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Skip the Games” is a term that can be understood in a variety of ways based upon the situation. It could mean avoiding playing mind games , or engaging in dishonest social interactions. It could refer to avoiding spending time doing unimportant or ineffective activities.


If your seeking general guidelines on how to stay out of playing games & build positive connections with your fellow players The advice I offered in my previous article might be useful.

Be aware that every situation differs and there’s no standard way to conduct social interactions. But, by being authentic by communicating clearly, establishing boundaries, and selecting your organization carefully, you will increase the likelihood of having successful and positive interactions.


Skip playing games” could mean different things according to the context. It could mean avoiding playing mind games or becoming untruthful in any social interactions. It can also mean not the time spent on activities which aren’t necessary or productive.

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Skip the Games

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Ok , I’m gonna say it again! Don’t Play

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Skip the games

Some general tips to “skipping any games” in social interactions are:

  1. Be authentic Don’t try to make others feel special or manipulate them Be authentic and true to yourself.
  2. Be clear: Don’t be a snob or use language that is unclear. Be concise and clear in expressing your thoughts and emotions.
  3. Establish boundaries. Don’t allow others exploit your or treat you poorly. Make clear your boundaries, and adhere to them.
  4. Select your business wisely Choose to surround you with people who are a part of your beliefs and show respect to you.

Be aware that every situation is unique and there is no standard way to conduct social interactions. If you are honest by communicating clearly, establishing limits, and selecting your organization carefully, you will increase your chance of having productive and positive interactions.


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