ATT Headquarters Address, Phone Number And Email

AT&T Headquarters Address, CEO Email Address, and More

AT&T Headquarters Address: AT&T Corporate Office is the headquarters of AT&T. This Office is situated in Dallas, TX, and has more than 400,000 employees working full-time.

AT&T Corporate Office is the AT&T Corporate headquarters located in downtown Dallas and the telecommunications giant’s main headquarters. Its Office contains multiple departments, which include investor relations, corporate affairs, and administrative support.

As a top provider of landline and wireless communications, The AT&T Corporate Office is dedicated to improving the lives of communities by advancing technology and innovating.

The company’s services are available worldwide and allow customers to stay connected with their loved ones, experience entertainment, and stay up on the latest news.

AT&T Headquarters Address

AT&T is the second-largest provider of mobile phone services and the biggest provider of fixed phone services. They also offer broadband subscription television.

AT&T is the most telecom company globally in terms of revenue. The current time it’s the 21st largest company within the United States when ranked by revenue.

It is the second largest supplier of mobile phones across the United States (behind Verizon Wireless) and is also a significant provider of fixed phone services.

AT&T Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

AT&T Corporate Office Headquarters

The corporate office of AT&T is an office where you can witness their ingenuity and determination working.

If you’re experiencing issues with your service or prefer to know more about a specific item or service AT&T provides, you can contact the AT&T corporate office.

Contact the primary number on your phone or go online for contact details for the nearest AT&T office.

AT&T Headquarters
208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX, 75202

AT&T Corporate Phone Number

Find out how to reach AT&T corporate via telephone or email. Find contact information, phone details, emails, and other information about senior management, HR and customer service representatives at AT&T.

AT&T Communications (ATTC) has achieved a top-quality job creating contact information for corporate customers, simple and complete through its site.

On the left-hand side of their Contact Us page, you’ll get a quick overview of all its departments and contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers. A complete list of contacts is also available in the lower right-hand corner.

AT&T Corporate Phone Number: 1-210-821-4105

AT&T Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-331-0500

AT&T U verse: 1-800-288-2020

AT&T International Support:  1-314-925-6925

Website :

HQ Phone Number

If you’re seeking a person for an enjoyable conversation over the phone, here’s the Headquarters telephone number (210) 821-4105).

CEO Email Address

John Stankey has been serving as the chief executive officer of AT&T Communications since July 2020. For the highest level of support, contact the CEO at [email protected] OR [email protected].

Please do not contact us with simple queries, common customer complaints or similar matters. If you have any questions, please get in touch with customer service.

AT&T Corporate Office Dallas

AT&T Corporate Office Dallas delivers exceptional customer service to customers and businesses across the US. They offer cutting-edge communications solutions and are committed to meeting the needs of their clients.

The AT&T Corporate Office in Dallas, TX, is located at 3300 N. Central Expressway in Dallas, TX 75206. The building for the corporate office is located close to Downtown Dallas and Uptown Dallas.

AT&T Headquarters Dallas: 208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX, 75202 USA

It’s no secret that the AT&T Corporate Office has a variety of departments and functions, but the company’s telecom support services are the most notable.

The team at AT&T provides customers with friendly, top-quality customer support across any of AT&T’s items and offerings, including direct calling, U-verse TV and the internet.

AT&T Mailing Address For Complaints

If you are having issues regarding your phone or service, AT&T wants to help. The more specific the point you have in your email, the more precise.

We are only able to resolve some issues via email. If our team cannot solve the problem via email, we’ll schedule an appointment with an agent. In certain instances, it can take two business days to get back to you due to the volume of calls and the staffing.

If you need to contact AT&T when you need to contact AT&T, it is essential to identify the appropriate department.

Their website is where you’ll see a list of departments and contact details for them. Complete the message box and subject line with your contact details and select “Send.”

AT&T Corporate Complaint EmailClick here

How To File A Complaint With AT&T Corporate Office

If you want to file a complaint with AT&T Corporate Office To file a complaint, you’ll need to follow some easy steps. Go to the AT&T Corporate Office website. Go to”Contact Us” on the “contact us” section at the end of the homepage.

Is your AT&T service getting worse? You might have reached the limits you can expect from customer support.

Try going over their heads and speaking to the managers. They may only sometimes have the power to take action regarding complaints against the company, but they want to listen to what you have to say.

As an individual, the consumer has the right to make complaints to companies about their products and services. If AT&T does not help you resolve any issue, you may take complaints to a different authority, The Better Business Bureau. If that doesn’t work, then you can make a complaint to the FCC.

How To Contact AT&T With A Complaint

Making a call to AT&T for a complaint or issue is stressful, particularly in the case of being angry or emotional.

To make sure you make the most of your phone call, we’ve put together this list of helpful tips and strategies to consider before picking to call.

The most effective way to reach AT&T is via the 800 number or the AT&T website. Customers can always contact the 800 number to discuss any questions, issues or concerns.

It’s an excellent helpline for customers who have problems or require more details.

AT&T Twitter Support

You can contact AT&T Customer Service on Twitter. It is a way to have all your questions answered immediately by AT&T Customer Service.

AT&T Support provides the most efficient method to receive support on your services and products. Send them a tweet with any problem, question or suggestion, and they’ll respond to your queries in a flash — regardless of the issue—billing, a new purchase, or even how to configure your new phone.

Social Networking Accounts

The company is on social media. To get help, tweet @ATT, and you can join the ATT LinkedIn page to look for an opening at ATT.

AT&T Headquarters Leadership Team

A team of leaders and a Board of Directors manage AT&T headquarters.


Randall L. Stephenson – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Inc.
Ed Gillespie – Senior Executive Vice President – External and Legislative Affairs
David S. Huntley – Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer, AT&T Inc.
Jason Kilar – Chief Executive Officer, WarnerMedia LLC
Lori Lee – CEO – AT&T Latin America & Global Marketing Officer, AT&T Inc.
David R. McAtee II – Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel, AT&T Inc.
Angela Santone – Senior Executive Vice President – Human Resources, AT&T Inc
John Stankey – President and Chief Operating Officer, AT&T Inc.
John J. Stephens – Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, AT&T Inc.

Board of Directors

Randall L. Stephenson
Matthew K. Rose
Samuel A. Di Piazza, Jr.
Richard W. Fisher
Scott T. Ford
Glenn H. Hutchins
William E. Kennard
Debra L. Lee
Stephen J. Luczo
Michael B. McCallister
Beth E. Mooney
Cynthia B. Taylor
Geoffrey Y. Yang

AT&T Headquarters Brands

AT&T The headquarters of AT&T is accountable for Uverse brands as well as items and products. Uverse is the brand name attached to the business’s Internet phone, television and other services. Services for cable from DirecTV and Dish are also offered by the Uverse company.

The AT&T Company Profile

AT&T Inc. is a holding company. AT&T Inc. is a provider of media, broadcast communications and technology that benefits everyone across the globe. AT&T Inc. works through four segments: Communication fragment, Latin America fragment, WarnerMedia fragment, and Xandr fragment.

The Communications department offers customers wire-line, video broadband, and wire-line telecommunications. This Communication business unit segment includes Entertainment Group, Mobility, and Business Wire-line.

The Latin America section gives entertainment services and remote administrations for Latin America and Mexico, respectively. Viro, as well as Mexico, are the main business divisions within this section. Latin America section.

The WarnerMedia segment creates, distributes and distributes TV, films and other content in various formats. Home Box Office, Turner, along with Warner Bro. are the WarnerMedia small business unit.

The AT&T Inc. History

The basis of AT&T Inc. begins with the development of the phone. The company, now known as Bell Telephone, was set up by Alexander Graham Bell in the 18th century.

In 1885 Hubbard and Alexander Hubbard and Alexander Hubbard and Alexander created ATTC and later acquired Bell Telephone Company.

Bell Telephone Company transformed into the leading mobile phone company across the US. American Telephone and Telegraph held the monopoly of phone service for the neighbourhood throughout the US until AT&T was allowed by Anti-trust controllers to continue to operate Western Electric and to also offer a deal in exchange for its plan to split the Bell System by stripping itself of the responsibility to Bell Operating Companies. One of the Regional Bell Operating Companies later acquired AT&T Inc.

List of services does AT&T offer

1. Mobility

The options you require for your system, the various plans you can pick among, and the top LTE signal available in the country are all available from AT&T.

2. The Data

Your company’s network is crucial to boost the growth of your business. The Virtual Private Network of AT&T is an IP VPN specifically focused on the web. It offers the capabilities and flexibility you require.

3. Internet Online

The service is AT&T’s reliable, with the best efficiency and security attributes you’ve relied on for years. AT&T’s Controlled Internet Service provides businesses with high-speed internet connectivity.

4. VoIP or Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Let OurConnections demonstrate how your company can grow more profitably and save money. You can also be up to date for the future with an upgrade towards AT&T’s Voice over IP option from AT&T.

5. Internet Conferencing

This unique solution, which includes an easy-to-use window and conference resources, offers a complete resource to connect and collaborate.

6. Protection of the Network

Cyber-attacks can be a threat to your business. Interruptions to business operations are spotted and prevented, as well as mitigated through the use of AT&T security for networks.

What is AT&T’s business strategy?

The business strategies employed by AT&T include:

  1. Geospatial Coverage AT&T will position itself to be the broadband pioneer, as evidenced by the market shift that is taking place globally.
  2. Mix Intensity: Through providing audio, HSPDA and video sharing, AT&T is a pioneer in broadband services.
  3. Cost: The many services AT&T offers can offer affordable pricing.
  4. Broadcast Exposure AT&T can be perfect during the moment of sale. They plan to utilize BEST Buy, Radio Shack and Walmart to offset the competition.
  5. Promotion/Advertisement: By linking customers more than anybody else, AT&T leads to being the only telecommunications provider their clients require.

List of assets owned by AT&T

Here is the list of all assets owned by AT&T

HBO2Warner Bros. Family Entertainment
HBO ComedyNonStop Television
HBO ZoneWaterTower Music
HBO SportsWarner Bros. Television
HBO Documentary FilmsTelepictures
HBO MiniseriesAmeritech Cellular
HBO GoAT&T Communications
HBO KidsAT&T Business Internet
HBO InternationalAT&T Information Systems
Warner Bros. PicturesAT&T Mobility
New Line CinemaAT&T Wireless Services
Warner Bros. Theatre VenturesAT&T GoPhone
HOOQBellSouth Long Distance
Warner Bros. AnimationInternational Bell Telephone Company
Turner Broadcasting InternationalSBC Telecom
Adult Swim and Cartoon NetworkSouthwestern Bell Internet Service
DC EntertainmentUnivel
Warner Bros. Studio ToursSouthwestern Bell Mobile Systems
Warner Animation GroupAT&T Alascom
Turner SportsAT&T FSM Library
Warner Bros. Studios, LeavesdenAT&T Labs
Warner Bros. Consumer ProductPacific Bell
Hanna-Barbera CartoonsNevada Bell
Warner Bros. Digital NetworksYP Holdings
Warner Bros. MuseumOtter Media.

How do I check my AT&T Internet speed?

Here’s a thorough guide for checking how fast you use your AT&T Internet speeds.

  1. Clean out the Cookies, Cache, and Temporary Internet Files in your browser. For information on how to click on this page.
  2. It would help if you stopped all downloads, apps streaming, or other projects which may be using the internet connection. Internet.
  3. Use a wired connection directly between your device and the gateway. Do not make use of switches from outside to perform this test.
  4. End the traffic that is being used by all devices that are connected to the gateway. This includes the machine that is running the speed test currently in progress. Disconnect WiFi when needed.
  5. Make sure your device can handle the speed you’re connected to. You can do this by downloading Computer Maintenance Toolbox.
  6. Last but not least, reboot your Residential Gateway.

AT&T Near Me Location


Q.1 What is the corporate mailing address for AT&T?

ANS. Persons interested can contact interested persons may contact the Board of Directors, the non-management directors, the lead director, or an individual director by submitting written comments via the Office of the Secretary at AT&T Inc., 208 S. Akard Street, Suite 2954 Dallas, Texas 75202.

Q.2 How do I file a complaint with AT&T headquarters?

ANS. Download the legal form to submit an action

  1. Submit the Notice of Dispute form online at
  2. Download the form and send an original copy. You can fill out the form online the state: A Notice of Dispute (PDF 324KB)

Q.3 Is AT&T and AT&T wireless the same company?

ANS. AT&T Mobility LLC, also known under the moniker AT&T Wireless and marketed as AT&T, is an American Telecommunications company. It is a wholly-owned affiliate that is part of AT&T Inc. and provides wireless services across the United States.

Q.4 Is there a class action lawsuit against AT&T?

ANS. The deadline for settlement claims of ATT is near: ATT / Vianu Class Action Settlement. The deadline is October 29, 2022; ATT settlement claims must be filed to be eligible for settlement in the settlement. There will be no money for not submitting claims.

Q.5 How do I talk to an AT&T supervisor?

ANS. 611 or 0500 from a mobile device. If you prefer to chat, you can chat with your friends. You can go to the AT&T website, scroll to the bottom, and select Chat.

You can also contact us via social media (Facebook or Twitter) and direct or private message AT&T to get assistance.

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