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Nail Salons Near Me: Located at a beautiful corner in Potsdam, New York 13676, Top Nails Spa Salon is a regular nail salon for everyone. We strive for 100 % client satisfaction.


Our nail salon combines a peaceful, Zen, and beautiful environment and, more notably, for our qualified and certified nail technicians. 

Our staff is educated and trained to the highest professional level. We keep up with beauty trends and learn the latest techniques & products.


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Nail Salons Near Me Location

Since 1998, has served the Rochester, Gates, Gates Center, Churchville, Genesee Junction, and Monroe County, NY communities as a premier nail salon for acrylic and gel nail services, along with a wide variety of spa pedicures including, but not limited to, diabetics, pregnancies and seniors. 

We are famous for providing a relaxing atmosphere for our nail and hair services, and we’re proud to be locally owned and -operated. 


We pamper and relax our customers with many services. See how we can nourish and restore your natural vitality today!

Nail Salons Near Me Location

Nail Salons Near Me Location

Are you seeking the best local nail salons?

We can help you find your nearest nail salon!

Just use our interactive map below that automatically finds all the nail salons nearest to you!


Finding the nearest tanning salon is easy. The map above shows results automatically. You don’t have to do any searching, simply tap the markers above!

Ensure that GPS is switched on if you’re using any mobile device. For iPhones click this link to turn on GPS & for Androids, follow this link.

How to choose a nail salon near me

How to choose a nail salon near me

Take your time when picking the Nail Salon closest to you. The stations must be cleaned, and all instruments must be cleaned.

Whats Included in the price of the nail shop by me?

A few nail salons in the area charge per visit or for a package that includes everything. Know what you’re buying.

is there a strong odor in the nail salon?

There is always a smell in nail salons, especially when you’re working with manufactured products used in nail salons

However, a strong smell could indicate an inefficient ventilation system. Make sure you ask the owner of the nail salon what method they use to air-condition their nail salon.

Nail salons open near me

Nail salons open near me

Sometimes, business hours can be difficult to find when looking at Nail Salons open near me! 

If you click above on Nail Salon locations near Me in red, you will see information about the Nail Salon hours and times of the week the salon is open. 

Additionally, there are informational details about the company like the phone number website URL, and salon address.

Services Offered by nail places near me

Many Local Nail Salons Offer the Follow Services:

  • Manicure treatments.
  • Pedicure treatments.
  • Acrylic overlays and extensions.
  • UV gel overlays and extensions.
  • Silk/Fibreglass overlays and extensions.
  • Nail art.
  • Acrylic and UV gel sculpted extensions.
  • Waxing.

How to Find the Best Nail Salons in Your Area

Asking your friends and family is a good idea when asking questions about nail salons in your neighborhood. 

Find out what their opinions are about the services offered by the nail salon and which is the best price for the dollar. 

Be sure to look up business reviews about the experiences of other customers who have gone to the nail salon. This will give you evidence of the Good Nail Salon in the area you live in.

It is also possible to call your local Nail Salon a phone call and speak with them on the phone. This will give you a good impression of their service and the services and assistance they can provide.

What’s the Nail Salon Prices Near Me?

Nail Salon Prices Near Me

Small nail salons’ costs typically range from $10 to $25$ for the manicure. This could go over $25 for a luxury. The average pedicure can be anywhere between $15 and $25. The luxury is generally more than $25, typically.

Acrylic Nails’ average prices are between $25 and $35, but they can be much more expensive for salons with larger sizes or spas, resorts, or hotels.

Find Nail Salons Near Me – Nearest Nail Salon locations FAQ

Q 1. Why do nail salons prefer cash?

ANS: “A lot of techs prefer cash tips because they think there’s no record of receiving them, and therefore they won’t have to pay any taxes on them or declare them as earnings,” states Elizabeth Morris, owner of The Nail Hub in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Q 2. Is it okay to not tip at nail salon?

ANS: Tips are indeed required, and therefore, not giving your nail technician a tip in a nail salon can be unacceptable and disrespectful unless you are completely dissatisfied with their work if they were rude to you, or for any other reason.

Q 3. How do you spot human trafficking in a nail salon?

ANS: Women targeted were required to work as long as 20 hours per day without a single day free. 

They received little to no compensation for their jobs & when they complained, their employers threatened to discipline or deport them. Women were forced to live in cramped spaces, frequently sleeping and living in salons.

Q 4. How often should you get your nails filled?

ANS: Zuniga states that most clients who have acrylics usually visit every two to three weeks to have the acrylics filled. 

But, as the removal of acrylics is filled the acrylic, the set can be worn for about six to eight weeks before when they are required to be removed.

Q 5. How long does nail tip last?

ANS: Tips can present some difficulties, but there are many reasons why celebrities have all discovered their love for tips. 

Long nails are a perfect complement to any outfit and typically last for about two weeks before they require a touch-up.


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