IRS Code 846 Refund Issued on Your IRS Tax Transcript 2024

IRS Code 846 on Tax transcript – Tax Topic 846 2023

IRS Code 846; You may carry IRS tax code 846 listed on your transcript, either in 2020, 2021, or, more likely, 2022.


If this is the situation, we’ve created this article to aid in understanding the tax code 846 you receive on your tax 2022 or 2023 transcript.

IRS Code 846 on Tax transcript 2022 (Tax Topic 846 2022). Code 846 Refund Issu on Your IRS Tax Transcript. 


Codes for transactions or taxes appear in IRS Tax transcripts to give information to individuals and businesses on the current status of the processing of their tax returns and the reasons behind delays, the date when refunds are due, or the reason it was less than what was expected (offsets).

IRS Code 846

There are numerous codes; however, in Coding 846, a refund issue is the one you’ll typically want to able to view on your tax report (under the explanation of Transactions section) after the tax return has been processed by the IRS process.

Essentially, the IRS will send you the excess amount of your tax – i.e., your refund! This code appearing on your transcript is an excellent indicator and a confirmation the federal tax refund is being received.


If you’ve found IRS number 846 in your tax return, there is an e-mail address.

About The IRS Code 846

The IRS, under the Treasury Department, enforces Congress’s tax laws.

The IRS’s beginning dates to the establishment by the Commissioner for Internal Revenue through President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War in 1862. 


It was created from legislation relating to revenue in 1862 which the legislature was tasked with enacting an income tax for a short period to cover war-related expenses.

Like all other agencies of its type, it has been through numerous reorganizations and changes since its establishment. 

About The IRS Code 846

For instance, its name was “the Bureau of Internal Revenue by the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1913 which authorized Congress to tax income.

The Internal Revenue Service Restructuring and Reform Act in 1998 created the current IRS structure that we are now. The law allows the IRS to operate today under four operating divisions. The four divisions include:

  • Small Business and Self Employ.
  • Tax Exempt and Government Entities.
  • Wage and Investment.
  • Large Business and International.

IRS commissioners do not have to have a term of more than five years and one month of their office. 

The IRS commissioners are not allowed to serve more than five years, except Guy Helvering, who served ten years and ended his term in 1943.

The majority of the revenue that supports the Federal Government is collected by the IRS. The responsibilities of the IRS include taxpayer service as well as the processing of tax returns.

What is IRS Code 846?

An IRS Code 846 means that the IRS has processed your tax return and authorized a refund for the tax returns you filed. 

If your tax return refund doesn’t match the form you’ll get the form amount.

You will have to be patient and wait to receive an explanation from the IRS concerning the differences.

What is IRS Code 846?

The amount in the report will include any interest the IRS has due on the refund. 

The refund is calculated using your tax liability in total, less any credits you have on the account (for federal income taxes withheld or the estimated amount of taxes) and any additional interest you owe to the IRS.

 When Will My Refund Arrive?  

The return will be processed if you find code 846 in your report. The timeframe for the refund will be contingent on whether you requested direct deposit refunds or the check. 

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If you requested the check it will arrive in three to four weeks. Direct deposit refunds generally require between 2 and 3 weeks. 

You can get precise timeframes to receive your money by utilizing the How Much Refund I’m Receiving tool.


In simpler terms, IRS code 846 indicates that you have received a refund. The tax code has the date and cycle number, which indicates the date you will be able to receive your refund.

Thus, the essence of the code 846 refund issued in 2022 in tax transcripts is a reimbursement for the tax overpayments or charges.


The codification’s simplest meaning is the refund of an overpayment.

Here is the complete detail of how code 846 is used found on transcript 2021 in the case of stimulus, according to IRS Master File codes:

Debits Tax module to calculate the overpaid tax (plus the applicable interest), which is then refunded to the taxpayer.



If you received an IRS code 846 refund in the year 2022 on your tax record, the meaning of it is the refund that will given out.

It’s not always an immediate deposit to your account.

However, taxpayer refunds may not be instantly put into their bank accounts.

There are other methods to claim a refund.


Here’s what the” cycle date” found on the IRS tax transcript is:

For instance, if you have 846 refunds issued (Overpayment) on 20221905 and 07-25-2022, $500.00 

(dates displayed may be different depending on whether you had an actual check or prepaid cards instead of direct deposits):

Be aware that the date may differ in a specific scenario, particularly if you received a prepaid debit card or check other than a direct transfer.

Here’s the information you should be aware of regarding the example IRS tax transcript that includes an 846 transaction number:

The transaction code is 846.

The purpose of code 846 in your tax return can  described as ” Refund of Overpayment.”

The 20221905 date on the transcript indicates the Cycle date.

From the calendar, 2022 is the year of examination or filing for tax.

19 is one of IRS Cycle Week.

The number 05 represents one of the Processing Days of the week.

Tax Topic Code 846 Refund Of Overpayment – Refund Issued!

The TC 846 number will show on your transcript when the IRS has completed the tax returns and verified that you’re eligible to receive a refund. 

It will appear as the status REFUND SENT on the. It is important to note that the amount can considered positive for TC 840 once refunds are given, as opposed to the negative numbers of tax credits code (e.g., 766), which are the amount the IRS has to pay you. 

You might see the TC (adjustment), TC (adjustment), TC898 (offset), or 971 (Notice issued) before 846. This is a result of additional adjustments the IRS has made before releasing your refund.

How to Fix 846 Refunds Issued but Not Received  

To correct refunds on Form 846 that were issued but never received, you must first determine the status of the Form 846 you filled out. 

If it is accepted but you have not yet received your refund call IRS at 800-829-1954 toll-freeYou’ll  required to provide details, such as:

Your Social Security number

The tax year for the return that is being discussed

A rough estimate of the amount you owe

See also IRS Code 152, What Does Refund Information 2023

Your address and number.

If you are unsure why your refund didn’t arrive in the foreseeable future or if it was properly prepared, Contact the person who made your return to get assistance.

 If the person who prepared your return doesn’t understand why the issue isn’t resolved as of yet, or why there are no indications of action about your return

 What Does the Date Next to Code 846 Mean?  

The date following Code 846 was when the IRS issued your refund. If you received your refund through a direct transfer, it is the date your direct deposit process was authorized through the IRS.

The refund may take a few days to appear in your account. If you receive the refund via check, that’s when the IRS issued the check. Mailing the reimbursement may take a few days.

Is The IRS Code 846 Date The Same As My Refund Direct Deposit Date?

The date 846 is when the IRS issues the refund confirmation. It can be anywhere from 1 to two days later when you receive the actual refund through direct transfer (WMR status is Refund Send). Paper checks may take a week.

If your bank information is not correct, you’ll still be able to see the code 846. However, a paper check will sent to your address at home within 4 to 6 weeks from when the IRS is notified of the bounced check.

Knowing The IRS Codes 2023

IRS transaction codes, like IRS code 846, determine the different stages of processing a return and review.

The codes outline how the actions are recorded in the Master File, which might be one of the IRS’s numerous tax return filing and check systems.

To keep track of tax returns, taxpayers keep track of tax returns, and the IRS employs a variety of master files that are distinct from each other.

  • IMF, or Individual Master File
  • BMF, or Business Master File
  • EPMF, or Employee Plan Master File
  • IRM, or Information Returns Master File
  • IRAF, or Individual Retirement Account Master File

The codes on a taxpayer’s transcript will outline how events occurred following receiving and processing of the returns. 

It could suggest that the actions were reversed when processing the tax return. In most cases, the codes should be irrelevant to the taxpayer.

The letters and numbers are utilized by the IRS to track the changes in tax filings year after year. This specific IRS code 846 found on the transcript is an excellent illustration of an IRS code. 

Is Code 846 a Direct Deposit Code? [Watch Video]

Code 846 signifies that a refund has been scheduled to be issued or has already been made to taxpayers, not direct deposit. 

In other words, it could refer to the direct deposit. If you notice IRS number 846 in your tax transcripts, be aware that the taxpayer will be able to receive the amount as a refund.

Direct deposit, cheques, or postage are the most popular methods for returning. Whatever method the taxpayer prefers to receive the tax return. 

It would help if you smiled to yourself when you read Tax code 846 on your transcript because you’ll get your tax return.

How Does IRS Code 846 Reflect  

You can use the cycle number to estimate the date to pay you to receive your money back, and this will be the day following your “day of the week” cycle code.

For instance, if you’re on a Tuesday cycle, the refund will likely be available on your account on Wednesday.

Paper checks generally take between 5 and seven extra days than the cycle number.

This is how IRS code 846 is reflected on your tax return within the US.

Is something Wrong? Contact the IRS

If you are not satisfied with the account transcript’s contents, you can contact the IRS to talk about the issue. Several solutions exist.

See also IRS Code 152, What Does Refund Information 2023

Call the IRS

You can contact me. 1-800-829-1040. to speak with representatives of the IRSThe IRS typically has long waiting times (usually between 2 and 3 hours). 

A representative may be able to resolve your concern on the phone or might request documents in writing to settle the issue.

Contact Your Local IRS Office

It is possible to make an appointment at a location near you to an IRS office to speak with an IRS agent. 

Bring a detailed argument for why you believe the IRS is incorrect and any evidence to support your claim.

Contact the Taxpayer Advocate Service

Taxpayer Advocate Service The Taxpayer Advocate Service is a department of the IRS that specializes in helping taxpayers resolve problems when they are unsuccessful in obtaining a resolution by the usual procedure.

Contact a Tax Professional

Suppose you’ve tried contacting the IRS and aren’t successful in solving the issue. 

In this situation, you must consult Tax Shark, a tax expert like Tax Shark’s experienced experts. Tax Shark can walk you through the procedure and help you resolve your problem.


What Does the Number 846 Signify when It Refers To A Refund Issued?    

IRS code 846 indicates the refund was granted in the simplest terms. The date and the cycle code are part of the tax code, which indicates when you can expect to receive the tax return. 

Also, the code 846 refund given in 2021 when you receive the tax transcript is the refund of taxes you have paid or any interest due to you.

How Can I Notify the Irs that A Debt Is No Longer Collectible?    

You may also contact the IRS directly and complete Form 433-F, Collection Information Statement to request that you are currently not in collection status. 

If you contact the IRS, ensure that you ask for an update of the tax balance due, which includes penalty and interest amounts.

Is There a Way to Find out Whether You Have a Credit Balance on The Irs Website?    

“BFS (Bureau of the Fiscal Service) will send you a notice if an offset occurs,” the IRS website says. 

The amount of the initial refund, the offset amount, the agency receiving the refund, the location of the agency receiving it, and a phone number will included on the notice.

What Is the Procedure for Obtaining a Hardship Tax Exemption?    

Request a hardship refund before filing your tax return for 2020 to ensure you get one.

To make such a request contact the TAS Advocate Service at 877-777-4778

What Is the Meaning of Irs Code 826?    

Your transcript will show IRS Code 826 Overpayment Transferred means the transfer of your tax returns to a previous obligation. 

The college loan child support, a loan for college, or other debt could be the cause. IRS tax number 826 means that your tax return is used to pay off previous obligations.

What Does the Number 420 on A Tax Transcript Mean?    

Some codes record the specific action, while others are to reverse that action. The case of the TC 420 code, for example, signifies the return was forwarded to the appeals or exam section. 

It does not always mean that there will there an audit. TC 421 is the reverse of TC 421 and 420.

Conclusion of IRS code 846

That’s it. The significance is the meaning of the IRS 846 code. Some may have this code on their tax returns and need this information to solve the mystery. 

Please do share. You might just make someone else happy with that one step.


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