McDonald’s Mission Statement And Vision Statement Analysis

McDonald’s Mission Statement and Core Values

McDonald’s Mission Statement: McDonald’s mission statement states, ” to be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink.” The customer is the primary focus of this mission statement. McDonald’s has rewritten its goal statement to reflect its importance to the customer.

McDonald's Mission Statement

Indeed, this emphasis is a clear indication of the company’s desire to not only satisfy but also exceed its customers’ expectations and requirements. These are the key aspects of the mission statement:

  1. Improved health. McDonald’s recognizes the importance of food to the health and well-being of customers. To ensure this, McDonald’s has implemented an approach that focuses on the freshness of the food it serves its customers. This is why the business’s policy is constantly changing to offer ‘a hamburgers cooked on the day you purchase to ensure that the food is cooked to order. Nothing is left uncooked when it comes to quality.
  2. A place that customers love. The top priority is creating the most comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for customers, following the highest quality food. For example, the restaurant is aware of customers’ need to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings. Customers may be looking for an easy meal while maintaining their businesses. To satisfy all these requirements, McDonald’s provides an ambient setting with facilities that can make people feel comfortable in their workplace. For example, the availability of WiFi is just one of the many features that make McDonald’s an establishment where everyone wants to have their meals in the first place, and that’s only the beginning of the list. The structure and other design and structural elements are truly stunning.
  3. Over-delivering expectations. McDonald’s is a business with a reputation built on the quality of its food and outstanding services in the international food service industry. The company, however, is more than just serving its customers with food; it offers exceptional packages that keep customers coming back. For example, PlayPlaces and Parties provide customers with entertainment while they enjoy their food. But this isn’t the only thing McDonald’s offers. McDonald’s offers more than that and is a testament to how much it surpasses the expectations of its clients.


McDonald’s vision and mission statements show the determination of the company’s position within one of its industries with the highest competition, the fast-food service sector.

Because of the constantly changing business environment, McDonald’s has learned the art of tweaking these corporate statements to ensure that the company is aware of current developments within the industry.

As it does, it is also ensuring that the company adheres to important elements of its vision and mission statements, like the importance it attaches to its customer’s requirements and preferences and the leadership position that it is playing in the industry of food service.

Thanks to the utmost care in its strategy, McDonald’s has maintained its position at the top since its inception with the help of McDonald, Maurice, and Richard in 1955. The consistency of the results recorded by McDonald’s is directly related to the efficacy of its vision and mission declarations.

McDonald's Mission Statement And Vision Statement Analysis

The objective of a vision statement within an organization is to define a possible future that the company can pursue. In contrast, the mission statement describes the business actions that will help the firm realize its goal. McDonald’s is a firm that is well-versed in both concepts.

For instance, the vision statement is about the company’s potential within the global fast-food industry. In contrast, its mission statement describes the impact its strategy could have on the tastes and preferences of customers in this industry.

The impact of the vision statement and the mission is further enhanced by core beliefs that establish the standard for how the entire company conducts its business. When these forces are brought together, McDonald’s transforms into what it has become today: an unbeatable global fast-food giant.

Concept and Strategy 

McDonald’s is a business living in and breathes authenticity and traditional American fast food, including Burgers, Shakes, and French Fries. The difference in these concepts is where they’ve made most of their money.

However, their most tremendous success in the business world is buying real estate and building new restaurants within the property to increase their revenue. This method of securing properties and constructing new restaurants is one reason their empire is built on an established foundation.

It’s also one of the reasons that their restaurants are in over 30 countries. The idea behind them was to build a place where all people can dine and enjoy themselves and provide fast food that tastes great and is offered at a lower cost.

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The idea was a hit, and the view was expanding worldwide. To this day, it is a huge success. Mcdonald’s is present within a five-mile radius of everywhere we travel.

We will look at the vision and mission statements that have helped make McDonald’s the most adored fast-food chain worldwide. We will also look at their core values to give us an understanding of the way employees work.

McDonald’s Mission Statement

McDonald’s mission statement is:

“To make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone.”

What’s the significance the McDonald’s Mission Statement?

McDonald’s mission statement outlines how the fast-food giant provides food and supports communities. It is composed of three major elements:

1.Delicious Food:

Breakfast to hamburgers and fries, dessert and chicken, and everything in between. McDonald’s offers something to all. McDonald’s does not cut corners on the quality of ingredients or the taste of the food it serves.

McDonald’s offers delicious food priced to make everyone happy regardless of financial status. Food critics tour its menu to discover its top dishes and the essence of what McDonald’s is about.

2. Create Feel-Good Experiences:

McDonald’s serves great food and creates memorable, enjoyable experiences and memories for its patrons worldwide. Every McDonald’s outlet enhances the customer experience by offering personalized services and products to meet customers’ requirements in the marketplace.

For instance, McDonald’s Japan has been engaged in digital-based activities for customers for more than 17 years to enhance and improve customer experiences in its stores and create more business.

In 2020, the firm introduced an update to its mobile app to improve customers’ experience in stores. ” Our consumers found it faster, more convenient, and reduced the stress and pressure that comes from standing in line at rush hour,” said Raphael Mazoyer, McDonald’s Japan Director for Digital Marketing.

3.Easy for Everyone:

While McDonald’s is the largest fast-food chain, it offers everyone a safe and fun atmosphere. The management approach of the company is hands-on and ensures uniform operations throughout all locations worldwide.

No matter if it’s located in America, the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, or Latin America, customers can go to any McDonald’s branch and enjoy the same level of service with the same quality, customer service, and warm character they have come to know and trust.

It creates restaurant concepts and layouts that optimize customer satisfaction and chooses the most convenient locations and times to ensure that easy access is available to all.

In November 2020, McDonald’s announced a new expansion strategy that doubles on the 3D’s (Digital Delivery, Delivery as well as Drive-Thru). It will also enhance its mobile applications, and the drive-thru has 25,000 lanes worldwide, providing every customer with easy access to its delicious chicken, burgers, and coffee worldwide.

Vision Statement

McDonald’s vision statement states, ” to move with velocity to drive profitable growth and become an even better McDonald’s serving more customers delicious food each day around the world.” The statement highlights the potential for growth and the business’s growth trajectory.

It still reflects the business’s original goal, as previously described, to expand while slowly giving customers the best possible experience. However, the new statement is more precise. It outlines the following components:

  1. Move to drive growth. In this aspect, the company demonstrates its desire to grow into an important corporation. This is only achievable through the company taking a more strategic approach to expand and diversifying its activities. To help in this direction, McDonald’s has been venturing into new territories and preserving its branding to ensure that the company grows more profitable.
  2.  Better at serving customers. McDonald’s has always preferred the standard it offers. With its experts and employees, the company is always looking for innovative ways to improve its products and services. Additionally, the steady development of its marketing strategies and the integration of experts, in addition to the continuous improvement of education within the organization, enhances the potential for perfection. This is why the company set new standards in the food industry, making it the largest and leading company.
  3.  Around the world. This is a reference to the previous one since McDonald’s across the globe contributes to the company’s expansion and profits. Recently the company has demonstrated its determination to dominate the business through its constant opening of new locations all over the world.

McDonald’s Core Values

McDonald’s principal value-based principles define the company’s brand and how it conducts its restaurant and business. These values guide the company’s major and minor choices. They represent the firm’s dedication to its employees and customers.

  • Serve Customers and customers first. The chain will start testing the program, which provides personalized orders and offers across all digital touchpoints in certain Phoenix, Arizona, restaurants ahead of a wider launch next year. “Customers want speed, convenience, and speed will only grow, and we’re up to meet that demand. We’re working to increase our drive-thru advantages,” Mason Smoot, McDonald’s CRO and senior vice-president.
  • Inclusion: McDonald’s has a place for everyone and is working to boost the number of women and minorities in its management ranks. McDonald’s aims to boost minorities within the leadership role by 6%, to at minimum 35% by 2025. It is also looking to increase the number of women in its highest positions to at least 45 percent within five years. McDonald’s is committed to inclusion and has implemented this principle worldwide.
  • Integrity: Whatever the issue, whether it’s the issue is gender, environmental, equality, or inclusion, McDonald’s always does the right thing. “Walk the walk” is ingrained in McDonald’s DNA. Tesla is a voice to help vulnerable individuals worldwide and behaves with respect for the environment. It provides “Speak Up” training to employees across the globe to ensure that every person working under the Arches will be in a safe, respectful, and welcoming workplace each day. ” McDonald’s values are based on the importance of integrity. Above all, they are doing what is right. This means speaking up and challenging established norms by advocating for women,” said Reginald Miller, the Global Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusivity Officer of McDonald’s.
  • Community: As an excellent neighbor, McDonald’s is committed to aiding the people of the community by implementing a variety of initiatives. McDonald’s acknowledges that the young generation is helping make the world better. It has the HACER National Scholarship Program to aid Hispanic students in being part of this change. By 2021 McDonald’s will award 30 HACER Scholarships worth up to $100,000 and offer the sum of $1000 to thousands of Hispanic students. The company also provides scholarships to disadvantaged groups within the community. They are allowing youngsters to be a positive influence in their communities.
  • Family: McDonald’s takes great care of children and families health and is convinced that ” We get better together.” Since 1974 the company has assisted Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) in addressing the urgent demands of families suffering from sick children. In 2021 McDonald’s confirmed its pledge to stand with RMHC and to ensure that families remain together and have access to the resources and care they require. To help fulfill this essential principle, McDonald’s will donate two cents to RMHC for every Happy Meal offered from January through November 2021.
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Improvement Recommendations for McDonald’s Corporate Vision & Corporate Mission

McDonald’s mission statement meets several requirements to create the most effective mission statement. For instance, the business has included the following:

  • Product quality (delicious).
  • A component of its business philosophy.
  • Self-concept (a source of positive emotions) in its corporate mission statement.

McDonald’s also provides information about its consumers (everyone). However, information about key business partners of the restaurant (employees and others), the product’s characteristics, and the type of its business operations need to be adequately covered.

While the corporate mission statement is in line with the vision of McDonald’s, McDonald’s can improve this corporate mission by incorporating more details regarding customers, stakeholders as well as business operations.

This suggestion simplifies applying its corporate vision statement within every aspect of the fast-food company and its licensed and franchised locations.

McDonald’s vision statement is solid in meeting the requirements for the ideal vision statement. McDonald’s corporate vision is precise short, concise, and focuses on the near future.

The future-oriented aspect of the company provides stability to the corporate vision statement, particularly about its use the future operations at the end of McDonald’s business.

In addition, the focus on transforming into a more effective business organization will make the corporation’s vision exciting, motivating, and inspiring, which will encourage employees to participate even more to enhance the company’s restaurant. These attributes are what makes McDonald’s Corporate Vision Statement a good fit.

But, an appropriate enhancement would be to include details about how McDonald’s can improve its performance more efficiently so that it can better guide the implementation of the company’s mission statement and also determine the future and current management strategies and methods used by the food and beverage company.

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Final Thoughts

As with many successful and large businesses, McDonald’s boasts clear, straightforward mission and vision declarations. McDonald’s has developed an impressive set of fundamental values. All employees must adhere to the core values throughout the day. This allows customers to know the services offered by the company and what it is about.

In contrast to other competitors, the mission statement of McDonald’s has been altered several times throughout its history. This is a sign that McDonald’s is continually changing its mission to stay up to date with changing trends and values of its customers.

This ability to change has allowed McDonald’s to keep its popularity throughout the years.


Q.1 Does McDonald’s have a vision statement?

ANS. McDonald’s Corporate Vision Statement

McDonald’s corporate mission will be ” to move with velocity to drive profitable growth and become an even better McDonald’s serving more customers delicious food each day around the world.” This declaration is part of the growth strategy that the company announced in 2017.

Q.2 What are McDonald’s core brand values?

ANS. The main principles of their brand include cleanliness, quality, and high-quality value. Their core values are expressed in their retail outlets and the pricing of their products, and the employees. Thanks to their five Ps approach to implementation, they are gaining a lot of attention.

Q.3 What is McDonalds code ethics?

ANS. At McDonald’s, we take responsibility for ourselves accountable and operate to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, and honesty. We each hold ourselves responsible and collectively accountable. We are committed to the responsibilities that go into when we are effective leaders.

Q.4 What is Mcdonald’s social responsibility?

ANS. Our social responsibility is solemn. For instance, we’re constantly trying to find methods to reduce recycling, reuse, and recycling within our restaurants and across our entire business.

Q.5 What is McDonald’s promise?

ANS. We offer delicious food that makes people comfortable eating at conveniently located times and locations, as well as affordable prices. We also work hard to deliver the speed, flexibility, and individualization our customers demand.

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