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Westlake Financial Payoff Address Overnight

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Westlake Financial Payoff Address

Westlake Financial Services is a technology-based, privately operated finance company specializing in acquiring and servicing prime to subprime automotive retail installment contracts.

Headquartered in Southern California, Westlake finances contracts through a network of a number of 50,000 new and used car dealerships throughout the United States.

Westlake Payoff Address

Westlake Account Payoffs – Dealers/3rd Parties


Standard Mail

  • PO Box 843082
  • Los Angeles, CA 90084

Overnight (FedEx/UPS)

  • Dept 73082
  • 3440 Flair Drive
  • El Monte, CA 91731

Monthly Payment Mailing Address via Standard US Mail

  • Westlake Financial
  • P.O. Box 54807
  • Los Angeles, CA 90054-0807

Monthly Payment Mailing Address via Overnight / Express Mail 

  • Westlake Financial
  • ATTN: LBX# 71911
  • 3440 Flair Drive
  • El Monte, CA 91731

Insurance Related Payments via Standard US Mail 

  • Westlake Financial
  • P.O. Box 847476
  • Los Angeles, CA 90054-0807

Insurance Related Payments via Overnight / Express Mail

  • Westlake Financial
  • ATTN: LBX # 847476
  • 3440 Flair Drive
    El Monte, CA 91731

Payoffs Related Payments via Standard US Mail 

  • Westlake Financial
  • P.O. Box 843082
  • Los Angeles, CA 90076-0809

Payoffs Related Payments via Overnight / Express Mail

  • Westlake Lockbox Services
  • ATTN LBX #73082
  • 3440 Flair Drive
  • El Monte, CA 91731

Westlake financial login

To log in to your Westlake Financial account, you can follow these steps:

  1. access the Westlake Financial website. www.westlakefinancial.com/
  2. On the homepage’s upper right corner select the “Customer Login” button.
  3. In the corresponding sections enter your username and password.
  4. Click on the “Login” button.

By selecting the Forgot Username & Password link you can reset your login information if you are having trouble.
Password option that is situated beneath the login button.

Westlake Finance Contact Details

Customer Service: (888) 739-9192

Customer Service Business Hours (Pacific Time)

Monday through Friday 5 am & 9 pm Sunday & on Saturday 5 am & 2 pm

Marketing/Dealer Services:

  • For dealer questions regarding the Buy Program™, deal status, or local rep contact information:
    (888) 8-YES-YES (1-888-893-7937)

Title/DMV Department:

  • For the status of paid-off titles (please allow ten business days after payoff for status update):
    (888) 8-YES-YES (1-888-893-7937)
  • PO Box 997592
  • Sacramento, CA 95899

Insurance Department:

  • For claims and payment adjustments
    (866) 619-2524

Customer Service:

  • To get a payoff amount on a current
  • Westlake loan:
  • (888) 8-YES-YES (1-888-893-7937)


  • For dealer questions about pending deals
    (888) 8-YES-YES (1-888-893-7937)
  • For the Verification Department (regarding customer interviews)
  • (866) 619-2521

Deal Submission Addresses:

Using FedEx:

  • Westlake Financial
  • 4054 Willow Lake Blvd
  • #2083 Memphis, TN 38153

Using UPS or USPS:

  • Westlake Financial
  • 3268 Progress Way
  • Wilmington, OH 45177

Official Websitewww.westlakefinancial.com

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