Staples Return Policy

Staples Return Policy

Staples is an incredibly popular office supply store chain known for its extensive range of services and products. While Staples is well-known for its high-quality effects, however, it is well-known for its social return policy to customers.


In this article, we will provide a complete description of how to use the Staples returns policy which includes the benefits, advantages and methods to utilize it.

Staples Return Policy


What Is Staples Return Policy?

The return period is 30 days.

You’ve bought some products at Staples and are seeking a way to return the item. Don’t worry…We Are here for your help. If you’re unsatisfied with the outcome you obtained, You may live capable of exchanging or refunding it.

Make sure to store your article in its original state and the exact packaging in which you received it.


However, the policies on returns for different products differ, and we will be covering all of them in an entirely separate section.

What Is Staples Return Policy

Features of the Staples Return Policy

The Staples return policy is customer-friendly and offers several features that allow customers to return products with ease. Some of the key features of the Staples return policy have:


30-day return policy: Staples offers a 30-day return policy for most products, including post stores, electronics, and effects.

Free returns: Staples offers free returns for all products, whether they are returned via mail or in-store.

Easy process: The Staples return process is easy and straightforward, with no questions asked.

Benefits of the Staples Return Policy

The Staples return policy presents several benefits to customers, including:

Customer satisfaction: The Staples return policy is created to provide customer satisfaction so customers are happy with their investments.

Convenience: The Staples return policy is easy and straightforward, with no questions asked. Customers can return products with ease, either by mail or in-store.

Quality assurance: The Staples return policy ensures that customers receive high-quality products and that any products that do not meet their expectations are replaced or refunded.

How to Use the Staples Return Policy?

To use the Staples return policy, follow these actions:

Bring the product to any Staples store: Bring it to any Staples store to return a development.

Provide the product: Provide the product to the Staples associate, along with any packaging or accessories that came with it.

Receive a refund or exchange: The Staples associate will process the return and provide a refund or exchange product, depending on the customer’s preference.

How to Return Products to Staples via Mail?

To return items to Staples by mail, Follow these actions:

Begin your return procedure: Return the item by going to Staples’ website or getting Staples’s customer service.

Packaging the product: Pack the item in the initial packaging with any included accessories.

Ship the product: Ship the product to the address provided by Staples customer support.

Receive a refund or exchange: Staples will process the return and provide a refund or exchange product, depending on the customer’s preference.

Staples Return Policy For Online Purchases

For all purchases online For all purchases made online, you may quickly initiate your return through the Order Finder page on

  • Locate your order by giving an order number and your zip code. Choose The reason you want To return your charge, and you’ll obtain the shipping label.
  • Ensure the item is properly packed, put the labels on it, adhere to the shipping label included, and send it to the address provided by the store. Refunds will Be created after The store has acquired The item. The amount you receive will depend on the item you purchased and how well you’ve observed all the rules of Staples’s Return policy. For cash purchases That you Have made, you can choose A cash refund at the time of purchase.

How Do Staples Returns Without a Receipt Work?

It’s simpler to return an item if you have tickets, no matter if it’s purchased from Staples, Walmart, Walmart, or Target.

If you don’t have an object’s receipt you’re attempting to return and want to return it, you should present the card you used to buy the merchandise. In this way, your Cashier can locate that purchase receipt in the Staples system.

Are certain limitations when it comes to making a Staples return without receipt, for example, this:

  • Staples can deny returns. It is within their rights to reject returns they find suspicious.
  • You will need to show an ID issued by the government that is valid while making a return.
  • You won’t be able to get an exchange, but you can get credit from the shop for the cheapest selling price for the development in the last 30 days.

How Can I Return Staples Supplies?

You can choose between returning your item online or directly at the shop, which is extremely easy. You can return your purchases in-store in every Staples store.

Purchases made online can just be returned by posting an order for return on Let’s go over the elements of both.

In-store Returns

Going to Staples at your nearby Staples location is an easy and easy way to return any product. Return the object to the shop, along with your receipt. Inform the store manager about the return, and they will begin processing your return if the product is suitable.

Remember that Staples policies on returns require that you return items from Furniture and Technology within 14 days and Applecare products within 30 days of the purchase date. Office equipment can be returned anytime.

Staples Holiday Return Policy

Staples’s returns policy for the holiday season allows for extended returns of 14 days for electronic and furniture products. 

It is possible to return all electronic and furniture items bought between November 8 and December 24 from January 24 or following the normal Staples return policy, whichever is longer.

Staples Return Policy on Furniture

Chair Staples Chairs, with a return policy, follow their 14-day return period on furniture pieces. This includes tables, desks and bookshelves, file cabinets, furniture, lighting and décor things, and so on. Bring your receipt for purchase to the store, and the manager will assist you in processing your return.

Staples Return Policy on Technology Products

Printers Staples’s returns policy on printers is base on their usual return policy for Tech. Products. That means you can exchange your print device within 14 days of the date the receipt was receiv. This applies To both online And in-store purchases.

Laptops HTML0 laptopsStaples Return policy for laptops will be base on their 14-day return period for technology-relate products. Other devices like tablets, computer components for PCs, storage drives, and gaming equipment will also be cover by the same 14-day return time.

Other You may send back any software that is not open within 30 days to receive a complete refund. But you aren’t able to return any digital software. All Applecare products at Staples can be returne for thirty days for a return.

Now that you know the return periods for all categories of items, we will see how to request a return in-store and online.

Staples Exchange Policy

As per Staples return policy page, for any wrong purchases due to mistakes, you’ll have to first return the item online for a full refund and place a new order.

But if your item was damaged/defective out of the box, then you can get a free replacement by selecting “Damage or Defective” as the return reason.

Exchange Period 30 days
Exchange Method 1. In-store
2. Online

Staples Refund Policy

In-store purchases made with cash or debit card or using a check; you’ll get an immediate cash refund. If you purchase online, the funds may take 3-10 days to show on your bank statement. It will be contingent on the type of transaction as well as the type of card you us.

  1. If you’ve made the transaction using a major debit card or credit card, You will receive a reimbursement in three to five days.
  2. If you’d like to see the balance on your credit card from the supermarket will take between 3 to 5 days.
  3. Refunds for gift cards may take up to 72 hours via email and 7-10 days by post.
  4. Refunds of cheques will require 7 to 10 days.
  5. If you’ve utilize coupons to purchase the item, the coupon will be reimburs within 72 hours by email or fax or 7-10 business days via post.

Following Staples’s returns policy, if you make a return without promotion items (if you includ them in the initial transaction), they’ll deduct the cost associat with the promotion from the refund amount. This also applies to gift cards includ in the package with your purchase.


The Staples return policy is a customer-friendly policy that ensures customer satisfaction and high-quality products.

By understanding the features and benefits of the Staples return policy, customers can make inform purchasing decisions and have peace of mind knowing that they can return products if need.

If you’ve any concerns or queries concerning your Staples returns policy, please contact our Staples Customer Service team for assistance.

Staples Return Policy FAQs

Q.1 What is the Staples return policy?

ANS. Most Staples products can be returne within 30 days for A refund or exchange.

Q.2 What products are eligible for return at Staples?

ANS. Staples accepts most returns in their original condition.

Q.3 What is the condition for returns at Staples?

ANS. Items must be returne with tags and labels intact.

Q.4 What is the process for returning products to Staples?

ANS. To return a product to Staples, bring it to any Staples store or initiate the return process online. The Staples associate will process the return and provide a refund or exchange product, depending on the customer’s preference.

Q.5 What is the return policy for technology products at Staples?

ANS. Technology products have a shorter return window of 14 days.

Q.6 Is a receipt require for returns at Staples?

ANS. Yes, a receipt or packing slip is requir for returns at Staples.

Q.7 What is the return policy for software, movies, and music at Staples?

ANS. Unopened boxed software, movies, and music may be returned for a full refund within 30 days. Open or electronic downloadable software, movies, and music are not eligible for return.

Q.8 What is the cost of returning items to Staples?

ANS. Staples offers free returns for all products, whether they are returned via mail or in-store.

Q.9 How long does it take to receive a refund from Staples?

ANS. Refunds Are processed within 10 business days of receiving The returned item.

Q.10 Can I return items to Staples via mail?

ANS. Yes, customers can return items to Staples via mail or in-store.


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