Witch Trainer Silver 1.40.2 MOD APK, Download PC, Android 2023

Witch Trainer Silver: Silver mod apk is an unofficial and complete rework of Akabur’s popular game, Witch Trainer mod apk.

Witch Trainer Silver 1.40.2

Witch Trainer Silver 1.40.2 MOD APK and Download PC, Android

An unofficial and thorough redesign of the well-known game Witch Trainer mod apk by Akabur is called Witch Trainer: Silver Mod APK.

One customized game is created by combining numerous mods for Witch Trainer mod apk. And new features, bug fixes, enhancements, events, and artwork are consistently being added. Silver is a witch trainer.

The mod is created by Silver Studio Games, an international team of individuals who work on it in their spare time. Silver mod for the witch trainer apk.

Witch Trainer Silver Walkthrough & Achievements

Witch Trainer: Silver Mod APK

You wind up trapped in the body of Albin Dumbledork, the most powerful wizard in the universe, thanks to some time-travel hokum and magical shenanigans! or another object But it doesn’t matter.

You learn that the castle where you found yourself is full of sexy women who are all waiting for you to strike! The only issue is that, prior to becoming a super-powerful wizard, you were a genie, which is a completely other career, just so you know! You are on your own to learn how that strange magic of theirs functions because you have no concept how it works.

Witch Trainer Silver 1.40.2 Patch – What’s New

  • Added a new Mirror Story ‘Biggus Dickus’ written by Livvypoo.
  • Added Fishnet Onepiece Suit for Hermione along with new related chit-chats.
  • Added 4 types of pubic hair for Luna.
  • Improved and expanded Hermione’s Maid Job events:
  • Added intro (yes, there was none before)
  • Added twelve random return events which are progression based.
  • Fixed Genie teleporting and walking through the door when the player skips interaction with the owl but is waiting for the payment.
  • Fixed Madam Mafkin becoming a socialist by giving outfits for free.
  • Disabled ‘A game of dark room’ mirror story as it is completely broken.
  • Fixed F5 crashing the game on PC.
  • Fixed Lady Dimitrescu hat layering issues.
  • Fixed missing Luna’s pause event flag, resulting in her repeatedly knocking on the door when asked to leave.
  • Fixed reputation checks in public favours for Hermione.
  • Fixed public favours design issue, resulting in a soft lock if skipped on early tiers.
  • Fixed is_event_complete function returning true when the event is currently being progressed.
  • Rebalanced reputation gains.
  • Fixed stats menu crashing due to overflowed values.
  • Removed books being mentioned as a requirement on hardcore difficulty.
  • Removed speed writing from the stats menu as it is no longer used.
  • Fixed half-heart bug plaguing the events.
  • Fixed fireplace sound looping indefinitely.
  • Fixed mods loading repeatedly when exiting to the main menu.
  • Added ‘owned’ parameter for Item class and its derivatives to allow mods add free items.
  • Fixed Hermione’s robes covering Lockhart’s Tattoo in the event.
  • Fixed typos.
  • After investigating the android crashes some people are experiencing. With sadness we must say that we cannot fix it. As the issue is not on our end, but within the device’s OpenGL ES driver, which returns incorrect values for matrix multiplications. Therefore it would need to be fixed by the device’s manufacturer. Sorry.

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