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Dairy Queen corporate office ,Headquarters ,Phone, Address

Dairy Queen Headquarters Address: Dairy Queen is located in Minnesota, United States. The company is an ice cream store and a fast-food restaurant chain, offering soft ice cream and a large selection of fast food.


The company is a part of Berkshire Hathaway, which also owns Karmelkorn. It is a renowned food and beverage business that has been in operation since 1940, and it is now situated in 27 countries, including the United States and Canada.

In Dairy Queen, one can find soft serve, milkshakes, hot dogs, salads, chicken, milkshakes, French fries, sundaes, fries, soft drinks and salads.


Dairy Queen corporate office

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About Dairy Queen, History and Headquarters Information


Dairy Queen was founded in 1940 when Dairy Queen was founded. Dairy Queen has been in operation for a total of 78 years. The company’s founder was John Fremont McCullough.


The founder of the business, together with his wife, had been able to convince one of their most loyal customers, referred to as Sherb Noble, to persuade him to market Dairy Queen’s products in Sherb Noble’s Ice Cream store situated in Illinois, USA.

The opening date of sale Sherb Noble had sold more than 1600 servings of the brand new dessert produced by Dairy Queen.

It was the first location of Dairy Queen. The business was founded as part of the partnership of Noble along with the McCulloughs in 1940.


From the beginning of 1940, Dairy Queen required the franchise system to allow the company to grow and reach out globally.

History and Headquarters Information

This is why the USA state with the most Dairy Queen stores was Texas. The situation changed in 2010 when the state that featured the many Dairy Queen restaurants was Minnesota.

The International Dairy Queen was the parent company of Dairy Queen in the USA and operated under the name of the American Dairy Queen Corp as well. In 2014the business owned over 6,400 stores spread across over 25 countries around the globe, of which 4,500 were in the USA.

The first store for the brand to be inaugurated in Canada was opened in 1953. 1958 Dairy Queen was introduced in the year 1958. The dairy Queen symbol was also introduced. In 1962, the company was under the name International Dairy Queen. It bought the Orange Julius chain in 1987.

In 1998 the company was bought through Berkshire Hathaway. The company’s headquarters is located at 7505 Metro Boulevard. The city’s name is Minneapolis, and the state’s name is Minnesota, USA. The pin code for the region is 55439.


Dairy Queen is an American company that produces different kinds of fast food recipes and numerous desserts and ice cream flavours for customers. The CEO at present of Dairy Queen is Troy Bader. The company operates more than 6,800 stores across the globe.

About Dairy Queen

According to the 2017 year’s report, the total revenue generated by the company is greater than $3.6 billion. The company’s restaurants typically serve hot dogs, blended drinks and hamburgers, snack foods and more.


The principal services provided by the firm include allowing customers to set up an online presence to buy various fast food items and desserts produced and sold through the business itself.

The restaurants offer soft-serving, fast-food recipes and meals such as milkshakes, ice creams, French fries, sundaes, Chicken recipes, Soft drinks, salads, etc.

Dairy Queen Headquarters Address and Contact

  • Address: 7505 Metro Blvd, Edina, MN 55439, USA
  • Phone Number: 502-493-0878
  • Fax Number: 502-499-5164
  • Email: N/A
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1940
  • Founder: John Fremont McCullough
  • Key People: Troy Bader (President & CEO)

HQ Phone Number

For contact with Corporate Authorities or Higher Management to reach out to higher management, you can call the official number for Dairy Queen Headquarters. Make a note of the Corporate Office Telephone Number: (952) 830-0200.

Customer Inquiry Email

You’ll find ways to contact this Dairy Queen Customer Support Team in this section. If you want to share your thoughts or comments, use the email address offered by the business. To make it easier for you, we’ve also included the official link on this page. Click here to Send us an email.

You can also contact Dairy Queen’s Senior Customer Relations Manager via email. Please note down the Official Email Address of the concerned: [email protected].

CEO Email Address

For more urgent issues or concerns that still need to be addressed to your expectation, you can communicate with the top officials of the business.

Here in this section, we have provided the official email address of Dairy Queen’s CEO, please note it down: [email protected].

Email Contact

Step 1– You can reach the customer support department via email. Click here for a link to access the support email form.

Step 2 When the page opens, you will see an email form at the bottom. Fill in the blanks with the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Confirm Email
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone Number
  • Comment

Phone Contacts

Main: (952) 830-0200
Customer Service: (952) 830-0200
Toll Free: (866) 793-7582

Dairy Queen Resources

Dairy queen company profile

Name Dairy queen
Founded June 22, 1940, Joliet, IL
Industries Fast food restaurant company
Dairy queen headquarters address 8000 Tower, Suite 700, 8331 Norman Center Drive, Bloomington, MN 55437
Dairy queen email NA
Dairy queen Phone number 1-866-793-7582
website dairyqueen.com/en-us

Dairy Queen Headquarters Executive Team

We have a list of the executive team that can be found on the Corporate Contact Information page of the Dairy Queen website.

Leadership Team

Troy Bader – President and CEO
Dan Kropp – Chief Operations Officer, U.S.
Jean Champagne – Chief Operations Officer, International
Mark Vinton – Chief Financial Officer

Executive Contacts

Primary Contact
Carolyn Kidder
Senior Consumer Relations Manager
8000 Tower
8331 Norman Center Drive
Suite 700
Bloomington, MN 55437
[email protected]

Secondary Contact
Dan Kropp
Chief Operations Officer, U.S
8000 Tower
8331 Norman Center Drive
Suite 700
Bloomington, MN 55437
[email protected]

Chief Executive
Troy Bader
President and Chief Executive Officer
8000 Tower
8331 Norman Center Drive
Suite 700
Bloomington, MN 55437
[email protected]

Dairy Queen Headquarters Brands

Some of the brands that are associated together with Dairy Queen are DQ, Blizzard and GrillBurger. These brands are exclusively sold in Dairy Queen locations.

Dairy Queen Headquarters Location & Directions


Q.1 Where is DQ World Headquarters?


International Dairy Queen Inc. (IDQ), based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the parent corporation that owns American Dairy Queen Corporation and Dairy Queen Canada, Inc.

Q.2 Where is the oldest Dairy Queen?

ANS. Noble, as well as the McCulloughs, established their first Dairy Queen store (pictured above) on June 22, 1940, along the historic Route 66 located in Joliet, Illinois.

Q.3 Is Dairy Queen franchised?

ANS. A description of the franchise: American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ), the franchisee, offers single-unit and multi-unit franchises to operate DQ Grill & Chill restaurants in authorized locations.

Q.4 What is the operating hour for Dairy Queen?

ANS. The normal operating hours of Dairy Queen are from 12 noon to 12 AM. The timing can change at any time without announcement.

Q.5  Is Dairy Queen ice cream healthy?

ANS. Dairy Queen provides its customers with ice cream that has a smaller DQ and lower fat content, which makes the soft serve cones a much healthier option than the other brands in the market.


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