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Green Card Interview: Must-Know Immigration Interview Questions

green card interview questions:  A good awareness, support and preparation are the key to overcoming the stress and anxieties that come with immigration questions during an interview.


It is the US green card represents the ultimate goal for all immigrants who have the American Dream. It’s the passport to a better life and the freedom to create an alternative future and live a life of unlimited possibilities.

But, the legal processes particularly the green card exam continue to be an obstacle.


Do you require legal assistance relate to immigration? We are here to assist you complete the process of applying for a green card.

To get the US green card requires a long and tedious procedure that requires professional assistance from an immigration lawyer.

Immigration Interview Questions

The guidance provide by an experience attorney allows applicants to file their papers and create documents with no trouble and receive an interview notice for green cards which can trigger anxiety about the questions that might be ask at the time of the interview.


If you have the proper preparation, you’ll increase the odds of getting an immigration visa interview and enjoy confidence in your decision.

While the green card process isn’t all are alike, here are the most commonly ask questions ask during the immigration interview and some tips you should be aware of.

green card interview questions


If you’re planning an interview for a green card you are likely to receive a number of questions concerning the eligibility requirements for an U.S. green card and your background. Some common questions include:

  1. Tell us more about your work history and background?
  2. How did you get into in the United States and what is your current status as an immigrant?
  3. Who is sponsoring your green card? And how do you find who they are?
  4. Have you been in the past or convict of committing a crime?
  5. Do you have close relatives that have U.S. citizens or permanent residents?
  6. Tell us about your marital status as well as spouse?
  7. Have you ever submitted U.S. taxes or receive public benefits?
  8. What are the reasons you would like to be an U.S. permanent resident?
  9. Do you have proof that you won’t be an indictment within the U.S.?
  10. Do you have the necessary proof of your legality to apply for green cards?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that each case is unique and the type of questions you’ll be ask will vary based on the specifics of your situation. In addition, immigration officials are free to ask further questions according to their discretion. It is best to answer all questions in a professional manner and to the best of your ability.

legal record-related immigration interview questions

Have you got any convictions for a crime?

Did you receive traffic tickets?

Have you ever been detained?

Have you serve probation or a suspend sentence?

Are you involve in any political campaign?

Did you have the experience of getting detain in an camp for immigrants?

Do you drink and drive?

Have you got any domestic abuse issues?

character-related immigration interview questions

Do you abide by US law?

Have you ever declare yourself as you are a US citizen?

Have you ever been discriminate against or denied to someone?

What is your opinion on politics?

What is your sexual preference?

Are you a believer in equal rights, despite the differences in race, nationality or religion?

What is your faith?

What do you think of critiques of your beliefs?

Are you a part of any group? If so, which one is it and what’s your role?

Have you ever been a part of a prohibited group?

income tax-related immigration interview questions

Do you pay your taxes and file your tax returns?

Are you in possession of IRS documents?

Do you have tax that you have not paid?

Did you ever fail to pay your taxes?

residential history-related immigration interview questions

Where is the address you are currently at?

How long have you been living there?

In which cities did you reside in the past?

What were the most places you alter in the past five years?

Have you move into a new house after completing the green card application?

Where did you reside until you turned 16?

Education-Related Immigration Interview Questions

What is your degree of education?

Where did you receive your schooling?

What school did you go to last time?

Employment-Relate Immigration Interview Questions

What do you do for a living?

Who is your boss?

What’s your average salary?

Where have you work over the past five years?

travel-related immigration interview questions

Here are some typical immigration-relate questions you might be face with during an interview for immigration:

  1. Tell us about the purpose behind your journey?
  2. What is the length of time you expect to remain within the nation?
  3. Who will pay for the expenses you incur for your stay?
  4. Do you have an return ticket?
  5. Do you have relatives or acquaintances in the country you’re in?
  6. Are you able to afford the funds to cover your expenses during your stay?
  7. Have you ever been to the country previously?
  8. Are you a victim of a ban on entry into any country previously?
  9. What’s your job title and for whom are you working for?
  10. Have you confirm a reservation at a hotel?
  11. What’s your plan for your journey?
  12. Are there any particular ideas for your stay?
  13. Are you able to provide any other supporting documents to support the reason of your visit?

It’s crucial to be well-prepared and honest when you are in an immigration interview. If you’re not sure about your answer, it’s better to state it rather than providing false details.

immigration status-related interview questions

Here are some common immigration status-related interview questions you may be asked during an immigration interview:

  1. What is your current immigration status in the country?
  2. When did you enter the country and how did you enter (e.g. with a visa, as a refugee, etc.)?
  3. Have you ever overstay your visa or breach the terms of your immigration status?
  4. Have you ever been arrest or convict of a crime?
  5. Are you currently employed or do you have a source of income?
  6. Do you have any family members in the country, and what is their immigration status?
  7. Have you ever applied for immigration benefits or sponsorship before?
  8. Have you ever been deported or removed from the country before?
  9. Do you have any pending immigration applications or petitions?
  10. Have you ever been denied immigration benefits before?

Again, it’s important to be prepare and honest during an immigration interview. Providing false information can have serious consequences for your immigration case.

military information-related immigration interview questions

Here are some common military information-relate immigration interview questions you may be aske during an immigration interview:

  1. Have you ever serve in the military or been a member of a military organization?
  2. If so, which country’s military and what was your rank or position?
  3. Were you ever involve in any military conflicts or operations?
  4. Have you ever receive any military training or education?
  5. Have you ever been discharge or separate from military service? If so, why?
  6. Have you ever been convict of a crime or receive any disciplinary action while serving in the military?
  7. Have you ever been granted any military honors or awards?
  8. Have you ever applied for any military-relate immigration benefits before?

It’s important to be prepare and honest during an immigration interview. If you have a military background, it’s essential to be able to provide accurate information about your service and any relevant details that may impact your immigration case.

family history-related immigration interview questions

Here are some of the most common immigration-related questions that relate to family history you might be asked during your immigration interview:

  1. Who are members of your immediate family? where are they currently?
  2. Are you married? If yes, could you share details about your prior weddings?
  3. Do you have children and what do they have to say about their immigration situation?
  4. Have you ever been a sponsor for a family member of yours for reasons of immigration?
  5. Do any of your relatives have been involve in illegal activities or violations of immigration?
  6. Are you able to provide proof of your relationship to family members, for example, wedding certificates, birth certificates or other certificates?
  7. Have you ever been outside your country for a long duration of time? If yes, where and for what reason?
  8. Have you ever had to be separate by your relatives for a long amount of time? If so, how long and how time?

It’s crucial to be prepare and candid during your interview with immigration. The ability to provide accurate and complete information about your family’s background can aid in proving your case for immigration.

physical information-related immigration interview questions

In an immigration interview the physical details of a person’s identity could be necessary for them to be considered eligible for specific benefits of immigration. Here are some physical-related questions that might be in an immigration interview:

  1. Do you suffer from any mental or physical medical conditions? If yes, please explain the conditions.
  2. Have you ever been admitted to hospital or had surgery to treat medical conditions? If yes, be specific.
  3. Have you have been diagnosed as having a illness or condition that could be a risk to the public health?
  4. Have you ever been denied the right to travel into a different country because of health issues?
  5. Have you had any vaccinations or treatment for any medical condition within the last five years?
  6. Do you utilize any assistive devices, such as wheelchairs, crutches or hearing aids?
  7. Have you ever been deemed mentally or physically unfit to serve in the military?
  8. Are you in a position to meet the physical and medical prerequisites required to do the position you’re seeking in your destination country?

It is important to note that these questions and the details require can differ according to the specific benefits for immigration as well as the immigration policy of the country.

relationship-related immigration interview questions

If you’re married or seeking an immigration green card base on marriage, be prepare for the following interview questions.

Who is your partner’s name?

When did you get married?

Where did you get married?

How have you met your future spouse?

What was the location on your initial date?

How did you get to meet?

Did anyone introduce you to your spouse?

What was your first date?

For how long do you have been dating one another for?

Did you ever realize that you’re loving your partner?

Who first propose it?

What and where did it take place?

What, where, when and how did you get you married?

How many people were there?

Name a few frequent friends that attended?

Who were the bridesmaids/groomsmen?

How did your partner and you dress in the wedding?

Was there a celebration or reception?

Did you attend some theme entertainment or event?

What is the employer of your spouse?

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

What is her current job?

What time do each of you get at home from work?

Do you have pets? Who is responsible for it?

What is the birth date for your partner?

What’s the date for your anniversary?

What are your parents’ opinions about you and your family?

Questions about the status of relationships during the green card interview could be able to cover every specific. These questions for immigration interviews can be very thorough and detaile. It could range the entire spectrum of topics from cooking to personal matters.

personal information-relate immigration interview questions

What is your full name?

Is your dad’s name the complete spelling of his father’s?

What is the name of your mom’s maiden name?

When is the day of the birth?

Where are you hail from?

What is your birthplace and the country of your birth?

Which race do you identify with?

Where are you currently?

What is your phone number?

greetings and oath–relate immigration interview questions

How are you feeling today?

What is the current weather like?

What can you expect from the immigration test?

Are you aware of the reason why you’re being interviewe?

How is the United States of America?

Are you aware that you are require to sign an oath to disclose your identity?

Do you know English?

Are you proficient in English or do you have an interpreter?

Do you understand the oath?

The USCIS officer could be able to explain his interview. The officer may or appear friendly. The officer swears by in which he asks you to raise your right hand and declare “I do swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”


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