Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters Address, Phone Number

 Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters Address and Contact

Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters Address: The Kroger Co., more commonly known as Kroger, is a modern American retail business with its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. 


The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the KR stock code. As on December 10 2019, the price of its stock was US$27.87. 

For purchasing retail products on the internet or in stores across Kroger in the US, Kroger is one of the top companies you must consider when making purchases.


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Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters Address

If you’re looking for contact details for the company, then you’re at the correct location. In this post, we’ve put together all the contact details of Kroger Inc


with crucial sections like the newsroom (media contacts), gift cards, customer service and many more. Let’s go through the information!

General Information

HQ: 1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio United States
Zip Code: 45202
Traded as: NYSE: KR
Industry: Retail
ISIN: US5010441013
Founded: 1883; Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Founders: Bernard Kroger
Area served: Worldwide
Products: Supercenter/superstore, Other specialty, supermarket
Divisions: Inter-American Products various chains
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

Kroger History

The year was 1883. Bernard Kroger, who at the time was only 23 and had just started an e-commerce store in downtown Cincinnati, USA, by investing all the money he had saved ($372).

The Kroger family believed in the principle, “Be particular and never sell anything you would not want yourself.” Kroger achieved instant popularity and opened another location in the year 1884.


After 18 years, In 1902, Kroger Company was licensed under the name “Grocery and Baking company”.

1928 was the time that Kroger was made a public company and integrated into the New York stock exchange. The price of its stock at the time was just $1. the current is valued at around $40. Some estimates suggest that it will reach $200 by 2030.

Kroger History

In the year 2000, Kroger has around 40 grocery stores. Their annual sales were about $1.75 million. It was an enormous achievement for the company. However, it was only the beginning. In 1995, The Kroger Company started buying various supermarkets.

The company was founded in 1963. bought the chain of 56 stores Market Basket and started their expansion into different states of America. To date, Kroger is acquiring several famous chain companies. Wikipedia states that Kroger is the second-largest retail company in the United States.

Kroger profile

Kroger Company is undoubtedly one of the largest retailers in the United States in the matter of revenue. The revenues of Kroger in the year 2019 were about $121 billion. This is how it landed second among the top retail firms, following Walmart.

Kroger uses digital technology to compete with competitors, which is the main reason for its popularity. Shortly, the business’s primary goals will be to increase sales by utilizing digitization and boost its profits.

In light of the recent expansion of the company and the past growth of its business, the next phase of Kroger will be equally bright.

Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters

Kroger Corporate Office Headquarters

The Kroger Company, headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, is one of the largest multi-department and retail stores, as well as multi-department. 

Its offerings and services include convenience stores and fine jewellery stores. They also have department stores, as well as supermarkets.

The Kroger Co.

1014 Vine Street 

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100

Kroger strives to be the most loved retail store in each community we serve. Kroger is committed to providing the best quality products and services and how we sell them and do business. 

In all areas of the company, Kroger is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere that fosters chances for improvement and growth in nutrition and employee engagement.

Kroger Corporate Phone Number

To speak to a Kroger customer service representative, contact 1-800-576-4377 or, if you prefer, contact Kroger by email.

The Kroger website is an excellent source of information and tips on numerous shopping-related issues, like recipes and recalls of food.

Kroger Customer Service phone Number :  1-513-762-4000

(Open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. EST)

Kroger Corporate Phone Number : (513) 762-4000

For Inquiry Please call : 1-800-576-4377

Kroger Official Website : Click here

If you’re looking for a simple method to connect with Kroger and talk about your concerns or make praise, call this number for corporate use to talk to an actual person.

Kroger Support twitter

Kroger Support handles customer queries and concerns on Twitter, receiving hundreds of tweets daily. But they receive more inquiries than they can handle.

Kroger is one of the more popular customer service Twitter accounts. It’s regularly ranked as a top Twitter account by numerous online publications since its inception.

Kroger is constantly posting updates on Twitter and responding to queries with compassion, and offering customers a variety of assistance. They even make mistakes in typos.



Kroger Web Services Phone Numbers

  • Online Circular –  please call 1-866-221-4141
  • Store Locator –  please call 1-866-221-4141
  • My Prescriptions – My Prescriptions services, please call 1-855-489-2502
  • Web Services – Questions about the shopping list, recipes, printable coupons, surveys, comment forms or
  • any other general website concerns, please call 1-866-221-4141
  • Gift Cards – Gift card balance or order status inquiries, please call 1-800-576-4377
  • i-wireless – Inquiries about i-wireless products or services, please call 1-866-594-3644
  • Floral – Questions about an online floral order, please call 1-866-520-0356
  • Community Rewards – For questions, please call 1-800–576–4377

Kroger CEO Email Address

To contact the company’s CEO for important or urgent questions, you can use the email address. Take note of Kroger’s CEO’s Email address:[email protected]

Kroger Pharmacy Corporate Office

Kroger Pharmacy is one of the largest chains of drugstores across Canada and the United States and Canada, offering a wide range of both prescription and OTC medications as well as health and beauty products, as well as photo processing.

With more than 800 pharmacies opening each year, Kroger is one of the biggest chain pharmacies in the United States.

With this kind of size comes an obligation to corporate responsibility. This is why Kroger employees are taught to be kind and compassionate to their customers.

Kroger Cincinnati Headquarters

Kroger’s Cincinnati Headquarters is a hive of creativity and a bustle of activity that spans the 400 employees in the company to the 3,300 employees spread across 32 states.

The focus is on leadership and innovation. The headquarters are home to Kroger’s Global Business Services and house The Ideas Factory and chef demonstrations led by some local chefs.

Kroger Corporate Office Cincinnati Ohio

The headquarters of Kroger’s corporate is in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger has stores throughout both the United States and Virginia; it has 595 supermarkets and multi-department stores. Kroger Associates is over 350,000 customers.

With annual sales over $108 billion, Kroger is one of the biggest merchants in the world. Top quality, variety, and affordability are priorities for Kroger.

How Do I Contact Kroger Corporate?

Contacting Kroger is simple. You can get them in a variety of ways. The first step is to visit the Customer Care page on and then click “Help.” From there, you can get in touch with Kroger by phone, email or live chat from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. all week.

Customers can also get information on Kroger Cares through the social media hyperlinks on the corporation’s website.

Kroger Headquarters Executive Team

We were able to find details about the executive team as well as the Board of Directors in the investor relations section on the site.

Senior Management / Executive Team

Mary Ellen Adcock – Senior Vice President
Stuart W. Aitken – Senior Vice President, Alternative Business
Robert W. Clark – Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Sourcing
Yael Cosset – Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Michael J. Donnelly – Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Joseph A. Grieshaber Jr. – Senior Vice President
Calvin J. Kaufman – Senior Vice President
Timothy A. Massa – Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Labor Relations
Stephen M. McKinney – Senior Vice President
W. Rodney McMullen – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Gary Millerchip – Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Erin S. Sharp – Group Vice President, Manufacturing
Mark C. Tuffin – Senior Vice President
Christine S. Wheatley – Group Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel

Board of Directors

Nora A. Aufreiter
Anne T. Gates
Karen M. Hoguet
Susan J. Kropf
Jorge P. Montoya
Clyde R. Moore
James A. Runde
Ronald L. Sargent
Bobby S. Shackouls
Mark S. Sutton
Ashok Vemuri

Kroger Headquarters Brands

Kroger offers an in-house brand call Simple Truth.

What is Kroger?

Kroger is a retailer in the supermarket store chain, and its business model requires them to operate in a franchise model. The franchisees can be purchased through a single instalment or by signing an agreement to lease. The franchise model allows the company to increase across the nation.

The items are produced and then sold at their grocery stores. Usually, the profits from Kroger are minimal. They typically earn only a few cents in profit for each dollar. However, if they target an extensive target market, their total profits can reach significantly.

The business model of Kroger is different from others supermarkets in the United States. Generally, every store company focuses on a particular segment of their customers and limits their audience, but for Kroger, it is entirely different.

Kroger makes products that are tier-style. They make products that are made with three levels that differ in cost. They cater to people of all financial backgrounds. Because of this distinctive and profitable business model, Kroger has grown quite substantially.

What makes Kroger successful?

Kroger’s unique approach to the market for consumers makes it highly successful. Kroger sees the consumer market from a completely different angle. For instance, Kroger focuses on increasing quantities of products and earning a small portion of the profit on sales rather than selling fewer goods and making a substantial portion of the profit.

Additionally, the company’s technological advancements have enabled it to grow. Kroger is competing against many large and well-known retailers, But do you understand why it has remained so efficient? It is because of the advancement of technology.

Through using data science and digital development, Kroger outperforms its competitors.

The most significant element that has made Kroger successful is the trust of its customers. The business relationship with Kroger, as well as its clients, is easy. Kroger sells quality goods at reasonable prices, and customers stay loyal to them.

This makes Kroger the second largest of the most profitable retailers in the United States.

Top 5 biggest The Kroger Company competitors or Alternative

1. Walmart

Walmart is undoubtedly an extremely well-known and largest retail firm in the United States in terms of revenue. The company was established in 1962 by American investor Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas, United States.

The earnings from Walmart in 2021 will be $559 billion. Walmart and Kroger have the distinction of being the two biggest retail firms, and fierce competition is brewing between the two.

2. Costco

Costco was founded in 1983, around the age of 38, in Seattle, Washington, United States. According to Wikipedia, it is the 3rd largest large-box company in America. Kroger is the traditional retail store model, whereas Costco has introduced several innovations, because of which the rapid growth of Costco was made feasible.

Both companies are in different sectors, so that it can be a bit difficult; however, Costco is far behind Kroger at the moment.

3. Target

Target is another name on the list of retail companies’ names. It was established in 1902 and is located and is located in Minnesota, United States. The company’s revenue for 2021 was $93.56 billion, which makes it one of the biggest retail firms in the United States.

Their stock price was $229 at the time of their October 20, 2021. Target stock isn’t lucrative; however, when long-term investments are expected to be constructed, one could make money from it.

4. Amazon

Who needs to become more familiar with Amazon? It is the biggest eCommerce site worldwide. It was created around 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an online book retailer, but now it offers everything you could imagine. Amazon is a formidable rival to every offline or online company.

Thanks to the company’s technological developments, it has seen a significant increase in its revenue and is expected to expand in the coming years. Amazon could outperform any other retailer.

5. Dollar General

Dollar General is a variety retailer founded in 1939. It’s not too big of a rival to Kroger. The company’s annual revenue in 2019 was about $27 billion, which, compared to other retailers on this listing, is tiny.

Based on Wikipedia, Dollar General is the 37th largest retail business in the world.

Kroger Headquarters Location & Directions



Q.1 How do I get in touch with Kroger Corporate?

ANS. The Kroger Family of Companies
  1. 1014 Vine Street.
  2. (513) 762-4000.

Q.2 Where is Kroger based?

ANS. Cincinnati, Ohio

The company’s headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio; The Kroger Co. is one of the biggest retailers across the United States based on annual sales.

Q.3 Where is the largest Kroger located?

ANS. CINCINNATI CINCINNATI Kroger Co. has opened the most extensive store ever with a new 103,000-square-foot store in the city’s luxurious Oakley neighbourhood.

Q.4 Who is the CEO of Kroger?

ANS. William Rodney McMullen is an American businessman who has been the chief executive officer of Kroger, the third-largest general store in the US, since January 1, 2014.

Q.5 Can Kroger employees wear leggings?

ANS. Are leggings acceptable to wear for work in Kroger? Leggings such as jeggings, capris, yoga pants, or joggers aren’t allowed.

The Kroger dress code stipulates employees wear business casual attire. Pants must be tied at the waist or the hip line.


Kroger is among the most reputable and established retailers across the United States. Since its beginning, the company has been committed to its products’ quality. Instead of focusing on the profit, they focus on the customers’ experience.

They offer products to everyone and do not categorize people into groups. This is why Kroger reached the level of success that only a handful of other companies have achieved.

Kroger is also focusing on the business side. The business model and strategy are designed keeping the present world and current requirements in mind. The revenue model used by Kroger allows them to earn profits without sacrificing high-quality products.

In the end, Kroger is a very successful firm, and it has had lots of success and is expected to expand in the coming years as long as the company works like it did in the previous years.


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