Fingerhut Corporate Office Headquarters Address & Phone Number

Fingerhut Headquarters, Corporate Office and Phone Number

Fingerhut Corporate Office Headquarters Address: If you’re searching for ways to reach Fingerhut Corporate Office because you have issues or questions, then you’ve come to the right website. In this article, you’ll discover all the contact information for Fingerhut Corporate Office that you may need.


We’ll try to provide our Fingerhut Corporate Office address, Fingerhut Corporate Office postal address, and the contact number for Fingerhut Corporate, Fingerhut Corporate telephone number and Twitter handler’s Official website, and more. Before we can get to this, why not discover more concerning Fingerhut Corporate Office?

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Fingerhut Headquarters

It is also known as the Fingerhut Corporate Office, or Fingerhut, is an American multi-national catalog and online retailer that was founded in 1948 by William Fingerhut 1948 and his brother Manny Fingerhut to sell car seat covers.

The company’s headquarters are in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States. The company was founded in 1952 by the brothers from Fingerhut, added more employees to their company, rebranded it as a catalog-based mail-order company, and added additional items such as towels, dishes, and other tools. The company went public in 1969, and the Fingerhut company’s voice in the market was there in 1979.


The year 1979 was when American Can Company purchased the Fingerhut Corporation. Two years after, in 1999, Primerica, Federated Department Stores was acquired, and then the ownership changed in Bain Capital Ventures’ hands. The CEO and the President of Bain Capital Ventures have been named Steven H. Nave.

About Fingerhut

Fingerhut has grown significantly since its inception the business in 1948. The company operates as an outlet store that specializes in offering credit options to people who were denied credit or faced similar problems previously.

Finger provides jewelry, household electronics, and general shopping options with low monthly installments.


About Fingerhut

Fingerhut Corporate Office Contact Details

  • Following are all the contact details of the Fingerhut Corporate Office you might require. Fingerhut Corporate Office Headquarters: Fingerhut Companies, Inc, 7075 Flying Cloud Drive, Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344. 
  • Fingerhut Corporate Office Contact Number: (952) 656-3700 or fax them on (320) 237-9160. However, it is essential to note that you can contact them only from Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST. 
  • Fingerhut Corporate Office Fax Number: (320) 237-9160. 
  • Fingerhut Corporate Office Mailing Address: Fingerhut, PO Box, 70281, Philadelphia, PA 19176-0281.
  • Fingerhut Corporate Office Twitter Handle: FingerhutTweets. 
  • Fingerhut Corporate Office Official Website: For additional details, you can always visit Fingerhut’s official website. 
  • Fingerhut Corporate Office Help: official health and support website
  • Fingerhut Corporate Office Email Address: The company does not reveal their email address, but we have their email support form.

Fingerhut Phone Numbers

For customer service, dial 1-800-208-2500. You can get in touch with Fingerhut customer support through this number. Other departments can be found in the table below:

  • Call Fingerhut 800 number via 1-800-208-2500
  • Call Fingerhut 800 number via 1-952-656-3700

Fingerhut Email

To communicate with Fingerhut digitally, follow this link:

The customer may write an email to Fingerhut with a brief explanation of their reasons for contact, there the name of the customer, their number, and a complete message describing your message to the company.

Fingerhut Mailing Address

Fingerhut has two different mailing addresses.

To help with customer service, send all mail addressed to them at their office in St. Cloud, Minnesota:

Fingerhut Customer Service
6250 Ridgewood Road
St. Cloud, MN 56303
Or, to send a payment through the mail, use the following address:

PO Box 166
Newark, NJ 07101-0166

How to Reach Fingerhut Customer Service

You can contact Fingerhut customer support by dialing their 800 support number, 1-800-208-2500. Live customer support is available at this number from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 8 pm CST.
You can also reach the headquarters of the company at 1-952-656-3700. Be aware that this is not a support 800 number but a telephone number from the Fingerhut Corporate Office.

Fingerhut Customer Service Options

Fingerhut Online Customer Service and Other Useful Links

 Customer Service Working Hours

You can contact Fingerhut customer service and speak to live customer service agents during these hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 8 am-8 pm CST. The call center number is 1-800-208-2500.

Fingerhut Headquarters Executive Team

Fingerhut headquarters is not home to an executive team that is directly accountable. However, there is a group of executives from Bluestem Brands. The executives will change as time goes by; however, in May 2020, the executive team comprises of:

Bruce Cazenave – Chief Executive Officer
Neil Ayotte – Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Pete Michielutti – Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Jackie Punch – Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
Jim Slavik – Executive Vice President & President of Credit Services
Mark Williams – President, Northstar Portfolio

Fingerhut Headquarters Brands

The Fingerhut corporate office, also known as Bluestem Brands, is in charge of two other companies, and PayCheck Direct.

Fingerhut, with internal credit available through WebBank. PayCheck Direct is an employer program that lets employees buy products straight from an online catalog and spread the interest-free payment across a payment play that is credited directly to the employee’s pay.

Fingerhut Headquarters Location Map


Two businesses are part of Fingerhut headquarters. They are and PayCheck Direct. is quite similar to Fingerhut, which offers credit through WebBank.

PayCheck Direct is an employment program that allows customers to purchase products through an online catalog and spread interest-free payments across a pay-play based on costs taken directly from the employee’s pay.


Q.1 Where is Fingerhut headquartered?

ANS. Fingerhut Companies, Inc. Fingerhut Companies, Inc. Saint Cloud, Minnesota, U.S.

Q.2 Who is the CEO of Fingerhut?

ANS. John Kasich, effective March 14, 2011, having served for four of the five terms he was elected to. Chancellor Fingerhut gained a reputation as a genuine leader and an ardent proponent of the importance of higher education.

Eric Fingerhut
Spouse Amy Fingerhut
Education Northwestern University (BS) Stanford University (JD)

Q.3 Who are the owners of Fingerhut?

ANS. Fingerhut has been through multiple owners, including the notorious Ponzi scammer Tom Petters. Capmark Financial Group Inc., a public company with its headquarters in Horsham, Pa., purchased the company for $565 million in 2014. Capmark altered its brand name and changed it to Bluestem Group Inc.

Q.4 Why is Fingerhut changing its name?

ANS. Fingerhut is still where you can build your credit through the Fingerhut Fetti credit account and buy everything you and your family require. The name change to Fetti is derived from the word”confetti” because we’re thrilled to celebrate your credit-building achievement more significantly than ever.

Q.5 How many employees does Fingerhut have?

ANS. Fingerhut has accepted to settle $5.25 million to settle allegations that it broke federal law by sending unannounced text messages to customers.


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