15 Longer Haircuts for Boys That Look Awesome

15 Longer Haircuts for Boys That Look Awesome

Longer Haircuts for Boys:  are becoming popular with boys of all age groups. Some are inspired by fashions, while others prefer classic and timeless designs. 


Long locks work well for any hair type and aren’t so shabby as one might believe. Additionally, they are trendy and let guys display their individuality.

Please look at the long-top hairstyles boys can wear from preteens to toddlers in our roundup of hairstyles


Longer Haircuts for Boys

The styles are simple and easy to put together in the morning and require less care than shorter hairstyles.

If your hair looks rough or unclean, The following long hairstyles for guys can help you style it into a great shape.


Find a collection of the latest long hairstyles for guys’ stylist tips, styling tricks, and tips to ensure that your hair is clean and manageable with this post. Let’s get started!

1. Long Wavy Hair

Although straight hair looks gorgeous, when it’s grown out, hair with wavy curls appears even more attractive. 

Since long hair isn’t the same for men as it is for females, Hairstyles for boys who have long hair make a statement. It’s the perfect low-maintenance style in which you don’t have to go to the barbershop frequently. 


However, it is more laborious to dry and wash it. But having naturally curly hair implies that you don’t have to apply many styling products.

Long Wavy Hair

2. Thick Medium Length Hairstyle

One of the most adorable haircuts for boys is Bob. It’s perfect for oval faces and looks great on children with straight hair that is naturally silky. 

An old-fashioned haircut that has been in style for a long time and the bob style with bangs is a classic option that your child will appreciate. 

Ensure the bangs have been cut in a loose and textured style to prevent the look from appearing too outdated.

Thick Medium Length Hairstyle

3. Bob With Bangs

One of the most adorable haircuts for boys is the hairstyle called the bob. It’s perfect for face shapes that are round and are particularly attractive for kids with straight hair that is naturally silky. 

The classic haircut that has been in style for many generations hairstyles, such as the bob with bangs, is a classic option that your child will appreciate. 

Be sure the bangs have been cut in a loose and textured style to prevent the style from appearing old-fashioned.

Bob With Bangs

4. Chin Length Cut with Long Bangs

If your son is a fan of skater fashion, consider an easy, relaxed look such as chin-length hair and long bangs. It’s great with streetwear-inspired clothing and is intended to appear messy, so you don’t have to fuss with styling it. 

This is why it’s also a good choice for guys who don’t like visiting the barbershop and like being outdoors in nature.

Chin Length Cut with Long Bangs

5. Curly Bob with Center Part

A very long hairstyle isn’t easy to control for men with typically thick and curly hair. But a curly bob is a great middle ground between shoulder-length and cropped hairstyles.

Make sure to part his hair into the middle for a fun 70s style perfect for your school or weekend outings.

Curly Bob with Center Part

6. Afro

For boys of black, developing hair with an Afro can take several weeks. However, the outcomes are well worth the effort. 

It’s a classic style that’s stylish and appealing while taking advantage of your son’s natural hair texture. To keep the Afro, ensure you change your comb to a wide-tooth to remove hair knots.


7. Medium Length Layered Cut

Layered haircuts can help thin hair appear thicker and remove some of the weight of the already heavy hair. They are suitable for any hair type. In addition, layered cuts look messy and textured. 

So they’re great for guys who don’t like being brushed. Medium-length, layered cuts are great for formal and casual clothing.

Medium Length Layered Cut

8. Dreadlocks

One of the most fashionable hairstyles for guys is Dreadlocks. They are versatile and attractive and can be styled in many ways to showcase your individuality. 

From asymmetrical dreads of mid-lengths to a dread braid or the loc ponytail or even high-top dreads sporting fades fade, you can alter your dreads to fit your style.


9. Messy Waves

The messy wavy hairstyle is the best when it is larger. It’s very low maintenance as all you have to do is cut it once or twice a month. The boys who wear this style will have fewer trips to the hairdresser.

Messy Waves

10. Natural Medium Length Hair

Make your kid’s hair go wild and free in a natural medium-length haircut. It’s messy and cute, but the hairstyle doesn’t need brushing, which makes it perfect for boys with curly hair that is wavy or curly hairstyles

They also have more natural volume, making the medium length look lively and bouncy.

Natural Medium Length Hair

11. Textured Shag with Bangs

Shag hairstyles are chunky and textured. They are pricey, chunky and sometimes messy. They became trendy during the 70s and retained a rock’n’roll feel. 

If your child loves the messy look and wishes to make a statement in the crowd, the shag cut may be the perfect option for his hair. 

You can give him a sense of freedom and let him decide your fringe cut – rough, choppy, or side-swept since the shag is a good match with any of them.

Textured Shag with Bangs

12. Medium Length Wavy Hair 

If your son’s hair is naturally curly, Consider expanding it to medium length. Mid-length hair is located beneath your ear but just slightly shorter than chin length. This style is best with a bit of hair volume on the crown. 

It can make your face appear larger and thinner. To achieve this look, apply mousse to the top portion before drying your hair. 

This can make your locks appear more slender. Also, you can use clay or a styling paste throughout your hair so that it looks smooth. However, it’s not messy.

Medium Length Wavy Hair

13. Top Knot

Elegant and fashionable, a stylish hairstyle looks as great with jeans and a T-shirt as it looks with a stylish look. Men who want a unique twist on their tops must consider the faded sides.

Top Knot

14. Twists

Twists are quicker than braids and an excellent option to style hair with an afro texture. Although they are suitable for hair of any length, medium to long hair looks great when styled in this manner.

This is because there’s good hair in the hairline to create a defined twist and make them pop. Try a classic style with two strands, or twist it out.


15. Man Bun 

A male bun has been a fashion for quite some time, and there’s a valid reason why men all over the world are in love with the look. It’s a simple style that’s stylish and masculine.

Chic and elegant, the man bun looks equally good with jeans and a T-shirt as it looks with a sophisticated outfit. Those who want to add a unique variation to the man bun may want to consider the addition of side braids.

Man Bun

Choosing Long Hairstyles for Boys

Long hairstyles for guys are a lot of fun. With medium and short hair lengths, there are fewer choices and methods to style and shape your hair. For length hair, the possibilities are limitless!

If he’s growing his hair out and is looking for some styles to help him move to longer lengths or wants to find new ways to style the length of his hair, this book includes amazing long hairstyles for guys. We hope you’ve found some that your son is eager to test!

Don’t be intimidated to let him be imaginative; if he likes messy hairstyles that are messy and wavy and use the natural texture of his hair and don’t require too much hairstyling, great! Keep a close eye on frizz and trim the ends often to create a neater style.

With his unique ideas, the helpful long hairstyle ideas from this guide, as well as your assistance and guidance in maintaining it, his long hair will be fun to manage. 

You’ll help keep it looking fresh and shiny throughout the time you’re interested in sporting the extra length.

What’s the chance? Hair that is long could be his style of choice for the rest of his life or be a lasting memory you will be able to revisit through photos as he gets older. To get more hairstyle ideas for boys, take a look at these tutorials following!

15 Longer Haircuts for Boys That Look Awesome FAQ

Q 1. Is long hair more attractive?

ANS: Many experts think that the main reason that long hair looks more appealing is the evolutionary process. 

In short, it’s thought that the length women’s hair represents her body’s capability to bear children. This, in turn, is one of the indicators of beauty in humans.

Q 2. Is long hair OK for men?

ANS: The truth is, not only is the long hairstyle for men fashionable; it’s very versatile, from hairstyles with layers to styles such as man buns different ways of making the longer length for yourself.

Q 3. How long is too long hair?

ANS: If your hair extends over your shoulders and is considered long, they’re called. You can cut your back in the middle or grow it towards your tailbone to create extra long hair.

Q 4. Why do men cut hair?

ANS: The main reason to get your haircut regularly, even if your hair is longer the reason is to maintain a pleasing shape. 

Finer aspects of a well-groomed haircut, like maintaining the edges neatly as well as keeping snuffy neck hair at bay, and mixing hairstyles into the sides of your face, should not be ignored.

Q 5. How long does hair grow in 1 week?

ANS: How fast can hair grow over one week? Whatever you want the growth of your hair, you’re just growing by 2-5 millimeters every week, according to Dawn Clemens, hairstylist and the founder of LarweHair. This is on average.


What haircuts are you giving your superhero child so far? Do you have suggestions and tricks, or suggestions? Please post your feedback about boys’ haircuts below. We would like to hear from you.


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