Does McDonald’s Have Breakfast All Day? (Explained)

Does McDonald’s Have Breakfast All Day? (Explained)

Here Are McDonald’s Breakfast Hours 2023

McDonald’s: McDonald’s breakfast is often a favourite choice over other fast-food restaurants.
Not everyone can make it to McDonald’s during the typical breakfast hours.

Even though afternoon and evening diners can choose from lunch or dinner, sometimes all you need is a McGriddle.
Can you get breakfast all day at McDonald’s?

Does McDonald’s

Does McDonald’s Have Breakfast All Day?  

McDonald’s offers a substantial portion of its breakfast menu daily due to high customer demand. But, not all items can be obtained every day.

Some markets only sell McMuffins and biscuits during the day. Others offer both. Sometimes, hash browns can only be ordered during breakfast hours.

For those who prefer breakfast sandwiches but not hash browns at restaurants, you can get the sandwich as-is or fries with your order.McDonald’s offers a wide range of cafe items throughout the day. 

The cafe menu items were created to compete with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. You may be able to find low-calorie alternatives that do not contain full-flavour syrups.

Does McDonald's Have Breakfast All Day

Traditional McDonald’s Breakfast Hours  

You can order most of the menu items, but if you’re looking for a full breakfast, McDonald’s is the place to go. McDonald’s offers breakfast between 5:00 and 10:30 a.m. on weekdays and 11:00 a.m. on weekends.

McDonald’s may not have the same hours as other McDonald’s, as the owners of these restaurants can set their hours. Some places adjust their hours slightly depending on the local demand.

Check with your local restaurant if you are in an area with different hours, such as rural areas. Most lunch menu items are not available during breakfast hours. You can ask McDonald’s to make your lunch if you’re craving a burger.

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast And Covid  

All restaurants were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, including McDonald’s.

McDonald’s temporarily cancelled all-day breakfast to cut operational costs. The demand was lower than the supply, and people preferred to stay home. Fortunately, most McDonald’s restaurants are now back to normal.

Despite this, some people are more patient than others in returning to normal. When you read online articles about McDonald’s abolishing all-day breakfast, pay attention to the date. This article could refer to the reaction following COVID-19, but it may not be applicable today. For more information, call your local restaurant.

 The Cost Of Offering Breakfast All Day  

Why wasn’t McDonald’s offering breakfast daily, even during the pandemic? It costs much more to serve breakfast and lunch than it does to offer lunch after 11:00 a.m.

If hashbrowns are dropped into one fryer, it won’t be able to handle the demand for fries. McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant that serves as many customers as possible.

Customers who wait for the fryer to finish can be encouraged to move on. McDonald’s may have to spend more money on warmers and fryers to prevent slow operations.

They must also spend money training staff to offer both, even if they don’t work in the morning. McDonald’s believes an all-day breakfast is better than paying more.

The Cost Of Offering Breakfast All Day

What Fast Food Chains Offer Breakfast?  

To rival McDonald’s, many fast-food restaurants have begun to offer breakfast.

You can also find breakfast at other fast-food restaurants like:

  • Burger King: Some items are available all day but have unremarkable tastes and options.
  • Wendy’s is still in an experimental phase. It may be too hardy, and there are no breakfast potatoes.
  • Subway is not the most delicious, but it’s healthy compared to other options.
  • Sonic: Limited menu available every day
  • White Castle: Sometimes unhealthy, but sometimes delicious.
  • Taco Bell is as delicious as McDonald’s, but it’s not for those who need to eat breakfast in the morning.
  • Panera is a unique option but more expensive than other options.
  • Whataburger is tasty but not always available in all states. 
  • Jack In the Box: Unimaginative options that taste great and are open all day.
  • Chick-fil-a: This chicken biscuit tastes great, but it isn’t available on Sunday.

What Fast Food Chains Offer Breakfast

 Other All-Day Breakfast Options  

Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks are great options for those who love breakfast but don’t want McDonald’s. They also offer breakfast sandwiches and coffee throughout the day.

Other regional chains like Denny’s, IHOP, and others offer breakfast all day. However, they don’t have to drive through windows.

 History Of McDonald’s Breakfast  

History Of McDonald’s Breakfast

The interesting backstory to the history of McDonald’s breakfast It all began when a franchise owner requested permission to sell sweets such as doughnuts during breakfast in 1970.

McDonald’s quickly recognized the potential and introduced the Egg McMuffin in 1971. The circular egg pat used to make the sandwiches was what made it so innovative.

The Egg McMuffin was a national staple by 1975. McDonald’s introduced biscuits to its breakfast menu in 1986.

McDonald’s introduced the breakfast burrito in 1991.McDonald’s introduced hotcakes and McGriddles in 2003. Innovations include healthier options like oatmeal and egg whites.

Breakfast is a significant part of McDonald’s business model. It currently accounts for 24% of McDonald’s profits.

 Breakfast Menu Items No Longer Available  

McDonald’s strives to add new items to its menu. However, not all of these menu items work. You won’t find fruit parfait, bagel sandwiches, or breakfast wraps on today’s menu.

Eating A Healthy McDonald’s Breakfast  

Eating A Healthy McDonald’s Breakfast

McDonald’s is not known for its healthy breakfast offerings, but you can still eat healthy if you order McDonald’s breakfast. Begin by deciding to eat healthier when you place your order.

It would help if you avoided fatty meats like sausage and bacon and fried foods like hashbrowns. What’s left? Order oatmeal for those on a diet. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that oatmeal is healthy. It has a lot of sugar.

The egg-white McMuffin can be ordered to suit a low-calorie, low-fat diet. It uses egg whites in place of traditional eggs and low-fat cheese. 

The egg white McMuffin uses egg whites in place of whole eggs. You can also substitute egg whites for any other sandwich. If you are trying to lose weight, avoid ordering hash browns. Sandwiches can be ordered by themselves.

Don’t forget to add the calories from your drink to your daily calorie count. Some indulgent drinks can increase calories and fat.

HowTo Order McDonald’s Breakfast  

HowTo Order McDonald’s Breakfast

You can order McDonald’s breakfast in many ways:

  • In-store
  • Drive-thru
  • Pickup
  • Delivery

You can only order McDonald’s breakfast at McDonald’s in-store during the restaurant’s open hours, and most lobbies are available from 5 to 6 a.m. Order McDonald’s Pick-Up through the McDonald’s App

Breakfast menu items will be available only when they are in stock. After selecting the menu items you wish to order, you will need to pay the order.

Once you’re at the restaurant, you can’t pay. You have the choice of curbside pickup or delivery. You must order via the app to pick up your orders. You can also earn rewards and exclusive deals when using the app to order.

Pickup is a great alternative to waiting in line. Although you cannot order McDonald’s delivery via the McDonald’s app, you can call delivery from third-party apps like Door Dash, GrubHub, and Uber Eat.

You cannot earn rewards when you order McDonald’s from third-party delivery companies. You may be able to take advantage of their rewards programs.

Saving Money On McDonald’s Breakfast  

Saving Money On McDonald’s Breakfast

McDonald’s does not charge a lot for breakfast. You can find many items on their discounted menu. But, over time, the cost can add up.

It is possible to save money at McDonald’s by knowing how to do it when possible. These are some simple tips to help you save money at McDonald’s  Take Advantage Of The Value Menu  McDonald’s offers value meals with certain items at a reduced price ($1 or $2).

Different restaurants may offer other deals. Restaurants in major cities or airports may be more expensive.

The value menu includes:

  • Sausage McMuffin
  • Sausage McGriddle
  • Sausage Biscuit
  • Hashbrown
  • Mocha
  • Caramel mocha
  • Latte
  • Caramel latte
  • French vanilla latte

You can have a good breakfast for as low as $3 if you plan well.

Earn rewards

McDonald’s understands that many customers return to McDonald’s time and again. McDonald’s has recently launched a rewards program to reward regular customers. Order pickup via the app to take advantage of the rewards program

If you don’t use the app to order, you won’t be able to accumulate rewards. This is how McDonald’s tracks orders and payments. Reward points can be earned through your credit card or third-party delivery services. You should pay off all rewards you receive through your credit card before you accrue more interest.

McDonald’s Breakfast Items Around The World  

McDonald’s Breakfast Items Around The World

McDonald’s has made a name for itself outside the United States. They may not offer the same menu items in restaurants across different countries. Customers love to see the variety of menu options in different countries.

These are some of the most interesting McDonald’s breakfast items from around the globe.

  • Queijo Quente do Chef (Brazil). Cream cheese melted Emmental and tomato on a soft hamburger bun.
  • Halloumi Muffin Saudi Arabia: Vegetarian and Halal versions of the Egg McMuffin.
  • Veg Supreme McMuffin: Vegetable patty with mint mayonnaise.
  • Georgie Pie bacon ‘n Egg (New Zealand): Personal pot pie with bacon and eggs available all day.
  • McFalafal: Falafel wrap with Tahini sauce
  • Pork porridge Thailand: Porridge with shredded pork.

Don’t forget these menu items if you’re in a new part of the globe!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You may be tempted to order McDonald’s breakfast if you’re not a fan of the new pandemic. Order during traditional breakfast hours to ensure you get the food you desire. Many restaurants offer all-day meals if that is not possible. You may need to eat lunch if the worst happens. ).


Does McDonald’s still serve breakfast all day?

McDonald’s will again make breakfast history by offering All Day Breakfast across the country starting October 6th. 

This allows customers to enjoy their favourite breakfasts outside of regular breakfast hours. You can now have breakfast on your terms, and breakfast will continue past 10:30 am.

    What is breakfast at McDonald’s served all day?    

The new expanded All Day Breakfast menu will include: Egg McMuffin, Sausage McMuffin with Egg, Sausage McMuffin, Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit, Sausage Biscuit with Egg, Sausage Biscuit, Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles, Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles, Sausage McGriddles, Hotcakes, Hotcakes and Sausage, Sausage Burrito, …

  Why did McDonald’s get rid of all-day breakfast?

McDonald’s took All Day Breakfast off its menu in March 2020 to streamline kitchen operations. 

Although the restaurant recognized that customers were able to get faster service and orders, it seems like All Day Breakfast could be back.

When does McDonald’s open for breakfast?

What time does McDonald’s breakfast begin and end? McDonald’s breakfast starts at 5 am and ends at 11 am. 

According to the chain’s website, “Items on McDonald’s breakfast menu are prepared slightly differently and at different temperatures than items on our main menu.”

What time is it for breakfast at McDonald’s?

Available until 11.00 am daily. The full McDonald’s Breakfast Menu is available. You’ll find everything you love, from our Egg & Cheese McMuffin(r), breakfast sandwich to Hash brown.

What year did McDonald’s first offer an all-day breakfast?

McDonald’s introduced an all-day breakfast on October 6th, 2015, to increase overall sales.

What is McDonald’s doing for all-day breakfast in 2022?

McDonald’s offers breakfast every day. McDonald’s has stopped serving all-day breakfast since March 2020.

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