JB Hi-Fi Return Policy 2023

JB Hi-Fi Return Policy [2023] /Online or In-Store Refunds

JB Hi-Fi Return Policy:This JB Hi-Fi return policy is very strict about what items are eligible to be returned, as well as how to return an item. 

To return a JB Hi-Fi product, you must present a receipt as evidence of purchase. There are also certain times when you are required to return the product.

Although the Australian Consumer Law protects consumers, some products aren’t eligible to be returned. For instance, headphones must be unopened within 30 days of purchase to be returned for sanitation concerns.

JB Hi-Fi Return Policy

About JB Hi-Fi

A well-known electronic store in the Australian market, JB Hi-Fi has long been the top choice for people who want to purchase the latest technology or spend a long time exploring the various categories. 

Beginning in 1974 as a single location, JB Hi-Fi has grown to more than 200 stores across Australia. 

The retailer provides all kinds of electronic products, including TVs, computers and audio systems, phones, gaming, music, cars, stereos, appliances, and musical instruments, providing a single-stop shop for all kinds.

About JB Hi-Fi

What is the JB Hi-Fi Return Policy?

JB Hi-Fi’s return policy stipulates that you have to present the receipt as proof of purchase to be able for you to be able to exchange an item. 

Based on the condition of the product, customers are given a maximum of 90 days period to submit an exchange request. 

For things that are unopened and not opened, in good condition and not defective or damaged in any manner, customers can return the item within 30 days of receiving the product. 

But, things that are defective and come with damaged packaging have a limit of 90 days.

What is the JB Hi-Fi Return Policy

Things like headphones or other devices that come in contact with the mouth or ear are not possible unless the product is not opened.

Faulty product, packaging in any condition 100% refund 90 Days
Unused & unopened product, packaging in good condition 100% refund 30 Days
Pre-Paid Service Cards (iTunes, Xbox Live, etc.) Must contact third-party for return Must contact third-party for return
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Based on the product, there could also be specific exclusions that you need to be aware of, such as redeeming digital redemption codes for returns or PC games that are downloaded.

How to Return a JB Hi-Fi Product

If you want to return the JB Hi-Fi product, you must present the receipt as proof of purchase at the nearest JB Hi-Fi storefront. 

Returns are also possible through a courier. However, the refund process will take longer to process this way.

If you’ve lost or misplaced your receipt, There are ways to retrieve the token for your return.

Can You Return an Online Product to the Store?

You can return your online purchases to the nearest JB Hi-Fi location. All you require is the receipt or online order confirmation to show the proof of the purchase.

How Strict is the JB Hi-Fi Return Policy

Since JB Hi-Fi is an electronic retailer, they are a little more strict than some companies. Although they have a similar 30-day or 90-day return timeframe as other companies, a few more restrictions are added to their returns.

For instance, if you bought a physical computer game that comes with a digital game, You’ll need to return the digital game for any form of reimbursement for the item.

It also features a limitation regarding the return of headphones or earbuds which were opened. This restriction is due to the health and sanctuary aspect.

JB Hi-Fi Exchange Policy

This JB Hi-Fi exchange policy is tied to its refund and returns policy. If you’d like the option to exchange something, visit the nearest JB Hi-Fi storefront and initiate an exchange request. 

Keep the receipt with you, and you’ll receive a credit to the store upon exchange, which you can use at the return time.

JB Hi-Fi Refund Policy

Every one of the JB Hi-Fi products that are accepted for return can be considered a full refund if the refund request is received within 30 days of the date that you opened packages or 90 days in the case of defective products. 

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Refunds are not allowed for earbuds or headphones opened previously or used. 

Does JB Hi-Fi Take Returns Without a Receipt?

To return a product to JB Hi-Fi, customers must present a receipt or a purchase confirmation via the internet. 

If a customer lost or destroyed their ticket, There are two methods to retrieve the token and start the return process.

In-Store Receipt Recovery

The worker can retrieve the receipt you received from the store in their system if you provide the following details:

  • Date of purchase
  • Purchase cost
  • The model number for the product
  • Method of payment and the last four digits of the card being used

Online Receipt Recovery

To recover receipts online, Follow these steps:

  1. Log into the account you have created with your JB Hi-Fi account. Suppose you don’t already have one. Create an account using the same email you used to complete the purchase. Then, you’ll have access to the purchase record.
  2. Click to confirm the order.
  3. Print the information about your order when you click the printer icon. The icon can be located in the upper right corner of your screen.

Does JB Hi-Fi Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Refunds are only accepted if the item is defective. JB Hi-Fi will accept after 30 days for faulty products. 

Items that are defective and come with packaging in good condition may be returned 90 days following purchasing.

What Can’t be Returned?

Some products that may be a health risk after return, like headphones or earbuds, aren’t eligible for return unless they’ve been opened and returned within 30 days from when you purchased them.

Return Policy Exceptions and Exclusions

If you buy headphones or earbuds that are found to be defective at first use, however, you can return the item to JB Hi-Fi.

The products not covered by the company’s return policy include products sold in commercial sales that are unopened and not used or digital codes that are included with defective items, digital computer games and software.

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Does JB Hi-Fi Offer Full Refunds?

Full refunds are provided for products identified as defective or unopened, unopened, and unopened items within the timeframe for return.

Can I Return a Product After Use?

The opened products can be returned in 30 days unless it’s earbuds or headphones. 

If you discover that the product is defective upon first use and are not satisfied, you can wait for 90 days to submit an inquiry for a refund.

How Long Do JB Hi-Fi Refunds Take?

JB Hi-Fi refunds done in stores are processed instantly if you request an online reimbursement; the process could take as long as two weeks.

Contact for JB Hi-Fi’s customer service (phone or email)

Contact JB Hi-Fi: Find below the customer service information from JB Hi-Fi, Australia, including email and phone. 

In addition to contact information and contact information, the site also reviews the business—contact customer support below to get assistance, complaints or feedback.

Head Office 

JB Hi-Fi Group Pty Ltd 

Level 4, Office Tower 2, 

Chadstone Place, Chadstone Shopping Centre, 

1341 Dandenong Road, 

Chadstone VIC 3148, Australia 

Phone: +61 3 8530 7333

Customer Service 

Phone: 1300 746 752 (JB Hi-Fi Solutions) 

Email: [email protected] (for cancellations) 

Email: [email protected] (online order queries)


The return policy for JB Hi-Fi is pretty straightforward. Items that are returned less than 30 days old at the time of purchase and have not been used or opened will offer you an entire refund. 

But, it’s essential to remember that you must have receipts to begin any return request.

If you’re unsure whether your product can be returned, it’s worthwhile to call and inquire before heading to the shopfront.

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