CitiGroup Headquarters Address Contact Number

Citibank Corporate Headquarters Address, Contact Number

CitiGroup Headquarters Address: Citigroup, a multinational investment bank company, headquartered in New York City, is well-known. They are famous in critical financial markets such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

CitiGroup provides a wide range of financial and banking services. Credit cards, retail banking, and securities are just a few of the financial products and services that CitiGroup provides.

CitiGroup is listed with the ticker “C” on the New York Stock Exchange. We have included the contact information for CitiGroup’s headquarters, including its address, the email address of the CEO, IR, and other details. So, let’s see!

Citibank Corporate Headquarters Address

Citigroup History

Citigroup is one of the Big Four banks in the United States. It is a multi-national financial services company.

Citigroup was created in 1998 by the merger between Citicorp and Traveler’s Group.

Citicorp’s roots can be traced back to 1812 when the City Bank of New York was founded. Citicorp was the U.S.’s largest bank by 1895 and the first to contribute to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Traveler’s Group represented a variety of financial concerns, including life, property, and casualty insurances, retail brokerage, asset management, and annuities.

The combined firm was worth $ 140 billion and had assets of $ 700 billion. Traveler’s Group was able to market mutual funds to Citicorp’s customers, and Citicorp had access to a broader client base.

Citigroup History


The U.S. government rescued Citigroup in 2008’s global financial crisis. The U.S. provided $25 billion of emergency assistance. The company recovered and paid back the government. In addition, the U.S. government received $12 billion more from selling the shares it acquired during the bailout.

Citigroup is the largest financial services company in the world today, with over 16,000 offices worldwide and 260,000 employees.

In 2012, Citigroup, which is a member of the S&P 500, had 259,000 workers and made $70.17 billion in sales.

CitiGroup Headquarters Address

CitiGroup’s headquarters is in New York City, NY. CitiGroup has a large corporate office used for operations and administrative purposes.

For administrative and operational purposes, the company has a large corporate office. If you are frustrated with customer service, communicate your problem to them in simple words so they can take corrective actions. Here’s the address for CitiGroup headquarters, CitiGroup Headquarters 388 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013, USA.

Citibank Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 388 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013, United States
  • Phone Number: 212-793-0710
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Number of Employees: 204,000
  • Established: 16 June 1812
  • Founder: Samuel Osgood
  • Key People: Peter Babej, Kristine Braden

IR Contacts

You can contact the IR if you are interested in investing in the company.

Investor Relations

If you are an investor with any questions about IR, please get in touch with us at the full address, email address, and phone number listed below.

  • Address: Citigroup Investor Relations, 388 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 212-559-2718

Fixed Income Investor Relations

  • Address: Citigroup Fixed Income Investor Relations, 388 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 212-559-5091

Shareholder Services and Transfer Agent Contacts

Stockholder Services: Citigroup Document Services

  • Telephone: (716) 730 8055
  • Toll-free Number: (877) 936 2737
  • Email ID: [email protected]

Transfer Agent

  • Address: Computershare Trust Company, N.A., P. O. Box 43078, Providence, RI 02940-3078
  • Telephone: (781) 575-4555
  • Toll-free: (888) 250-3985
  • Fax: (201) 324-3284
  • Email: [email protected]

Shareholder Relations

Check below for the contact information of the shareholder relations department.

  • Address: Citigroup Shareholder Relations, 3800 Citigroup Center Drive, Shareholder Relations, Mail Zone G3-23, Bldg G, 3rd Floor, Tampa, FL 33610-9122
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 813-604-2778

Press Contacts

These contact details are helpful for journalists, news reporters, and TV hosts. You can contact the media team for current news, reports, and questions about CitiGroup Inc.

North America:

  • For the Citi Operator, please dial 212-559-1000.
  • For U.S. related inquiries, please dial 212-793-0710

Global Government Affairs

  • Phone Number: 202-879-6800

Community Development @ Citi

Citi Foundation

  • For media inquiries, please contact Citi Public Affairs at 212-793-0710

Citi Secure Email Program

CEO Email Address

CitiGroup’s current CEO and President is Jane Fraser. Save his email address [email protected] To report any concerns. To get an immediate resolution, remember to contact customer service.

Ethics Hotline

To report or raise concerns about ethics, dial the Ethics Hotline at 1-866-ETHIC99 (1-866-384-44299). Please dial 1-212-559-5842 (international collection/reverse charge number) if you’re based in the US. Remember to save CitiGroup’s ethics email address [email protected]. You can report your concern to this dedicated ethics helpline.

The Citi Ethics Office address is 388 Greenwich Street, New York, NY, 10013. For ethics issues, remember to save the Fax number 1-212-793-1347.

Corporate Sponsorship

Contact us at the email address below if you are interested in sponsorship by Citi. Remember to communicate details clearly and quickly.

Social Media Accounts

the social media accounts of CitiGroup are FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitterYouTube. This all social media accounts are taken from its official website.

Citigroup Headquarters Executive Team

Citigroup headquarters has an Executive Management Team and a Board of Directors. There may be changes to the Executive Team at Citigroup headquarters. The About Citi Page contains current information about the leadership.

Executive Management Team

Peter Babej – Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific
Mark Carawan – Chief Compliance Officer
Michael Corbat – Chief Executive Officer Citi
Jane Fraser – President of Citi, Chief Executive Officer Global Consumer Banking
Bradford Hu – Chief Risk Officer
David Livingstone – Chief Executive Officer Europe, Middle East & Africa
Mark Mason – Chief Financial Officer Citi
Mary McNiff – Chief Executive Officer Citibank, N.A.
Jessica Roos – Chief Auditor
Edward Skyler – Executive Vice President, Global Public Affairs
Ernesto Torres Cantu – Chief Executive Officer, Latin America
Sara Wechter – Head of Human Resources
Rohan Weerasinghe – General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Mike Whitaker – Head of Enterprise Infrastructure, Operations & Technology
Paco Ybarra – Chief Executive Officer Institutional Clients Group

Board of Directors

Michael Corbat
Ellen M. Costello
Grace E. Dailey
Barbara Desoer
John C. Dugan
Duncan P. Hennes
Peter Blair Henry
S. Leslie Ireland
Jay Jacobs
Renée J. James
Gary M. Reiner
Diana L. Taylor
James S. Turley
Deborah C. Wright
Alexander Wynaendts
Ernesto Zedillo

Citigroup Headquarters Brands

Citibank, Citicards, Citi Mortgage, and Citi Transaction are some of the brands associated with Citigroup.

Where is the Citigroup Head Office in Canada?

Citigroup has a Canadian corporate office in addition to its presence in the country where it is headquartered. It will surprise you that Citigroup has been in Canada since 1919. The company currently has offices in Calgary, Mississauga, and Montreal.

Citigroup Canada’s operations are focused on investment and corporate banking. It also handles markets, securities, treasury, trade, private banking, and cards.

The Canada headquarters of Citigroup is at Citigroup, 123 Front Street West in Toronto, Ontario M5J2M3, Canada. The company can be reached at (416) 946-5500.

Where is the Citigroup Head Office in the UK?

Citigroup is a British bank that has been operating in the United Kingdom ever since 1902. This was through the International Banking Corporation’s Office located in London. The company increased in the UK from there, with its main offices in Derby, Belfast, and Edinburgh.

Like Canada, Citigroup UK’s primary focus is on transactions and investments. It serves private clients, financial institutions, as well as public clients.

Its headquarters are located at Citigroup Centre 33 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5LB.

Citigroup Product and Services

Citigroup, a multinational corporation, offers many services through its various companies. It operates five core businesses: services, markets, and banking.

Services include treasury, trade solutions, and security services. These services are intended to increase network value.

The business deals with not only markets but fixed income and equities. This group of companies aims to increase profitability and make better connections with the Institutional Client Group.

The banking group places a premium on corporate banking, investment banking, and commercial banks.
The global wealth management group is focused on Citi Private Bank and wealth Management.

This group seeks strong foundations and scalable growth. Finally, US personal banking aims to provide access to branded cards and retail services as well as retail banking.

Citibank Headquarters Location & Directions


ANS. Phone Number: To reach Citigroup Headquarters, call 1-800-285-3000 or 1-212-559-9000 if you’re outside the United States.

Q.2 How do I mail a check to Citibank?

ANS. Mail. Send a check or money order with the minimum amount due, the current amount, or any other amount. Your account number should be included in the payment. Send to P.O. Send to P.O. Box 9001037 Louisville, KY 40290-1037.

Q.3 Who is the current CEO of Citibank?

ANS. Jane Fraser was born in 1967 and is Citigroup’s chief executive officer (CEO). She has held this position since March 2021. She was educated at Harvard Business School and Girton College in Cambridge. Before joining Citigroup, she was a partner with McKinsey & Company for ten years.

Q.4 Is Citibank a good bank?

ANS. Is Citi a reliable bank? Citi is an excellent bank if your goal is to access a wide range of accessible ATMs and solid, full-service banking products. An online bank may offer better interest rates if you look for the highest rates on your deposits.

Q.5 How do I contact Citibank executives?

ANS. Phone Number: Call 1-800-285-3000. If you’re outside the United States, call Citigroup headquarters at 1-212-559-9000. The official website does not list a fax number or a direct line to the corporate office.

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