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TD Auto Finance Lienholder Address: Are you trying to find the address of the TD Auto Finance Lienholder? Check out this article. Today’s article will focus on the Lienholder address of TD Auto Finance.


Before that, here is what you should be aware of concerning getting the Lien Holder’s postal address.

TD Auto Finance Lienholder Address

TD Auto Finance General Information

Direct car financing services with its headquarters located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. 


The company provides a variety of finance plans for wholesale, such as dealer finance plans and dealer services,

As well as consumer finance plans for retail lease programs and auto-insurance programs that provide customers with a personalized, stress-free, and simple automotive financing experience.

TD Auto Finance General Information

About TD Auto Finance    

TD Auto Finance is a US auto finance business. They assist dealers in Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles, as well as individual customers. 


They’re dedicated to providing a private, secure, and straightforward auto financing service.

TD Auto Finance is a part that is part of TD Bank. TD Bank Group has been operating for more than 150 years and has a worldwide presence.

More than 83,000 people work at TD Bank helping the bank with nearly 25 million customers throughout the world.

About TD Auto Finance


A lienor, often referred to as a “liability holder”, is the financial institution that holds the loan until you have made the entire payment. 

Therefore you are the Td Auto Finance lienholder for your car loan or loans is the company that is a financial institution like an institution like a credit union or bank which acts as the lender.



The Td, Auto Finance lienholder, is P. O. Box 675 / Wilmington / Ohio, OH 45177.

So, if you want the official address of the lienholder to apply for Td Auto Finance, you must use the address for P. O. Box 675 / Wilmington / Ohio, OH 45177.

It is important to note that the mailing address of the lienor might differ, and if that’s your situation, you should get in touch with TD Auto Finance for assistance.

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Most people need to know the address of the lienholder to your Td Auto Finance auto loans and other services.

If, however, you must understand the lienholder’s number in this guide, this section will help.

This Td Auto Finance lienor code is C01198.

This is the Lienholder code.

What is TD Auto Finance’s Revenue?

TD Auto Finance’s revenue is $340.0M per year. After extensive analysis and research by Zippia’s data science group, the team identified the following critical financial indicators.

  • TD Auto Finance has 1,158 employees. The rate of profit per employee is $293,609.
  • TD Auto Finance’s peak revenue was $340.0M in 2021.

TD Auto Finance Live Chat

TD Auto Finance does not appear to have a live chat on its site. However, many questions can be answered by browsing through the most frequently asked questions. 

Detailed account information can be accessed only through the information on the customer’s account and the password.

TD Auto Finance Support Website

Customers from TD Auto Finance can use the support website to pay a bill or print a statement history, pay bills, and update the information on their accounts. 

The customers from TD Auto Finance can also get payoff information, information about a vehicle’s title and registration or lien release, information about the vehicle, and how to obtain the vehicle that was repossessed.

The hyperlink to support on the TD Auto Finance support website is!contactus

TD Auto Finance Contact Information

TD Auto Finance Mailing Address

Do you just need the TD Auto Finance bill payment address?

TD Auto Finance
PO Box 16035
Lewiston, ME 04243-9517
The United States of America

For General Correspondence or TD Auto Finance Credit Disputes, contact

TD Auto Finance
PO Box 9223
Farmington Hills, MI 48333-9223
The United States of America

For TD Auto Refinance Customer Resolution Department Contact

TD Auto Finance
ATTN: Customer Resolution
200 Carolina Point Parkway
Maistop: SC1-094-375
Greenville, SC 29607
The United States of America

Call us at 1-800-556-8172 to pay by phone using an ATM or debit card.

TD Auto Finance U.S.: 1-800-556-8172
Monday – Friday 8 AM – 10 PM ET & Saturday 8 AM – 7 PM ET.

TD Auto Finance Canada: 1-866-694-4392
Monday-Friday 7:30 AM- 10 PM ET & Saturday 9 AM 8 PM ET (English)

Monday-Friday 7:30 AM- 9:00 PM ET &  Saturday 9 AM- 5 PM ET (French).

TD Auto Finance’s Social Media Accounts

Learn about financial issues as well as take a break by reading fun articles posted on one of TD Auto Finance’s social media pages.



TD Auto Finance Headquarters Location Map


In short, In summary, the Td Auto Financing Mailing address for the Lienholder is. O. Box 675 / Wilmington / Ohio OH 45177.

The creditor’s code of this institution is C01198.

This is all you should be aware of regarding this address. Td Auto Finance Lien Holder Mailing Address.


What is the payoff address for TD Auto Finance?

The TD Auto Finance payoff address is PO Box 16039 Lewiston, ME 04243. So, if you want the official mailing address for payments in the case of TD Auto Finance, you should use PO Box 16039 Lewiston, ME 04243. 

This is an address that is a Standard address or Regular postal address.

Is TD Bank the same as TD Auto Finance?

T.D. Auto Finance (TDAF) is now an affiliate within T.D. Bank, N.A. Please be aware that there’s no change in our mailing addresses or routing details, and you will continue to access details about your auto loan by visiting

How do I get a lien release from TD Auto Finance?

Contact TD Auto Finance at 1-8556-8172 if you haven’t received your lien release or title after paying off your vehicle. If you’ve lost it, you can request a duplicate of your lien release or title. 

Please call us number: 1-800-556-8172

Who bought out TD Auto Finance?

Toronto-Dominion Bank

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The Toronto Dominion Bank acquired TD Auto Finance for $6.3B, making it the largest acquisition of financial services in 2010.

How do I pay my TD auto loan?

To pay by phone: Call us at 1-800-556-8172 and make a payment using your ATM, Debit card with the Star Pulse, Nyce, Accel logo, or your checking and savings. 

You can use our automated phone payment system by saying “Make a Payment” or speaking to a representative.

What is TD Auto Finance Canada?

TD offers financing options to help you finance a car, truck, or RV, new or old. You can choose flexible amortization terms, up to 96 months on some vehicles, and fixed or variable rate financing to meet your needs. 

You can select the payment type that best suits your needs.

What does TD stand for in TD Auto Finance?


The TD stands for Toronto-Dominion and has been around for 150 years. But TD Auto Finance isn’t around as long. 

In December 2010 Toronto Dominion Bank revealed that it will purchase Chrysler Financial from Cerberus Capital Management. In June 2011, TD Auto Finance was renamed after this acquisition.

Is TD Auto Finance legal?

TD Auto Finance is the largest bank-owned auto finance company in the United States. It is a well-respected provider of auto financing and has low-interest rates and fees. 

It offers a straightforward repayment process.

How long does it take to get a lien release from TD Auto Finance?

These letters can take some time to get to you. This is especially true if your address has changed without notifying TD Auto Finance

Generally, the lien release letter and clear car title should be received within 60 days after the final car payment.

Can you pay off the TD auto loan early?

Your auto loan does not have to be repaid in full.
Contact our TD Auto Finance Customer Service Team at 1-866-694-43292 to discuss payment deferrals, lump-sum payments, and auto loan payouts. 

You can also contact our TD Auto Finance Customer Service if you’ve missed a payment.


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