see your monthly expenses.

Postpaid accounts require a debit or credit card to  linked to your account. If you have a postpaid bank account, you’ll  charged for your tolls every thirty days.

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Your account will charged automatically for the toll you use up to your chosen method at the expiration of your 30-day cycle.

How to Reset your Paybyplatema Account Password:-

  • First, go to the Paybyplatema website.
  • After that, go to the page for a password reset.
  • To find your account enter your email name ID & username.
  • After entering your data, click on “search.”
  • Check your account email. The email will show that it asks you to change the password, and you can do this now. Click it to move on.
  • Could you enter your new password, then save it? That’s it! Your password is reset successfully. – Pay Online MA Accounts/Payment Options

You can go to the Pay by Plate ma official website via for payment of invoices of toll collection that are collected through toll collection by using video images of license plates.

Remember that this toll system applies to both in state & out of state drivers.

Ensure you keep a credit or debit card in your wallet or account number and a routing number to pay for calls online.

Don’t use the pay by the Plate service when you don’t have a form for payment.

People who prefer paying by U.S. mail (usually older adults over 65) can send the money in the direction of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, EZDriveMA Payment Processing Center, P.O. Box 847840, Boston, MA 02284-7840 (DO NOT SEND CASH).

You can pay by hand by sending your check to:

  • EZDrive MA customer service center
  • P.O. Box 8007
  • Auburn, MA 01501- 8007

What can I do if I’m experiencing problems in Login?

This website only accepts US residents. This portal was created specifically for those who drive through MA toll roads.

MA Toll Road.E-ZPass is fine. You can pay your “Paybyplatema” bill online with the click of a button.

We’ve covered all the steps you must complete to sign-up for it. After signing up, you can use the same details to sign into Paybyplatema. PayPal Account.

Your journey will more convenient and efficient by paying your tolls on the internet.Thus you can browse the official website. It is possible that they can assist you in solving your issue.

 PayByPlate MA – Terms & Conditions – Pay By Plate invoice

Their website offers AUP and EULA downloads.’s privacy Policy is available on their website. This will help you know the most important information regarding using the EZPass MA toll-free payment system.

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 Pay By The Plate MA Customer Service

Consumers who want to send an installment payment via mail should write to:

  • EZDriveMA Customer Service Center,
  • P.O. Box 8007,
  • Auburn,
  • Massachusetts 01501-8007

Any issues with the general pay by plate M.A. service may addressed towards EZDriveMA Customer Service Center 27 Midstate Drive Auburn, MA 01501-1800, or by the fax number: (508) 786-5222. Email: [email protected].

Official Website:

FAQs About PayByPlate MA

Is my E-ZPassMA transponder compatible PayByPlate MA?

It’s. Yes, it is. The E-ZPass MA transponder you have currently (with your toll charges subtracted) is expected to continue to function inside Massachusetts E-Z Pass Express lanes in addition to any other HOT facility or HOV lane accepting E-ZPass.

What do I need to know to sign-up for PayByPlate MA? PayByPlate MA service?

To get the Transponder PayByPlate MA set, sign up on the EZDriveMA website.

What will happen to my existing E-ZPass MA transponder once I’ve activated this program? PayByPlate application?

The existing E-ZPass MA transponder activated will continue to function in any HOT lane or HOV service that accepts E-ZPass until it runs out.

What is the cost of the PayByPlate MA service?

PayByPlate MA Tolls are $2.50 per trip, plus all applicable taxes and fees.After paying the toll your speed at the toll point or any other taxes or levies you have to pay before arriving will decide your final cost.

How can you pay my PayByPlate MA tolls on the internet?

You can pay your current and any past due bills by visiting their website at To pay your balance online, you will need registration on their website, which will only once.

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