Masterpieces Guide Lost Ark – Where To Turn Them In?

Lost Ark Masterpiece Collectibles Guide

Masterpieces Guide Lost Ark: An incredible MMORPG that one can play is called Lost Ark. The players will be completing numerous Tasks, Quests, Dungeon Raids, etc. because it is an MMORPG.

The pursuit of Masterpieces will be one of those goals. The player should acquire Masterpieces As Quickly As they can because they Are Collectible objects in the game.

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Masterpieces Guide Lost Ark

Why? That’s because you can obtain some early-game incentives to speed up your game progress. I’ll explain where to turn in the masterpieces you’ve acquired in Lost Ark in this guide.

What are Masterpiece Collectibles in Lost Ark?

One of the EIGHT collectibles in the game is the Masterpieces. You can find these In Lost Ark all over the place via completing missions, Secret Map Dungeons, Adventure Time, etc.

Masterpiece Collectibles in Lost Ark

These Are part of the collectibles that Are necessary for completing the game entirely And offer rewards for achieving particular objectives. The awards you receive for collecting A certain number of Masterpieces Are All outlined Here.

Where to Turn In the Masterpieces in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, you can find collectible treasures called “Masterpieces.” After acquiring a Masterpiece, you can take it to Sunflower Island And trade with Alfons Vedice, An NPC.

If you give him The masterpieces, he will reward you handsomely. The Soul of Sunflowers Island, 4 Philanthropist’s Caskets, Rune Val, potions, And more Are just a few of The rewards. In The game, a total of 52 Masterpieces Are available. Here’s how to obtain them.

Masterpiece Acquisition

First Set of 10 Masterpieces

  • 1st – Complete the Artist in Residence Quest in Sunflower Island.
  • 2nd – Exchanged with Stronghold Merchant Illayne for 4,275 Raid Seal.
  • 3rd – Get 30 Island Tokens.
  • 4th – 50% Completion of the Adventure Tome in East Luterra.
  • 5th – 50% Completion of the Adventure Tome in Tortoyk.
  • 6th – 50% Completion of the Adventure Tome in Anikka.
  • 7th – 50% Completion of the Adventure Tome in North Vern.
  • 8th – 40% Completion of the Adventure Tome in Shushire.
  • 9th – Complete the Reputation requirement of Una’s Task The Cursed Ruins in Ozhorn Hill.
  • 10th – Complete the Reputation requirement of Una’s Task Running the Port in Wavestrand Port.

Second Set of 10 Masterpieces

  • 11th – Get 30 World Tree Leaves.
  • 12th – Exchanged with Navigator Rosa in Blackfang’s Den for 3600 Gienah’s Coin.
  • 13th – Complete the Pain to Gain Quest in Liebeheim.
  • 14th – Obtained by any Cube.
  • 15th – Obtained by any Boss Rush.
  • 16th – Obtained through any Chaos Secret Gate Map.
  • 17th – Obtained by getting to Floor 25 in Shadespire, ilvl 440 required.
  • 18th – Complete the Reputation requirement of Una’s Task Prisoner Release in Kalthertz.
  • 19th – Complete the Reputation requirement of Una’s Task An Archaeologist’s Request in Freedom Isle.
  • 20th – Exchanged with Favreau for 3,300 Gienah’s Coin in Starlight Isle.

Third Set of 10 Masterpieces in Lost Ark

  • 21st – Get 9 Giants’ Hearts.
  • 22nd – Get 55 Island Tokens.
  • 23rd – Get 30 Sea Bounties.
  • 24th – Obtained by any Cube.
  • 25th – Obtained by any Boss Rush.
  • 26th – Obtained through Yorn’s Chaos Secret Gate Map & higher.
  • 27th – Exchanged with New Vernese Exploring Ship for 10,000 Pirate Coins.
  • 28th – Complete the Reputation requirement of Una’s Task Fermata’s True Manager in Cradle of the Sea Fermata.
  • 29th – Get Calvasus’s Rapport to the Trusted Stage.
  • 30th – 40% Completion of the Adventure Tome in Rohendel.

Fourth Set of 10 Masterpieces

  • 31st – 40% Completion of the Adventure Tome in Yorn.
  • 32nd – Get 950 Mokoko Seeds.
  • 33rd – Get 11 Giants’ Hearts.
  • 34th – Exchanged with Atropos Black Merchant for 30,000 Pirate Coins.
  • 35th – Obtained by any Boss Rush.
  • 36th – Obtained by Elite Cube or higher.
  • 37th – 40% Completion of the Adventure Tome in Feiton.
  • 38th – Get 75 Island Tokens.
  • 39th – Get 38 Sea Bounties.
  • 40th – Obtained by Elite Cube or higher.

Last Set of Masterpieces in Lost Ark

  • 41st – Obtained by any Boss Rush.
  • 42nd – Obtained through Feiton’s Chaos Secret Gate Map & higher.
  • 43rd – 40% Completion of the Adventure Tome in Punika.
  • 44th – Get 1150 Mokoko Seeds.
  • 45th – Obtained by Dimension Cube.
  • 46th – Obtained by Hall of the Sun Boss Rush.
  • 47th – Obtained through Punika’s Chaos Secret Gate Map & higher.
  • 48th – Complete the Reputation requirement of Una’s Task A Relaxing Hot Springs Part-time Job in Starsand Beach.
  • 49th – 60% Completion of the Adventure Tome in South Vern.
  • 50th – Complete the Reputation requirement of Una’s Task Unfinished Journey in Candaria Estate South Vern.
  • 51st – Obtained through South Vern’s Chaos Secret Gate Map.
  • 52nd – Get Neria’s Rapport to the Trusted Stage.

Lost Ark Masterpiece Rewards

You must exchange the Masterpieces you gather throughout your run for rewards. By visiting Sunflower Island And speaking with the Alfonso NPC, you can trade the Masterpieces for goodies.

The following benefits Are available for A specific quantity of Masterpieces:

Masterpieces Collected Rewards
2x Masterpieces 30x Soul Leaf
4x Masterpieces Emote: Proud
6x Masterpieces Uncommon Card Pack x3
8x Masterpieces Vitality Increase Potion
10x Masterpieces Sunflower Island Soul
12x Masterpieces 20x Eternity Essence
14x Masterpieces Stat Increase Potion
16x Masterpieces 3x Rare Card Pack
18x Masterpieces Structure: Azure Hill
20x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
22x Masterpieces 15x Creation Fragment
24x Masterpieces Conviction
26x Masterpieces Epic Card
28x Masterpieces Structure: By Lantern’s Light
30x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
32x Masterpieces 10x Menelik’s Tome
34x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
36x Masterpieces Wei Card
38x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
40x Masterpieces Title “Art Aficionado”
42x Masterpieces Structure: Divine Protection
44x Masterpieces Judgment
46x Masterpieces Guardian Luen Card
48x Masterpieces Greatest Masterpiece of a Lifetime

Masterpiece Collection Tips and Tricks

There Are numerous Masterpieces To acquire, And doing so will take A lot of time. Sunflower Island Token And Artist’s Treasure Chest Are the useful gifts you receive for completing the Masterpiece.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time playing the game, opt for just these two Masterpiece awards because these are the only two useful ones. But these are the essential Masterpieces if you want to complete the game at 100%.

As you advance in the game, Masterpieces will keep coming your way. These don’t require a lot of grinding, so keep enjoying the game.

The simplest ways to acquire them are through finishing Unai’s tasks and the Secret Maps you obtain from Chaos Gate.

You can get the Masterpieces quickly if you consistently do these things. Additionally, advancing through the Adventure Tomes will net you a lot of excellent Masterpieces. These only require A small amount of your time and can be accomplished in between other tasks.


An exciting online game called “Lost Ark” provides players of all skill levels with countless hours of fun. With the help of this “Masterpieces Guide Lost Ark,” you’ll be well-prepared to handle The game’s difficulties And take advantage of everything this amazing universe has to offer.

No matter If you’re An experienced player or A novice, “Lost Ark” Is A game That will captivate And challenge you. So why Are you still waiting? Today, plunge into This amazing world for A once-in-a-lifetime adventure!


Q.1 What are masterpieces for in Lost Ark?

ANS. If they amass all Masterpieces, players Are awarded the Proof of Adventure: Masterpiece Achievement. The Island Token, which is available at 10 Masterpieces, is the main reason why most players go for Masterpieces.

Q.2 What is the most important collectible in Lost Ark?

ANS. Hearts of Giants. Due To The inclusion of An Epic Focus Rune And four Skill Point Potions, This collectible Is among The more significant ones.

For A character to become stronger, skill points Are crucial since They allow for more skill point allocation.

Q.3 Do Lost Ark story choices matter?

ANS. Similar to determining whether to sell or disassemble the unused equipment from Lost Ark, the outcome is essentially the same but the number of steps required to get there differs. There is almost too much content to enjoy in Lost Ark, regardless of the decisions A player chooses.

Q.4 Should you finish the main story in Lost Ark?

ANS. To access higher levels of content, you’ll need to finish the main story quests in Shushire. Finishing those tasks will give you a full set of 302 item-level endgame gear that can be improved.

Q.5 What are the hardest collectibles in Lost Ark?

ANS. Probably the most challenging collectible to locate are Ignea Tokens. When you complete a section of the adventurer’s tome (N hotkey) at 100%, you receive an Ignea Token. The best collectible gifts are given to you, so your efforts are not in vain.

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