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PayPal Corporate Office Address: If you’re searching for the PayPal Headquarters Address, PayPal Corporate office address, or PayPal Corporate email, then check for all the contact details.

PayPal headquarters address which includes PayPal Phone number, as well as PayPal corporate email addresses, you will find here. There are various ways to reach PayPal headquarters or contact the corporate staff of PayPal.

PayPal corporate office

If you have any issues or issues with PayPal or would like to get in touch with PayPal via email, phone, or other social media, then look at this article. You will find all contact and information details associated with PayPal here.

You can find here for PayPal Corporate Office address, PayPal Headquarter Address with PayPal Corporate Email. Including social media information.

PayPal Corporate Office Headquarters Address, Email, Phone Number

PayPal Headquarters Address

2211 North First Street San Jose, CA 95131 United States

Corporate Office Numbers

1-408-967-1000 or 1-402-935-2258

Office Fax Number


Corporate Office Email ID

[email protected]

Official Website

PayPal CEO Email Address

The email address of the PayPal Holdings CEO is [email protected]

Customer Service Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 1800-212-3852

PayPal Credit Card Customer Service: 1-866-528-3733

PayPal Customer Service outside U.S: 1-402-935-2050

Toll-Free Number:

  • (888) 221-1161Existing Customers

Customer Service:

  • (888) 914-8072Español
  • (888) 221-1161Existing Customers
  • (402) 935-2050If calling from outside the U.S.
  • (877) 569-1136Mobile Card Reader
  • (855) 520-0991PayPal Cashback Mastercard
  • (844) 373-4961PayPal Credit

Social Media Accounts

If you’re using the account on social networks to obtain more information on the services and products of PayPal Holdings, it is essential to confirm whether the accounts are authentic.

Let’s look at the official accounts on social media for PayPal Holdings. These are Twitter, FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram.

Paypal Headquarters Executive Team

The Paypal headquarters has an executive team and an executive board.LeadershipDan Schulman – President and CEO, PayPal

Mark Britto – EVP, Chief Product Officer
John Rainey – CFO and EVP, Global Customer Operations
Louise Pentland – EVP, Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer
Jonathan Auerbach – EVP, Chief Strategy, Growth and Data Officer
Peggy Alford – EVP, Global Sales
Aaron Karczmer – Chief Risk Officer and EVP, Risk and Platforms
Allison Johnson – EVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Sri Shivananda – SVP, Chief Technology Officer
Franz Paasche – SVP, Corporate Affairs (For Corporate Communications and GR Inquiries)
Gabrielle Rabinovitch – VP, Investor Relations (For Investor Relations Inquiries)Board of DirectorsRodney C. Adkins
Wences Casares
Jonathan Christodoro
John J. Donahoe
David W. Dorman
Belinda Johnson
Gail J. McGovern
Deborah M. Messemer
David M. Moffett
Ann M. Sarnoff
Daniel H. Schulman
Frank D. Yeary

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Paypal Headquarters Brands

PayPal was part of eBay from 2002 until 2015. The company is now an independent firm after being dismantled by eBay. The brands associated with Paypal comprise Braintree, Venmo, and Xoom.

The PayPal Holdings, Inc. History

Early History

In 1998 three entrepreneurs Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek as well as Max Levchin, founded Confinity, an organization that offered secure online payment processing.

To carry on the current and further expand the company’s business, it was imperative to develop an application that would allow this service to be offered and the application required to be launched using a mobile device.

This is why Palm Pilots was chosen as the device to run the application since it was among the most popular mobile devices of the time.

It was quickly recognized that Palm Pilots was not a suitable platform for this type of business since not enough people utilized this device. Therefore, email was selected as an alternative method that consumers could transfer money to one another via Confinity.

This choice allowed Confinity to expand significantly since the company was already experiencing a need for websites selling online, specifically eBay, for an online payment provider.

What is PayPal holdings, Inc. and what does it do?

We have previously discussed that PayPal provides an online payment transfer platform and a method to accept and send amounts and charge fees for their services in some instances; however, we’ll discuss the operation of PayPal.

PayPal is akin to an institution, but the main difference between banks and PayPal is the digitalization and transparency, and effectiveness of PayPal compared to traditional banks. PayPal users can transfer and receive cash from all over the globe within a few minutes without any hassles and risk.

To make transactions and balances online with PayPal, users will need to connect their offline bank account to PayPal’s online PayPal account using a debit or credit card, such as a Visa card, MasterCard, or Maestro card, etc.

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PayPal asks you to provide the email address and telephone number of the individual you wish to transfer money. It is a simple way of sending funds through PayPal.

The most fantastic aspect of PayPal can be that it permits you to request money from anyone. To do this, you’ll require the name of the person, their email address or number, and the amount you are willing to pay. This way, PayPal users can send, receive or request cash from anyone else.

How was PayPal Developed?

The initial name for PayPal used to be Confinity. It was created around 1998 by Max Levchin and Peter Thiel, along with Luke Nosek, as a security software company for mobile phones. This business model for Confinity was a small growth, and the company’s business model shifted to offering the services of digital wallets.

At the beginning of 2000, Confinity merged with an online bank (founded by Elon Musk), and shortly afterward, the business was changed to PayPal because it was planned to focus the entire company on providing an online payment service.

In 2000, the rise of businesses operating online was increasing, and there was a rising need for businesses to use the ability to pay quickly and without cash. Thus, the company soon gained popularity among firms as a fund transfer provider and witnessed tremendous growth.

PayPal was merged with the E-commerce business eBay which was beneficial to it. The users who participated in online commerce on eBay already needed a payment system online, and, as such, PayPal immediately became popular with eBay users.

The company was made a publicly traded corporation in 2002. It was an instant success, and its value grew to 1.5 times in just a couple of months.

The year 2005 was when PayPal introduced its new mobile payments platform, which proved beneficial for businesses since it improved the speed and convenience of online money transfers.

In the following years, the number of devices supported by PayPal increased significantly, as did the popularity of PayPal among consumers.

The year 2014 saw PayPal stop its collaboration with eBay, which was very profitable and the company’s worth increased substantially following this decision.

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Even today, it remains among the top widely used and secure options of online payment systems that are used by both individuals and businesses alike.

Paypal Online Customer Service and Other Useful Links

PayPal Customer Service Opening Hours

Day Opening times
Monday 24 Hours
Tuesday 24 Hours
Wednesday 24 Hours
Thursday 24 Hours
Friday 24 Hours
Saturday 24 Hours
Sunday 24 Hours

PayPal Headquarters Location & Directions


Q.1 What is PayPal’s mailing address?

ANS. Contact us at P.O. Box 965005, Orlando, FL 32896-5005. Please tell us what information is incorrect and why you believe it’s wrong. If you own a copy of the credit report containing erroneous information, please give us the news.

Q.2 Where is the PayPal office located?

ANS. PayPal’s corporate headquarters are situated at the North San Jose Innovation District in San Jose, California, on the North First Street campus. The company’s operations centre is in La Vista, Nebraska, which was established in 1999.

Q.3 Is PayPal headquarters in Alaska?

ANS. PayPal is located in San Jose, CA and has 14 offices across the US.

Q.4 Is PayPal mail PayPal com a real address?

ANS. An email from PayPal is always sent via, as seen in the case above. It’s simple to impersonate the person’s name; however, the actual address cannot be faked.

Therefore, regardless of the name of the person who sent it, make sure you verify the email address it was sent.

Q.5 Who is PayPal owned by?

ANS. eBay After witnessing PayPal grow into the top option for Internet auction buyers, the online marketplace giant eBay bought PayPal for $1.5 billion in October 2002.

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