Great Clips Senior Discount Requirements, Details 2023

Great Clips Senior Discount Requirements and Details

Great Clips Senior Discount: Great Clips Senior Discount It is designed to make it more straightforward, easy, and enjoyable for customers to get stunning haircuts and hairstyles for cost-effective prices. The mission of Great Clips is to motivate as many individuals as possible who require an economical, stylish haircut.


A dependable and well-known salon established in 1982. Great Clips, Inc. began its journey in Minneapolis’s hairstyling field.

With over 4400 hair salons in the United States and Canada, Great Clips has surfaced as the largest and most sought-after hair salon company through its 40-year travel.


Great Clips has a huge franchisee network, with over 1,200 franchises in various areas and over 40000 hairstylists. As the brand, it is in operation in more than 180 countries.

Great Clips Senior Discount

The unbeatable style and professional haircuts for both women and men and kids make Great Clips the preferred choice of more than 2 million customers. Great Clips strictly adheres to the highest standards of training and expert hairstyling.


The stylists receive a specialized training course on Great Clip’s customer support services. Continuous efforts to provide uninterrupted and professional hairstyling ensure that Great Clips is ahead in the marketplace.

Great Clips offer services 24/7, and customers can benefit from the services at any time they need.

Why Should You Ask for Great Clips Senior Discount?

Great Clips is the leading salon brand in the US that offers expert hairstyles that are exclusive and personalized services for hair care with skilled and trained professionals.


So, you need the best hairstyles for yourself at an affordable price and are in the age bracket of seniors. In that case, it is essential to ask about the discount at Great Clips senior discount without hesitation.

To see if they offer any deals, visit or download their app to receive the announcements. You will get a head start and cut down on time by including your details on the waitlist before you go to the salon.

Great Clips Senior Discount

Additionally, professional customer service also consists of the Clip Notes service; each time you go to them, technicians make the details of your most-loved haircut so that you can take it to the nearest Great Clips outlet.

This could be an excellent alternative for seniors to not only save money by using the discounts for seniors but also get more time back with the Great Clips benefits.

How To Get Great Clips Senior Discount?

Great Clips salons offer discounts for seniors on their current low regular rates for haircuts. But, there is an age limit to taking advantage of the discount.

Additionally, there isn’t a special senior discount day celebrated at the salon. This means that Great Clips offers a senior discount each day, and all you have to do is to be qualified. The salons that are part of Great Clips provide this discount. Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • In exchange for senior discounts, you will receive a discount of $2 off regular haircut costs.
  • The discount can only be used on haircuts, not styling products or services.
  • Senior discounts may vary in participating salons. You can contact your local salon to find out the discounts they offer.
  • Seniors aged 65 and over can avail discounts for seniors.

Step 1

When you make an appointment at the nearest Great Clips salon or any outlet, by phone or through their official website, you need to mention your age when filling in or providing information.

Step 2

When you receive a call from your hairstylist, make sure to say that you are eligible for the Senior Discount. The senior discount will be added to your haircut.

What Are Great Clips Prices for Seniors?

At Great Clips, they allow seniors to receive a discount of $2 on haircuts. That means the price for a saloon haircut, typically around $14, is reduced to just $12 for seniors.

This being said, Great Clips is a privately owned chain of salons, boasting greater than 4000 franchised stores across the U.S. Because all franchisees operate under their policies, The discounts can differ between salons.

Though most salons within the chain provide senior discounts, you should inquire about the details with your local Great Clips outlet for more details.

Do Great Clips Salons Have Coupons?

Great Clips offer coupons to motivate customers to avail themselves of their products, particularly those in the senior age bracket.

There are a variety of ways you can obtain Great Clips coupons. Print postcards, social media, and email messages via text and direct mail.

The first step is to sign up for their email list to receive coupons in your inbox. In addition, you might be interested in visiting the Facebook and Instagram profiles before entering the saloon to determine whether they have any currently available coupons.

Also, check the “coupons” section of the paper to see if they have printed coupons.

Like discount deals, Coupon availability may vary between locations. Therefore, you should contact the nearest Great Clips to confirm if they accept coupons.

How to Check if My Coupon Is Valid?

You can find various websites claiming Great Clips coupons with generous discounts. However, it is possible to find fake coupons too.

Visit your local salon to verify the coupon is authorized and valid through Great Clips. The positive side is that there’s a second method to confirm coupons online.

Great Clips coupons include an exclusive, single-use code 5 to 6 characters long. They also include an online address that states the eligible market, the saloon, the city or. It probably needs to be genuine if you see an online coupon that does not have a 5-6 character code or a valid web address.

Take the Great Clips Survey for More Perks

Great Clips customer satisfaction surveys are another method of taking advantage of the exclusive deals offered by the business.

To ensure that customers are happy, the saloon chain will take feedback from customers regarding the behavior of staff as well as suggestions and complaints. In return, you could receive coupons, a haircut for free, or a discount on the styling service.

Complete their survey using the link at the end of the receipt. Take note that you can only take one survey permitted per purchase.

Does Great Clips Offer Military Discount?

It’s true; Great Clips has a “Thank a Veteran” program to show respect to military personnel. If you are an active military veteran, you can avail of a haircut at no cost or a haircut card for future use.

Great Clips Senior Day and Senior Discount Policy

Great Clips’ senior discount policy must be available on its website. If you look at their list of offerings, “Haircuts for Seniors” is included, but there is no price listed. In the small print, the website says that prices vary based on the location.

The best choice is to phone the Great Clips in your area. They’ll be able to provide you with the cost of a suitable haircut for a senior citizen.

Whatever the cost of haircuts, you’ll be pleased to be aware you can rest assured that Great Clips has an accessibility policy. You can contact the company if you need help accessing the info on the Great Clips website.

The problem is that the Great Clips’ official accessibility policy only addresses the accessibility of its website. The company’s accessibility policy does not specify which locations are wheelchair accessible. Contact one of your nearby Great Clips to find out whether you can maneuver an accessible wheelchair inside their facility.

Great Clips offers one service that senior citizens might appreciate. You can book your haircut online, and the procedure is fairly easy.

Visit the Great Clips website. Enter your zip code in the locater. Click on the desired location, and you’ll be offered the chance to sign in to get haircuts.

You’ll have to provide your name and number, as well as how many people need to get a haircut. You’ll be able to know how many customers are waiting in line. You will also receive an estimated time to wait.

Logging in on the website (or using your mobile phone) will help reduce your waiting time.

Other Ways You Can Save With Great Clips

Take the Great Clips Survey

Great Clips Customer Satisfaction Survey lets you be the winner of a Great Clips coupon code just for taking a few moments to complete your online poll on You can tell them if you are satisfied with their services and your thoughts about crucial elements such as management, staff behavior, and complaints.

The company values customer feedback and is interested in knowing what its customers think of them and what they think of its products and services.

They intend to utilize this information to improve themselves. To participate in the survey, you must be a citizen of Canada, the USA, the UK, or Canada who is at least 18 years old. One study per order is permitted.

Similar Companies That Do Offer Senior Discounts

Several salons and brands provide senior discounts. While you’re aware of the discounts here, there’s no excuse not to inquire about whether a salon offers such discounts.

Many salons provide advantages for seniors that include discounts. The two salons differ from Great Clips, which arranges for senior discounts.

  • MasterCuts also has a salon offering discounts for seniors over 60 or older. Discounts of 20 percent are offered between Monday and the fourth of each week on salon service and hair products. You need to present the senior discount card at any location to get the discount.
  • Senior discounts at Supercuts are also available. But not all locations of Supercuts offer an elderly discount of $2 off their average adult price for haircuts. The offer is available for customers who are 60 or older.

Discounts and services might differ between locations of salons, so make sure to inquire with your salon about their senior discount deals.


Great Clips’ competitors try their best to defeat them. But, Great Clips is a brand-name salon quite well-known across the US. With exceptional customer services and an enhanced customer experience, they’ve managed to outdo their rivals.

Check-in online and Clip Notes make your experience at Great Clip easy, as does ReadyNext text informs you of your appointment only 15 minutes prior, which reduces your wait time in the salon.

Therefore, customer satisfaction is top of the list. Great Clips is one of the most popular hair salons for both old and young. Get a discount by taking advantage of special Great Clips deals for senior citizens!

Great Clips FAQs

Q.1 Do Great Clips have senior hours?

ANS. The answer is no; Great Clips do not specify a specific time to avail of the discount for seniors. You can avail of it any time of the day. Just confirm with the particular outlet to see if they’re part of the discount program.

Q,2 What is Great Clips senior discount age?

ANS. The customer must be 65 years old or older to be eligible for discounts for seniors for Great Clips.

Q.3 Is there a senior discount day at Great Clips?

ANS. There isn’t any special senior discount day for Great clips. Great Clips senior discount offer is offered every day throughout the day.

Q.4 Do Great Clips accept AARP?

ANS. In 2021’s records, Great Clips did not follow AARP discount guidelines. You can visit their website for the most up-to-date details on AARP discount rates for Great Clips.

Q.5 What is a good tip for a haircut at Great Clips?

ANS. Keep in mind that golden rule of thumb “You should tip 20 percent on the entire service cost, not per individual,” states Schweitzer. If your blow-dry and haircut cost $40 in total and your color costs $60, your total cost will be $100.


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