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AT&T Senior Discount Requirements and Details

ATT Senior Discount: ATT’s mission can be summarized as ” to exploit technical innovations for


The benefits of AT&T and its customers by implementing next-generation technologies and network advancements in AT&T’s services and operations.”

AT&T Inc. is a multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in America and has its head office in Dallas, Texas. It is believed to be the most potent telecoms firm on earth.


AT&T Senior Discount

The company was founded with the American District Telegraph Company, that was founded in 1878 at St. Louis. The company was transformed in the year 1994 under the name AT&T Corp.

The principal goal of the business is to make it the most valuable and sought-after company on the planet.


They want to enhance the lives of their customers as well as help their businesses succeed by offering exciting and effective communication services.

About AT&T

AT&T is a well-known telecommunications firm in American households since its origins go back to Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, invented in 1876.

Since then, they’ve taken on every major shift in technological advancement in communication and grown into a reputable business.


They offer high-speed internet and communications networks across 21 states, including the broadest coverage available in California, Texas, and Florida.

According to revenue, they are the biggest communications firm worldwide.

They provide services to more than 100 million people across the United States while also providing services in Latin America.

Additionally, AT&T provides internet services and connectivity to most Fortune 1000 companies.

About AT&T

Why Should You Ask for AT&T Senior Discount?

Seniors are often wary of spending because of their low income. This is why many telecom companies offer discounts for seniors to ensure that seniors are connected with family members.

AT&T is one of the largest US carriers that offer discounted plans when you are a customer over 65 years old.

Most network providers provide a reduced version of the unlimited plan offered by their companies, and AT&T is not an exception.

Through senior discount plans, AT&T allows seniors to save money on their monthly bills for the phone.

Seniors who have signed up for this service will get an attractive discount of 10 percent off any plan offered by the company through their AARRP membership.

How To Get AT&T Senior Discount?

A significant aspect of AT&T is the fact that they have an array of plans that are perfect for older people.

This allows older people to stay connected to their loved family members, especially when they live alone.

If you visit the official website of AT&T, You will be able to discover information about different kinds of phones, flip phones, and various service plans.

Unlimited plans start at $35 per month per line, including stream-quality streaming in standard resolution, access to 5G, and complete data, text, and talk.

As stated, AT&T does provide plans for senior citizens. However, you cannot buy programs on the internet.

It is crucial to go to the AT&T outlet in person and obtain the plan after providing your proof of age.

When you have purchased the program, you will find extensive instructions on the help page of the site that will assist you in activating your plan.

In addition, AT&T also comes with an unbeatable number to provide wireless assistance.

In this article, we’ve discussed the different plans offered by AT&T, which are aimed at older people.

  • AT&T Senior Nation – $29.99 per line per month
  • AT&T Unlimited 55+ – $40 (for two lines) per month
  • AT&T Unlimited Starter – $35 (once you get 4 lines)
  • AT&T Mobile Share Plus 9GB – $45 – $70 per line per month

Let us see the benefits of AT&T Senior Discount:

  • Plans will be starting from $29.99 every month – Beginning at only $29.99 every month, AT&T is definitely amongst the most inexpensive wireless providers for seniors.
  • Discounts for multiple lines – Almost every cellular plan of AT&T is available at discounted rates.
  • Discounts for AARP members – It will be possible for an AARP member to get $10 off their bills per month while signing up for the Unlimited Elite plan of AT&T.
  • No data throttling – As compared to most of the other similar providers out there, AT&T will not slow data speeds after fulfilling usage thresholds.

Does Att Internet Offer Discounts For People Over The Age Of 60?

AT&T provides seniors with a discount on their wireless plans. For only $40 per month for each line, you receive two lines of unlimited calls, texting, and data.

What you get is texts, talks and the use of data are free throughout Canada, the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

The other will be The AT&T Unlimited Plan for 55+. AT&T offers a new plan specifically for those who are 55 or older.

However, it’s only available for senior citizens living and residing in Florida with a bank account in the state.

Thus, the package is $70.00 per month. This doesn’t include taxes or other charges.

AT&T customers older than 65 who are AARP members receive a 10% discount on any network plans.

If this plan is successful, it’s possible to avail of plans for less than $63 per month for just one connection.

Additionally, you can pay $112.5 per month for a second line instead of the standard monthly cost of $70 for one connection. And one month of $125 to pay for an additional line.

What is the AARP discount for AT&T?

As part of AARP membership, seniors who have purchased AT&T can receive 10% off any designs you offer.

If you can successfully implement this arrangement, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase plans

with prices as low as $63.00 each month for just one line or $112.5 each month for two lines instead of the usual costs of $70.00 each month to cover one line. $125.00 each month for two lines.

To confirm your eligibility under this policy, you will need to look for the following:

  • Evidence of eligibility following the rules and regulations
  • It will help if you become the account’s primary the account holder
  • You must be a subscriber to AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan.

A Look at the AT&T Deals for Seniors

As we’ve mentioned, AT&T only has one offer specifically designed for citizens. However, make sure to explore other AT&T offers.

There are more savings and discounts you can benefit from, regardless of age.

This is a brief overview of the benefits for those older than 55.

AT&T Access

You can get free internet at home with AT&T when your household’s earnings are lower than a certain amount.

The deal is an outcome of the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program that will provide access to the internet for those who can’t afford one.

Speeds are only limited up to 100Mbps. However, after analyzing the speed for our own needs, 100 Mbps is sufficient even for 2 to 4 users living in a single house.

This offer is especially beneficial for senior citizens because your earnings will be calculated as your pension. Therefore, you could claim this web-based on the amount.

To determine if you’re qualified, complete the application at the bottom of the following page.

AT&T Fiber

AT&T provides two types of internet service: its earlier Internet brand and its latest model, Fiber. Fiber is much more price. 

If you can’t avail of AT&T Access, then your best option is to enroll in the Fiber service.

AT&T Fiber’s lowest-priced package, AT&T Fiber 300, is priced the same as the slowest internet plans (as much as one Mbps).

The cost of internet plans goes up by another 15 Mbps over a year, and the Fiber plans don’t.

The best part is that there’s no minimum contract required for AT&T FiberThere is no minimum contract for AT&T Fiber. It is possible to stay only one month.

AT&T Fiber plans offer other excellent benefits like no charges for equipment, a free WiFi hotspot, and advanced security for your network. Plus, you could pay to switch (more details will be coming soon).

AT&T Fiber brings some of the highest value out of all the fiber internet providers. Also, even though there’s no special deal for seniors, it’s worth looking at.

You’ll need to ensure that you’re in a region where AT&T Fiber is accessible since it’s currently restricted in its availability as it travels across the US.

Find out more information about AT&T’s Fiber plans here.

AT&T Unlimited 55+

The one and only AT&T deal that’s only available to seniors is its Wireless service. Wireless is AT&T’s cellphone service and is among the most sought-after services available in the US.

Its AT&T Unlimited 55+ offer lets seniors get two lines that allow unlimited texts, calls, and dates for $40 per month per line. This includes 5G, giving you the fastest mobile phone connections possible.

This is an excellent value compared to the standard offer with all subscribers. The plans for mobile phones in the US are quite expensive, so saving money like this could help.

In addition, you’ll get AT&T’s ActiveArmor mobile security free of cost. It helps ensure that your phone is free of external threats and blocks fraudulent calls.

AT&T DirecTV Senior Deals

If you’re unfamiliar, DirecTV (formerly known as U-verse and AT&T TV) is AT&T’s television service that is delivered via satellite or streaming.

The four packages are to choose from: Entertainment Choice, Entertainment, Ultimate, and Premier.

There aren’t any offers specific to senior citizens on DirecTV; however, there are ways to save some cash with it.

From the beginning, you’ll be able to reduce your monthly bill by $10 over the first 12 months of service when you sign up for service on the Internet.

In addition, you will receive a reward of $100 at the time of signing up.

It is necessary to commit to a 24-month contract, however, so be ready for a price increase during the second year.

Additionally, these are limited-duration offers that are susceptible to change very soon.

Be aware that there are a few additional fees you may have to pay. If you do not join Autopay (aka direct debit) and paperless bills, you’ll be required to pay an additional five dollars per calendar month.

Additionally, you’ll have to purchase streaming devices. AT&T sells its own branded one for $120 however, you can cut costs by purchasing a Chromecast or similar device for around $30.

AT&T Bundles

However, the bundle consisting of DirecTV and the Internet AT&T offers isn’t a bundle. Even if you sign both simultaneously, it will cost you the same cost for each separately. Therefore, there’s only a point in doing that if you want to purchase them all simultaneously!

However, there’s a bundle that could save you cash: AT&T Internet and AT&T Wireless. If you’re a customer of AT&T’s internet of AT&T, you could cut up to 25% off your Wireless monthly charges.

If you’re looking to get both, we’d suggest signing the internet plan first and then utilizing the benefit of being an internet user to receive your Wireless discount.

 Benefits of Att Internet Senior Discount

There is no throttling of the dataAT&T differs from other companies in that it doesn’t slow down the speed of data once you’ve reached a certain limit.

The members of AARP receive a discount: If an AARP member opts to join AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan, members will be in a position to receive a 10 percent discount on their monthly bills.

Plans will begin at $29.99 per month.AT&T is among the most cost-effective wireless companies for seniors, offering plans that start at $29.99 per month.

Discounts for multiple lines: Almost every AT&T cell phone plan is available at a lower price.

AT&T Installation Process

If you’ve decided to take the plunge with AT&T services, you’ll be required to schedule an appointment to be installed through one of the AT&T technicians.

The process can take up to four hours, requiring at least 18 in attendance.

The process involves uninstalling the equipment and connection (from your previous cable or Internet provider), installing AT&T-compatible equipment, testing your network, and then demonstrating the network’s use at home.

If you’ve had experience building your own Internet or other devices, you could request to use the self-installation method. Although some may consider this an enjoyable challenge, I prefer having an expert assist me.

Installation of new equipment could have some issues, particularly since this equipment frequently changes because of technological advances.

Other Ways You Can Save With AT&T

  • AT&T discount – Enter your work, school, or company email address to find out which of you is eligible to get discounts or exclusive deals regarding AT&T mobile products. After your email address is validated, an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to start receiving the benefits.
  • AT&T Customers Satisfaction Survey Check the official site of AT&T to find out if they’re surveying the present. This is an excellent opportunity to give your honest thoughts and gain from their fantastic discounts instead.
  • AT&T Signature Program program will allow specific customers to avail of wireless discounts exclusive to AT&T customers. This program will enable customers to save up to $10 per month for every line for AT&T Unlimited Elite.
  • AT&T Appreciation deals with the following offers: AT&T offers attractive deals for teachers, doctors, veterans, nurses, and military service members with an Unlimited wireless plan. This provides an additional discount of 25% off the most recent unlimited plans.
  • AT&T student discount: Students can get discounts on AT&T phones and wireless services by validating their email addresses on AT&T’s official site. If one still needs to get a work or school email address, they can bring the student’s ID card to an AT&T outlet to determine whether they are eligible for this discount. AT&T Signature Program.

Similar Companies That Do Offer Senior Discounts

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular emphasizes inexpensive cell phone plans. If you’re older than 50 years old, you are eligible to enjoy a reduction of 5 percent off the cost of your cell phone.

Verizon Wireless

The company offers the most reliable coverage throughout the US. If you and your spouse are over 55 and live in Florida, you are eligible for a substantial discount.

TracFone Wireless

The company offers pre-paid mobile phone plans that are priced at low costs. They offer mobile phone plans to older people as well.

Att Contact Info

Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CT or Saturday and Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CT.

customer service: 800 331 0500 Or 1-800-288-2020

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Its competitors always come up with deals that will attract more customers. However, AT&T is the best service for older people in America.

While the plans offered by this company are costly, its senior discount schemes are still less expensive than many of its rival’s senior discount plans.

AT&T customers over 65 and members of AARP can receive 10% off all their plans on the network.

Att Internet Senior Discount FAQs

Q.1 What is AT&T’s senior discount age?

ANS. The senior discount age for AT&T is 65 or higher than that.

Q.2 Does AT&T have any senior discounts?

ANS. AT&T does not offer an official discount for senior citizens. However, AARP members can get 10% off their plans. Veterans could also get 25 percent off their monthly bills.

Q.3 Does AT&T Wireless give senior discounts?

ANS. A Senior Wireless Discount Plan AT&T. Get 2 lines that allow unlimited text, talk, and data for $40 per month for each line. You get unlimited talk, text, and data within the U.S., Mexico & Canada.

Q.4 What age is the senior discount for AT&T?

ANS. For people over 55, the AT&T Unlimited 55+ Plan gives unlimited text, talk, and data for just $40 per month for each line.

Q.5 Does AT&T offer a 50% discount?

ANS. It begins with a message that reads, “I’m phone calling from AT&T/DirecTV to inform you that your account has been approved for 50 dollars.” %…”

Although this message seems like a good deal, however, it’s a fraudulent call that’s making the rounds once again.

AT&T confirms that these calls are scams and that the company is not responsible.


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